Bed Scrunchie Review 2022 – Say Goodbye To Loose, Wrinkly Sheets Forever!

Quick question: Do you like loose, wrinkled bed sheets that fall off the mattress while you sleep?

Didn’t think so. For some of us, this is a minor annoyance… but for people like me, it’s actually a serious problem – all it takes is one little wrinkle in my bedsheets and my sleep is disturbed!

On the other hand, there’s no better feeling than plopping down into a perfectly made hotel bed. I just LOVE that crisp, clean feeling of sleeping on perfectly tight sheets – don’t you?! I’ve always wanted to know the secret to getting them so perfect… but I tried everything, and until recently, I was still stuck struggling with wrinkled sheets that fall off in the middle of the night.

To make matters worse, my husband tosses and turns at night… so even if I get my sheets exactly how I like them, it won’t last long. Every morning I’d wake up to this:

Bed Scrunchie
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So one morning, after a particularly frustrating night, I decided to do something about it. At first, I tried some techniques I found on YouTube… but none were reliable. Either they required way too much work, or the sheets would quickly return to their wrinkled state after one night.

However, one of the comments on the videos mentioned something called Bed Scrunchie – a new invention that easily fixes this “loose sheet” problem… for good. I looked it up and was surprised to find that it has a 4.4-star rating with 3200+ reviews. (Hmm… did I stumble on the “hotel secret” to getting those perfectly tight sheets?!)

Naturally, I had to give it a try. They have a 100-night money-back guarantee and 1-year warranty, so why not? Well, let me tell you: I’m SO glad I decided to try Bed Scrunchie. It’s quickly become my new bed’s best friend, and now I sleep better than ever!

The founder of Bed Scrunchie knows that no one likes when the sheets come off the bed at night. Waking up with sheets constantly popping off the bed gets old quickly. Luckily, Jack Nekhala did us all a favor and invented Bed Scrunchie. As an owner of, Jack started working on a solution after his luxury king size bed sheets refused to stay on the bed throughout the night. In 2015, Bed Scrunchie hit the market. Bed Scrunchie will extend short sheets, turn a flat sheet into a fitted sheet, and will keep your bed sheets from coming off the bed at night. If you are like so many of us and hate when the sheets won’t stay on, Bed Scrunchie may become your new best friend. Read on to learn more about Bed Scrunchie below. 

What is Bed Scrunchie?

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Bed Scrunchie is the world’s first 360-degree, all-in-one bed tightening solution.

The “360-degree” system is what makes Bed Scrunchie so unique – unlike other systems that are either labor-intensive or ineffective, Bed Scrunchie is extremely easy to use and guarantees a tight fit, every time.

It clips to the edges of your bed sheets first, then you put on your bed sheets just like you normally would.

What is Bed Scrunchie

My favorite part? There’s no mattress lifting required! You simply slide it on and pull on the cord to tighten. A child could do it! (In fact, I’m planning on getting one for my child – not only will they sleep easier, it teaches them good habits.)

Thanks to its innovative design, BedScrunchie even works on sheets that are too short for the mattress – and it can convert a flat sheet into a fitted sheet!

It’s AMAZING if your bedsheets are loose, wrinkly, or too short. In a matter of seconds, I get that perfect tightness – every time, without fail! Heck, I even tried yanking the sheets off just to see how tight it is… and they wouldn’t budge. It’s SOLID!

In fact, I was so excited that I told my friend about it, and she freaked out – she recently added a mattress topper, and she couldn’t get the darn sheets to stay put. The BedScrunchie worked for her, too!

