The Photostick Mobile Review – Is The Photo Stick Worth the Money?

Are you one of those people who loves to take pictures? You may have dozens or even hundreds of pictures saved on your digital camera, the social media network, or the computer. You might even have a collection of physical photos. Anyone who has saved up a lot of pictures over the years has likely suffered the misfortune of losing some of those photos. Maybe they slipped behind some furniture or were destroyed by water damage or a computer virus. People lose photos all the time, and those cherished memories are often lost forever.

According to statistics, one in every three people using smartphones loses videos and photos stored in their phones due to a variety of reasons. Losing your videos and photos can be very frustrating, which is why today, there are many external storage devices like flash drives.

Once in our lives, we’ve all been a victim of the “storage is full” warning when our gallery is packed with precious photos and videos. We can’t blame ourselves, because those photos captured important events of our life. And backing them up can be a pain in the neck. Luckily, there’s a device to back up photos and videos in an instant.

In this article, we will be talking about a device called the Photo Stick Mobile. This device looks a lot like an ordinary flash drive, but it comes with a lot more features that will amaze you. The manufacturer says the product can back up your videos and photos and store them securely for you once you plug them into your smartphone or PC. Read through this PhotoStick Mobile Review and find out why this is a product worth having.

Did you know that 1 in 3 of people using smartphones will likely lose all their photos and videos from water damage? Well, in this social media era smartphone users tend to take lots of pictures. This comes with its own problems such as devices running out of space and water damage. However, it’s not all doom and gloom thanks to the new PhotoStick Mobile.

Photostick Mobile

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What is Photo Stick Mobile?

ThePhotoStick Mobile is a simple device that stores all of your videos and photos. Think of it as a USB thumb drive for your phone. The Photostick mobile is a distinctively convenient device to instantly back up your respective device’s images or videos in less than a few seconds. It comes with an intricate finish and looks vaguely like a USB flash drive. However, one of the chief components that distinguishes this device from most other devices is that it can be structurally operated and administered on any mobile device that is incorporated with a USB port. Moreover, this device is implemented with unique in-built software. This software then plays a chief role in exploring and detecting the pictures you potentially lost.

ThePhotoStick Mobile is one of the most innovative gadgets of our generation. This gadget can easily back up all of the photos on your mobile device. It works very fast. The PhotoStick Mobile is small so you should be careful not to lose it.

It works for both ios and android. This gadget will help you tremendously with photo backup. There is an app on the google play store and on the apple store that you will use with the gadget.

Just plug it in, backup and you’re good to go.

PhotoStick Mobile can hold up to 15,000 photos and videos. That’s a lot of space. Even my most photo-crazy friend doesn’t take that many pictures. Imagine how much space you can free up on your phone by transferring your photos and videos over.

Backing up photos and videos isn’t the only thing this device can do – it can also organize your memories.

The Photostick Mobile for iPhone and Android

You may have heard about Photo stick for computers, but now you can also get Photostick mobile iPhone and iPad and the Photostick mobile for Android. What this nifty little device and handy tool does, is basically makes your life easier when it comes to backing up your valuable photos and videos. Like in my other tech reviews, I will go into detail the capabilities of this device in this photostick mobile review.

Instead of connecting your mobile phone into your laptop or computer, and then manually backing up all of your phone’s photos and videos into a folder and all that, thePhotostick mobile streamlines all of that tedious process for you. Let’s get more into that below in this thephotostick mobile reviews.

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Features of PhotoStick Mobile

Product reviews have been extraordinary for the Photostick Mobile, and for good reason. The biggest deciding factors for most people who use PhotoStick Mobile are the accessibility, portability and convenience, and ease in using the device.

