MemorySafeX Review 2021 – Is it Helpful?

With the availability of advanced phone cameras, users can now record their cherished memories by clicking photographs. When the phone’s internal memory gets used up, users have to use cloud storage and pen drives.

Cloud storages have a recurring cost and pen drives have limited storage. MemorySafeX is a new device available in the market that the manufacturers claim can solve all these storage problems faced by photography enthusiasts. The small device can locate all the photographs and videos stored in the connected smartphone and transfer them to its 64 GB storage. According to the manufacturers, this backup device can store up to 64,000 photographs.

What is MemorysafeX?

MemorySafeX Review

MemorySafeX is the newest and the fastest backup device for photos and videos, and designed to significantly improve the way we backup files to begin with. It looks like a small flash drive you can carry with your keys. Once you plug it in, it searches through all your device folders and finds documents, images and videos.

It will quickly back them up to its internal storage, so you can free your device of endless photos in minutes. The MemorySafeX App will allow you to see the backup process, change your settings, and show all the files you’ve already backed up. In 2019, 84% of mobile users complained about full storage, slow phone operation and data failures. Our MemorySafeX review will help you understand why it happens and how you can fix it with this incredible little device.

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MemorySafeX Technical Facts

  • USB and USB Type-C connector
  • 64 GB disk space
  • plug and play
  • Direct start of data transmission
  • Manufacturer App with automatic detection of duplicates
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Features of MemorySafe X

Features of MemorySafe X

Why is MemorySafeX better than any other ordinary pen drive? Well, MemorySafeX has some fantastic features which make it suitable for every need. Some of them are;

  • Quick –  MemorySafeX is built with the latest technology and is high speed. It does not take takes minutes to activate and is instantly recognized by the device. It stores all the large files and data in a few seconds only.
  • Auto Recognition – MemorySafeX automatically recognizes itself after plugging it. It does not require any efforts to be identified.
  • Large Capacity–  MemorySafeX has immense storing powers and can store up to 64000 photos. This means that it can definitely hold all your childhood, adulthood, and old age memories. It can store all your childhood fun and adulthood secrets.
  • Inexpensive– It is quite cheaper as compared to Cloud Storage subscriptions available. It saves a lot of money that you spend on hardware upgradation. MemorySafeX does a job of both Cloud Storage and hardware upgradation.
  • Hassle-free– It is easy to use and does not require any technical skills to use. It is not a complicated device, and therefore any person who uses a smartphone or a computer can efficiently operate it.
  • Compatibility – It can be used on both iOS and Windows operating systems. Along with a standard USB port, it also comes with a unique C-Type USB port, which gives it allowance to be used in any phone or desktop.
  • Highly Secure– It is usually a risky thing to use pen drives and hard drives to transfer data as it can worry us about the virus, but there is no such issue with MemorySafeX. It is entirely safe to be used. It allows you to transfer all your data without any virus issues.
  • Document Mapping– MemorySafeX maps all the documents to perform all the backup functions.
  • Suitable Design– It comes with a foldable design to protect it from any damage. Often gadgets are harmed due to falling off. This will protect it from it.
  • Instant Backup– MemorySafeX instantly and safely backups the data.

Pros And Cons Of MemorySafeX

  • MemorySafeX surely has a storage capacity of 64GB
  • The gadget is very simple to set up and use.
  • The device is compatible with almost all devices and operating systems including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and other.
  • It is very safe and secure.
  • The demand for this gadget is very high.
  • Since it is an external device, you are at risk of misplacing it.

Does MemorySafex Truly Work?

Of course, I am aware that you might not believe this review because lots of things have happened. However, I am sure you will not regret it when you buy one, although, the future is full of uncertainty.

MemorySafeX works just fine like every other well-built flash drive. It is designed to be compatible with both your PC and phone. It has 2 separate ports – the first for your phone or tablet and the second for the computer. It is not pretty sophisticated to use and you just need to know how to click a button to be able to use it. You do not need to be tech wise to be able to operate MemorySafeX.

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How Does MemorySafe X Work?

How Does MemorySafe X Work?

Here is the the best part of MemorySafeX: it was designed in a way that both tech savvies and technophobes alike will find it ridiculously easy to use.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Install the MemorySafeX App and launch it
  2. Plug in the MemorySafeX device
  3. Click on the “Backup Now” Button

That’s it! MemorySafeX will not scan your entire phone but will map your documents, photos and videos in order to perform the backup.

