LastTissue Review 2022- Reusable Organic Tissue

I must have gone through twenty Kleenex a day the last time I had a cold. I felt awful about wasting money and contributing to landfills, but I couldn’t go more than five minutes without sneezing or wiping my nose. I could have spared myself and the environment many difficulties if I’d known about LastTissue at the time.

Consider the Following Before Purchasing a Final Tissue

The LastTissue is really your last tissue. It’s a six-pack of washable handkerchiefs that enables you to save money and protect the environment by reusing tissues rather than throwing away handfuls of disposable tissues. Consider the following before purchasing your LastTissue pack.

  1. Do you have children at home?:

If you have children in the family, be advised that they are unlikely to appreciate the concept of using a reused tissue while they are unwell. Therefore, you may want to have some disposable tissues on hand just for them.

  1. Are you willing to clean and reuse your tissues?:

LastTissue does need a bit more effort than conventional single-use tissues. Once all six tissues are soiled, they must be washed. It doesn’t take much work, but it is a bit more complex than just using them once and discarding them. Additionally, some individuals may be crept off by the prospect of recycling a tissue used to blow their nose.

  1. Are you seeking to make some more savings?:

While it may not seem like you spend a lot of money on tissues, the cost rapidly mounts up when you have a cold. Additionally, consider how often you use tissues in your daily life. Blowing your nose, removing makeup, wiping your eyes—with each usage, you’re discarding another tissue. A box of Kleenex costs roughly $5, which is around the price of a cup of coffee. Consider how much money you could save if you never had to purchase another box of Kleenex.

What is LastTissue?

An image of LastTissue

At first, the concept of reusable tissue may seem weird, similar to that of reusing napkins or toilet paper. However, consider that humans have used handkerchiefs for centuries, while disposable tissues are a relatively recent idea.

The Last Tissue is a repackaged collection of handkerchiefs. However, the Last Tissue has unique qualities that a regular handkerchief does not, such as a convenient carrying box and plush, ultra-soft fabric.

It’s easy to use a pack of Last Tissues. Take a tissue, place it at the top of the pack, and then take the subsequent tissue from the bottom. Once all six have been used, they will be washed and repackaged. It’s an excellent method to save money and reduce waste in your family. Additionally, Last Tissues come in a handy carrying case that fits conveniently in a handbag, briefcase, or glove box.

How Does Reusable Organic Tissue Work?

Working of Reusable Organic Tissue Explained

After the tissues themselves, the most excellent thing about the LastTissue is how it works; it has an ingenious method of serving you. While I’m out, I grab the package, draw them out one by one, and use them all as necessary. Then, after I’ve used them, I place them back in the pouch from the top inlet to store used tissues until they’re completely depleted.

The bag separates them and safeguards the good from the bad; that’s sanitary! I wash them when I get home and reuse them the following time; it’s similar to using handkerchiefs but wiser! Of course, you may wash them in the same manner as for regular clothing, with no additional treatment required; isn’t that a fantastic idea?

How To Use LastTissues?

Utilizing the LastTissue should be a breeze due to the lack of a complex procedure. Nonetheless, here is a comprehensive instruction on utilizing the LastTissue, including how to use the tissues, clean them up, and reuse them rather than tossing them away:

Step – 1: Using the tissues – 

Let’s begin by discussing how you utilize the tissues from the dispenser or bag. A tiny aperture in the outlet under the pouch enables you to extract a tissue simultaneously; pull it, and it will come straight off. After it’s removed, the tissue may be used just like any other one-time tissue you’re used to using in your daily life. In addition, the tissue is allergen-free due to its 100 percent organic cotton construction, much like a hygiene handkerchief.

Step – 2: Keeping the used tissue – 

Once you’ve used up all of the tissue, it’s time to store it safely for future use. The pouch stores used tissue in the same compartment, but it is pushed out via the higher entrance. You may insert used tissues into the pouch via the hole on the top, and they will remain separate from the other tissues. The bag has an invisible barrier that keeps new tissues contained inside. There are six tissues inside; you may keep track of how many you use, or you’ll know when they’re all gone just by looking at it.