To sum it up, here are the top reasons to purchase a PhotoStick Mobile

Easy to Use the one-click Backup
Similar devices can include the basic flash drive which you can use to backup your photos, but that requires manual work. Transferring one folder at a time is time-consuming, not to mention the fact that you might forget some photos or accidentally delete a folder too. With PhotoStick Mobile, you do not have to worry about that. It is quick and with one click you can easily backup all the photos and videos on your device to the convenient space that is the PhotoStick Mobile.
Say goodbye to manual transferring and worrying about missing some photos. The automatic feature of the device and its significant app make it much easier to transfer all your photos to the PhotoStick device, without any hassle.
No Need for a Working Internet Connection
Since it acts just like a USB device, you do not need a working internet to start and end the backing up of your photos, unlike the cloud. You only need the app installed, which needs an internet connection, and after that, you are good to go. Backup photos anytime you want, with ease.
Simple and Refined
The app that goes with the device is neither clunky nor hard to understand. People with no tech knowledge can also use it, without getting confused about the controls. It all happens at the press of a button. The device itself is visually simple looking as well. On one side it the part that plugs into your charging port of your mobile, and on the other is the USB port that plugs into your laptop, Mac, or PC.
Compatible with Devices and Common Media Formats
The ability to use PhotoStick Mobile on any iPhone, Android, PC or Mac is highly beneficial. On top of that, when it scans your device for photos and videos to backup, it reviews most of the common media formats photos and videos come in, making it extremely convenient to use. You can be sure the PhotoStick will not miss any of the photos, or videos on your mobile device.
Since it is essentially a flash/USB drive, it is easy to carry around. But make sure you do not damage or lose it along the way.

Technical Specifications

  • It is a ready-to-use plug-in device.
  • It fits any Android or iOS mobile phone.
  • ThePhotoStick Mobile uses a software application that can be downloaded easily.
  • It uses innovative software to scan your mobile and transfer the photo, video, and document files.
  • The software can avoid any duplication.
  • It has an initial memory of 32 GB. This is upgradable

Why Do I Need the Photo Stick?

This device is easy and simple to use. Unlike with iCloud backup, the device does not need to have tricky software to perform Just plug it in, and there you are, all files backed up and stored. You will only be required to download its application on Google Play or App Store, and once you plug the device into your device, click on Backup Files. The PhotoStick brings convenience; rather than waiting for your PC or smartphone to back up your videos and photos, just plug it in, and the job will be done within just a few minutes.

With PhotoStick, you will never again have to lose your beautiful photos and videos. And you will never have to worry about your device’s storage capacity. As noted, the device stores up to 60, 000 videos and photos. Is your phone storage or your iCloud storage full? With PhotoStick, you do not have to worry about that. Get it today let it back up your videos and photos and store them securely for you.

Benefits Of PhotoStick Mobile

Let us discuss the benefits of PhotoStick Mobile and the reasons that compel you to buy this amazing piece of technology:-

You surely would not want to invest in a gadget that is low in quality and doesn’t last you for years. Your concern is very much valid and truly taken care of by the manufacturers of PhotoStick Mobile. This device is made to last you for years keeping all your data safe and secure.
Are you one of those who keeps on transferring your files from one device to another? Like from your desktop to phone or camera to laptop to phone? If you are nodding your head in yes, the photo stick Mobile comes as your savior. It does your work in just a single click and comes with varied memory options ranging from 8 to 128 GB, then select the one according to your requirements and free up space in your phones.
I am sure storage is not your only issue here, you also waste tons of your time while transferring your pictures and videos, isn’t it? I know the frustration when transferring 2 GB of data takes over an hour. Let me take away from you all these concerns as PhotoStick Mobile transfers your data at optimum speed without you having to waste your hours. PhotoStick Mobile scans discover, transfers, and then backs up your photos and videos really quickly. 
Ensures Security
Nobody wants to compromise on data security these days and the makers of PhotoStick Mobile ensure this. That’s why this tiny device is made with optimum technology to keep your data 100% safe and secure.

PhotoStick Mobile Unique features

  • This device conducts the search for photos and also organizes all the files
  • It conducts an auto scan, then identifies as well as avoids duplicate copies
  • It can backup thousands of videos and images in just minutes
  • The data on this device can be checked on a computer as well
  • You can back up the files as per your convenience and store them as often as required
  • It does not require passwords and you need not go for online cloud storage.
  • You need not have knowledge related to the exact files as well as folders
  • This is just a one-time investment and can save you money as well as time
  • The device operates on its own
  • It helps you free up a lot of space on your smartphones
  • This gadget searches as well as organizes the files by itself
  • The data saved on the device can be accessed on any PC or Mac
  • The photos and videos can be backed up conveniently
  • There are no extra costs other than the initial purchase cost
  • All the duplicates are removed by the device
  • The user need not sort the files or locate folders
  • There is no monthly fees or subscription required for this device

The PhotoStickMobile has gadgets that have been designed to work with Androids or iOS devices. Make sure you check which product suits your device before you purchase it.

