Blaux Cleanse Review – Cleaner and More Sanitary than Expensive Toilet Paper!

If you’re not crazy, you would wash your hands in the water! Well, Well, Well, Well, Well, Well Well, Cleaning your butt works the same way. When you wipe your butts too much, does it cause irritation? What do you do if half a roll of toilet paper isn’t enough to clean that booty? The Blaux Cleanse truly cleans your behind without smearing it with toilet paper, unlike most bidets.

What is Blaux Cleanse?

The Blaux Cleanse is a bidet that attaches easily to any toilet. It’s an easy do-it-yourself job, and doesn’t require any plumber or special tools. Once attached, you just turn the knob to wash your butt in a cool, refreshing, cleansing stream of water. You’ll get cleaner than you EVER could with toilet paper.

Blaux Cleanse is an easy-to-use bidet that attaches to any toilet. There’s no need to hire a plumber or buy special tools for the job – it’s simple. Once attached, you simply turn a knob to get a refreshing stream of water to wash your butt. Your bum will never be so clean!

The Blaux Cleanse is a bidet that attaches easily to any toilet. It’s an easy do-it-yourself job, and doesn’t require any plumber or special tools.

Product Specifications

  • No need for electricity
  • Can install on most toilet seats
  • Installed between the base toilet seat and the toilet seat cover
  • Connect included US spec tube to water outlet and device (Cold water)
  • Turn the knob to either rear or front cleansing
  • Power relies on the water pressure of your outlet and how much of the knob your turn
  • Easy to clean ABS plastic construction

Features Of Blaux Cleanse

Super High Quality Craftsmanship
Blaux Cleanse is manufactured from the highest-caliber materials for superior craftmanship and functionality. It’s guaranteed to keep on working just when you need it most!
Adjustable Power Setting
Both the front and rear facing water jets on the Blaux Cleanse can be set exactly how you like them. Set a low power for a gentle stream, or increase the pressure for when you really need it!
The Ultimate in Cleanliness
The Blaux Cleanse will make your behind as clean as if you just got out of the shower! No scrubbing with a dry piece of toilet paper could ever compare! And you don’t need to spend a fortune on expensive wet wipes, either!

How To Use the Blaux Cleanse

How To Use the Blaux Cleanse
  • Just sit down on the toilet and do your business
  • Turn the knob to wash yourself with a jet of refreshing water.
  • Enjoy having a cleaner butt than you ever have before!

Buying guide to Buy the Best Bidet?


A bidet’s price is usually the first, and often most significant consideration. If you want to use a bidet, you have to decide what you can spend, taking into account the costs and savings. It is estimated that an average US family of four uses 501 rolls of toilet paper in a year, which is $417 a year. In addition to saving over $300 a year, a bidet will cut your toilet paper use by 75%. 

Additionally, it is best to consider this an investment over the long run. The models available come with varying warranties, meaning a quality bidet should last a long time. For example, a $400 bidet would only cost $40 per year for a ten-year lifespan. It is important to consider what is important to you, how much you are willing to spend, and which functions you need.

Bidets are primarily used for cleaning. We sell numerous bidets with adjustable nozzles and adjustable widths. Some bidets work better than others, and there may be other differences.

Water Temperature

Bidets are most improved by switching from cold water to warm water. Low-cost models often feature different heat settings. Two methods can be used to heat the water. There are models that connect directly to hot water lines, like the bathroom sink, while other models have mini holding tanks that hold heated water. In contrast to the hot water line method, the latter provides instant warmth.

Electrical VS Non Electrical

It is possible to see a significant rise in the prices of non-electric bidets if you upgrade to electrical bidets. Non-electric bidet models have fewer features than electrical bidet models since they do not have electricity. They are merely functional. In addition to hot wire line attachments and feminine wash features, some models offer self-cleaning nozzles. However, these are the most notable features. A bidet that is electrical comes with all the bells and whistles. 

To provide a basic guideline, non-electric bidets will cost between $40-$100, while electrical bidets will begin at $200 and go up from there. It is also important to keep in mind that you will need an electrical outlet if you decide to go the electrical route.

If you are going to buy a bidet toilet seat, you need to consider the temperature of the water and whether it is electrical or not. If you are interested in purchasing a seat that is priced under $100 or over $200, you can choose between these two features alone. Now, I will describe how each feature works and how important each one is, and how they can be upgraded.

