Hajimari Spinning Reel Reviews – Is It Really That Good?

We all love spending some calm and peaceful hours on a river with our loved ones, overlooking nature. And sometimes we want to throw in a bait and land a big fish. If you can relate to this feeling but never really had a chance to throw the reel, we found something that will finally push you to try.

This product built by the Hajimari team is an easy-to-use and very affordable spinning reel for both amateur and professional fishers. You do not need to have an industrial knowledge of fishing before using this product. This is what makes this product a handy reel to take with you on the family fishing vacation. It comes with a precision that many Hajimari Spinning Reel Reviews have referred to as “Simply Impressive!”

To catch a nice big fish (or even the smallest fish) you need good fishing equipment, you should already know that even if you have never gone fishing before. However, most people complain that good fishing equipment can be so expensive! You have to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars just to get gear. This most times discourages people from dabbling in fishing for fun.

But thanks to this Hajimari Spinning Reel, you can now take your family or friends with you to fish with very good and affordable fishing equipment. Going fishing is one way of spending quality time with your family and that is what the reputable Hajimari team is out to encourage. Hence, why they have made this good fishing reel very affordable for all and sundry.

What is Hajimari Spinning Reel?

Hajimari Spinning Reel is the best spinning reel that has been crafted by the reputable Hajimari team that makes fishing so much fun and easy for your family. The first thing one will notice observing about this device is its ease of use. A lot of customers have already attested to this fact. The Hajimari Spinning Reel is so easy to use!

Despite the relatively short duration of its introduction to the market, almost all Hajimari Spinning Reel users had rated Hajimari Spinning Reel as a FIVE STAR product. Hajimari Spinning Reel Reviews demonstrate advanced technology, ergonomic design, user-friendliness, affordability, and visible results of the product.

If you have ever been fishing before, you can attest to the fact that casting can be difficult even for people who have been fishing all their lives. This is because most of those custom reels out there in the market require a complicated sequence of actions to be able to use. You have to carry out various rituals before it can allow you to fling your line out into the water.


Hajimari Reel is Lightweight: No one wants to go fishing with a heavyweight reel because the last thing you want is to have a tired arm when you are fighting with your fish. The Hajimari Spinning Reel weighs less than 250 grams. It does not add any unnecessary weight to you. It is easy to take around with you, and equally easy to swing around the water while wishing.

It is Very Durable: All Hajimari Spinning Reel Reviews already mentioned that the Hajimari Spinning Reel was designed with the highest quality materials. The device is built with top-quality alloys, and this makes the Hajimari Spinning Reel able to last.

Corrosion Resistant: According to the makers on the official website, the Hajimari Spinning Reel has a corrosion-resistant construction. No matter how tough freshwater and marine environments can be, they are definitely no match for Hajimari Spinning Reel.

Advanced Technology:  We started by saying that the Hajimari Spinning Reel has the best high-end design and quality available anywhere. That is true! We have no reason to doubt that, and so many Hajimari Spinning Reel Reviews agree to this. The Hajimari’s precision manufacturing results in unparalleled performance.

It Has An Ergonomic Design: This amazing spinning reel by Hajimari is designed to be used by both right-handed and left-handed people.  It is very easy and convenient to operate and its lightness makes it possible for your wrists and hands not to get tired while fishing.

It is Quite Affordable: The Hajimari Spinning Reel is very affordable. And in addition to that, the company is currently offering this product at a 50% discount off the regular pricing. You can visit the Hajimari Spinning Reel official website now to place your order. You should purchase as fast as you can because there are only a few units of the Hajimari Spinning Reel left in the store. Meanwhile, you have nothing to lose.

How Does Hajimari Spinning Reel Work?

Hajimari Spinning Reel is a high-precision spinning reel manufactured by the Hajimari company to make fishing more fun and easy. It is very easy to use. Even a year-old kid can join in the family fishing fun. The Hajimari Spinning Reel works really well, and so many people who are already using the device attest that the cutting-edge spinning reel is the best fishing equipment to go fishing with.


  • Ambidextrous
  • Material: aluminum handle, rocker arm and spool cup, nylon body
  • Anti-reverse switch function
  • Water-resistant for freshwater only
  • Bearings: 2BB
  • Drag power: 8kg
  • Gear ratio: 5.2:1
  • Line Capacity (line thickness/line length) : 0.2/280 0.25/230 0.30/150 (Fishing line units)

Why Should You Buy Hajimari Spinning Reel?