Bed Scrunchie Technical Specifications

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Bed Scrunchie Feature

  • Perfect For Any Bed Type & Size – From twins to kings, adjustable beds, Sleep Numbers and more – enjoy the peace-of-mind knowing your Bed Scrunchie will work no matter where you use it.
  • Easy To Setup (No Mattress Lifting Required) – From kids to adults, and even seniors – anyone can quickly and easily set it up in minutes!
  • Works on All Bed Sizes and Types: You can use Bed Scrunchie on small and large beds, Sleep Number mattresses and adjustable beds, and all other beds of all shapes and sizes.
  • Use Your Own Sheets! Bed Scrunchie works perfectly on fitted, flat, or top sheets, as well as mattress toppers, protectors and featherbeds. It can even convert a flat sheet into a perfectly tailored fitted sheet. It’s also been carefully designed to never damage any sheet!
  • Easy To Clean – Our bed sheet holder can be easily cleaned through the machine wash and can also be dried at the low, medium, or high speeds!
  • High Quality Materials – Built To Last! The bed sheet gripper clips are made of extremely durable plastic, while the tightener is made from a nearly indestructible bungee cord. Our bed sheet straps won’t lose their grip until you release the lock.
  • 100-Night Sleep Tight Guarantee – Our #1 priority is having a positive customer experience! Unlike many others in the industry, we value our customers, and if you are not happy with your order we will give you a full refund.
  • Durable: Bed Scrunchie is designed to last. The gripper clips are made from durable plastic, while the tightener is made from a bungee cord. The bed sheet straps won’t lose their grip until you release the lock.

Construction Details

The Bed Scrunchie’s creative, user-friendly design makes it possible to use on all mattresses without having to lift a heavy bed or constantly readjust the grip. Below, we’ve taken a closer look at the Bed Scrunchie’s construction.

  • Fabric Clips: The Bed Scrunchie includes eight durable, replaceable clips that support up to 70 pounds and are specially made to keep from damaging your sheets. Extra fabric clips are available and sold separately.
  • Parachute-Strength Bungee Cord: Ensuring that the Bed Scrunchie will never lose its grip, the product is held by a parachute-strength bungee cord that supports up to 500 pounds of resistance. The bungee cord features markings that designate where to place the clips. The cord is designed to hold the sheets firmly until you unclamp the custom-designed wheel lock.
  • Wheel Lock: As noted, the bungee cord is secured by a custom-designed wheel lock with a patented buckle. The wheel lock can be pulled or loosened to remove the Bed Scrunchie and strip off the sheets.

Benefits Of Using Bed Scrunchie

You don’t have to make any decision about this Bed Scrunchie device before learning its benefits and advantages. Below this segment, I’m going to show you some exclusive features of this device that I have enjoyed these days.

Works With All Sizes Beds:

This is the most impressive part of this sheet tightener that perfectly supports all sizes of bedsheets and mattresses. It means you don’t have to purchase a new device if you change your bed sheet or mattress.


Setting up this sheet extender is a very simple thing. You don’t have to lift your mattress or don’t need to relocate your bed frame settings. Moreover, it just takes less than two minutes to completely set up.

Don’t Damage Bedsheet:

You can use the Bed Scrunchie confidently with your bedsheet and it won’t do any kind of damage to your sheets while tightening it. It just improves the appearance of your bed by preventing your sheets from getting loose and wrinkled.

Easy to Clean:

Its easy cleaning procedure is one of the best parts of this device. While washing your sheet, you don’t have to remove it. But if you want to remove it and clean it separately, you can easily do so. I have cleaned it manually and through the washing machine without any problem.

It Provides Tight Sleep Guarantee:

To ensure the quality of this product the manufacturer provides you a 100-days warranty. Within 100 days if you think that the device is not fulfilling your requirement, you can return the product to its manufacturer and get back your money.

What Problem Does It Solve?

Bed Meter 2

We spend over one-third of our lives in bed yet we can’t seem to figure out a solution to our wrinkly bedsheets that won’t stay tucked under our mattress. No matter what we do, every night it’s the same story… we get into our unkempt bed, and just as we get comfortable and begin to dose off the bedsheet pops off the corner of the mattress and you’re left sleeping over a nasty exposed mattress – ruining your good night sleep and annoying you in the process.

