TikiTunes Review: Best Portable Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker [2021]

Do you love to hear beautiful songs with amazing effects wherever you are? An outdoor party without good speakers and a powerful internet connection make it very mundane and lifeless.

Enjoying a cold winter’s night next to a bonfire and remembering old memories of your childhood days with the old songs of the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s and the speakers lose the connectivity.

It is a moment doomed by the horrible functioning of the speakers. Do not let this happen and buy a one-of-a-kind light show TikiTunes Wireless Speaker and experience great happiness listening to the golden oldies or the latest rock songs and let the party be a hit instead of a miss.

Speakers with mediocre quality and connectivity are show spoilers. Let your social gatherings be show stoppers with amplified music and smooth connectivity.

What is this TikiTunes?

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Tiki tunes is a wireless Bluetooth speaker that makes the room ambiance by flickering yellow light. Produced by a reputable company called Limitless Innovations, TikiTunes is a small, portable, Bluetooth speaker that’s perfectly designed for both the outdoors and indoors. The speaker packs a very impressive sound quality and other features that are sure to give you a great music experience.

According to the manufacturer, the speaker can offer you up to six hours of continuous music playtime from a variety of compatible devices. It comes with an in-built 2000mAh battery that’s rechargeable. You can connect two TikiTunes speakers using dual synchronization abilities. The connection range is up to 30 feet. So even if you have a large apartment, or you are out, say on the beach, you can be sure to enjoy a true stereo-sound with TikiTunes speakers. In addition, its Bluetooth technology works on Android, Apple and Windows devices.

Perhaps the most outstanding feature about TikiTunes Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is the warm ambient LED lights it produces, giving you the perfect ambiance for the evenings out with friends. Another thing that sets the speaker apart is its IP65 rating, which means it is both water-resistant and dust-proof. It is, therefore, one of the few high-quality Bluetooth speakers suitable for use in the outdoors.

TikiTunes is an indoor and outdoor very versatile Bluetooth speaker. A device won prestigious awards. It exhibits attractive lights that can become the center of attraction of social gatherings.

The speaker flaunts high-grade quality material and can become the star of the moment at any function. It is a beautiful gift to be presented to friends and family.

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Key Specifications

  • Product Weight: 14oz
  • Shipping weight: 15oz
  • Product Dimensions: 4″ x 4″ x 6.5″
  • Shipping Dimensions: 4.06″ x 4.06″ x 7.125″
  • Wireless Transmission Distance: 30ft.
  • Battery: 2000mAh/7.4V
  • Output Power: 5W
  • Play-Time: 6 Hours
  • SNR: <75dB
  • Distortion Rate: ≤10%
  • Power Supply: 5V/1A
  • Horn Parameters: 2IN 4 Ω 5W
  • BlueTooth version: 5.0
  • Certification: IP65

What Problem Does TikiTunes Solve?

Most Bluetooth speakers don’t do much to add to the aesthetics of a party. But the portable 5-watt TikiTunes speaker allows you to kill two birds with one stone –get 6-hours of continuous playtime from any wireless compatible device while creating the perfect ambiance that guests will love.

Why is TikiTunes Different From Other Solutions?

Tiki Tunes lets you bring something different to the party. Its flickering LED light looks just like an actual tiki torch –and its ability to sync with other speakers for surround sound make it far cooler than your average speaker. Add great speaker quality to that mix, and you have something that looks and sounds just as great outdoors as it does indoors.

TikiTunes is set apart by its:

  • Superior sound quality –TikiTunes packs an impressive high-quality sound. The surprisingly punchy bass (for a small speaker) and the exciting midrange will have you listening for hours.
  • Pairing for surround sound –Users can easily pair two TikiTunes together for a true stereo sound.
  • Warm LED light that flickers just like a fire and creates the perfect ambiance. (works with or without music)
  • Design for indoors & outdoors –Tiki Tunes is certified and proven to be dust-tight and protected from water. Enjoy your music in rain, sun, or snow. It’s also portable and lightweight, making it perfect for any trip.
  • Long battery life –The high-quality 2000 mAh rechargeable battery allows music to play continuously for at least6 hours
  • Ease of use –The buttons are large, easy to press, and straightforward –anyone can understand it (from little kids to non-techy adults).
  • Apple & Android compatibility–TikiTunes works with most smartphones.
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee & 1 Year Warranty –If for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied, users can easily return it, hassle-free.

