Foamatic Review 2022: Best Hand Washing Device?

Washing your hands is absolutely necessary, especially after a long day outside. You never know what viruses and bacteria you bring into your living space. If you have kids, you have to be double careful, since the most basic of viruses can get your kids really sick.

When it comes to hand wash though, yes, we have one in our bathrooms at all times, however, unless you clean the container, it might be loaded with viruses ready to pounce.

This is why we bring to you Foamatic.

The recent outbreak of corona virus has brought the importance of hygiene to lime light. Its no longer time when we don’t take some basic hygienic processes serious. The corona virus known as Covid 19 has brought great panic to humanity and everyone is looking for a way out as there is no cure for the disease yet. However, doctors advice that we start practicing some preventive measures like ensuring social distance, using face masks, washing your hands often and also making use of sanitizers. And people are really doing their best to keep to this.

It’s a perfect time to take hand hygiene to a whole new level – order FOAMatic today and enjoy premium quality on a budget and FREE SHIPPING worldwide!

FOAMatic is going to be that touch-free hand wash which won’t be required to press all the time. Just like water-sensor taps, this will work on the sensor system. This definitely will be the best hand washing device 2022 This soap dispenser is just like a touchless and automatic sensor faucet. So, the danger of transmission of this Coronavirus or any other infection is wiped out. You can use the same soap dispenser for one and all without any worry. Read through our Foamatic review to know what it really is, the benefits, the pros and cons and what customers are saying about it.

What is Foamatic– Automatic Soap Dispenser?

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Foamatic is a handwash device that works off of a motion sensor so that you never have to touch it to dispel the liquid.

Foamatic is a dispenser for the hand washing liquid that helps individuals to keep the dispenser away from all sorts of touches and also help individuals to wash their hands directly through the foam. As the name suggests, it is a dispenser that uses liquid wash and then mixes it in the container in it and then dispenses the foam for washing hands whenever a person places hand below the knob. Therefore Foamatic Automatic Foam Dispenser Device offers more hygienic and free of effort way to wash hands.

Foamatic Features

No foamatic review will ever be complete without letting you know about the features of this device. It is indeed the best time to switch from the regular soaps and press-type dispenser to this convenient and useful device. It has a simple and exclusive design and can therefore fit into any part of the house, office and hospitals. We have therefore decided to make in great detail the features of this device.

1. Built-in infrared sensor

This devices has a built-in infrared sensor. A system that prevents you from having to touch its knob before it dispenses. All you need do is this, bring your hand beneath its knob and it dispenses automatically. Thus, multiple persons can make use of it without worrying about spreading germs.

2. Instant foaming system

Another great feature of this device, liquid wash poured in it always leaves its knob in the form of foam. This therefore makes it very easy to access large amounts of foam without contact.

3. Long lasting batteries

This device makes use of 4AAA batteries that can last for more than half of the year even with heavy use. It also has an automatic sleep mode system that switches the device to sleep mode when it is not being used. Thus saving and extending the life of it’s batteries

4. Large Tank Capacity

This dispenser has a large 350ml capacity. You don’t have to bother about refilling its tank frequently. It is indeed another beautiful feature of this great device.

5. Highly hygienic

This great piece of equipment has in built sensors stated earlier. The presence of these dispensers prevents one from touching its knob and therefore preventing the spread of bacteria.

6. Noise-free device:

It has a motor that can rotate 50,000 times in total with a top speed of 7000rpm. Ordinarily, this is expected to be noisy but the it is equipped with a smart silent motor that reduces the noise to point zero. This ensure that you don’t get irritated or disturbed by any noise.

7. Suitable for multiple liquids

It makes use of virtually every washing liquid available be it a hand soap, shower gel, shampoo, facial cleansers or even the dish washing liquids. Indeed this product is a must have!

Pros & Cons of Foamatic

Read the following section to know the pros & cons of the Fomatic device.


  • Completely touchless & fully automatic function.
  • Easy operation.
  • Perfect device for keeping your kids hygiene.
  • Converts soap into the foam for better-cleaning.
  • More versatile.
  • Durable batteries with a high-quality pump.
  • Versatile.


  • The device is only available online.

Why FOAMatic?

There are several reasons to pick this automatic foam dispenser device. As a soap dispenser, it alleviates a lot of problems. For instance:

It is cheaper

It is not easy to buy things these days, given that economic times are impacted by events like the pandemic. As such, we need to remain safe while also conserving our funds. Having a gadget like this at the low price indicated is a great way to do that.

It is safe

To deal with a global pandemic, we are all warned to wash our hands and ensure that we keep surfaces clean at all times. One of the best ways to ensure we spread even fewer germs, is using FOAMatic.

It can be used by kids

If you have kids in the house, you would be inclined to encourage them to be clean. However, they may end up using too little soap or too much. With the settings, you can ensure that your kids are getting enough soap without worries.

Foamatic Review: How does it work?