Simple and Easy to Use: This special spinning reel is very simple and easy to set up. It is easy and fast! It is not like the custom reels where you have to worry about tangles or knots. Just pick it up and get to work.

It Features an Easy-turn Handle: The Hajimari Spinning Reel has a geared handle which makes reeling in very smooth even when you have a big monster fish.

Ultra Lightweight: You should definitely go for this product for its lightness. You can cast all day if you want without getting a tired or sore arm! Hajimari Spinning Reel has an impressive lightness of weight and yet it is strong. When you are reeling in fish all day, the last thing you want is a regular heavy reel to tire your arms out before you even get started. The Hajimari Spinning Reel weighs just about 244 grams, but it is strong enough that you will not be outmuscled by your fish.

Fits Any Rod: This fishing spinning reel has compatibility that easily fits any rod. However, it is recommended that you get the collapsible rod also built by Hajimari, but the reel will fit any rod notwithstanding.

Fishing With Hajimari Spinning Reel Kills Boredom: Spending many hours of the day not being active can cause serious boredom. But thanks to this simple-to-use spinning reel, you can use it to create unending entertainment for yourself, your kids, your friends, and your family members. In addition to that, you will be saving your kids from constant video games.

It is Safe and Durable: Hajimari Spinning Reel is so strong and durable. It has been designed to stand against corrosion and withstand both freshwater and marine water. Hajimari Reel has been built with professional-grade drop-resistant and anti-corrosive materials. This makes it able to withstand any form of drop no matter how severe.

Pros & Cons


  • The device, like all products by the Hajimari company, is meant to bring families and their friends physically together
  • It is a perfect way to stay active during the day
  • Fishing with Hajimari Reel is fun for both kids and adults
  • It can fit any rod
  • It is simple and easy to play
  • Can be used by both left-handed and right-handed people
  • Hajimari Spinning Reel has an ergonomic design
  • Using the Hajimari Spinning Reel to fish with your family teaches kids a lot of moral lessons like patience and self-confidence, and it also enhances their creativity


  • Hajimari Spinning Reel can only be purchased online from the official website
  • The product is not available in physical retail stores
  • The 50% discount off may be taken down at any moment

Where to Buy Hajimari Spinning Reel?

Hajimari Spinning Reel can be purchased only from the company’s official website. The company is currently offering this amazing spinning reel at a 50% discount off the normal pricing. You can visit the Hajimari Spinning Reel official website right now to place your order.

It is important that you do that right now because there are only a few units of these Hajimari Spinning Reels left in the store. You have nothing to lose. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, the company offers you 30 days after you receive the product to return it and get a full refund.

Hajimari Reel Customer Reviews

“For years I’ve been wanting to go fishing. I went with my Grandpa as a kid—what great memories. I finally decided to go for it. I went for a Hajimari reel and rod and hit the lake. On my third cast, I caught a small-mouthed bass! What fun! The reel worked great and the fish was delicious.” – Janet M. Akron

“I never knew I would enjoy fishing so much. I’ve been taking my kids every weekend and they each have their own Hajimari reels. They love it, and I love how much they love it. The only thing better than the fish we catch is the smiles on their faces.” – Jimmy W. Kittanning

“I never used to catch anything. My real was so hard to cast with that my line was always getting fouled up and I’d spend all my time untangling it. Ever since I got my Hajimari I haven’t had a single tangle! I’ve caught so many more fish because of it.” – Bethany K. Reno

How much does it cost?

The price of Hajimari Spinning Reel is as below:-

  • 1 for $54.99
  • 2 for $109.99
  • 3 for $123.99
  • 4 for $164.99 only

Refund Policy

But in case you’re not satisfied, we are offering you our 30-day guarantee on all unused purchases. Simply send the item(s) back to us in the original unopened packaging for a full refund or replacement, less S&H


Casting can be difficult. A lot of reels require a complicated sequence of actions to let you fling your line out into the water. If you mix it up you end up with a tangled mess of fishing line.

That’s so frustrating! You’re not going to catch anything when you’re spending all day untangling your line, and you sure aren’t going to have any fun or relaxation.

The Hajimari Spinning Reel makes casting easy, even for beginners. After only minutes you’ll be dropping your lure into the water exactly where you want it. The fish won’t stand a chance. Many users on Trustpilot revealed that Hajimari Spinning Reel is the best you can get out there and it is very affordable. You can visit the official website now to place your order.