These 20 Viral TikTok Products Are Actually Worth the Crazy Hype (Here’s Where To Find Them)

If you’ve ever been on TikTok, chances are you know just how easy it is to scroll the For You Page and lose track of time. And coming from someone who’s done this an embarrassing number of times, one of my favorite things to stumble across is a new viral TikTok product., you’ve surely seen all those crazy-awesome life hacks and game-changing products.

1. An “Ice Hat” that naturally relieves headaches in minutes – without medication. Plus, you can use it as a cooling compress or heat therapy

TheraICE Headache Relief Hat.png

I suffer from chronic migraines and have spent an insane amount of money on pillows, head wraps, ice packs, etc. I wish I had purchased this years ago. The pressure it puts around your head and face is just enough (doesn’t feel tight). The fabric is very soft and seems to be very durable. The only downside to this product is that it doesn’t stay cold for much more than 20-30 minutes, but it does get cold very fast once it is put back in the freezer. 9/10 would recommend!


Special Deal: Get pain relief fast when you buy one cooling cap, and get the second for 50% off.

2. This device backs up all your photos & videos… On all your devices… With just 1 click!

The Photostick Omni

This thing is amazing! Plugged it into my iMac and it found all my pics and saved them. 85,000+ pics saved! Saved storage space on my computer and now I have all of these memories over the past decade saved in a safe place.

Tenny S.

Special Deal: Back up your most precious files with ThePhotoStick OMNI and Get 15% off when you buy today.

3. The device that’s scientifically proven to reduce anxiety and panic attacks – and its calming properties can even relieve insomnia – no drugs needed!

Chill Pill
Promising review:
I originally got this thing for my sleep problems (takes hours to get to sleep every night) and it has changed my night routine completely. I look forward to bedtime now! But it's been even better for my ptsd-took my panic attacks down from at least 1-2 a week to maybe 1 a month, best investment ever for the mentally ill lol! - Rylee

Special Deal: Fight insomnia without medication when you buy one Chill Pill device, and get the second one on 50% off.

4. The automatic toothbrush cleaner that protects your mouth from millions of “toilet germs”

Promising review:
This product is nothing short of genius. I’ve always worried about the cleanliness of my toothbrush, and would replace it often due to bacteria concerns. I don’t even think about it anymore with bril. 100% trust in this sterilizer!
 - Brittney R.

Special Deal: Get peace of mind while brushing when you buy one toothbrush sanitizer, and get the second for 50% off.

5. The miracle DIY tool that welds plastic, wood, and fabric together – 10X stronger than glue

Promising review:
I had some tabs broken off of a fairing for a motorcycle. I used this glue and it is so strong now. I even ran a couple fat beads on either side just for good measure. This stuff is an easy to use clear gel that stays put while applying and cures in seconds with the light. What was wet is now dry and hard. You can handle right away and it looks great. Put stuff back together on the fly. - Ben B.‎

Special Deal: Make your fix-it projects much easier when you buy two Bondic kits, and get the second free!

6. The doctor-approved device that cleans your lungs naturally – without drugs!

Promising review:
“This is amazing. I was skeptical when I ordered it but I have terrible asthma and kept getting really congested. Steroids seemed to be the only thing that helped. I tried this and was amazed. It really helps you clear your airways. If you have issues like me, you must try this.”
 - Stephanie V.‎

Special Deal: Get cleaner lungs when you buy two AirPhysio device, and get the third one free.

7. The sleep aid device that helps you start falling asleep naturally in under 8 minutes (Without drugs!)

Dodow Sleep Air
Promising review:
Like many insomniacs, I will try anything for a decent nights sleep. I have bought most of them and unfortunately none have worked. I do NOT take any Rx medication but have used OTC stuff before. When I read about this thing, I thought why not give it a try. It is excellent for focusing your mind and controlling your breathing to help you fall asleep. It is relatively inexpensive and all I can say is GIVE IT A TRY. After all the other things I’ve tried this is my favorite.
 - George C.‎

Special Deal: Give yourself gift of great sleep when you buy two Dodow Sleep Aid device, and get the third one free.