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FOAMatic is very simple to use and will help you develop these hygienic habits, as well as saving you a great deal of unwanted quarreling with your kids over hand washing. It is there for your comfort and hygiene!

FOAMatic is a perfect solution towards living a more sanitary life. To get it going you simply need to:

img 10
  • Put 4 AAAA batteries inside the battery compartment
  • Mix the liquid of your choice with water and put it into the water tank
  • Press the power button to switch it on (white indicator light will flash once). There is absolutely no need to keep turning it on and off, since it will put itself to sleep mode automatically, however, if you need to completely switch it off simply press the power button and wait for red indicator light to flash once.
  • Now your dispenser is ready to use and you can enjoy that lush foam by placing your hand under the sensor, keeping the distance approximately 6cm

Do I need Foamatic?

You need FOAMatic, if you are looking for a dispenser that:

  • Will help you improve your hygiene habits and lead a more sanitary life
  • Will protect you and your family from invisible germs and bacteria
  • Fits almost everywhere in your house from the kitchen to the bathroom
  • Is easy and fun to use by both kids and adults
  • Compatible with various liquids from hand soap to facial cleansers
  • Is contact-free, highly hygienic with an elegant yet practical design

For What Reason Foamatic Is Better Than Its Alternatives?

There are various reasons that make Fomatic superior to others. Here in this Foamatic Review section, I’m going to show you some exclusive benefits of Fomatic devices that I have personally experienced.


Whenever you make any purchase the durability of the product is the first thing that you should be concerned about. Otherwise, after a certain period, you won’t get the exact service of that product. But in terms of durability, Fomatic is a fantastic device. The device is built with a high-quality motor & pump so that you can enjoy a long period of service from it. I’ve been using this device for almost 7 months but it still seems like the new one.

Water Resistance

Generally, you will put your soap -dispenser near the sink so that you can easily get it. Because of this, there might be water splashes on your soap dispenser device. But you don’t have to worry about this too much with the device, the device is completely water-resistant. From my practical experience, I can assure you that the splash of water won’t put any impact on this device.

Fast activity

The device is superbly fast, it just takes 0.25 seconds to detect your hand and provide you with foam to wash your hand. In my experiment, I saw that its sensor can work within the 70mm range. So you don’t have to put your hand too close to the device. 

Affordable price

Another impressive thing about this device is it comes with every single feature that an automatic hand wash device should have. Along with that, it is also equipped with high-quality components but the device is available at a surprisingly low price.

Keep The Batteries Protected

Usually, this type of device battery comes to the lower chamber that is sometimes a little bit risky. Because continuous water splashes could damage the battery. But Fomatic is different here, to avoid this issue, it keeps its battery chamber on top of the device. 

Foamatic Review: What Are Customers Saying About It?

Fomatic becomes highly popular among the common people. People are happily purchasing the products during this time to keep themselves virus and bacteria-free.

Because of its high-quality components and automatic feature, it becomes one of the best choices among the common people who want to stay hygiene. In the category of hand-washing dispensers, Fomatic becomes one of the top based on customer choice. 

Is it worth it?

What if your hand wash bottles are not clean? What if several people are using the same hand wash bottle as you? Any device that keeps your touch away from germs and viruses is absolutely essential these days. Without touching the hand wash bottle, you can stay more safe and protected from diseases.

If you’re looking for a soap dispenser that will help you improve your hygiene habits, lead a more sanitary life, protect your children from invisible bacteria and be easy to use, then look no further! FOAMatic will offer that and more! Try the contactless dispenser that will fit mostly anywhere in your house and stay safe!

Where Can I Buy Foamatic?

FOAMatic is only available online and can be found on the official website. Buying directly from the official store ensures that you get the combination of the best price and quality.

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Frequently Asked Question

Is it required to touch any part of Foamatic while using it?

No, the device is completely touchless. It has an automatic sensor to maintain your hygiene and let other people use it safely.

Should the foam come out of the Foamatic be filled from outside?

No, you don’t have to put foam outside into the Foamatic, the device converts the liquid soap into foam and lets you enjoy.

Are the transactions safe on the website of the company?

All of your transactions through the website are completely safe as it has the permission of (256-bit agencies), such as Norton-secures, McAfee. 

How much power does it consume?

Foamatic has an advantage regarding power consumption. It consumes very low power.

What is the life of the Foamatic?

The Foamatic has components that give it a long life. Also, a 3-month warranty is available with the product.

Does it need to be charged?

No. Foamatic runs on standard AA batteries, which need to be replaced when fully drained.

Are the transactions safe on the website of the company?

The transactions are absolutely safe as it has the approval of 256-bit agencies, such as McAfee Secure, Norton Secured, and Truste Verified.

Final Verdict

When it comes to cleanliness, we do not think you should be compromising with that. There are a lot of things that can harm you if you are not careful, especially during these trying times. Foamatic allows a hands-free approach towards cleaning your hands so that you can avoid preventable diseases and keep yourself and your family safe.

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