Features of TikiTunes-

  1. Wireless Speaker – provides dual sync capabilities that allow the user to connect up to two TikiTunes from a maximum distance of 30 feet for a true stereo sound.
  2. Ambient LED Flame – emits a flickering, atmospheric light providing the perfect ambiance for evenings spent outdoors or a cozy night in.
  3. 6-Hour Playtime – powered by the 2000 mAh rechargeable battery allows music to be played continuously from any compatible device. Charges via Micro USB cable (included).
  4. Water & Dust Resistant – With an IP65 rating, this device is dust-tight and protected from water, making it perfect for outdoor and indoor use!
  5. Superb sound quality: Although its speaker is tiny but can produce punchy bass that makes users listen to songs and dance with full enjoyment. This type of sound is only available in high range speakers. The TikiTunes makes the entertainment level one step ahead.
  6. Ambient light: It has a tiki torch-like light that makes your room ambient. The LED lights flicker like fire and create a perfect party environment. Also, the lights can be kept on without playing music.
  7. Compact: It is like a rugby ball and weighs only 14 oz. so it can be carried everywhere and put in the bag. It has IP65 certification that ensures protection from water, dust and bad weather. So, you can enjoy music and have an ambient environment in the run, sun and snow.
  8. Easy to use: Just plug and play because it is wireless and works through phones Bluetooth. The Bluetooth support android, apple and windows device up to 30 feet away. Its 2000 mAh battery allows to enjoy non-stop entertainment 6 to 10 hrs. The large buttons help to play and operate the functions.
  9. Sync speaker: It can be paired with other Bluetooth speakers, which is not available on most of the wireless speakers. For a large party, you can pair two speakers to cover wide areas. Also, its high audio and soft light tone make others jealous.

Other Features Of TikiTunes

  • A punchy bass- The Bass in the speaker for a medium-sized is satisfactory and very effective. Now recall and sing-along songs with TikiTunes.
  • Two TikiTunes wireless speakers are amplified for a fantastic stereo effect.
  • The atmosphere at the gathering or social will get jazzed up the moment you play music through the TikiTune Speakers.
  • The speakers are highly mobile and light-weight. Choose to place it anywhere at the theme party or in an outdoor resort.
  • The speaker will play good quality music continuously for six hours.
  • The speakers can be used by kids too. The buttons are well understood. Young children can also access the mechanism quickly.
  • The speaker is connected to all smart phones Apple iPhone and Android devices.
  • The speakers are available for a warranty of 1 year. A 30-day money-refund offer is applicable on purchase. If you are not 100% satisfied with the speaker and doubt its quality you can return it and manage a refund of the cash.

Benefits of TikiTunes:

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  1. TikiTunes is used for a maximum of 6 hours. The speaker can last as long as six hours. It is ample time for enjoying lovely music on the TikiTunes wireless speaker.
  2. It has dual sync facilities and is connected to double speakers with Bluetooth. 
  3. The LED lights create a fabulous atmosphere and build up the tempo at the party. The lights are attractive and the show stopper for the evening. Friends and relatives will want to own one by the gathering ends. 
  4. The speaker is waterproof and dustproof even if it drizzles or on a rainy day, the speakers will work outdoors. The dust will not enter the speaker and muffle the audio at all. So enjoy all days of the year listening to good music on the wireless speaker TikiTunes.
  5. Tikitunes is easily switched on or off. A light indicator informs that it is ready for use and a sound also indicates it is prepared to play entertaining music.
  6. The power-off button needs to be pressed for a few seconds it shuts off with a sound to indicate the power has been shut off and the light indicator also shuts off simultaneously.

Why Do I Need TikiTunes?

Rated a perfect 5 out of 5 stars by most users, the usability of this Bluetooth is unrivaled. The speaker is extremely easy to use. It is compatible with most devices, so you only need to pair it up with your Android or iOS device and start enjoying your music. To make the product’s usability easy, there are ON/ OFF, PLAY/ PAUSE, LAST SONG, NEXT SONG buttons on the top of the speaker. There are also volume control buttons.