ThePhotoStickMobile has devices specifically tailored to work on either Android or iOS. ThePhotoStickMobile has devices specifically tailored to work on either Android or iOS. To Read Unbiased customer reviews by The PhotoStick Mobile Customers on Facebook, Click On the Banner Below:

PhotoStick Mobile

Advantages to Using the PhotoStick Devices

This product has all sorts of benefits that we want to talk to you about. It’s not perfect, but it does a great job of offering good value and ensuring that you get a quality product that is super easy to use.

First and foremost, this is an accessible product. It is made to be used by anyone without a piece of computer knowledge. The simple design hides some impressive technology, and that makes this product a perfect gift or personal storage device.

We also have to talk about the storage space on this device. A single terabyte can hold hundreds of thousands of photos and a similar number of other kinds of files. You will be hard-pressed to fill up all the space on this stick, and most people will never completely run out of space on this device.

The PhotoStick Mobile doesn’t offer nearly as much space, but it shouldn’t need to. Most people won’t be able to use all the available space that the stick offers them on the mobile version. If you think the 32-gigabyte version is too small and limited, then just opt for the 64-gigabytes one.

The Photostick Mobile Setup

This device has endless benefits and is value for money. The device is quite easy to use as well.

  • Firstly, this device is quite an accessible product. The device has been designed in a manner that anyone can use it – even those who do not have knowledge about computers. The simplicity of the design camouflages the impressive technology behind the device and this makes it the best gift or the best personal storage device.
  • This device can store more than 15000 videos and pictures. Most of the people using this gadget never run out of space. It comes in three storage options – 32GB,  64GB and 128GB.

How Does Photostick Mobile Works?

It is very simple to operate and anyone can begin using it soon after receiving it. Let us read the procedure in detail here:-

You should download the portable application for The PhotoStick and introduce it. When this is done, click “Run”. Module the gadget into the cell phone and snap “Reinforcement Now.” The gadget totally assumes control over your telephone, examines the telephone for photos and recordings, and does a reinforcement without including copies. When the records get sponsored up into this minor gadget “ThePhotoStick Mobile” at that point you can erase all the photographs and recordings on your telephone in this way opening up space.

How Does Photostick Mobile Works?
Using ThePhotoStick® Mobile Is Very Easy
Download and install ThePhotoStick Mobile App.
Click On Run.
Once you plug in ThePhotoStick Mobile into your smartphone, click on “Backup Now.”
ThePhotoStick will then take over and scan through every corner of your folders, backing up all the photos and videos while skipping duplicate copies.
When your files are all backed up into ThePhotoStick Mobile, you can go ahead and delete the ones on your phone to free up more space.

An important point to note here is that:- There are individual devices for Android and iOS. So make sure you purchase the correct device, keeping in mind the smartphone you use.

thephotostick mobile vs photostick iPhone

Why Is ThePhotoStick Mobile Different From Other Solutions

Other solutions require manual labor and are still time-consuming. Plus, you still have to organize everything yourself. ThePhotoStick will automatically search your phone for you, locate all your photo and video files, and then download them -all with one click of the button. Plus, it organizes them for you AND it even identifies and skips downloading duplicates so that they don’t take up space.

What is the difference between The Photostick and The Photostick Mobile?

ThePhotoStick is used mostly for Windows and Mac for photo and video backup. However, ThePhotoStick Mobile can be used on ios and android. They have different purposes and they are meant to serve the user in different ways. The goal is image backup without too many problems.

The main difference between these devices is photostick mobile is designed for mobile OS, and photostick is for computer OS. They do have some other differences that we will discuss in this article.

To know more about these devices, below in this section,  I’m going to show you, What is the difference between Photostick and Photostick mobile? So that you can quickly understand which one you require most.

How Many Photos or Files Can You Save?

This is the very basic question that anyone should ask. We already have told you that PhotoStick can store images, videos, documents, and files but the question now is how many photos or files can you save on thePhotoStick? And this simply depends on the model you want to buy.

The base model, which is PhotoStick 8 offers 8 GB of storage, which is enough for storing up to 3,500 high-resolution photos. The 32 model has a storage capacity of 32 GB and can store 5,000 high-resolution videos. The 64 model, which has a storage capacity of 64 GB, can hold up to 30,000 high-resolution photos. The largest available PhotoStick model is PhotoStick 128 that offers a storage space of 128 GB and can hold an impressive 60,000 high-resolution photos.