It will skip any duplicates to ensure it doesn’t eat up your storage space. Once your files are all backed up into the MemorySafeX device, you can go ahead and delete the ones on your phone to free up more space.

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Why choose MemorySafeX?

Fast and Automatic

You don’t have to waste your time saving your files on your PC or on the cloud. MemorySafeX is fast and easy. Just plug in to your mobile device and backup your files.

Supports all image formats

It supports almost all image formats, including PNG, JPEG, GIF, SVG, BMP, IBO, WebP, PDF, DOC, EPS, AI, PSD, INDD, and RAW. Plus, the size of the image doesn’t matter, it will still safely back them up.

All in one click

You don’t need any sophisticated external software to use this device. All you have to do is download the free App from the Google Play or iOS App Store and hit “Go.” You don’t even need to create an account or select files manually, since it serves as an iOS Flash Drive for both iOS and Android. All you have to do is let the flash do the job for you.

It’s Easy to use

As we’ve said earlier, the MemorySafeX needs absolutely no extra hardware to perform its function, once you have your mobile device and your MemorySafeX you are good to go. 

Does not require an internet connection

You don’t need an internet connection to backup your files. You can be in the middle of the sea, in your basement, trekking in the mountains or even in outer space. The MemorySafeX will work perfectly with any Android, iOS or Windows device.

Will find Anything

The MemorySafeX can store over 60,000 photos and videos! If you have unforgettable memories that you want to keep, this drive will do just that. You’ll be amazed how many photos are hidden in your device that were never backed up before.

Automatically skip duplicates

Sometimes we mistakenly duplicate a file while backing it up, which can get so irritating when viewing it, more importantly when you want to sort every file out. But the MemorySafeX skips any duplicated file that you’ve saved on it, helping you free up more space.

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Why Do I Need Memory Safe X?

The fact that the device is not complex makes it suitable for use by even the less technologically advanced individuals. Unlike other USB drives, Memory Safe X does not mix files from different sources. It automatically groups them according to their parent storage devices. You do not have to search through you your laptop for a file you saved a long time ago. Use Memory Safe X and access the data as quickly as possible.

If you are a photographer, Memory Safe X is the best device for your backup storage. The camera disk can sometimes disappoint you when malware corrupts its functioning, and therefore, you might lose your photos. However, when you have Memory Safe X as a backup, you will not have to worry about the pictures since the USB storage device will save you the frustration.

The device is also quite resourceful for college students that always keep their projects on their laptops. Sometimes the computer might begin to malfunction during a presentation due to viruses. With Memory Safe X nearby, your project files will still be safe for presentation even after the laptop breaks down. Some backup devices have insufficient storage space; therefore, you need Memory Safe X. The device can store large files that take a lot of space from your mobile phone or computer.

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Benefits of MemorySafeX

  • It is an automatic and fast file transfer.
  • MemorySafeX is a plug and play device.
  • The device is portable, easy-to-use, and can be used on the go.
  • It gets activated once connected to a smartphone.
  • The device detects photos, transfers, and stores them from both iOS and Android smartphones.
  • It skips the duplicate files.
  • There’s no internet connection required.
  • It supports all types of files, including JPEG, PNG, GIF, MPEG, AVI, etc.
  • MemorySafeX can store over sixty thousand photos and videos.
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Type of Files That Can Be Detected And Protected By MemorysafeX

Memorysafe X not only protects pictures. It can also protect and save documents and music. Given below are the types of files that can be detected and protected by this USB drive: –

  • JPEG
  • MPEG4
  • MP4
  • MOV
  • PNG

Another advantage of this USB drive is that it organizes your files and folders so that the same data is not backed up again.

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Who Can Use MemorySafeX?

MemorysafeX is for all those people who love taking photos and need a lot of backup space. If you have a lot of videos and photographs on your phone but do not have enough space to store them, then MemorySafeX is the right gadget for you. It is for those people who have lost data due to failure of disc and are looking for a safe option to store their precious memories.

Sudden disk failure is the reason why most techies will tell you to always have a backup. With MemorySafe X, you can backup up thousands of photographs and, if by any chance, your mobile or computer crashes, you will not have lost data.

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Why do you really need the MemorySafeX?