Feminine Wash

Adding a feminine nozzle position to the basic feature upgrade is the second most common upgrade. A feminine wash function on a bidet involves adjusting the nozzle angle to point forward for women, rather than into the seat back. This feature is not required if the bidet is only meant for men. It may be important if it is used by women.

Heated Seat

People enjoy this feature because it allows them to sit on a warm seat. During the winter months, this feature is especially useful. The option of a warm seat can be turned off if desired, but many customers appreciate it when they sit on one.

Heated Air Dry

In addition to the heated air dry feature, another major bidet upgrade adds an additional step to the bidet process. After using the bidet, the posterior area can be dried by turning on the warm air flow. A warm air hand dryer like those you find in retail and restaurant restrooms produces a similar amount of heat and pressure. It can effectively dry wet areas in a short time. Toilet paper may not be needed at all when heated air dry is chosen.

Adjustable Water Temperature

The temperature of the water must be adjustable if you want warm water. Once you have decided that you want warm water, the next decision is whether you want to adjust it. This feature is available on most electrical bidets, though the most basic ones won’t have it. As you’ll be spraying yourself for the next few years, it may be beneficial to choose a temperature you’ll enjoy over the course of the year.

Adjustable Water Pressure

In most electrical bidets, the water pressure can also be adjusted. Every person is different, so being able to customize the strength or lightness of the water spray is a nice option. A setting may be too soft for some, while too strong for others.

Adjustable Nozzle Position

When it comes to electric bidets, you’ll see that many have adjustable nozzles, but you should always double-check. Most of the bidets available today operate similarly. Due to different features, brands, and materials, their prices differ.

Adjustable Spray Width

There are a few bidet models with this feature, but it is less common. The nozzle’s spray width can be adjusted in this way. Even though it’s not extremely important, it’s a nice feature.

Oscillating Cleanse

Some bidets offer oscillating cleansing as well. People like this, but it isn’t a necessity for them. An oscillating cleansing spray gives a wide spray area that doesn’t require your body to be adjusted. Although this feature is not a ‘must’, it is a great option if you want the ultimate in comfort and a deeper clean.


A warranty is the last thing to consider. Make sure you buy something that will last if you’re making a significant purchase. A guarantee will give you peace of mind. The more expensive electrical bidets usually come with some sort of warranty, but some bidets do not come with any warranty at all. Typically, warranties are between one and five years. Some warranties cover the entire product, while others only cover a small portion after the first year.

Why do we recommend Blaux Cleanse?

Would you recommend Blaux Cleanse to a friend?

The first thing I want to mention is its GENTLENESS. Getting rid of grease stains on your behind is no longer a matter of scrubbing at them with your backward. You can adjust the pressure as strongly as you want using the adjustable knob if you need more power.

Do you know that removable shower head you pull out of the wall to rinse your behind? It does that, too. Similar, only specifically made for cleaning butts!

Third, it is refreshing. Imagine taking a nice, hot shower while your private parts are being cleaned.

Pros of Blaux Cleanse

  • As compared with toilet paper, a Blaux Cleanse promotes better hygiene.
  • Water savings may be achieved with Blaux Cleanse over time.
  • By using less toilet paper, they save money.
  • Clogged pipes are less likely to occur when there is less toilet paper.
  • When you suffer from certain bowel conditions, Blaux Cleanse offers better relief than toilet paper.

Benefits Of Using Blaux Cleanse

  • Blaux Cleanse washes your behind with a stream of clean, refreshing water!
  • Cleans better and is more sanitary than using toilet paper!
  • Environmentally responsible, reduces waste!
  • Easy DIY installation takes just minutes; installs on any toilet!
  • If you are not satisfied with your product, you can return it within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.
  • No electricity required, Blaux Cleanse runs solely on water pressure, with no shock risks.
  • One touch operation; just twist the dial until you reach your desired water pressure.
  • Far cleaner than toilet paper; keep clean by washing away all kinds of dirt and bacteria

Best Place to Buy Blaux Cleanse

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Using Blaux Cleanse is better than using toilet paper. A refreshing stream of clean water sprays out of the nozzle and cleans you off. The bid day is pronounced BID-day, by the way.

The water that comes from a bidet jet onto your behind after you’ve pooped, cleansing you in a way that’s THOUSAND times more sanitary than using toilet paper.

By not using toilet paper, you save tons of money besides being cleaner. The only thing you need to do now is wiping yourself dry with some toilet paper. The amount of toilet paper you use will still be a fraction of how much you used to use.