TC1200 Pro Flashlight Review – Is it worth?

TC1200 Pro Flashlight Review: Few things are more frustrating than waking in the middle of the night to discover that the light has gone out and your phone has died. Much of the time you’ll be struggling to locate what you can use as a window to see though would be spent in. In addition, you want to make sure that your family is secure and that no one else on your block is inside the houses or cars. If you should hold candles for a makeshift stick-and-based lamp, it’s preferable to use a flashlight.

The flashlight lights you up instantly. You don’t have to think about tripping as you climb and descend. Tc1200 was one of the flashlights we looked at and liked. And more impressive, this fantastic little flashlight offers up to 25 times more illumination than equivalent models do. It’s pretty simple to employ, and you can be tempted to purchase duplicates for additional locations around your house. Learn what you can about the excellent Tc1200 Pro flashlight in our evaluation.

What is TC1200 Pro Flashlight?

The Tc1200 Pro flashlight is a tactical flashlight in the same vein as those seen on military bases and deployed overseas. Its lightweight configuration is very effective when used in the middle of the night. The five modes allow you to activate a strobe light to call for assistance in an emergency and then switch to a separate mode to obtain the amount of light you need. It is more robust than comparable flashlights since it is constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum. You can chuck it in your sleeping pack or stack it in the trunk of your car, and it will always function flawlessly when you need it.

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The flashlight, which a Cree LED powers, emits 1,200 lumens, which is more than 20 times the output of most flashlights. If you’re shining the flashlight down your stairs or across the woodland, the flashlight offers enough illumination. It would never run high enough to flame out the bulb due to built-in overheat safety. Additionally, the Tc1200 flashlight features a zoom when you decide to get a better view of something and an easy-to-use switch for turning it on and off.

How Does this Flashlight Work?

Tactical flashlights are not the same as the flashlights you always used. Some flashlights are capable of doing double duty. Not only do they act as flashlights, but they also double as guns. This is a rugged flashlight made of aircraft-grade aluminum that you can use to stun and subdue an intruder. For example, suppose you walk outside at night to ensure that you have secured your vehicle. If anyone approaches you from behind, you should press the tactical button to activate the light and point it at the attacker, stunning them. You should then adjust the flashlight’s direction to knock the individual down to subdue them before assistance arrives.

The Tc1200 Pro Flashlight is often suitable for usage in various other circumstances. When you need illumination, quickly press the tactical switch on the bottom to activate the flashlight. You may click the button several times to loop through the modes and pick the most suitable one for the current scenario. Additionally, it has a tiny clip on the side that acts similarly to the clip on a notebook, allowing you to hold it in your pocket without fear of it falling out.

5 Modes of TC1200 Pro Flashlight

Before turning on the Tc1200 Pro Flashlight for the first time, you might have concerns regarding the five modes and their functions. We’ll examine the modes and explain why you would need them.

  • Strobe: The strobe light feature is another way to signal for assistance. This bright blinking light can hit users who are a considerable distance away.
  • SOS: The introductory SOS call in Morse code consists of three long dashes accompanied by three short dashes and three additional long dashes. This flashlight will also flash the same message to indicate that you need assistance.
  • Low: Use this mode if you want to slip out of your tent in the middle of the night to use the restroom without disturbing your loved ones. Low mode is also helpful for patrolling at night.
  • Medium: You should use this mode regardless of whether you’re at home or camping in the mountains. It emits less light than the high mode but allows you to see more clearly than the lowest mode.
  • High: When the electricity goes out, and you lose vision, this model comes in handy. It maximizes visibility to guarantee that you can see feet ahead of you.
Where to Use TC1200 Pro Flashlight?

The Tc1200 Pro Flashlight is ideal for use in any situation where a simple flashlight will be appropriate. Do you live in an earthquake-prone city or one that is prone to other natural disasters? Each of these flashlights may be added to your survival bag. When an accident happens, that requires you to exit your house immediately, and you may quickly retrieve the flashlight from your kit. It operates almost as well outdoors as it does indoors, ensuring that no barriers such as fallen power lines or damaged tree branches come between you and your family’s wellbeing.

This is also an excellent flashlight for campers and outdoor adventurers. You never know whether the disturbance outside your tent comes from a wild animal or a potential intruder. The Tc1200 illuminates the area outside with a single flip of the key. Additionally, it enables you to use the restroom when camping and see the trail if you spend a little too much time hiking. If you need to spend time outdoors at work, this is an excellent flashlight to bring along. It fits nicely in your pocket and offers enough lighting.

