TikiTunes vs Margaritaville Comparison Guide 2021

Read our detailed guide on TikiTunes vs Margaritaville comparison here with us.

Music plays a vital role in everyone’s life. From rocking the party to making
someone cry, it can do anything. Are you someone who loves music and wants to
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With the help of powerful portable Bluetooth speakers, one can do that easily. Get your hands on the best and latest Bluetooth portable speaker and rock your parties othering at the beach or on the roof of your place.

Let us see a quick comparison between TikiTunes vs Margaritaville and choose
which one of these two is the best speaker for your fathering at different places.
Get straight into the comparison chart of TikiTunes vs Margaritaville very

Comparison Between TikiTunes vs Margaritaville:

Tikitunes vs Margaritaville

Let us see the differences between TikiTunes vs Margaritaville very quickly.

It is available in a matte black shade of colour. It is available in Margaritaville colour.
It gets power from an in-built battery that one has to charge. It gets power from a battery too.
Can connect up to 30 feet.Can connect up to 33 feet.
It can work up to 6 hours. It can work up to 7 hours.
With IP65 waterproofing. Waterproofing is not specified.
With a higher dust resistance. With lesser dust resistance.
In less with multi-speaker syncing.In less with multi-speaker syncing.
It comes with a 1-year warranty.It comes with 2 years warranty.
It will cost around $39.99. It will cost around $53.99.
One can get this speaker online. One can get this speaker online.

TikiTunes – An Introduction:

TikiTunes - An Introduction:

Get your hands on this TikiTunes portable speaker with a reach of a maximum of 30 feet and rock your gathering with music. The battery life of this speaker is up to six hours and it is less with amazing features. Partying on a beach just take a TikiTunes speaker with yourself and stop worrying about the dust and water. The best part about this Bluetooth speaker is that it also less with a LED flashlight. 

Margaritaville – An Introduction:


It is considered to be an amazing Bluetooth speaker in the market. It can connect up to the range of 33 feet. The design and looks of this speaker are just amazing and take this Bluetooth speaker to beach parties. Margaritaville is also less with an LED light feature and is available in Margaritaville colour.  Get your Margaritaville speaker now and enjoy listening to music.

Features of TikiTunes:

Let us see the traits of TikiTunes very quickly.

  • It is a portable Bluetooth speaker.
  • It is very cost-effective.
  • Connectivity range up to 30 feet.
  • An amazing sound quality.
  • Dust and waterproof.
  • 6 hours of battery life (7.2 V battery).
  • Supports multi-connection.
  • Ambient LED flashlight.

Features of Margaritaville:

Let us see the traits of Margaritaville speakers very quickly.

  • Battery life up to 7 hours.
  • One can add 2 other speakers with it.
  • Can connect up to 33 feet.
  • Comes with a pole that one can attach to the speaker and it looks like a lantern.
  • Amazing sound quality.
  • Warranty up to 2 years.

How One Can Pair TikiTunes Speaker?

The process is simple and easy to connect the TikiTunes speaker with other devices and other speakers. Let us see the procedure very quickly.

How can one connect a Margaritaville speaker to a phone and another speaker?

Connecting Margaritaville speakers with devices and other speakers is very easy and requires a few seconds. Let us see how one can connect this speaker very quickly.

To pair TikiTunes with phones & laptops:

  • Turn on the TikiTunes and turn the Bluetooth of your device.
  • Click on connect with TikiTunes on your phone.
  • The indicator light will start blinking.
  • Turn the music on and adjust the volume in TikiTunes.

To pair Margaritaville  with smartphones & laptops:

  • For 3-4 seconds keep pressing the power button in the Margaritaville speaker.
  • Turn on the Bluetooth of your device and pair it with MA112.
  • The White LED light will stop blinking once it is paired.

To pair with another TikiTunes speaker:

  • Keep the two speakers close and turn them on.
  • Press the play button in one TikiTunes speaker and an LED light will start blinking.
  • Play the music and enjoy it.

Get your hands on TikiTunes speakers from their official website and save a few bucks. One can also get this portable Bluetooth speaker from Amazon. 

To pair with another Margaritaville speakers:

  • Press the power buttons for at least 3-4 seconds.
  • Press the pause/play button in one speaker for a couple of seconds.
  • White LED light will stay as it is on one speaker and will stop blinking on the master speaker.
  • Connect the master speaker with the help of Bluetooth from your device and listen to amazing music.


These two Bluetooth speakers give cut-throat competition to each other. Which portable speaker should you buy? The answer is simple, look at the features of both Bluetooth speakers and choose the best speaker for yourself. If you want an affordable Bluetooth speaker then invest in TikiTunes and if you want greater battery life then go for Margaritaville. The features of both speakers are almost similar and their sound quality is amazing at the same time.

Get your hands on the best and good quality Bluetooth speaker right now and keep on enjoying your rooftop and beach parties. We hope now you have clear vision about Tikitunes vs Margaritaville.

Frequently Asked Question

How much is the battery life of TikiTunes?

It can work up to 6 hours.

Which portable Bluetooth speaker is cheaper among TikiTunes & Margaritaville?

TikiTunes is affordable than Margaritaville as it only costs $39.99.

What is the connectivity range of Margaritaville?

The connectivity range of Margaritaville is up to 33 feet. 

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