8. The device that lets you identify car problems (So you don’t have to trust your mechanic)

Promising review:
This is one of my favorite gadgets of all time. No more going to a shop to get the check engine codes checked and interpreted by someone else. It also alerted me while I was driving that I had two new codes. I drove immediately to the place I intended to get it repaired and the mechanic told me if I hadn’t brought it in when I did, I might have to pay for much more costly repairs and my car breaking down on me. The app is also constantly being updated and made better. - Dona‎

Special Deal: Give yourself the gift of ultimate car knowledge when you buy one FIXD device, and get the second for 50% off.

9. The award-winning universal phone & tablet stand that lets you use any device hands-free

Promising review:
I recently ordered my GoDonut phone accessory and have been using it non-stop since it arrived in the mail! It works just as it is advertised and is a convenient, portable size. I do a lot of cooking, and this product is ideal for positioning my phone to easily read recipes and navigate between webpages without setting my phone down on a dirty counter. It's also great for Netflix binges and swiping between songs on Spotify. Highly recommend this multi-purpose product, 10/10! - Serena W.‎

Special Deal: Enjoy your devices hands-free when you buy one GoDonut, and get the second for 50% off.

10. The easy-to-use personal alarm that keeps you safe no matter where you are

Promising review:
I really love this device! I already feel safer when walking alone. I’m out and about by myself often and always looking over my shoulder. Now I won’t be as paranoid, since I have Hootie!
 - Deborah M.‎

Special Deal: Keep you and your loved ones safe when you buy one Hootie, and get the second for 50% off.

11. The coolest and most useful keychain ever made

Promising review:
This is the best invention for keeping keys since the invention of the keyring. Got my home and work keys on it with my car fob hooked on, so it’s compact and my keys don’t stab my leg anymore. I’d buy it again in a minute! - Phil S.

Special Deal: Use KeySmart to stay organized. Buy one KeySmart, and get the second for 50% off.

12. Save your loved ones (Or yourself) from choking with this revolutionary life-saving device

Promising review:
As an ER physician and a new parent, choking comes unexpectedly and takes lives. This is necessary for anyone with babies. If they are choking, this is your best bet as standard practices don’t work and can damage soft developing tissue. - Michael‎

Special Deal: Buy 2, Get 1 Free.

13. The original foot alignment socks can help you get relief from… Foot pain, plantar fasciitis, bunion pain

Happy Fetes Socks
Promising review:
Well made product that does exactly what it promises & more. Relieves my plantar fasciitis pain & arthritis pain tremendously. I have an 8.5 - 9 average width women's shoe size & the small fits perfectly. I am impressed with these socks for healing & they look good. - Vee

Special Deal: Buy 2, Get 1 Free.

14. The ring light that erases shadows and makes you look great on camera

Omni Ring
Promising review:
I ordered one of these lights for my grandmother because her main form of communication with her grandchildren is video calls. It’s simple enough to use that she hasn’t asked me about setting it up for her, and that truly says a lot. - Myrofora

Special Deal: Buy 2, Get 1 Free.

15. The world’s most effective eyeglass or sunglass lens cleaner

Promising review:
I hate getting fingerprints on my aviators! This miracle cleaner not only cleans my glasses, iPhone, and iPad but is so cute too! Get ready for a great surprise!! - Melissa Gorga‎

Special Deal: Buy 2, Get 1 Free.

16. This unique vase will keep your fresh flowers alive for longer — Even if you’re a certified plant killer

Promising review:
This is perfect for flower lovers who like to clip the ends of their flowers every 3 days and change the water too. So easy with this design. Very clever and useful. - Linda Sipple

Special Deal: Buy 2, Get 1 Free.

17. The coolest portable wireless speakers ever made – Brings ambiance and sound on a budget

Promising review:
Purchased 5 for my family members. The sound quality is really good, the ambient light is a nice touch, the overall look of the speaker is very nice and it’s easy to sync. Very happy with this purchase and have recommended it to friends. - Liz Walker‎

Special Deal: Buy 2, Get 1 Free.

18. UVBrite – The smart water bottle that virtually guarantees your water is always pure

Promising review:
I love my water bottle! I have bought so many different bottles over the years and this one is the best. Drinking water from this bottle gives me peace of mind knowing it's completely sanitized and yet doesn't change the taste or smell. I'm very happy with my purchase. - Jet H.

Special Deal: Get the most useful water bottle ever made with UVBrite! Avail limited time buy 2 and get 1 free offer.

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