File Format Supported By The Photostick Mobile

The Photostick mobile for android and iOS works best for pictures, videos and other types of files. Not only does it work quickly, but it can locate any photos saved on your disk and create backups of those images.

File Formats Supported By ThePhotostick Mobile
  • File(.xls/.slsx/.ppt/.pptx/.pdf/.txt/.doc/.rtf)
  • Picture(.jpg/.png/.gif/ .bmp/.cur/.ico/ .tif/.tiff/.xbm)
  • Video(.mp4/ .m4v/.mpv/.avi/.flv/.mkv/.mov/.mpg/.rm/.rmvb/.wmv)
  • Mucic(.mp3/.wav/.aac/.aiff/.aif/.caf/.m4a).

Photostick Mobile Video Instructions

You can now plug the PhotoStick Mobile to your laptop or PC to browse through them by just using the USB connector on the opposite end of the PhotoStick

PhotoStick Mobile for iPhone

With just a click of a button, Photo Stick for iPhone does all the time-consuming and tedious job for you in minutes. 

How to Use Photostick Mobile in iOS

The PhotoStick for iPhone is an auto-backup feature for iPhone photos and other data. It is a 128GB flash drive for the iPhone which can transfer data directly from iPhone through the lightning port. The USB 3.0 port for the PC makes sure data transfer to the PC. It offers 80Mb/S reading and writing speed. You can encrypt the saved data with touch ID or a password. You can also watch movies directly from the USB flash drive. Photo Stick for iPhone iOS has a flexible body design.

Photostick Mobile Compatible Device

IOS: iPhone 5/6/7/8/X/XS/XR.iOS 8 and iPad 4/Air/Mini/2/3/4/iPod touch 5/6.

Other Salient Features of the Photostick for iPhone

  • The flash drive is a plug and play multi-functional USB drive memory stick which easily transfers photos and videos between iPhone, iPads, MAC, androids and computers.
  • The USB drive is a pure metal material, 360-degree rotation with a stylish appearance and also easy to carry to iPhone, iPads Mini Mac books and others. It expands the storage capacity at any time.
  • It is compatible with the latest Apple models which include all of them.

How do I connect a USB storage device to my iPhone or iPad?

It depends on the USB ports of different devices. There are two options for it-

The lightning option:

If the device has a lightning port then you need a lightning to USB adapter. Apple’s USB 3 Camera adapter is recommended because it supports USB3 and offers lightning pass through.

USB-C options: 

The best way to use USB C equipped iPads is a USB -C thumb drive or a USB-C hub that offer USB-A port.

Photo Stick for Android

For use with the ThePhotoStick Mobile For Android device. Never run out of space again on your Android device with ThePhotoStick Mobile USB. Easily back up images and videos of your life’s precious memories and free up space on your phone. Your easy-to-use app will find, organize, back up and then safely remove files to free up valuable storage space on your Android device.

Compatible & Supported Android Phones:

Samsung, LG, Motorola, Huawei, and HTC phones running Android operating system 6.0 (Marshmallow) or newer.

How to Use PhotoStick Mobile in Android Phone?

Photostick Mobile is essentially a USB device with the inbuilt power to backup your photos without manually transferring them. It is easy to use a device that fits in your pocket. The app is user friendly, so anybody can use it.

I will guide you towards freely backing up your photos with the Photostick Mobile –

How to Use PhotoStick Mobile in Android Phone?
  1. Purchase the device from official website
  2. Download the free for all photo saver app from the App Store, for iPhone or Play Store, for Android users
  3. Insert the smaller end of the flash drive into the charging port of your device
  4. Launch the app
  5. In the main screen, press “Back Up”
  6. Give it a few seconds to scan your mobile for photos
  7. Once done, disconnect

That is all! You have now created a backup of all the photos on your device to the PhotoStick Mobile.

You can now plug the PhotoStick Mobile to your laptop or PC to browse through them by just using the USB connector on the opposite end of the PhotoStick

How to Install Photostick App On Samsung Galaxy S9

How to Install Photostick App On Motorola Moto g6

Does the Photostick mobile Really Work?

