PestOFF Pro Review 2022- Best Ultrasonic Pest Controller

Would not it be nice if you never had to kill another spider or set another mouse trap in your house? Thanks to this brand new device – PestOff Pro, millions of Americans never have to worry about seeing another spider or rodent in their house again. Every house in America has a nasty pest problem.

Whether it’s creepy spiders crawling around, a cockroach infestation or rodents getting into food cabinets, we all wish they would go away. 

Up until now, we’ve had to resort to primitive ways of dealing with these pests. Grabbing a napkin and squishing that icky spider will leave most of us with goosebumps. Taking a bottle of Raid and spraying it all over the house is hazardous to our health. And if you like animals, you may not want to resort to killing that poor little mouse with a trap.

What is PestOff Pro?

PestOff Pro
PestOff Pro

PestOFF Pro is an ultrasonic standard pest control device that repels pests. The device has a wide area of coverage, it drives pests up to 200m2 away from point of its installation. It is irritating when you get ready to go out only to find out the dress you wanted to wear has been torn up by rats, or when you keep getting sick due to the presence of disease vectors living rent-free at home. The tiny annoying buzzing sound from mosquitoes around your ear when you are trying to get a good sleep. Or even the noise from rodents and cockroaches creeping around at night and disturbing what would have been a lovely sleep. The list goes on.

PestOFF Pro’s Features

  • Immediate Repelling Action – The frequency waves emitted by the PestOFF Pro scars off or repel household pests, keeping them away from your home. It can cover a distance of 200m2 and covers more distance if installed at multiple sites at home or in the office.
  • Stops Rat Reproduction – Did You Know That Exposure Of Rats To Certain Frequencies Including Those From Wifi Reduces Their Sperm Count? The Pestoff Pro Reduces The Sperm Count Of Rats, Increasing The Rate Of Infertility Thus Reducing The Rate At Which They Multiply Around Your Surroundings.
  • Multiple Pests Repellent – Most Of The Technological Pest Control Devices Work For A Specific Pest But The Pestoff Pro Works For A Lot Of Household Pests And That Gives It An Upper Hand In The Market. Some Of The Pests Include Rats, Flies, Bed Bugs, Wasps, Termites, Mice, Cockroaches, Spiders.
  • Easy To Use & Recharge – No One Likes A Device That Is Not Easy To Use. You Simply Fall In Love With Anything That Makes Your Life Easier. The Pestoff Pro Is Easy To Set Up, Activate And Recharge. Just Find A Power Source And Have It Plugged And That’s That.
  • Double Conversion System – Most Ultrasonic Repellents Make Use Of A Single Conversion Frequency Which Rarely Does The Job. The Pestoff Pro Uses A Double Conversion Frequency Which Is Terrifying For Insects And Rats.
  • Low Power Consuming – There Is Nothing More Annoying Than An Appliance That Dies Quickly. It Is One Of Your Nightmares When Buying A Rechargeable Device Especially One With Inbuilt Batteries But Luckily The Pestoff Pro Lasts For A Long Time Because Of Its High Battery Capacity.

Who Needs Pestoff Pro

If you are having mild, moderate to severe pests infestation at home. If you come to work only to find some office files losing some pages due to rats. Allergy to some pest fecal and non-fecal Products. And so many other scenarios.

Why Is Pestoff Pro Unique

PestOFF Pro is unique

The PestOFF Pro is unique because it has 100% safety. It is one of the reasons it stands out when you take a look and compare it to all your other options. Laying cruel traps and sticky devices are designed to harm rodents and bugs can be dangerous for the family. Not only would you feel awful if your young child had their finger crushed in a mousetrap but it could result in costly healthcare bills. In addition, the design and look are welcoming unlike the site of mouse traps which could make guests uncomfortable.

Pest control you will agree that PestOFF Pro is the only one with 100% safety and very environment friendly. Your other options include rat traps, pungent chemical repellents. It also stands out from other technically similar devices because it uses double conversion frequency.

Why this Ultrasonic Pest Controller?

Why this Ultrasonic Pest Controller?

PestOFF Pro is a great offer for private houses which are often target by large pests such as mice.

