BigTime Pro Review – Best Projector Alarm Clock!

Gone are the days when practically all clocks had the same features with minor design changes. An office or home isn’t complete without a clock on its walls. But clocks are helpful in more ways than one. They improve time management by alerting you whenever there is an issue that has to be addressed. Their intricacy, however, does not diminish the fact that adding one to your walls can offer a trendy modern touch to your home.

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Today, there are numerous factors to consider when selecting a clock, ranging from functions such as an alarm to how it will fit into your living environment. Digital clocks have gone overboard with functionality, like the ability to measure room temperature, which was previously only available on cell phones.

What is a BigTime Pro?

BigTime Pro is an automated morning clock/timer with a well-lit projector that can be adjusted up to 180 degrees. It gently wakes you without causing eye strain and has many valuable features.

Even though getting out of bed to check the time can make you dizzy, if you have a morning timer on your nightstand that projects the time onto the ceiling, you will wake up more quickly. The BigTime Pro clock can reach any location from up to 5 meters afar and adjust.

Features of BigTime Pro

  • This clock is a beautiful decoration for your home or office
  • Easy-to-read digital numbers
  • Wall-mounted time projection system
  • Quartz Provides Precise Timekeeping
  • Humidity and temperature sensors
  • Power consumption is extremely low

How does a Digital Alarm Clockwork?

A digital alarm clock includes an LCD display and may be programmed to wake you up at any time. It usually has numerous alarms, snooze options, and other tools to help you wake up on time. LED clocks and liquid crystal displays are other names for digital clocks (LCDs). They’ve been around since the 1970s, but they weren’t extensively utilized until lately when they became less expensive than analog ones.

Today’s digital alarm clocks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with features such as radio tuners, temperature sensors, USB ports for charging devices such as smartphones and tablets, Bluetooth connectivity, and so on. Some of them even include built-in cameras, allowing you to shoot images while still sleeping.


The BigTime Pro clock is a versatile time management gadget with many valuable functions. As an example:

  • It is suitable for both home and workplace decoration.
  • It allows you to increase or decrease the size of the projector illumination for greater clarity by altering its distance from the illumination surface.
  • It has humidity and temperature sensors, allowing you to customize your working or living spaces for maximum performance and comfort.
  • It provides versatility by allowing for two-time reading.
  • It is energy efficient.
  • It is pretty inexpensive.
  • It is more reliable than dry cell-based clocks due to its rechargeable lithium-ion battery.
  • It features adjustable brightness with up to 6 settings, so you can set it to how your eyes feel most comfortable.


Product Color:Black
Product Weight:187.4g
Package Dimensions:19.4*4.6*9.6cm
Carton Size:52*21*54cm
Packing Weight:11.8kg
Power Cord Lenght:1.5 metres

What to consider when choosing an alarm clock?

Here are some features to consider when shopping:

  • Large screen display: The numbers on the screen should be easily readable even at a distance against a well-lit background.
  • Consider how you tend to wake up: If you prefer a light alarm clock, then a projector alarm clock may be ideal.
  • Think about your bedside table space: Some alarm clocks are larger than others, so be sure to measure the space you have available before purchasing.
  • Consider your other needs: Many alarm clocks include special features like temperature and humidity control, USB chargers for gadgets, or radios. Choose the clock that fits your needs best.
  • Radio settings: Some digital alarm clocks include an AM/FM radio. Some alarm clock radios may even link to Bluetooth and play music from your phone.
  • Sound variety and vibration settings: Newer alarm clocks will include a library of noises to wake you up to, and some even shake the bed in the hopes of waking the deepest sleepers.
  • Power functions: Standard alarm clocks that are kept in the home will often function at their peak efficiency when connected to the provided cable; however, some clocks also include a battery backup capability, which is useful in situations where there is a power outage or when traveling.

Who should use a Digital Alarm Clock?

Anyone who wishes to rise at the appropriate hour. A digital alarm clock is exactly what you need if you have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning. It will help you have a good start to the day and keep things going forward for you.

Why buy BigTime Pro

One of the most popular alarm clocks on the market is the BigTime Pro alarm clock with projector. It has a lot of features that make it a great choice for people who want an alarm clock. It has a projector that shows the time on the ceiling, so you can see the time even if you are not in the room. It also has a USB port where you can plug in your phone or other devices to charge them. There is also a snooze button and a night light on the alarm clock. It also costs very little.

Many people really like the TimeX Pro alarm clock. People say that it is very easy to use and has a lot of useful features. They also like that it’s not too expensive. Some people say that the projector isn’t very bright and that it’s hard to see the time if you aren’t in the room. Some people say the alarm clock is too loud and makes it hard to sleep. Overall, the BigTime Pro alarm clock is a great choice for people who want an alarm clock.

Customer Reviews of BigTime Pro

It is enjoyable to see the time pass as it is displayed on the rooftop while you are awakening. If you are the type of person who tends to procrastinate in bed, I think that this would be an effective approach to avoid dozing off and getting ready for the day later than you had planned.” – Harry

It is convenient for young people to use it as a morning clock, and if it is safe to do so, I will probably purchase one. If I were to use it as a clock on a piece of furniture in my house, my kids would definitely play with it like a toy, as has been the case in the past.” – Olivia

Where to Purchase BigTime Pro Projector Morning Clock?

The BigTime Pro Projector Morning Clock is only available from the official website. You can get a 50% reduction if you reap the benefits of their current promotion. It takes no longer than five minutes to complete the entire online order process. Their web page has these discount offers:

  • Buy one BigTime Pro for $59
  • Buy two BigTime Pros for $89
  • Buy three BigTime Pros for $129
  • Buy 3 BigTime Pros and get two free for $149
  • Buy 2 BigTime Pros and get one free for $109


If you desire to be up in time for office, brunch, and anything in between, you undoubtedly should have an alarm clock. However, the sort of alarm clock you purchase might vary. Even if you muffle and dim your cell phone, using it in the bedroom at night is disrupting your slumber. BigTime Pro helps create a beneficial enhancement that will serve your needs and is reasonably priced. Get your BigTime Pro alarm clock today from their official website!

bigtime pro review