But now there’s a solution – Bed Scrunchie is the patented bed sheet holder that is guaranteed to keep your fitted sheet fully secured to your mattress. Your bed sheets will always stay put and wrinkle-free, no matter what mattress or bed sheets you own. Now your bed can have that flawless 5-star hotel look and a great night sleep everyday look without the massive hotel price tag.

Why Is It Different From Other Solutions?

Bed Scrunchie is the 360-degree all-in-one bed tightening system that keeping your sheets tight and secure at all times. This patented innovation clips to the edges of your bed sheets or mattress topper and slides under your mattress effortlessly – eliminating the loose, wrinkly mess you’re used to. Unlike other sheet securing solutions.

Bed Scrunchie doesn’t require you to lift your mattress so you can secure your bed sheets in a matter of minutes with ease.

Does Bed Scrunchie Fit on all beds?

Yes! BedScrunchie works with all bed types and sizes, including:

  • Crib
  • Twin & Twin-XL
  • Full
  • Queen
  • King, Cal-King & Split-King
  • Adjustable beds & memory foam
  • Sleep Number, Tempurpedic, Purple, Casper & all other major mattress brands!
  • Hospital beds, campers, boats and more!

To me, this is important – you never know when you might change your bed. Since Bed Scrunchie is so adaptable, I know I’ll be able to use it for the rest of my life.

Not only does it fit with every bed, but you can also use Bed Scrunchie with any sheets. As I mentioned, Bed Scrunchie can even make up for sheets that are too small for your mattress!

Personally, I keep my Bed Scrunchie attached to my sheets. It’s machine washable, so there’s no extra work involved!

How do you keep fitted sheets from coming off the bed?

There are many reasons why sheets come off the bed. Whether it’s a pet jumping on the bed or a person sleeping on them, when sheets are not deep enough for the mattress, they often times pop off the bed. Some sheets are too deep and fit the mattress too loose. Adding sheet holders will tighten up loose fitted sheets giving a much better fit that stays intact throughout the night. If you are using a flat sheet instead of a fitted sheet on your mattress, the Bed Scrunchie serves as bed suspenders that will convert flat sheets into tight fitting fitted sheets that don’t come off the bed until you remove them.

Will the Bed Scrunchie keep a mattress topper from sliding?

If your mattress topper won’t stay in place under your fitted sheets, sheet holders should solve your problem. The Bed Scrunchie’s sheet clips serve as tight fitting sheet suspenders that will hold your mattress topper more secure under the bed sheet. If you are figuring out the hard way that your favorite blue bed sheets are too short for your bamboo memory foam mattress topper, add sheet straps before you throw them in the Goodwill pile.

How do bed sheet straps work?

The Bed Scrunchie is a 360-degree bed sheet strap with sheet clips that will extend fitted sheets, convert a flat sheet into a fitted sheet, and will keep your bed sheets from coming off the bed at night. Bed Scrunchie’s sheet strap is made from parachute strength bungee cord with durable plastic bed sheet clips that remain tight until you remove them. Don’t worry, the sheet clips have been engineered to ensure they never stretch out or damage your bed sheets. 

Will Sheet holders work with my mattress?

Bed Scrunchie is available for twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California King size sheets. Whether it’s your bed at home or your RV mattress, Bed Scrunchie is designed to fit any size or type of mattress. If you own an adjustable mattress, sheets often come off the bed when you change positions. Add Bed Scrunchie to your adjustable mattress sheets and you won’t have to worry about them coming off the bed until you take them off. In addition to adjustable mattress sheets, water bed sheets and feather bed sheets often need sheet straps installed to keep the sheet from coming off the bed. 

How Does Bed Scrunchie Work?

This invention is so genius because it attaches to your bedsheets first – making it really simple to get this on your bed and get it on tight.

To attach Bed Scrunchie, all you have to do is:

  1. Lay your bed sheet over the mattress with the elastic facing up.
  2. Attach the Bed Scrunchie clips around the mattress. (The Bed Scrunchie has a bungee cord with markings that guide you, making it super easy to set up).
  3. Flip over your bed sheet and put it on your mattress like usual.
  4. Pull the cord to tighten it to your liking (I prefer extra tight) and lock it in.