Some of the Major Features of Flashlight

  • Money-back guarantee: When you purchase this tactical flashlight, you can also get a money-back guarantee. After receiving the flashlight, you will test it for a few weeks to see how well it works. If it falls short of your requirements, notify the manufacturer and request a refund.
  • Slip-resistant: One of the features we neglected to note previously is the flashlight’s case’s slip-resistant construction. And if your palms are damp from fishing or swimming, you can always hold this flashlight securely. It features textured areas around the case to aid in gripping and retaining the device.
  • Zoom features: This flashlight’s various zoom functions make it simple to have a decent look at what goes bump in the night. Each alters the amount of light that passes by, allowing you to concentrate on distant things, humans and animals. You will magnify up to 2,500 times.
  • Heat Protection: With included wall and car chargers, you can conveniently keep it powered. Other flashlights will die if left on for an extended period due to their inability to cope with the heat produced. The Tc1200 incorporates built-in heat control, ensuring that the flashlight can operate for as long as you need without overheating.
  • Battery power: You don’t have to think about constantly charging the supplied lithium-ion battery since this flashlight often operates on AAA batteries. With included wall and car chargers, you can conveniently keep it powered.

Benefits of TC1200 Pro Flashlight

  • You should choose the model that is most appropriate for your circumstances. While the flashlight features strong, low, and medium settings, it also features signal modes that allow the light to flash or emit a panic signal to ensure that assistance locates you.
  • With a maximum brightness of 1,200 lumens, the Tc1200 flashlight will project a beam of light into the distance. This enables you to keep an eye out for possible dangers.
  • Due to its high waterproof quality, this is one of the only flashlights used during a rainstorm or snowstorm. It emits the optimal amount of light regardless of whether the outer case is damp.
  • You’ll discover that it’s an excellent option for hiking and shooting excursions. Its small size allows it to fit easily into any backpack or suitcase. You can also transport it in your firearm’s case.
  • You won’t have to think about misplacing or missing the flashlight, thanks to the supplied carrier pack. The package ensures that it is still available when you need illumination.
  • The flashlight’s compact size renders it one of the most portable. The flashlight fits comfortably in your car or on your body.
Who is TC1200 Pro Flashlight Suitable for?

One of the advantages of the Tc1200 flashlight is that it is ideal for individuals who operate in various occupations. You will use this torch on the job when you work with the fire service or the police department. Not only does it enable you to search for someone in need of assistance after a burn, but it also enables police investigators to have a clearer view of the information they can require while conducting a criminal case. Other individuals that would profit from this flashlight are the following –

  • Security Guards
  • Hikers 
  • Campers
  • Survivalists

We strongly suggest the Tc1200 to those looking for a portable defense option. If you’re in college and have a night class or work long hours, you might want to wear this torch. According to experts, if you are attacked, do anything possible to keep the attacker from moving you to a secondary spot, which increases the odds of survival. And if you are hesitant to strike anyone, you should switch on the switch. This will incapacitate the intruder long enough for you to flee. The Tc1200 flashlight is a versatile tool that can keep you secure in several scenarios.

How to Use it?

Camping is an excellent experience for getting outdoors and enjoying nature. You can prioritize luxury and stay in a completely loaded RV or rented lodge for a few hours, or you can go deep into the woods and live under the stars or in a sleeping bag. Whatever kind of outdoor experience you enjoy, there are a variety of scenarios in which you can use the Tc1200 flashlight, including the following –

• Looking for firewood to use at night

• Assuring that you will use the restroom without disturbing your friends and families

• Getting around the campsite without causing a disturbance to anyone

• Maintaining an eye out on both two- and four-legged intruders

When you’re out hunting or climbing, it’s common to lose track of time. You will plan to return home before dusk, only to discover that the sun has fallen and you have no idea where the path leads. This flashlight illuminates in a split second, assisting you in locating the trail and returning to your car or party. Additionally, you may use the torch to locate members of your party that has gone missing. Someone can leave the trail to use the restroom or search for flowers.

How to Use the Zoom Functions of TC1200 Pro Flashlight?

While several flashlights provide a variety of tactical modes, the Tc1200 flashlight is one of the few that has several zoom functions. Have you ever awoken in the middle of the night to the sound of someone jiggling your backdoor handle? Before you contact the police for assistance, you might want to check the door to ensure that the wind or a wild animal does not cause the noise. While remaining inside the building, you can get a decent look at the door with this flashlight. It features a variety of zoom functions, including the following –

  • 2000X magnification
  • 1000X magnification
  • 250X magnification
  • 1X magnification

When used at full zoom, the Tc1200 can see up to two nautical miles out. It’s also simple to adjust the zoom feature, as you can open and close the lens to decrease or increase the length. Closing the lens dims the brightness you see and assists you in focusing your eyes on a narrower region. When the lens is opened, more light enters, thus expanding the field of vision. When the flashlight comes, you will quickly play with it and see if the zoom functions.

