How much is the PhotoStick Mobile in 2021? Complete Info

Are you looking for PhotoStick Mobile to do your work of storing videos and images easily and with no space issue? Probably yes, but you must be in doubt about how much this device actually costs.

You may have a question that whether Photostick Mobile is worth the money or not. Here in this article, we have mentioned all you need to know about the price of PhotoStick Mobile and many more. So, read this article to the end. 

What is the Cost of PhotoStick Mobile?

What is the Cost of Photostick Mobile?

The PhotoStick Mobile is now on a great scale of demand. Generally, students, employees, teachers, and professors, use it to the maximum. Thus if you are wondering how much is the PhotoStick Mobile for, then we must tell you that it is very much affordable.

If you could get to know about some amazing deals and want to make a purchase, then the price of PhotoStick Mobile can be up to $59. Or else, generally, the device is for up to $100. The true thing is the costs rely upon the storage capacity and retailer. The PhotoStick is cheaper for Android in comparison with iPhone. Generally, it is of good quality. Quality shouldn’t be compromised for the price, and paying for a good PhotoStick Mobile is a long-term investment with many benefits.

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Features of Photo Stick Mobile

Photo Stick Mobile has many impressive features. These features are listed below – 

  • PhotoStick Mobile is very consistent and compatible with nearly every type of format. It helps many different GIFs, PNG, MOV, JPG, and many more.
  • Its compatibility is great with both Windows and Mac.
  • All files you save on the CD can be backed up easily within a few seconds by a single click.
  • The device automatically backs the files up right after it gets plugged in.
  • This device will assist you in opening the backed-up file on any other tool. There would not be any problem while opening the files. Even when you are not opening Photo Stick, you would see the files you backed up.
  • The PhotoStick Mobile takes care of its user’s privacy. It cannot get hacked, and thus all the data stored here is safe and secured. The stored data or file is on the Photo Stick only rather than on any cloud.

Technological description of the device is given below:

Technological description of Photostick Mobile backup device.

The Photo Stick Mobile is a four-in-one tool used to save files, videos, images, and documents. The measurements of this device are 0.91 x 2.16 x 0.35 inches. Its memory ranges from 8 GB to 64 GB to 128 GB. Photo Stick Mobile is a USB of 3.0 flash drive with a great storage capacity. Unlike other storage tools, this device can be used even when you don’t have an internet connection.

Isn’t it impressive? Of course, yes! One more thing that makes it the best is storing your videos and images for a really long time. You can take a look at your pictures anytime you want, and you can cherish the memories associated with them forever.

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Advantages of PhotoStick Mobile

  • It is very effortless and simple in its use.
  • You can easily find thousands of photos with its help.
  • It is an investment of one time, and then after, you won’t need to invest in purchasing the same device for a long time.
  • You can easily store around 60000 photos.
  • As Photo Stick Mobile has an automatic feature of searching and finding photos and videos, you don’t search for hours and waste time.
  • It can be carried by you very easily as it is small and handy in size.
  • The devices remove any duplicate files.
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Drawbacks of PhotoStick Mobile

  • Many customers complain that it detects those photos that were never on the phone.
  • On Mac, it may not perform to its best compared with PC.
  • It isn’t easy to find it in the market as it is generally out of stock
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PhotoStick Mobile one of the best devices to store images, videos, files, and documents. It is an investment of one time and can give you many benefits. PhotoStick Mobile is easy to use and has many features that are not present in other storage devices. It is a long-term investment and easy in its use. We sincerely hope this article helped. Please let us know in the comment section whether you know anything more exciting about PhotoStick Mobile.