That’s it – your Bed Scrunchie is ready to go. From here, simply tuck the cord underneath the mattress and you’re ready to rest!

It may take you a moment at first, but it’s just like learning to make your bed – once you have it down, it’s a total breeze. After I did it once, I didn’t even have to think about it anymore. It’s practically automatic!

Does Bed Scrunchie Fit On All Beds?

Yes! BedScrunchie works with all bed types and sizes, including:

  • Crib;
  • Twin & Twin-XL;
  • Full;
  • Queen King, Cal-King & Split-King;
  • Adjustable beds & memory foam;
  • Sleep Number, Tempurpedic, Purple, Casper & all other major mattress brands!
  • Hospital beds, campers, boats and more!

To me, this is important – you never know when you might change your bed. Since Bed Scrunchie is so adaptable, I know I’ll be able to use it for the rest of my life.

Not only does it fit with every bed, but you can also use Bed Scrunchie with any sheets. As I mentioned, Bed Scrunchie can even make up for sheets that are too small for your mattress!

Personally, I keep my Bed Scrunchie attached to my sheets. It’s machine washable, so there’s no extra work involved!

How Do You Use the Bed Scrunchie?

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The Bed Scrunchie was designed to be quick and easy to use. While competitor products may require you to life your mattress, the Bed Scrunchie fits on your bed with no additional lifting necessary than what is required to pull on a fitted sheet. The unique clips have been manufactured to prevent damage to your sheet, regardless of how tight they are pulled.  To install your Bed Scrunchie, follow these five steps:

  • Step One: Place your fitted sheet on the mattress with the elastic side facing up.
  • Step Two: Attach clips starting 10 to 12 inches from the corner seams, following the markings provided on the bungee cord for guidance. Make sure the buckle is centered at the center bottom of the bed.
  • Step Three: Flip the fitted sheet over.
  • Step Four: Place fitted sheet on mattress as you normally would with The Bed Scrunchie attached. The Bed Scrunchie should be secured fully underneath the mattress.
  • Step Five: Slide the wheel lock up to the buckle and pull the rope apart in opposite directions to tighten. Once you’ve reached desired tightness, store the remaining rope underneath the mattress.

Why You Need Bed Scrunchie?

Well, if you’re still confused about why you should get this device then let me explain to you why I get this one. First of all, this device helps me to fasten and tightens the loose and wrinkled bedsheet with the mattress. It prevents my bedsheets corners from popping up.

Bed Scrunchie

With its fabric clips, parachute cord, and paracord, I got about 1000 pounds of resistance supports. That keeps my bedsheet to stay in its place no matter how extremely I move on my bed. As the device is adjustable, I don’t have to purchase a new one while using it with my new mattress and bed sheet.

Besides, using this device is very simple and easy with its convenient wheel locking system. Washing this device is also very much easy and it won’t make any stretch and damage with a heavy wash. Now if the above features and advantages are useful for you, you can definitely go for this bed sheet holder.

  1. Bed Scrunchie easily fitted with all bed types and sizes.
  2. Keep my sheets perfect even at night.
  3. It saves my time to make the bed.
  4. Easy to set up on my bed
  5. No damages on sheets.
  6. The product is fully washable.
  7. High-quality material makes the product durable.

Who Can Benefit Most from the Bed Scrunchie?

Perfect for loose, short, or worn bed sheets, a variety of customers can benefit from the use of a Bed Scrunchie. For buyers with flat or top sheets, the Bed Scrunchie can transform the bottom sheet into a securely fastened fitted sheet.

The Bed Scrunchie is also ideal for those with fitted sheets that are too small for their bed or with sheets that have worn out elastic.