This alone implies a lot of benefits as it improves the hygiene, avoids the dangers and diseases these pests are famous for spreading.

Imagine a family with little kids around, placing mouse traps and poisons is not ideal and it may harm curious children.

Benefits of PestOff Pro

PestOFF uses ultrasonic technology to keep a variety of pests away including mosquitos, fleas, rats, mice, and many more.

Dual Speaker for seriously big coverage – PestOFF works in spaces up to 200 m2.

360-degree protection so it doesn’t matter which way the device is facing.

  • It is efficient
  • It is environment friendly
  • PestOFF Pro is non-toxic
  • There are no radiations emitted
  • It is noiseless
  • It is easily affordable
  • It is limited stock and not always available

How does PestOff Pro works?

The working principle of this ultrasonic pest controller is simple. The device emits different frequency waves which makes mouse unable to adapt.

PestOff Pro will not kill the pest but keep it away from the place.

Tips: to keep the pest from coming back continued use is recommended

How To Install PestOff Pro

If you want to get rid of pests and can’t wait for the results to take effect, only a proven method will suffice but also one that is easy to install.

Some gadgets that say they get rid of pests come with a long list of instructions and complicated buttons. PestOFF has worked to make their product easy to use and simple to set up.

After plugging it in, you only have to hold the button for 2 seconds and wait for the blue light to come on.

How To Install PestOff Pro

PestOff Pro Review

We have had a problem with rodents in our garage for the past few months. We have had an exterminator come in to try to rid us of the mice, but we were still finding mice excrement everywhere in the garage. My husband suggested we try one of these ultrasonic pest repellers, so I bought this one after reading the reviews. In the past week since we have used this, we have not found any mice excrement anywhere! We will be buying more for our house, since we also have an ant and roach problem in our bathrooms in the house. These are a great alternative to mouse traps, since I always worry our kids might step on them. If you have a rodent problem, you should give these a try!

Pricing, Discounts & Warranty

PestOFF Pro originally cost $119 but when you directly buy from the manufacturers through the company’s website, you will be eligible to buy for just half the original price. That is a 50% discount when it is purchased from the company’s official website. In addition, you also have the Product delivered to you at no extra cost. This means that the product comes with free shipping when you purchase the Product directly from the company’s official website. There are other benefits that are available for the Product. I don’t know how long the discount and benefits will last but it is currently ongoing. It means when you buy;

  1. 1 x PestOFF Pro; you get a 50% discount
  2. 2 x PestOFF Pro; you get a 70% discount plus 1 free PestOFF Pro
  3. 3 x PestOFF Pro; you get a 75% discount plus 2 free PestOFF Pro

Visit PestOff Pro For More Info on Price

Where Can You Purchase PestOff Pro

It is best to buy the Product directly from the company’s official website. This is to avoid becoming a victim of scammers and marketers of fake Products. Many vendors buy the Product directly from the manufactures at 50% discounts and sell it for the original price. So visit PESTOFF PRO.


PestOFF Pro Warranty

PestOFF Pro Warranty

The manufacturers have a lot of faith in the Product and that is why they have allowed a 3-year warranty. This means that if you buy the Product and for some reason, it doesn’t meet your expectations, you can return it for only $9. You can only return the Product if you bought it directly from the manufacturers. This means it’s from vendors, the warranty won’t count.

Frequently Asked Question

What is PestOFF Pro?

PestOFF Pro is an ultrasonic standard pest control device that repels pests

Is PestOFF Pro a scam?

The Products seems to have delivered on all its Promises so far so we won’t regard it as a scam

Does PestOFF Pro work?

Yes, the PestOFF Pro is an efficient as a pest repellent.

How does PestOFF work?

The PestOFF Pro makes use of Microchip AI double-conversion frequency waves which are not audible to humans but recognized by small rodents like rats and insects. The PestOFF Pro emits the frequency waves continuously but keeps changing patterns so that the pests can never adapt to them.

Does PestOFF Pro use triple-A batteries?

PestOFF Pro makes use of an inbuilt rechargeable battery. It is low power consumption and when the battery runs low, you can easily charge it and continue.