For the ultimate stereo sound, you can pair two TikiTunes speakers with arrange of up to 30 feet. This feature makes this product perfect for an outdoor event or even a large apartment. You can set the speaker on a table or any stand. It comes with a hole at its bottom, which allows for easy attachment to any kind of stand.

With its high capacity in-built battery, the TikiTunes Bluetooth speaker gives you up to 6 hours of uninterrupted music playtime, something most similar products can offer. The LED ambient lights will set up a perfect ambiance for your nights out with friends as you enjoy the high-quality sound coming from the speaker. This is a product that you really should have.

Reasons to Buy TikiTunes

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  1. The speaker can be ordered online on its official website for merely $29.99.A reasonable price for a jazzy and attractive wireless speaker. Do not miss this offer and try the speaker out before passing any judgment. You will be taken by surprise at the quality sound it produces and be the talk of the party for some time. 
  2. The speaker includes a USB cable, a user manual, and an ambient subtle light that will provide a cool effect to the party. 
  3. The speaker is rated with 5stars by users. The compatibility of the speaker with other devices is a distinct feature.
  4. Enjoy uninterrupted music that calms the soul for six heavenly hours of great music.
  5. The speaker works well even at a distance of 30ft. A rather large distance and also can be placed on a stand or a high table for better sound effects.

How to Use TikiTunes?

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  • Press and Hold To Power on The TikiTunes Wireless Speaker. There Will be a power on sound and the LED Indicator Light will turn on and blink when successful.
  • Press on the TikiTunes Wireless Speaker
  • Once the TikiTunes Wireless Speaker is powere on, you will hear the prompt “TikiTunes Ready to Pair.”
  • After the prompt, make sure your device’s Bluetooth feature in turned on.
  • Select TikiTunes from the available devices. you will hear the prompt “TikiTunes Connected” and the LED Indicator Light will stop blinking.

How to pair your device with the speaker?

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Take a sigh of relief! The task of pairing device is not a topic of rocket science. It is not a sophisticated process, but a simple and easy one. 

  1. Turn Each of the TikiTunes Wireless Speakers on.
  2. Press Play utton Twice or hold on either of the TikiTunes Wireless Speakers to sync if they do not automatically sync after 10 seconds.
  3. Once Synced, there will be a sound and the LED Indicator Light will stop blinking when successful.
  4. To un-sync the TikiTunes Wireless Speakers, Press Play Button Twice on one of the speakers.
  5. You will hear a sound and the LED Indicator Light will begin to blink when un-synced.

How to pair the TikiTunes speaker with your smartphone?

Pairing your TikiTunes Bluetooth speaker with your smartphone (the most commonly used source for playing your favorite music tracks) is not at all difficult. The TikiTunes Bluetooth speaker comes with a Bluetooth 5.0 compatibility. You can easily access it with any smartphone or mobile device that is equipped with Bluetooth capabilities.

How to Connect TikiTunes to iPhone?

TikiTunes is the coolest Bluetooth speaker that has amazing features and easy to connect. It allows you to pair 2 TikiTunes to cover a large area with its stereo sound. It is very easy to pair with Android phones through Bluetooth connectivity. Here, I will present how to connect TikiTunes to iPhone. Follow the steps:

Turn On TikiTunes

Take the TikiTunes and turn it on by pressing the power button. Before using, charge it 100%. Its 2000 mAH battery takes 2.5 hours to charge up. No need for apps to control it from your iPhone. You can turn on or off the flickering ambient light as you want. At night, the flickering light provides an enjoyable and charming ambiance. You can delight in music without using the light.

Connect with Your iPhone

Open the Setting option on your iPhone and switch on the Bluetooth. You will see the TikiTunes Bluetooth network name and press the name to pair. After successfully pairing, place it in a suitable place to enjoy music. Its advanced Bluetooth technology allows you to connect it from a long distance.

Dual Connectivity

You can connect 2 TikiTunes speakers to enhance the coverage. For pairing, put the Tikitunes on the same table. Turn on the Bluetooth of both speakers. After flashing, hold the power button of the first Tikitunes. Repeat the methods for other Tikitunes speakers. Now, enjoy music from your paired iPhone with unlimited fun anywhere, anytime.

How to Pair Your TikiTunes Speakers Together?

