Photostick For iPhone iOS Review – Best Flash Drives for Backing up your iPhone in 2021

Photo Stick For iPhone iOS Review: A Revolutionary Gadget Making Photo Storage Easy, The Photo Stick for IPhone is revolutionizing the storage of photo and video files. Say Goodbye To Storage Full Errors FOREVER! The Photo Stick Mobile Backs Up Your Precious Memories Automatically!

With mobile cameras getting better by the day, cell phones are increasingly being used to click photos and record videos on the go. Along with this rampant use of cell phones as cameras and video recorders comes storage problems as most modern mobile phones can only store so many items in its limited memory space. Limited storage means that one has to delete their favorite photos and videos in order to keep clicking more. PhotoStick Mobile puts an end to the storage problem once and for all.

Photo Stick Mobile is a device that is very similar to the pen drive that we all are accustomed to using. There is only a slight variation in its appearance. On one of its ends, it has a port that connects to a mobile. On the other end is a USB port that can be used to connect it to computers, laptops, or similar devices for the purpose of transferring photos and videos. It is a plug and play device, and one needs to install a free software from the Play Store or the Apple App store to start using the gadget.

Photo Stick For iPhone
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The PhotoStick for iPhone is an auto-backup feature for iPhone photos and other data. It is a 128GB flash drive for the iPhone which can transfer data directly from iPhone through the lightning port. The USB 3.0 port for the PC makes sure data transfer to the PC. It offers 80Mb/S reading and writing speed. You can encrypt the saved data with touch ID or a password. You can also watch movies directly from the USB flash drive. Photo Stick for iPhone iOS has a flexible body design.

Different people have different storage capacity requirements. While ordinary people might click one or two photos in a while, the story is an altogether different one for avid photographers. Realizing this difference, the manufacturers of Photostick came up with a wide range of choices with regards to storage capacities. This variety ensures that users always have an option that is tailor-made for their media storage requirements and never face a hindrance while storing their media files.

The gadget is available in varieties with storage capacity ranging from 32 GB to 128 GB. The 32 GB variety has the capacity to store about 3500 photos and videos while the 64 GB one can store a mammoth 30,000 photos all in one place, with just a single click. The 128 GB variety has the maximum storage capability storing over 60,000 photos. The price of the gadget increases with increasing capacity, but even the 128 GB variety comes at an extremely affordable price.

Apart from the variety and compatibility, one aspect of it that makes the Photo Stick for mobiles stand out is its ease of use. It is just a plug and play gadget with a simple operating procedure that anyone with the basic knowledge of mobile phones can handle. All one needs to do is download and install the free app, which takes about a minute or so to get installed. Once the application has been installed, all one needs to do is to plug in the Photostick Mobile into the phone and hit the Back Up Now button.

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On clicking the Back Up Now button and giving the app the permission to go through the media files stored on the device, the software retrieves all the media files stored on the device no matter where they are stored and stores them on the device. This feature of the software comes in very handy considering the fact that amidst the humongous volumes of photos and videos that are stored on mobiles, users often tend to forget where they stored their albums, and retrieving them becomes a daunting task. Photostick does all that and more within a matter of seconds.

The Photostick Mobile is a smart gadget. It not only rummages through the piles of photos and videos stored in discrete locations within a device, retrieves, and stores them within the blink of an eye, but it also removes duplicates and doesnt back up photos which are already present in its memory. This way, it ensures that the users can make optimal use of the storage space by avoiding redundancy and storing only what is required.

Once the user has transferred all the photos and videos from his/her phone to the Photostick, he/she can go ahead and remove them from their mobiles, in the process freeing up some much-needed space. The Photostick stores all the photos safely in its memory. If needed, the user can transfer the photos from the device to his/her laptop or computer by just plugging in the Photostick into the USB port and then transferring the files to the computers memory.

The Photostick does not need an active Internet connection to function, which means that it can be used even when one is offline, thus adding to its portability. It also does not need any kind of input from the user side apart from the initiation process. The whole sorting, searching, and storing process is automatic. What this means is that the user can simply plug it into the mobile and get on with other activities without worrying about the backup process. This feature complements the needs of the busy life that the modern man leads.

These days photo and video files come in a variety of formats. But the Photostick user does not need to worry about any of that. The Photostick Mobile, being the champion gadget that it is, takes care of all formats of photos and videos. This state-of-the-art device can handle common formats like JPG, PNG, GIF, MOV, and some of the less common ones like BMP and AVI with equal mastery. This capacity to store files ranging over different formats makes the gadget ideal for people who click photos for different purposes.

In this era where cybersecurity is an important issue, the Photostick is a completely secure resting place for the users photos and videos. Unlike some of the popular storage systems, since the gadget does not make use of the Internet or Cloud facilities, it is air-tight when it comes to unwanted access. No one can hack into the device to gain unauthorized access to the files. Given the value photos have in our lives, this security aspect is surely an X-factor of the Photostick Mobile.

