Stankstix Review 2022- Remove Bad Odor Easily

What is that one thing that everybody hates? Whether they are kids or elders, male or female, rich or poor. This thing makes you pinch your nose and hold your breath. Yes, you got it right; it’s a stinky smell. Read our honest Stankstix Review,

Especially sportspersons have to go through it daily. When they play, they sweat a lot, and that sweating creates moisture and odor in all the pieces of equipment they wear.

Now they can’t buy new gear every day and also can’t wash them daily cause it takes days to completely dry gloves, shoulder pads, elbow pads, shoes, etc. They can easily get ruined if not washed properly. Besides, not all types of equipment are washable; they can easily get damaged when washed. So when you are not able to wash them. You wear those same moist and smelly equipment again and again.

Not just sports persons but those who go to the gym, or even some people’s feet smell just by walking. Wet gear is not just bad for your nose, but they also lead to growing bacteria, and it can be harmful to your health as well. According to a study, nearly 20 to 25% of the world population gets fungal skin infections because of moist wearables.

Now let’s talk about household smells. Places like where we keep dustbin, shoes, under the washbasin, or moist places it stinks the most.

Nobody wants to sniff that stinky smell.

This unpleasant smell is bad for you but imagines how torturous it is for those around you. So you must do others a favor by erasing that pungent smell from yourself.

Now you must be thinking if there’s a magic wand which you could just flick and get rid of that smell.

Well, we don’t have any magic wand but magic stix for you. After using the incredible stix, you can say bye-bye to all kinds of stinky smells. The nose-saving stix is StankStix.

What is StankStix?

An image of Stankstix

Stanstix is an award-winning deodorizer and odor managing system. Each StankStix has replaceable deodorizing and moisture soaking bags in the perforated tubes. They can easily fit in your smelly gears, bags and can absorb harmful moisture, constrain 99.9% of stink causing bacteria expansion on the equipment’s surface within 24 hours for at least a decade.

Sounds interesting but how does it work?

Working of Stankstix explained

When protective equipment for sports and all types of shoes, boots & cleats are moistened with sweat after use, bacteria and fungus grows and produce a terrible odor. The Silver Seal technology is used in Strix antimicrobial plastic, which eliminates 99.9% of odor-causing bacteria growth and also destroys the odor it generates. It reduces bacteria like that coffee which you put on the gas and forget to turn off.

With a 10-year of life span, the antimicrobial additive is completely nontoxic, and it’s a safe substitute for harsh chemical sprays. So there’s no need to buy a new Stix; just replace the fresh perfumed inserts periodically for outstanding performance.

Let’s check out the specs now.

Stankstix Features

Silver Seal technology

StankStix is made to kill by the combination of natural plant-based oils and silver to attract and kill 99.9% of microbes which is the main cause of producing odor in your gears. The Silver Seal technology used in this product not only eliminates the microbes but also reduces moisture which leads those microbes to grow. It extracts the smell out of your gears by attracting the microbes to the StankStix.

Non-toxic materials 

We all know how harmful chemical exposure can be for our health, but the natural, non-toxic materials used in StankStix make sure we remain healthy. Using non-chemical technology is good for our environment also.


StankStix helps you by eliminating moisture and odor for as long as 10 years.  So you don’t have to purchase a new Stix. It saves money and time. StankStix is not like aerosol, which runs out within a month or so. The plants’ oil and Silver used in StankStix attract and kill microbes that create odor for a decade. The inserts on each stix can easily be replaced after they lose their effectiveness.

Tips: You have to unscrew the caps from the end of each stick. Pull out the old one and insert the new one, and screw back the caps again.

Can use in multiple items

Though it is specifically designed to eliminate stink from gloves and shoes, it can also be used in almost any stinky item, including workout clothes, gym bags, clothing bin, garbage cans, and any damp place which allows growing microbes.