For sleepers that toss and turn while sleeping, the Bed Scrunchie works to keep their bottom sheet from slipping off during the night. Similarly, for buyers with pets or children who wiggle and jump on the bed, the product will prevent the sheet from being disturbed.

Introducing Bed Scrunchie, the 360-degree all-in-one bed tightening system that gives your bed that flawless 5-star hotel look by keeping your sheets tight, no matter their size.

This patented innovation clips to the edges of your bed sheets or mattress topper and slides under your mattress effortlessly1 – eliminating the loose, wrinkly mess you’re used to. Sleep tight all night with the Bed Scrunchie!

Over 2,000 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ reviews and counting!

Founder’s Story

About Us Image web

All of this came to fruition in early September 2015. As an expert in the trade Jack Nekhala, an owner of, brought home what he knew was a high-quality sheet set for he and his wife. Despite the high quality of this sheet set, Jack was frustrated to find that no amount of pulling or adjusting could prevent the fitted sheet from popping off the mattress in the middle of the night.

So, Jack did what millions of us do every day. He turned to Amazon and purchased a product that had several reviews which promised that it solved the “fitted sheet problem.” A few days later, when the item arrived, Jack was further irritated when he discovered that this “solution” required him to lift his heavy mattress four times. Once foreach corner! Jack is a big man, but this was not even a one-man job for him. Angry and dissatisfied, Jack tossed the product aside and marked it up as another waste of his money.

As is often the case, Jack likes to say, “desperation is the key to creation,” and inspiration came when he least expected it. The Ah-ha moment hit him while sitting in traffic on his way to work. Immediately, he knew that only a product that provided a consistent and sturdy 360-degree hold would be the solution to the fitted sheet problem.

How Much Does a Bed Scrunchie Cost?

The Bed Scrunchie is currently priced at $59.95.

How to get your own Bed Scrunchie

Here’s how to order your very own AirPhysio device today:

  1. Click this link here or the button below to go to the website page
  2. Choose the Bed Scrunchie package that’s right for you (note the 30-day satisfaction guarantee!)
  3. Receive your Bed Scrunchie and enjoy breathing more easily and freely when you start using Bed Scrunchie!
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Frequently Asked Question

Can I use my own sheets with Bed Scrunchie or do I have to purchase new ones?

When inventing Bed Scrunchie, it was really important to us to create a product that allowed our customers to use the sheets they already have and love with our product. So yes, no matter what type of sheet you own now and in the future, you can always use your OWN sheets with Bed Scrunchie.

Will it work on flat and top sheets?

Yes! Bed Scrunchie was carefully designed to works perfectly for flat or top sheets. Our patented system easily converts a flat sheet into a perfectly tailored fitted sheet.

How easy is it to install?

The first time you do it will take the longest (probably around 10-15 minutes) as you learn exactly how it goes on. Once you know how to do it, putting it on your sheets will be a breeze.

How do you remove the Bed Scrunchie?

Removing the Bed Scrunchie is even easier than putting it on, simply do everything in reverse. First unlock the buckle by pulling down on the black wheel lock. Loosen the Bed Scrunchie by slightly pulling on it to reduce the tension. You can now remove your bed sheets one corner at a time as you normally would.

Which bed sizes is Bed Scrunchie compatible with?

Pretty much every type of bed including: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King. Bed Scrunchie also works perfectly on home beds, hospital beds, bunk beds, waterbeds, camper beds, inclining beds, RVs, boats, feather beds, and more!

Final Thought

At the end of my Bed Scrunchie Review, I can say that the gadget is really amazing. No matter how much turning, tossing, or jumping you do on the bed the sheet will now remain the same. You don’t have to keep it fitted from time to time. Just adjust the gadget under the bedsheet and get a smooth tangled & wrinkle-free flat sheet bed of your own.

You can use it on any size of the bed and wash it to keep it germ-free. Also, keep your room messy-free by using this device underneath the bed. If you have any toddlers or babies at your home no need to worry. Just adjust this parachute strengthening bungee cord and stay relax.

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