Apart from its brilliant functionality, security, and reliability, the Photostick Mobile is a compact, portable, and sleek-looking gadget. The looks of this pocket-sized storage master have garnered much appreciation amongst the users. The sleek finish, the rounded edges, and the compact nature- all add to Photosticks appeal, which, when clubbed with its usefulness, makes it an irresistible gadget for one and all.

Key Features of Photo stick for iPhone 

  • Flash Drive Size: 64/128GB 
  • Auto backup iPhone photos& videos
  •  USB 3.0 | Encryption software
  • Support AVI, M4V, MOV, M P4, and many like them
  • OS Support Windows/Mac

Photostick For iPhone Functions

  • Photostick with 4-in-1 interfaces compatible for iPhone/iPad/OTG Android/PC;Flash drive supports for keychain and avoids missing.
  • Real memory and run stable with quick read/write speed.
  • USB 3.0 usb stick memory and additional Type-C port.
  • Protect your data on “Luv-Share” on the Photo Stick.
  • Fine design as a gift for your friends or family members.

Photostick For iPhone Compatible Device

IOS: iPhone 5/6/7/8/X/XS/XR.iOS 8 and iPad 4/Air/Mini/2/3/4/iPod touch 5/6.

Other Salient Features of the Photostick for iPhone

  • The flash drive is a plug and play multi-functional USB drive memory stick which easily transfers photos and videos between iPhone, iPads, MAC, androids and computers.
  • The USB drive is a pure metal material, 360-degree rotation with a stylish appearance and also easy to carry to iPhone, iPads Mini Mac books and others. It expands the storage capacity at any time.
  • It is compatible with the latest Apple models which include all of them.

How do I connect a USB storage device to my iPhone or iPad?

It depends on the USB ports of different devices. There are two options for it-

The lightning option:

If the device has a lightning port then you need a lightning to USB adapter. Apple’s USB 3 Camera adapter is recommended because it supports USB3 and offers lightning pass through.

USB-C options: 

The best way to use USB C equipped iPads is a USB -C thumb drive or a USB-C hub that offer USB-A port.

How easily we can retrieve the data from the PhotoStick?

  • In the landscape orientation of the iPad, the drive appears in the side bar by itself.
  • In you iPhone or your iPad in the portrait mode, a click on the browse icon on the bottom and then jump to the browse screen which shows lists of all your location.

What is the method of copy files from USB Storage Device?

  • The best way is to tap and hold a file till the contextual menu shows and then select copy. Then you need to navigate to the destination to tap and hold a blank spot in the directory and choose paste from contextual menu. To move the file same steps are there just choose move instead of copy.
  • On the iPad you have to use the drag and drop option to copy the file where it needs to go. The best way is to split the files window and pull up the location and drag file from original window. It is better than the first method if there are a lot of files that have to be copied.

File Formats Supported By The Photostick For iPhone

Extensions Compatible With Photostick
  • File(.xls/.slsx/.ppt/.pptx/.pdf/.txt/.doc/.rtf)
  • Picture(.jpg/.png/.gif/ .bmp/.cur/.ico/ .tif/.tiff/.xbm)
  • Video(.mp4/ .m4v/.mpv/.avi/.flv/.mkv/.mov/.mpg/.rm/.rmvb/.wmv)
  • Mucic(.mp3/.wav/.aac/.aiff/.aif/.caf/.m4a).
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The best Photo Stick for iPhone can be bought directly from the manufacturers site or popular e-commerce sites. The product is competitively priced, and despite all its usefulness and reliability, it does not burn a hole through the buyers pockets. A 32 GB PhotoStick Mobile for iPhone costs just $65 when purchased from the manufacturers website.

Thanks to its compatibility across various platforms and with various file formats, ease of use, and handy features such as the automated searching, elimination of duplicates, and avoiding redundancy, the popularity of Photostick Mobile has gone through the roof in recent times. Club all its above mentioned features with its safety and reliability, and it comes as no surprises that these gadgets are flying off of the shelves at the rate of Knotts.

The gadget has received numerous positive PhotoStick Mobile reviews from users complementing various aspects of it, such as the incredible storage capacity, smooth and hassle-free functioning, sleek look, compatibility with a wide range of platforms, and its reliability. Though the product is fairly new to the gadget market, it has already revolutionized the way people perceive storage gadgets. No wonder gadget reviewers are recommending the Photo stick Mobile as an effective and reliable long-term storage option for photos and videos.

Photos and videos help us travel back in time to relive the memorable moments of our lives. Losing them because of the mobiles memory getting corrupted or the device getting damaged is a very unfortunate yet extremely common event, as is seen by the statistic that one out of three mobile users loses their media files from water damage alone. To stop that from happening, a reliable, robust, and inclusive device like the Photo Stick for iPhone is a must-have for anyone and everyone.

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Now back-up your memories with Photostick for iPhone. You will be getting a storage space of 128GB to store all the data on your phone. You can easily store and retrieve the data from this Photostick. So, grab your stick today and store all the data on it.

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