Safeview Video Doorbell Review: Best Video Doorbell For Home Security

With the increase in security awareness, it becomes increasingly important to watch our properties and make sure we are protected adequately. Protecting our property, home, and porch from theft, home invasions, porch pirates, and even unsolicited solicitors is crucial with video doorbells and other security cameras.

Safeview’s video doorbell provides you with the ability to monitor your house even when you are not physically present. It has been recommended to every homeowner since the introduction of the video doorbell to keep their home secure and safe at all times. Read here Safeview Video Doorbell review to know why this should be there in every house.

What is Safeview Video Doorbell?

Safe View video doorbell has high-definition HD video, movement detection, and smartphone notifications, and is low-cost, wireless, and simple to install. As with other video doorbells, it lets you see what’s going on in your compound via Wi-Fi, so you can monitor it via your smartphone. We have written this review after thoroughly researching how Safeview works.

Keeping track of the front entrance of your home or office is easy with Safeview video doorbells. This doorbell is high-quality and reliable. It is a wireless doorbell, so you don’t have to worry about wiring.

A video doorbell gives you the option of seeing who is at the door and conversing with them (this is possible with those with two-way audio). In addition, you will be able to watch videos of people who come to your door when you’re not there.

Why a video doorbell is a must have tool

An indoor video doorbell is essential for anyone who wants to protect themselves from property theft, home invasions, and unwanted visitors. Video doorbells offer the following features:

  • Never miss a visitor: You will receive an alert on your phone if any visitors arrive at your home. Install a video doorbell in your home and you won’t miss a visitor again.
  • Have property security and surveillance: In addition to ensuring security and surveillance, video doorbells are increasingly common. Theft protection is as important as acquiring properties. Getting your home secured is easier with a video doorbell.
  • Record and capture for proof: Thanks to Safeview video doorbell’s high resolution camera lens, you can see what is happening at home even when you are not there. Proof will be provided by these records and photographs. Your doorbell will reveal an impostor if he/she tells you he (she) visited your house when you were away.

Features of Safeview Video Doorbell

  • Easy installation: Wireless video doorbells are easier to set up and less expensive than wired video doorbells. Your video doorbell can be mounted in any appropriate area and connected to any App to stream anything that is happening in your yard.
  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery: Since a wired doorbell won’t go off, many individuals believe it is better than a rechargeable doorbell. However, what happens if the power goes out? Wireless doorbells with rechargeable batteries offer a clear advantage here. The battery must be fully charged for it to work.
  • GEO fencing and advanced motion detection: The video doorbell from Safeview has these two features. There is a motion detector that detects any movement around the doorway. When a visitor approaches a home’s door, the system alerts the owner. Your friends can visit while you are away, and robbers can attempt to break into your home while you are away. The field of view is also quite large. Your home is not just protected by the front door, but a substantial portion of it.
  • Alerts sent to your smartphone: Any movement or sound detected by the Safeview video doorbell triggers an alarm on your phone. Your phone can also receive streaming video via WiFi. The person approaching your door can be seen before they knock. Android and iOS mobile devices are both supported. Install the App on your phone during installation, then connect the app to the doorbell.
  • HD videos are recorded: Safeview video doorbell records HD videos in high definition. The door can be seen even at night. Burglars may try to take advantage of the darkness, but your video doorbell is keeping you safe. Everything that happens will be recorded and documented for security reasons. Video doorbells ensure that your home is completely secure and safe.

What makes it special

A homeowner will be able to enjoy a lot of cool benefits from it. Listed below are some of the benefits of Safeview’s video doorbell.

