How To Plant Your SeedSheet 2023?

Seedsheet sells customizable roll-out gardens that feature a weed-blocking fabric that is strategically embedded with dissolvable pods, which contain a buffer of soil and organic and Non-GMO seeds. Users can design their ideal custom garden online, and then receive a plantable Seedsheet of their design with seeds already pre-arranged for optimal growth. Customers simply unroll the Seedsheet atop a prepared soil bed, add water, and watch their perfect garden grow.

Growing your own food at home has never been easier with the new Seedsheet Mini Gardening Kits. These adorably delicious culinary gardens include everything necessary to easily grow all of the freshest and tastiest herbs in the comfort of your home. Mini Gardening Kit includes organic seeds, fabric container, potting soil and saucer, watering nozzle, security stake and Seedsheet software – no green thumb required. So easy to use, even certified plant killers can grow their own delicious, farm-fresh produce with the added benefit of knowing where their food came from – their porch, patio, stoop or rooftop. Simply place the Seedsheet seed-side down on the surface of your included fabric container filled to the brim with provided organic potting soil. Secure, water, and watch it grow. With Seedsheet, you can grow a LOT of food in a small space.

How. The answer is simple. We’ve sourced fast-growing companion plants that provide nutrients and beneficial support to encourage healthy and robust plant growth. Seedsheets use organic, non-GMO soil to produce bountiful harvests in as little as 1 sq. ft. of space. Each Seedsheet packs a lot of food into a little package meaning you can cut over and over enjoying your homegrown harvest all season. Unlike your backyard garden bed, Seedsheet gardens pair with our innovative software that tracks your gardens growth and send useful tips, reminders, and recipes to help you grow from seed to supper.

  • Mini herbs gardening kit includes everything you need to grow a variety of delicious, fragrant herbs: fabric container, organic soil, easy-to-grow, certified-edible, dissolvable seed pods containing organic sweet basil, cilantro, and dill – no green thumb required
  • Ridiculously easy – no green thumb, no problem, with fool-proof dissolvable seed pouches, personalized notifications including reminders, tips, and tutorials, Seedsheets were made for plant lovers, plant killers and small space gardeners alike
  • Organic seeds – know what you grow forget chemicals, pesticides, and engineered foods, Seedsheet seeds and soil are organic because you’re not just growing plants, you’re growing dinner
  • Small space gardening – live farm to table without the farm, container gardens are convenient for anyone with a stoop, porch, balcony or even a well-lit window

Have you always wanted to grow a garden, but felt a little too afraid to start because it’s confusing, difficult, or you live in an urban area? At Seedsheet, we’ve made growing your own fresh ingredients ridiculously easy regardless of gardening expertise or limited space.

How To Plant Your SeedSheet?

Planting a seedsheet is Simple; Check out these essential steps Below to Start Growing!

Step 1: Fill your garden container with fresh, organic potting soil until it is filled almost entirely to the top and gently pat to level. To prevent extreme soil level settling in your container, add soil incrementally and pat it down between additions. This will allow light to reach the seedlings immediately as they germinate (sprout) and not be shaded by the sides of the fabric bag.

Step 2: Place the Seedsheet seed-side-down on top of the soil, and press down lightly so the sheet is level. Double check that you cannot see the seeds and that the Seedsheet is facing down, or the seeds won’t be able to germinate!

Step 3: Take the three included green stakes in from the package and place them through the perforated holes cut in the black Seedsheet fabric. These stakes will hold down your Seedsheet and protect it from the wind.

Step 4: Now that the Seedsheet is secure, begin watering. Use the included green misting nozzle affixed to a plastic bottle with a standard screw-top. Start by watering slowly for about 15 seconds, and then pause for about 30 seconds to let the water soak into the dissolvable pods. Continue watering in increments until the pods have completely dissolved. You can check this by gently lifting an edge of the black fabric to make sure the pods have dissolved completely and that the soil from within the pods is now fully-saturated.

It’s essential that the clear film completely dissolves the first time the Seedsheet is watered! Check on your Seedsheet and water each day to keep the soil moist so the seeds can all germinate. Be patient, some seeds are “lazy” and take longer than others to sprout.