  • Efficiency – Going through your mobile phone to find memorable photos could take hours, while the MemorySafeX flash can quickly scan your mobile phone with just one click.
  • Saves You Money – Photo organizing software would cost you more but won’t do anything about keeping these files safe. MemorySafeX costs less and does more than just keeping your files safe, it also helps you sort out your files without any pricey cloud storage.
  • Speeds up your phone – Phones that are full of files will inevitably run slower, and the best proven way to optimize your phone is to delete the enormous amount of files you’ve stored on it. You’ll notice the difference immediately after the MemorySafeX has finished backing everything up.
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MemorySafeX vs Photostick

Find out the complete difference of Memorysafex vs Photo Stick now.

  • PhotoStick has a storage capacity of up to 128GB while MemorysafeX has a storage of up to 64 GB.
  • Photo Stick comes in different variants allowing you to get your exact preferred size. Available in the market today are the 8GB, 64GB, and the 128GB variants. With MemorysafeX, you are limited in getting different variations in size.
  • It detects JPEG, MPEG4, MP4, MOV and PNG. On the other hand, most Photo Stick reviews indicate failure to detect some file formats.
  • Memory SafeX encrypts and decrypts files, securing them. It allows you to play your music and movies directly to the thumb drive. The Photo Stick allows you to share your photos or music directly to your social media.
  • Photo Saving Device comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, while MemorySafex comes with a three-year guarantee.
  • Photo Stick measures 5.98 x 3.11 x 0.39 inches while
    MemorySafe X measures 57mm x 49mm x 8mm.
  • Memory SafeX comes with a USB and USB-Type Connector

MemorySafeX reviews of experienced users

You may have to know the amazing features of the MemorySafeX. Yes, I like the device. But I want you to share a broad view and different perspectives. So I looked for more opinions about that USB Drive. Let’s see what other people are saying about it:

“I thought of buying the photostick. I was lucky to decide to buy it and found an improved version of it. It is very handy to use and works faster than others. I imagine that anyone who purchases a MemorySafeX does not regret it.”

“Despite being a wonderful device, the iPhone has no expandable memory. This is a problem. I have an iPhone with 32GB storage and this is a problem. When my husband showed me a USB stick option that can help me with the backup, I didn’t think twice. After using it for about 3 months, I can assure that it is perfect and the best one. I don’t lose and I don’t mess with my photos and videos.”

“I was a little doubtful about this device and I don’t like expensive devices and that limits me with the amount of memory I have. The phone I use has only 32GB of memory. I had the option of purchasing a memory card, but considering the benefits of MemorySafe X, I decided to try it out. The decent thing is that with more and more memory. With a local phone, the backup option keeps me organized.”

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How do I get MemorySafeX PhotoStick:

That’s easy, at the moment you can buy PhotoStick 50% cheaper at the introductory price:

  • Order MemorySafeX PhotoStick from the official website.
  • Plug it in your device.
  • Click “GO”… and let the app do its magic – done!
  • ONE click does the trick! It doesn’t get any easier!
Order Now 16 1
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Frequently Asked Question

Which computers can I use MemorySafeX for?

Windows: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.
Mac: From Mac OS X Version 10.7 and newer versions.

Can I use the MemorySafeX with iPhones?

MemorySafeX works well as an iOS flash USB drive for android devices and iPhones. 

What’s the capacity of the USB storage device?

The storage capacity of the MemorySafeX device is 64GB. Customers can store a wide range of files on the device. The creator claims that it can store 64,000 pictures.

How does the device get activated?

The device is easy to activate. As per the manufacturer, it gets activated as soon as it’s plugged into an operating system, such as a laptop, desktop, tablet, or mobile phone. Once it’s switched on and appears on the “connected devices” list of the system, customers can store files, images, and videos into the device.

Is the device compatible with iOS?

Yes, the device is compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems.

Does MemorySafeX work with iPad?

Yes, it works fine with any device be it android, iOS, Laptop or desktop. Forget about clouds and paid spaces, this flash drive removes need to get monthly paid cloud space for safekeeping memories.

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With MemorySafeX, now take unlimited pictures and make memories without worrying about storage capacity. MemorySafeX gives you space and saves you money and you won’t lose photos even if you lose your phone. It gives you a way to store sensitive data without using the Internet and worry about storage hazards.