When we say that TikiTunes speakers could be paired up together, let me teach you how to do it as well. Just as you put on the device, it gets ready to acknowledge the pairing mode. All you need is to select the device and thus, start enjoying your favorite tracks. Consequently, you can pair your TikiTunes speakers together. Here is how to do it!

  • Step 1: At first, place the two TikiTunes speakers together, side by side
  • Step 2: You will see a power button located right at the middle of the speaker. Put that button on, for both the speakers
  • Step 3: Now, hold on the power button of one device until it starts flashing.
  • Step 4: Once you put on one device, out on the other speaker too by repeating the same step.
  • Step 5: Now, you need to turn on the smartphone or the Computer, laptop, TV from which you want to play the music on your Bluetooth speaker

Yeah, it’s that easy and you are done! Remember that I said you that it is absolutely easy to pair up your TikiTunes devices. That’s not hard at all! Just a few steps and you are done! Hope the above-mentioned guide would help you to switch on your recently purchased TikiTunes speaker at ease, or in case you have got one as a gift any time before.

Can You Pair More Than 2 Tikitunes? How?

TikiTunes is designed with a dual-sync capacity that allows pairing up to two devices together. So, you can’t pair more than 2 TikiTunes. But by pairing two TikiTunes, you can have a true stereo-sound. While pairing them, make sure the wireless transmission distance is 30 feet, not more than that. Let’s see how to pair 2 TikiTunes.

  • Keep More then 2 TikiTunes side by side and turn them on.
  • They will automatically connect within 10 seconds. If that doesn’t happen, take any one TikiTunes and press twice the play/pause button.
  • After that, they will sync and press the play/pause button again for un-syncing them.
  • When properly un-syncing, you will hear a sound, and the indicator light will start flickering.

Skipping/Restarting and Adjusting the Volume:

Skipping/Restarting tikitunes
  • Press the + button for skipping to the next song.
  • Press the – button twice for going back to the previous song.
  • Press the – button once to restart the current song.
  • Press and hold the + button to increase the volume. It will beep once after reaching the maximum volume.
  • Press and hold the – button to decrease the volume.

Note that, from the connected device, the volume can be adjusted.

Charging TikiTunes

Charging TikiTunes
  • Remove the micro input’s dust cover from the backside.
  • Plug the charging cable’s micro connector into the TikiTunes input.
  • Connect the charging cable’s opposite end into a USB charging port.
  • While charging, the top circle LED light will turn red. This light will turn off after the TikiTunes gets fully charged.
  • Then, replace the dust cover after removing the micro USB cable.
  • Make sure to turn the TikiTunes off while not using it.

Things To Remember While Using TikiTunes

  1. Never use TikiTunes Bluetooth Speaker near highly magnetic devices or devices that have a large electrical field.
  2. Avoid using TikiTunes Speaker under high heat or under direct sunlight rays.
  3. Avoid cleaning the speaker with corrosive chemicals that are harsh on other electrical gadgets. Such cleaning agents often damage the devices.
  4. Don’t put unnecessary objects into the openings of the speaker or the slot opening of this TikiTunes bluetooth wireless Speaker.

What Are the Safety Instructions of Tikitunes?

To assure long-term service and durability of TikiTunes, follow the below safety instructions.

  1. Avoid placing it near any magnetic and electric field.
  2. Never use TikiTunes in direct sunlight and extreme heat.
  3. While storing this device, ensure the temperature is less than 140° F.
  4. Don’t use any harsh chemicals and water on its accessories.
  5. Avoid inserting foreign objects into the charging port and the opening part of it.
  6. While you use the TikiTunes or in high-humidity condition, don’t put it on the charge.
  7. The built-in battery is non-serviceable, so don’t try to replace it.
  8. Don’t repair and disassemble the TikiTunes accessories and the speaker.

What is there in the box?

tikitunes box of contents
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As you receive the product, you would find a user manual available right there. This mentions all the sets of instructions along with the details of the product parts, so that you can easily refer to it in case you have any trouble or confusion while operating the device. Alongside, the box will also contain the bluetooth speaker as well as the USB cable. Just as the order gets delivered to your residence, just open the wrapped box, and you will find the entire setup right before you. In case you miss to receive any of these, do raise your issue at the official website from where you have made the purchase.