What is Included in the TC1200 Pro Flashlight Kit?

When you purchase the Tc1200 via our connection, you have the option of purchasing a package that includes almost anything you might need in an emergency. Which contains the Tc1200 flashlight in addition to the following:

  • Holster
  • Storage case
  • Wall charger
  • Vehicle charger
  • AAA battery holder
  • A rechargeable lithium-ion battery

You won’t have to think about the flashlight falling out of your pocket when you stroll around with the supplied holster. It assists you in securing the flashlight to your body and ensuring that it remains precisely where you like it. The storage case is constructed of dense foam with cutouts to accommodate many of the included accessories.

One of the primary factors we suggest this flashlight is that it operates on a variety of various battery sizes. The provided lithium-ion battery and chargers enable you to charge the battery in a matter of hours. There is no need to wait for the flashlight to charge since it is also compatible with regular AAA batteries. Utilizing the included battery holder means that the batteries do not move inside. The Tc1200 will operate on such batteries when the lithium-ion battery is being recharged, or there is no power available.

TC1200 Pro Flashlight Review

I am Jack Hannigan living in California. I spend a significant amount of time hiking. After reading the 1200 Pro Flashlight Review, I felt it is something very beneficial for me and will be better than what flashlights I used by that time. Without a second thought, I ordered the product and used it. I have to say the product is worth the money. I take it with me on all the hikes and find it far more superior than the other competitors available in the market.

Should You Buy TC1200 Pro Flashlight?

This is our Tc1200 Pro Flashlight review section, where we discuss what we enjoyed about the device and why you should purchase it. One of the reasons it’s worth the money is for its brightness. Ordinary flashlights produce as few as 100 lumens, just enough to see a few steps ahead of you. This flashlight produces 1,200 lumens and is up to 25 times brighter than previous models. The light may be used to see straight ahead of you or illuminate your direction and the road ahead.

Additionally, we appreciate the manufacturer’s inclusion of five modes that come in handy in every case. If you need to use the bathroom during a camping trip, setting the light to the lowest setting reduces the lumens emitted. Although you can see where you’re going, you don’t have to think about disturbing other campers. The medium and high modes enable you to raise the visibility to ensure that cars see you if you get stuck on the road or to scare away wild animals. Additionally, the Tc1200 flashlight features an SOS mode and a strobe mode for signaling for assistance.


The cheapest and fastest way to purchase the Tc1200 flashlight is directly from the manufacturer’s website. If you can purchase a single flashlight, you can also purchase one of the packs to receive several flashlights. When visiting the official site for the first time, keep an eye out for the pop-up window as well. Enter your email address and subscribe to the newsletter to receive 10% off your first order. You may even unsubscribe from the email at any time. The prices that we discovered contain the following:

  • $ 22.99 each when five flashlights are purchased
  • $ 24.99 each when three flashlights are purchased
  • $ 29.99 each when 2 flashlights are purchased.
  • $ 49.99 each when 1 flashlight is purchased

The final set is easily the best offer we discovered. When you purchase five flashlights, you can get an additional five flashlights for free. You receive sufficiently for your survival kit and home, as well as for each room in your building, as well as several to give as presents. The official website provides free delivery, which takes about five days to receive the Tc1200 flashlights. If you need them sooner, you can upgrade to three-day or two-day delivery for an additional fee.

Order TC1200 Pro Flashlight Today

A tactical flashlight is not essential if you serve as a security guard or spend long hours on duty as a police officer. These flashlights assist you in defending yourself against attackers and maneuvering around obstacles in your path. If you’re going to be outdoors for an extended amount of time or are concerned about your general protection, we suggest bringing a tactical flashlight. Simply blinking the light in the direction of a potential danger will frighten them and cause them to flee. When the going gets tough, you may still use the flashlight as a defensive object.

With thousands of flashlights accessible today and hundreds of brands claiming to be tactical, choosing one can be challenging at times. Particular inexpensive knockoffs are so flimsy that they break apart the first moment you use them and come with batteries that leak and cease functioning after a few weeks. We appreciate the Tc1200’s rugged nature, made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. It can succeed immediately, so it will continue to work for years to come. Choose the Tc1200 flashlight for the best tactical flashlight you can carry both inside and out.

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