BigTime Pro Review 2023 – Is It Best Desktop Digital Clock?

BigTime Pro Review – BigTime Pro is a computerised morning timer with a light projector that can be changed up to 180º, which awakens you tenderly, without being irritated by light and with an enormous number of multipurpose capabilities.

Although waking up and going to see the time can make you languid, when you have a morning timer on your bedside table appearance it projected on the roof, you will awaken better. The BigTime Pro watch arrives at up to 5 meters away and acclimates to any point.

With temperature and moistness control, USB charger for gadgets, radio and mirror mode, the BigTime Pro projector morning timer is the most incredibly complete.

What’s more, it has a customisable help that permits you to involve it as a table clock anyplace.

What it BigTime Pro?

BigTime Pro Digital Alarm Clock

BigTime Pro is a digital alarm clock with a light projector that can be adjusted up to 180º, which wakes you up gently, without being bothered by light and with a large number of multipurpose functions.

Although waking up and turning to see the time can make you lazy, when you have an alarm clock on your bedside table showing it projected on the ceiling, you will wake up better. The BigTime Pro watch reaches up to 5 meters away and adjusts to any angle.

With temperature and humidity control, USB charger for devices, radio and mirror mode, the BigTime Pro projector alarm clock is the most complete.

In addition to this, it has an adjustable support that allows you to use it as a table clock anywhere.

Feature Of BigTime Pro Desktop Digital Clock

  • Beautiful Home/Office Decoration Clock
  • Large Digital Numbers, Easy To See
  • Equipped With Wall Time Projection
  • Precise Time Keeping With Quartz
  • Sensors For Temperature and Humidity
  • Super Low Power Consumption

BigTime Pro Desktop Digital Clock Specifications

Product Number:TS-9210
Product Color:Black
Product Weight:187.4g
Package Weight:232.4g
Product Size:18.5*2.4*7.7cm
Package Dimensions:19.4*4.6*9.6cm
Carton Size:52*21*54cm
Packing Weight:11.8kg
Power Cord Lenght:1.5 metres

Interface Instructions and Key Functions

Interface Instructions and Key Functions
Interface Instructions and Key Functions 2

Benefits of the BigTime Pro Projector Morning Timer

  • One of the morning clocks with less use in its group.
  • Intrinsic USB charging bank for various devices.
  • Light up and introduce the day plan.
  • LCD show with tremendous numbers and all information altogether.
  • Climate control sensors with temperature and sogginess.
  • Back reflect, you can include it as a dressing table.
  • Projector with an extent of up to 5m and convenient 180º to broaden the time on the rooftop or the wall.
  • Six brightness powers so as not to flabbergast you unaware of everything going on.
  • Base with go area to get the most natural audit point.
  • Radio and sound affiliation structure.
  • Controls the room’s temperature in a way that licenses you to see the viability of the calm low use warmers.
  • 100% money back guarantee you have 14 days to return without liability
  • Free delivery all over the world.

How does a Digital Alarm Clock work?

A digital alarm clock is a device that has an LCD display and can be set to wake you up at any time. It usually features multiple alarms, snooze functions, and other useful tools for waking up on time. Digital clocks are also known as LED clocks or liquid crystal displays (LCDs). They have been around since the 1970s but were not widely used until recently when they became more affordable than analog models. Today’s digital alarm clocks come in many different shapes and sizes with various features such as radio tuners, temperature sensors, USB ports for charging devices like smartphones or tablets etc., Bluetooth connectivity etc.. Some of them even feature built-in cameras so you can take pictures while still asleep.

What to consider when choosing an alarm clock

When shopping, our pros recommend paying attention to the following features:

  • Large screen display: Numbers should be easily legible against a well-lit screen, even from a distance.
  • Radio settings: Some digital alarm clocks come with AM/FM radio capabilities. Some alarm clock radios even have the option to connect to Bluetooth to play music from your phone.
  • Sound variety and vibration settings: Newer alarm clocks will feature a library of sounds for you to wake up to, and some clocks will shake the bed in hopes of waking the heaviest sleepers.
  • Power functions: Standard alarm clocks stationed in the home will usually operate best on an included cable, but some clocks also offer a battery backup function, which is convenient for power outages and travel.

Who should use a Digital Alarm Clock?

Anyone who wants to wake up on time. If you have trouble waking up in the morning, a digital alarm clock is for you. It will help get your day started right and keep it moving forward.

Customer Reviews of the BigTime Pro Projector Morning Clock

Seeing the time contemplated the rooftop while you’re arousing is entertaining. It appears to me a capable way not to fall asleep and appear later than anticipated to puts in case you are one individuals who slack off in bed.

Harry, Realtor

As a morning clock for youths it has its ease, if it is protected I really decide to get one. As a furniture clock at home, my children would probably involve it as a toy, as has happened in past experiences

Olivia, Physiotherapist

Where To Buy and Price

The BigTime Pro Projector Morning Clock can be bought from the website of the company. If you take advantage of their current promotion, you can get a 50% discount. The whole process of placing an order on the Internet doesn’t take more than five minutes.

These bargain deals can be found on the official website:

  • Buy 3 BigTime Pro, GET 2 FREE ($ 30/each)$ 149
  • Buy 2 BigTime Pro, GET 1 FREE ($ 36/each)$ 109
  • BigTime Pro ($ 59/each)$ 59
  • BigTime Pro ($ 45/each)$ 89
  • BigTime Pro ($ 32/each)$ 129
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Q- How do I know how to set the alarm?

A- The instructions provided within can show you how to set the alarm.

Q- Does that clock show the customary time or simply military time?

A- The digital clock could display both the regular time and the military time.

Q- Anyway I can adjust (increase) the volume of the alarm?

A- The volume has been fixed and cannot be adjusted.