TikiTunes Alternative


This portable Bluetooth speaker is a must-have device for the summer, as it makes a perfect companion for days at the beach. Enjoy the sounds of summer with the Margaritaville Tiki Torch Bluetooth Speaker. With realistic flames and plenty of volumes, you can enjoy your favorite tunes by firelight on any warm summer night.

  • Perfect for patios, decks, tabletops or anywhere you want a little ambiance with your music.
  • The speaker pairs wirelessly over Bluetooth, and with 33 feet of wireless range, you’ll have plenty of room to get up and dance without losing your connection.
  • Double the sound, double the fun. True Wireless Pairing lets you enjoy wireless sound from two speakers at the same time (second speaker not included)
  • The speaker provides 11 hours of lighting, 22 hours of music or 7 hours of both

What is Difference Between TikiTunes & Margaritaville (TikiTunes vs Margaritaville)

TikiTunes vs Margaritaville
TikiTunes vs Margaritaville

The TikiTunes and Margaritaville are impressive Bluetooth, wireless speakers. So, I will compare the two speakers to determine the best choice among the two. Margaritaville has a range of up to 33 feet while the TikiTunes has a range of 30 feet. Clearly, the former has an added advantage over the latter.

Both devices emit a flickering light, which means that they both deliver an ambient environment, especially at night. Moreover, they’re both portable which means you can travel with either to your preferred destination.

Margaritaville beats the TikiTunes by one hour. It has a playtime, while the lighting is on, of 7 hours while the TikiTunes runs for only 6 hours.

You can connect two Margaritaville speakers together to improve sound output. The Tiki Tunes also has the same feature. What’s more, both Bluetooth speakers are made of sturdy material, although you will notice that the TikiTunes have a better waterproof rating as compared to the Margaritaville.

Read about TikiTunes vs Margaritaville guide as well.

Safety information for TikiTunes bluetooth speaker:

Although you do not need to note a lot of maintenance tips to take care of your TikiTunes Bluetooth speaker, you should at least consider a few basic tips to handle your Bluetooth speaker safely. Here are a few tips that might help you:

  • It is generally recommended not to use your TikiTunes wireless bluetooth speaker close to any electric or magnetic field.
  • You must not use your TikiTunes bluetooth speaker at intense heat or underneath the direct sunlight.
  • You must not insert any sort of foreign objects into the openings of jack of your TikiTunes speaker. Even if your speaker isn’t working properly, take it to the technician or take the assistance of our customer support team to help you out. Make sure that you aren’t pricking it with any kind of sharp articles.
  • Make sure that you aren’t submerging the TikiTunes wireless speaker or its accessories by any chance. Although the speaker is water resistant, you should definitely not try out this stunt!
  • Do not expose the speaker to harsh chemicals.
  • Keep the TikiTunes Bluetooth speaker into a cool and dry place. Make sure that you aren’t storing if a place where the temperature exceedds 60 degrees Celsius

Is TikiTunes Scam?

This device amazed me repeatedly with its extraordinary features and benefits. The water and dust-resistance and higher-quality materials make this product more reliable than others. To provide a relaxed and cozy atmosphere, the flickering  light works best. I carry it often for outdoor activities and dinner parties.

In any weather condition, TikiTunes entertains me with its super-quality sound. I purchased another TikiTunes to cover my larger space. I paired both of the TikiTunes and enjoyed 6 hours long music. I can control it from 30 feet distance because of its BlueTooth technology. I am very much satisfied with the TikiTunes performance and can say that it is not a scam.

How Much Does It Cost?

TikiTunes is available on many online platforms, but they don’t offer any discount. Its official page comes with 4 amazing deals and discounts. They sell 1 TikiTunes only at $39.99+S&H with a $10 discount. Another offer is Buy 2, Get 1 free at $99.98 with a $49.99 discount and free USA shipping.

Their most popular deal is Buy 3, Get 2 free at $149.97 with free USA shipping and a $99.98 discount. The last but the best deal among all is Buy 4 Get 4 free at $199.96 with free USA shipping. Remember, only the official website provides these offers.

Where to Buy TikiTunes Today

You can get the product directly from the manufacturer’s website. The manufacturer is giving customers a 50% discount on all orders. They are also offering free shipping on all products. This is, however, a limited offer, so you might want to hurry and get TikiTunes at a bargain.