Wide-angle of view
Your compound can be covered by the sensor and camera. You will not only be able to see and record video of the visitor just outside your door, but it will capture video of anyone inside your property as well. The camera has a horizontal view of 170 degrees and a vertical view of 90 degrees. You can both see the person at your door and watch your front yard (porch) from this wide-angle camera lens.
IR Day and Night vision
Video doorbells like the Safeview have been developed for more than just recording videos and capturing people throughout the day. Also, it records clearly what goes on at night in your porch. Because it is equipped with an IR night vision camera, you will always be able to see who is at your front door even in the dark. Darkness cannot limit the use of this camera.
Communicate with your visitors
There are two audios in this video. A microphone (microphone) records what your visitors say, which is sent to you through your smartphone, while a speaker (audio) transmits the sound coming from your end to your visitors. In this way, you can exchange notes or instructions with your visitor in real-time. The advantage is that you are able to talk to anyone who comes up to your door irrespective of where you are. Then, your friend can exchange information with you while you’re away from home. The video doorbell will still allow you to communicate even if you are not around.
Special sensors
A very effective motion sensor is built into this device. The motion detector recognizes visitors who intentionally approach your door or do so by accident and automatically sends an alert to your smartphone. You can therefore come out into your yard if you are inside.
Take quick action
By receiving a smart alert on your phone, the Safeview video doorbell enables you to act quickly. It is unfortunate that there are thieves and burglars looking for every single opportunity to make off with people’s properties; if we only had good people visiting our home, nobody would think of security cameras or video doorbells. Thus, security cameras and video doorbells are necessary. It does not matter whether there is a sound or motion at your door, Safeview video doorbell will notify you instantly. This allows you to take a glance and get a sense of what is happening quickly. If you believe the person at your door has malicious intentions, you should take action immediately. A smart doorbell will alert you as well if you have a visitor who needs your attention urgently.

What are the parts of Safeview video doorbell

Many parts of it contribute to its effectiveness. The following are some of them:

  • PIR motion sensor: Detects movement around your compound  
  • Infrared LED x 6: Helps the camera to provide up to 30 feet of video. 
  • Light sensor: For detecting objects. 
  • 170 degrees HD camera: For recording and capturing 
  • Microphone: The audio system that picks up the sound from the visitor. 
  • Push button: For alerting the house owner.
  • LED indicator: Indicates that your doorbell is up and running.
  • Speaker: Delivers the sound from the home owner to the visitor

What are included in the box

Safeview video doorbells come with the following items. For any missing items, please contact the customer service team.

  • Video Doorbell. 
  • Installation Tools and Screws.
  • Quick start guide. 
  • User Manual. 
  • Security Sticker

Where to Buy Safeview Video Doorbell

A product should be purchased directly from the manufacturer. Even though there may be other vendors claiming to have the original product, consumers are advised to always make any purchase from the official website of the manufacturer.

On the official product page of the Safeview Video Doorbell, you can get 50% off all purchases. With each additional unit purchased, the discount increases. A special offer is also available at the moment. Safeview video doorbells come with a free doorbell if you buy two and you get two for free if you buy three.

Additionally, every purchase is backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee. Please contact the customer service team if you have a problem with the product or are not happy with the purchase and you would like to receive a refund.

How does it Safeview Video Doorbell work?

As with any video doorbell, it works the same. Your smartphone receives live video over Wi-Fi. Both an Android and an iOS app are included with the Safeview video doorbell, which supports Wi-Fi 2.4G. No matter if you have an Android or an iOS smartphone, you can download it from the Google Play Store or Apple Store. Make sure your app is properly connected to your doorbell.

Safe View is a smart video doorbell that is weatherproof. Its sensitivity and accuracy are relatively unaffected by weather changes. A good night photo is also possible with the lens because it is highly sensitive. The view is much wider, enabling you to see every corner of your property.

Initially, you must fully charge the battery (a year) in order to make it last that long. Install your phone nearby your doorbell, so it can clearly see what is going on at the door. Install the app and follow its instructions. By turning it on, your smart doorbell will begin to work. There’s not much to it.

Advantages of Safeview Video Doorbell

Video doorbells are vital for homes to protect from burglary, home invasions, and undesired guests. With a video doorbell, you can:

  • Never let a visitor go unnoticed: An alert will be sent to your phone if any visitor is detected at your home. In the event that you have ever missed a visitor, you will never miss one again once your home is equipped with a high-quality video doorbell.
  • Have property security and surveillance: Video doorbells and security cameras are installed primarily for security and surveillance purposes. A property can be acquired, but it must also be protected from theft. The video doorbell can make your life easier if you want to secure your home.
  • Make a note of it and save it for future reference: A high-resolution camera lens on Safeview’s video doorbell allows you to keep detailed records of what happens at home even if you aren’t at home. Documents and captures will serve as proof. The doorbell rings when someone tells you he (she) was at your house while you were away, exposing them.


Different manufacturers and advertisements claim their video doorbells are the best. Some of them do not work, however. When looking for a video doorbell, check to see if it has a motion sensor, high-definition video, and a two-way audio system. Rechargeable wireless video doorbells should have a battery that can last up to 8 months on a single charge.

Our Safeview video doorbell review shows that it includes all of these features and more. It’s cheap and easy to set up and use. Both iOS and Android devices work perfectly with it.