Step – 3: Cleaning them –

To clean them, remove them from the pouch and wash them in a standard washing machine. However, ensure that you wash them at a 60° temperature to prolong their life without compromising their integrity. Dry them the same way you would dry other garments after washing them with standard towels and clothing. Additionally, you may clean the pouch in a standard dishwasher since the silicon packet is safe to clean in that manner.

Step – 4: Reusing the tissues – 

The beauty of the LastTissue is that it is reusable, which is not feasible with single-use face tissues. So, after using all six tissues, cleaning and drying them, it’s time to refill the pouch and reuse them. Open the lid, fold the tissues, and pour them inside one by one; repeat for all six. This way, you may reuse each tissue at least 460 times, say goodbye to single-use tissues, and say hello to a more affordable method to remain clean outdoors!

Benefits and Features of LastTissue

Explaining features of LastTisue

Are you still undecided? Here is a complete list of Last Tissue’s features and advantages.

Provides Additional Convenience:

You might purchase a handkerchief, but once it is used, it must be washed before being reused. Last Tissue provides a rotating supply of six tissues, ensuring that you always have something with which to blow your nose. This is particularly critical if you are ill and consuming a large number of tissues. Bear in mind that you’ll need to keep them clean—if you’re ill and sneezing often, you’ll probably always have one or two tissues in the washing.

Environmentally Friendly:

Carrying a pack of reusable tissues is considerably more environmentally friendly than using disposable tissues—especially if you’re ill and go through ten tissues an hour. According to the Last Tissue website, a single pack of handkerchiefs may substitute for 2,800 throwaway tissues. That may not sound like much, but consider a landfill full of 2,800 wadded-up tissues. 

In terms of the environment, the case in which your tissues are packaged is 100 percent biodegradable, which means that you won’t be contributing to excessive landfill garbage if you lose it or throw it away.

More Sanitary:

You may not consider reuse tissues to be incredibly sanitary. However, consider the filthy, torn-up packet of tissues stashed at the bottom of your handbag. With Last Tissue, you can finally throw away that packet and always have a pack of clean, beautifully packed tissues on hand. Additionally, since these tissues are cloth-based, they can be sanitized and disinfected, which is not feasible with disposable tissues.

Concerning the tissues themselves, a silicone barrier separates the filthy from the clean, ensuring that no germs or mucus are transferred across the tissues. So you’ll always have clean, sanitary tissue on hand.

Assist You in Saving Money:

A reusable tissue pack is more expensive than a box of tissues upfront. However, how many boxes or packets of tissues do you consume in a single year? Perhaps four or five? Your Last Tissue pack has already paid for itself after the first year. And each year after that, you’re truly saving money. Purchase one for each member of your home, and they will benefit as well.

Simple To Clean:

When all six tissues are unclean, remove them from the packaging and place them in the washing machine. They’re durable enough to withstand washing. However, you may prolong their life by using a laundry bag. Alternatively, you may wash your tissues by hand. In any case, after they’re clean, repackaging them in the container is a straightforward procedure.

Plush, Soft Fabric:

For handkerchiefs, the fabric can be rough. But for LastTisue, it isn’t. 

 Even disposable tissues may be rough and abrasive, causing allergic responses in specific individuals. Last Tissues, on the other hand, are manufactured entirely of natural cotton. They’re luxuriously soft and won’t irritate or hurt your skin. As a result, you may discover that they are preferable to the disposable tissues used in your bathroom.

Carrying Case:

If you’ve ever had a pack of tissues in your purse, you’re aware that the plastic begins to shred and deteriorate with time, resulting in dirty and damaged tissues. As a result, you end up discarding the whole pack before it is even opened. Your reusable tissue set from Last Tissue comes in a rugged carrying container that can withstand almost anything. You may clean and sanitize it in the dishwasher and reintroduce it to your bag or glove compartment. The casing is constructed of rigid silicone that will not bend, split, or deform under extreme circumstances.