Photo Stick is the perfect solution to finding lost files, photos on your PC. It really works to recover those files in the previous format. The Android and iPhone versions work on Windows and Mac PC. Without any software, I perform the full scan within a few minutes. In hard drive failures, it will support keeping all files safe. It can scan JPEG files quickly without any special software. Also, it can search for MPEG4 and MOV video files to save in the flash drive. Some web pictures come in PNG format and the photo stick creates a new backup for the future. After all, it is compatible with JPG, PCT, RAW, GIF, ICO, MOV, PNG, BMP, WMV, TIFF, AVI, MPEG4 formats.

How Does Photostick Mobile Recover Photos?

Yes, never again lose your vacation photos or videos! Let me guide you on how to use Photostick Mobile to recover the photos from your mobile which you thought were lost:-

  • Firstly download the “ThePhotoStick Mobile” App which is free of cost and install it.
  • After, this connect your PhotoStick Mobile with your handheld smartphone and then press on the “Backup Now.”
  • PhotoStick Mobile takes control of your phone and scans through each folder and file and stores all the photos and videos from your mobile.
  • The best part, it doesnt store the duplicate copies.
  • Also, once the entire data is backed up, you are free to delete the data from your smartphone and free its memory.

Who Is This PhotoStick Mobile For?

On the off chance that you resemble me, who wants to click many pictures and furthermore stores them on your telephone, at that point this little contraption is only for you. It is extremely difficult to sort out all the countless pictures on your telephone yet in the event that you have PhotoStick Mobile it makes your work simpler by arranging all the photos and recordings in the blink of an eye and in only a solitary snap.

Contingent upon your necessity you can choose the model going from 32 GB to 128 GB, in this manner have a sense of safety to spare the same number of pictures as you need on your cell phone without dreading to lose them or come up short on memory.

The PhotoStick Mobile – How are photos recovered?

  • Firstly you need to download the free mobile app of The PhotoStick and launch it.
  • Once you plug in The PhotoStick Mobile to any of your smartphone, you have to click the “Backup Now” button. The device begins its scan and stores every video and photo while avoiding the duplicate copies.
  • Once the backup is complete, the smartphone can be emptied of similar content. You must choose the device based on the phone that you use

Is the Photo stick Mobile a scam?

After my 3 months of using the Photo stick mobile, I can say that it is not a scam because it is easy to use and has a quick backup system to save important data. To back up photos, videos and important files, it is a safe and secured device. I have stored 40000 images and 30 videos in the 128GB Android version and 30% storage still empty. With the free app, plug in the device with a smartphone and keep data safe. When I connect the device, it started scanning and backup all data by pressing the “Backup Now” button. It can scan overall phone memories, so I never tensed about a file missing.

The PhotoStick Mobile – Warranty

On the off chance that you are wary about the gadget, the producer offers an unconditional promise of 30 days. In the event that you don’t need the item or it has plant abandons, you can restore the item without any problem. The assurance time frame starts on the delivery day so test it before the time is done and do the needful inside 30 days.

Pros and Cons of The PhotoStick Mobile

  • The device is very convenient and easy to use
  • It stores as well as organizes your photos and videos
  • It can be used on iOS and Android
  • There are no extra costs or monthly fees
  • There are discounts offered regularly
  • The files, photos, and videos are safe from snoopers. This makes your data secure
  • It does not require cloud storage or passwords
  • It frees your smartphone of space
  • Any duplicate files are removed by the device
  • The manufacturer offers a money-back guarantee of 30 days
  • The device can be accessed on a desktop or Mac.
  • Even a person with zero knowledge of IT can use this device easily
  • The product is expensive
  • The product is similar to a USB and is tiny. There are high chances of misplacing or losing the device.

Where to buy The PhotoStick Mobile?

You can buy the photostick mobile from different places. However, not many of these places are safe or deliver the product as expected. We recommend buying the photostick mobile either from Amazon or the official website.

What is the Price of Photostick Mobile

ThePhotoStick Mobile has been designed to be a delight on budget, costing $64.99 for 32 GB variant (retail is $99.99!)

Struggling with photos is extremely frustrating. Photos hold precious memories! They should be enjoyed. The stress and frustration people feel every day dealing with smartphones and confusing applications are overwhelming. No one wants to deal with it, and sadly, this seems to be the reality for most people.

It is a small price to pay to avoid all of that.