Convenient design

Joined by a handle in the middle, StankStix is simply a pair of sticks. It can easily be inserted in any kind of shoes, whether it is for adults or kids, because of this product’s convenient short sticks. The short length is as effective in adult’s shoes as it is in kid’s shoes because the inserts attract microbes. The handle of these sticks is removable, so you can remove the handle and fit it in small items. The sticks have caps on the end so the inserts can be replaced when they lose effectiveness.

Kills odor fairly fast

It takes at least 24 hours for StankStix to reduce the bad smell from your gears.

Now some of you will say we are looking for an instant solution, but it’s not that bad in most conditions. The workout gears are not used more than once per day. So put the StankStix in any stinky gear you want to deodorize and let them work. After 24 hours, you will get significant improvement.

Permanent solution 

When you buy new shoes, gloves, gym bags, etc, you want them to keep stink-free. It is possible now because of these StankStix by using them before the smell implants.

Easy to use

It is very easy to use; you just have to place it in your shoes, gloves, etc., and leave it there to eliminate the moisture and odor.

Fights odor everywhere 

Whether your gears are new or used or tough to clean athletic equipment, it works on all gloves, pads, skates, shoes, cleats, boots, etc. It is useful for players of hockey, soccer, cricket, lacrosse, baseball, dance, basketball gear, and more.

Inhibit bacterial growth

These stix work fast, and they are made of non-toxic ingredients. These Stix just don’t mask the smell; it works hard to counteract them.

Provide good smell

This product has the smell of cedar tree or rose brush which everyone likes. It replaces the bad smell with a pleasant one by neutralizing the odor.

How to use StankStix?

Stankstix used in Nike Shoes

Using StankStix is as easy as pie. You can simply follow these steps:

Place the stix in your gloves, shoes, or any item you want to remove odor from.

Adjust its height according to your gear with the handle.

The smell will be removed gradually, so all you have to do is wait and let it do its work.

Best put the Stix at night and pull out the next day.

What is StankStix made of?

The handle provided in StankStix is made of paracord; it also lets you hang your gloves while it is working. It is detachable, so you can easily twist it off and create individual stix and fit it in smaller shoes or larger boots. Additional caps are also included with StankStix, which you have to replace when you remove the handle. The Silver Seal plastic is antimicrobial, which restricts 99.9% of bacteria growth which causes odor. The inserts bags of StankStix are completely chemical-free; they absorb moisture and deodorize. A removable clip is also attached to it. It can be used through the shoelaces on shoes, the wrist guards of gloves or can be removed if not required.

Where can I buy a new pair of refill bags?

You can buy a new pair of insert stix directly from StankStix’s official website.

Pros and Cons

  • The Silver Seal technology used in this product provides long-lasting performance for at least 10 years.
  • It quickly removes bad odors from used gears and all wearable accessories.
  • Effectively kills odor-causing particles, bacteria, and germs.
  • No toxic elements used in this product make it safe for everyone.
  • The removable handle of StankStix helps fitting it into all sized gears perfectly.
  • It easily absorbs moisture caused by sweating and ensures a pleasant smell.
  • After every 3 to 4 months, you have to replace the deodorizer bag.


As mentioned on StankStix‘s official website, the price is $29.99, but it is available on websites like Amazon and eBay and also on other third-party websites. It will be a good idea to buy it directly from the StankStix official website as they provide a 10 years warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you feel that your StankStix is now working properly, you can ask for a replacement or refund also within 30 days. You can also buy refill bags from the StankStix website at $9.49, as extra refill bags are not provided. The delivery time varies depending on distance and country.


Nobody likes to have a funky smell in their gears, or the plastic garbage can, or other household items. But the inevitable smell is not easy to get rid of. So it is a great idea to buy StankStix. Because it is specially designed to help you remove microbes by attracting them to StankStix, it draws out the main reason for odor which is moisture, and eliminates it.

It is unique, and you must buy this product. Cause there is no other product as effective and long-lasting as StankStix.