Set Of Reusable Tissues:

The most apparent advantage of the Last Tissue is that it provides an entirely reusable tissue anytime one is required. No more squandering money on boxes and packets of tissues spread around your home. Each tissue may be washed up to 460 times, which should be plenty for a lifetime of washings. And if you misplace or toss away a tissue, have no fear—five more will be waiting for you in the pack. It’s the ideal solution to eliminate hidden expenditures.

Pricing of LastTissue

Prices for LastTissue vary depending on the quantity ordered. To be more exact:

  • 8 LastTissue Packs: $ 99.96 + free U.S. S&H
  • 5 LastTissue Packs: $ 74.97 + free U.S. S&H
  • 3 LastTissue Packs: $ 49.98 + S&H
  • 1 LastTissue Pack: $ 24.99 + S&H

Is There a Refund Policy and a Warranty?

The maker of LastTissue offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on the product. This implies you may return the goods to the manufacturer if you are dissatisfied with the quality. However, if it does not perform as promised, you may make a claim, and LastTissue would gladly accept it back. When I encountered this difficulty, I utilized it and, rather than returning the goods, I purchased two more for my wife, which solved the problem.

Where Can I Purchase This?

When I first learned about it via a LastTissue Review, I searched and discovered that the producer sells the device online. I feel that purchasing anything directly from the manufacturer is the safest way to ensure that you receive a genuine article. If you’re interested in purchasing one as well, you should do it via LastTissue’s official website for the best pricing.

Additionally, LastTissue is now offering an incredible bargain; they offer a free LastTissue bundle with the purchase of two. That’s three LastTissues for the price of two, which I believe is a beautiful offer. You will not regret purchasing the LastTissue, as I did; saving money in the long run and assisting the environment are additional factors to consider.


In general, the Last Tissue may take some initial expenditure, but it is well worth it. You’ll benefit the environment by generating less trash, and you’ll benefit yourself by accumulating a little more cash each month.

It’s sanitary and made entirely of natural cotton that feels gentle and relaxing on the skin. Additionally, it has a compact carrying bag that is durable and strong enough to handle being bashed about in your handbag.

If you’re interested in purchasing a pack of Last Tissues for yourself, you may do so online here.

The carrying case comes in various colors, allowing you to purchase one for each member of your family without having to worry about them being mixed up.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes it cool?

The Lasttissue box and tissues may be washed and reused as a handkerchief. Each tissue is reusable at least 460 times, and there are six of them included inside the flexible silicone casing.

How is it beneficial to the environment?

The LastTissue is a replacement for the one-time tissues for which we chop millions of trees. With LastTissue, you can minimize the ongoing environmental concern associated with single-use tissues.

What colors are available?

LastTissue is available in five distinct colors to complement your dress or attitude. However, the color fluctuation is limited to the silicon casing; the tissues are entirely white.

How compact is it?

The LastTissue is pretty tiny, and it fits well in your pocket. The tissues within are 18 x 18 cm, while the silicone casing is 11 x 5.5 x 2.5 cm.

How are unused and utilized tissues distinguished?

Within the LastTissue bag, there is a concealed divider that separates the user from the new tissues. The divider prevents them from coming into contact with the filthy tissues while using the clean ones.

How can I clean LastTissue?

Washing the LastTissue is simple; you can use a standard dishwasher to wash the tissues and bag. To maintain the integrity of the tissues, wash them at 60°F.

When should I anticipate receiving my order?

Fast. All purchases are processed and sent within 24-48 hours after receipt! In the United States, our merchandise is typically delivered within 3-5 business days. For orders sent outside the United States of America, please allow 7-12 business days for delivery. Delivery times vary according to country.