Plus, for a limited time, when you purchase multiple units of the ThePhotostick Mobile 32, you’ll get 40% off each additional device!

Listed below are the product range with prices-

  • The PhotoStick 128 GB for PC and Mac- $79.99 (originally $159.99)
  • The PhotoStick 256 GB for PC and Mac- $ 114.99 (originally $229.98)
  • The PhotoStick Mobile 2.0 for iPhone and iPad (32 GB)- $79.99 (originally $139.99)
  • The PhotoStick Mobile 2.0 for iPhone and iPad (64 GB)- $99.97 (originally $199.99)
  • The PhotoStick Mobile 2.0 for iPhone and iPad (128 GB)- $119.99 (originally $249.99)
  • The PhotoStick Mobile 32 GB for Android- $49.99 (originally $139.99)
  • The PhotoStick Mobile 64 GB for Android- $79.97(originally $199.99)
  • The PhotoStick Mobile 128 GB for Android- $99.97 (originally $249.99)

There are offers provided by the company if you purchase from their online site. You would need to check which type suits best your needs and select the ones that suit you the best and are compatible with your gadgets. The company strives for client satisfaction. If you do not like the product or is not finding it easy to use, or if you feel that the product doesn’t meet your standards, the company provides a refund on request.

Order a PhotoStick today and Instantly Backup ALL Your Photos & Videos From Your Phone In ONE Click!

Why Customers Love ThePhotoStick Mobile

10Expert Score
This thing is amazing!

I have tons of pics. I thought they were safe until I saw this ad. I bought ThePhotoStick and it loaded ALL my pics, even ones I didn’t remember I had. I got a photo frame as a gift, plugged ThePhotoStick in, and now all those old pics are rotating in the photo frames in my kitchen. Good memories! – Tenny S.

9.5Expert Score
I now have about 24,000 originals preserved forever

I had a grand total of about 60,000 images, with many duplicates. This little “stick” managed to eliminate the duplicates so that I now have about 24,000 originals preserved forever in a fire-proof vault, a cost-free and independent method of safekeeping. I had a grand total of about 60,000 images, with many duplicates. This little “stick” managed to eliminate the duplicates so that I now have about 24,000 originals preserved forever in a fire-proof vault, a cost-free and independent method of safekeeping. – Cyril R.

10Expert Score
Works just the way it says it does.

The Photo Stick works just the way it says it does; very easy to use. I checked it when done, and there were my pictures. There is so much room on the stick that I should be able to use it for years to backup documents and pictures. – Linda W.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Photo Stick Mobile Work?

Photostick Mobile works by plugging the stick into your mobile phone and using it to transfer photos from the mobile phone to the stick or to a computer.

How Much Does a Photo Stick Mobile Cost?

The cost of a photo stick mobile can be wary, you can also try to get a discount.

Who Can Use a Photostick Mobile?

Everyone can use a Photostick Mobile. You do not need to be tech-savvy to use this gadget. There isn’t any learning curve and the app makes everything easier.

What Devices Is The Photostick Mobile Compatible With?

The Photostick Mobile is compatible with iPhone and Android.

Can You Use The Photostick Mobile On iPhone?

Yes, you can use this gadget on an iPhone. There shouldn’t be any problem using a photo stick on iPhone.

Can You Use The Photostick Mobile On Android?

Yes, it is one of the better ways to use the photostick. It can be used on Android without any problems.

What Is Photostick Mobile Discount?

There are times when the photostick mobile has a discount and you can buy the product cheaper.

What Is The Photostick Mobile Shipping Time?

The shipping time of this gadget is fast. It doesn’t take too long for it to arrive. As far as we know, the longest it took to deliver was 1 week.

How Does The Photostick Mobile App Work?

This is a simple app that anyone can use because it doesn’t have any learning curve. It is self-explanatory most of the time.

What If I Have More Than One Device?

It shouldn’t be a problem. The Photostick Mobile can be used on more than 1 device.


PhotoStick Mobile offers a backup solution that is much-needed in this digital era, especially when you consider how much smartphones and computers are likely to fail or get lost and take with them important memories.

Its usability is outstanding – it essentially does everything for you! If you wish to protect your memories and get past the inconveniences of low storage space, cloud storage requirements, duplicate or unorganized files, and device crashes, ThePhotoStick is your ideal solution.