TikiTunes Buy Now

Frequently Asked Question

How do you switch on the device?

Simply press the power button. The light indicates the power on and a sound effect that tells you it is ready for use.

How do you connect it to Bluetooth?

On the mobile sync, the phone with the name TikiTunes that appears on Bluetooth.

How to control the volume of the speaker?

The volume is controlled with the device it is connected to, or manually increases the volume from the buttons on the speaker itself.

Does it make a good gift to present friends and relatives?

It surely is a great gift to present your loved ones. It will make their day complete and joyful. Every time they play the music they will be reminded of you. 

How quickly are packages shipped out once I place an order?

Our team is working overtime to meet the incredible demand. To get yours as early as possible, order immediately to reserve your spot before wait time increases! All orders placed today may take up to 1-2 weeks to ship.

Can I turn the LED flickering light off?

Yes and it’s very easy to do! Just press the center button on the TikiTunes with the lightbulb icon to power ON and OFF the LED flickering light.

Can I listen to music while charging the TikiTunes?

Absolutely! You can listen to music and use the LED flickering light while charging the TikiTunes.

Is the TikiTunes rechargeable?

You bet! The TikiTunes has a rechargeable battery and can be charged using the included Micro USB Cable

How long does it take to charge?

The TikiTunes takes approximately 2.5 hours to charge from a fully drained battery. Once fully charged it will play for a minimum of 6 hours. Many of our customers report much longer play times.

How big is the TikiTunes speaker?

Each TikiTunes speaker is about 7 inches tall and 4 inches wide. It’s small enough to take anywhere while still offering powerful sound!

Can the TikiTunes Wireless Speaker be used to provide audio for video or movies that are played on a phone or tablet?

Yes. For best results, keep the TikiTunes and the device in close proximity, less that 6 ft, with no objects in between them.

How do you pair 2 TikiTunes together?

Press and hold the power button on each unit at the same time. Once they both power on, they should automatically sync to one another. If they do not automatically pair, simply press and hold the play/pause button until the devices pair together. Please Note: You must pair the 2 TikiTunes Wireless Speakers together before pairing to your device. Simply power off both TikiTunes and start from the beginning if you experience any issues pairing your speakers

How do I connect my phone to the TikiTunes?

The TikiTunes Wireless Speaker has Bluetooth 5.0 and can connect to any mobile device that is equipped with Bluetooth capabilities.

Can I listen to music while charging the TikiTunes?

Yes, you can listen to music and use the LED flickering light while charging the TikiTunes.

Can you play music and/or have the LED lights on while charging the speakers?

Yes! All functions remain active while being charged

How long can these speakers sit out in the rain?

We do not recommend that the speakers sit out in the rain for any extended period of time.

Can the speakers operate independently?

Yes, you can operate them together or independently

What name will appear for the TikiTunes Wireless Speaker in the Bluetooth settings?


My phone says it is connected to TikiTunes, but the music is still playing on my phone. How do I switch this to play on the TikiTunes?

Depending on the app or source that you are playing your music from, you may have to select to listen on the TikiTunes instead of on your mobile device. See below for trouble shooting this issue:

iTunes App: In the bottom left of the menu, there is an icon with a triangle and circle rings at the top of it. Once you click that icon, a menu will pop up with a choice to play music through your phone or a connected Bluetooth Device. Select “TikiTunes”.

Spotify App: In the bottom left hand corner of your devices’ screen, you will see a speaker icon glowing in green with a circle around it next to the name of the current selected device. Tap the icon and select “TikiTunes” as the device to listen on.

Can the TikiTunes Wireless Speaker be used to provide audio for video or movies that are played on a phone or tablet?

Yes. However, the quality of the synchronization between audio and video can be influenced by the device and any wireless interference. For best results, keep the TikiTunes and the device in close proximity, less that 6 ft, with no objects in between them

Tikitunes Video Review


The TikiTunes wireless speaker is one-of-a-kind wireless speakers that Livens up your life and brightens the social party in minutes. The device is exceptionally designed and the light gives an amazing feel to the party.

The guests will relive every moment spent listening to beautiful tunes played by TikiTunes. The ratings would be a 10 if the sound quality would be finer but the light effect is wonderful and awarded a high rate of 10.