MaxCool Reviews: Is It The Best Portable Air Cooler?

Heatwaves are a part of summer, and predictions from weather forecasts indicate that this summer’s heatwave will only become worse. Regardless matter how hot the season is, you may chill your room utilizing an air cooler. But many people are wondering how they may purchase an air cooler that successfully cools their room without using a lot of energy and without emitting a loud buzzing sound.

The MaxCool portable air cooler is portable and can be used outside or when you’re driving your RV across the country. It can help you stay cool anywhere and at any given time. Furthermore, this will only cost a fraction of what a full-fledged air conditioner will cost you. Also, no electricity charges are involved because this air cooler doesn’t use electricity; it uses water.

You can place this air cooler anywhere you like since it doesn’t need to be permanently installed. In addition to these great features, this amazing air cooler is also silent, meaning it will not emit any sound that may irritate the user.

What is MaxCool?

Modern cooling technology is extremely safe to use in the environment since it does not produce or give off harmful chemicals or compounds. Users can take this portable air conditioner everywhere they go and be sure that you won’t feel hot thanks to its small size and lightweight. Additionally, this cooling device has a brushless motor fan, which makes it extremely quiet when it’s running and helps you work and sleep without being interrupted.

MaxCool is a high-tech cooling system that instantly cools your area and moistens the air to prevent dryness brought on by a lack of moisture in the air. To guarantee that you breathe in cool, fresh, and clean air, it also cleanses the air you breathe using its changeable, washable filters or cartridge.

It helps you save money by preventing you from paying expensive power bills because its cooling system is made to use very little energy. To top it all off, It offers incredible savings and is offered for purchase at very reasonable costs! This air cooler is user-friendly and intended to be readily controlled by anybody, even without the requirement for technology know-how or specialized technical abilities!


Portable and Effective: This will make it your ideal travel companion because it can fit wherever as long as you have a standard USB in sight.

Uses Water to cool the air: Water is used to chill the air in the room, and there is an easy-to-refill inbuilt humidifier tank that humidifies and cools the air that is blasted out. This increases the humidity in the air, ensuring that it does not impact the individuals it is designed to serve.

Can Be Used While Traveling- The MaxCool AC will be your greatest buddy whether you are traveling, camping, working in an office, or working out at the gym.

Leak-Proof Design: This cooling system is made with a leak-proof design that leaves no place for water to leak or spill. When water is added to the water tank, it remains there.

Vents: To reduce the scorching temperature in your environment, MaxCool contains vents through which Leafless fog escapes.

Brushless Motor fan: MaxCool includes an integrated brushless motor fan that aids in the cooling system’s quiet operation. Its quiet profile ensures that usage is uninterrupted.

Easy to Use: Simply turn it on, and in less than a minute you will be breathing in a pleasant burst of cold, fresh air.

Cooling cartridge that is washable and replaceable: This cooling system includes a cooling cartridge that enables moisture to escape through vents. Both hand washing and dishwasher cleaning are options for this cartridge. Although it can be changed, it can endure for six to eight months before needing to be.

How does MaxCool Portable AC work?

MaxCool, as you know, is not like traditional air conditioners. The MaxCool air cooler makes use of water to help keep the room or your surroundings cool. It works based on evaporative cooling, which means that due to the circulation of water after your pour it into when the water circulates in the device, it cools the air running through it, and that cool air is what you enjoy.

It’s as simple as that. This air cooler is one of the simplest and most effective on the market. Investing in this is a wise choice.

You don’t have to plug it, just add water and press start. The MaxCool unit can be charged via USB cable, so you can take it anywhere you want.

What are the benefits of this portable ac?

MaxCool is a portable air cooler that decreases electricity expenses while maintaining an indoor temperature that is colder than the outdoor temperature. This technology is simple to maintain, and there are no expensive installation expenses. MaxCool possesses the following qualities:

  • You may choose from one of three cooling intensities based on your needs. It is a portable air-cooling system that will refresh you in minutes.
  • In addition to cooling the air within the gadget, it also purifies it. Utilizing ice-cold water minimizes skin and airway dryness.
  • The chilly air produced by it requires no chemicals.
  • Simply fill the water tank, put the unit into an electrical outlet, and turn it on to use.
  • With regular use, the MaxCool air cooler lasts for three years. A single refill of the water compartment is sufficient for 24 hours of temperature regulation.
  • MaxCool is completely safe for use during sleep. In some situations, customers may wish to leave the gadget on overnight to retain the device’s rejuvenating effect.
  • An ultra-quiet operating profile that is incredibly simple to configure
  • It’s portable and light.
  • Useful and simple
  • Eco-friendly and devoid of chemicals.
  • Consumption of little amount of energy
  • Saves you from having to pay exorbitant electricity costs.
  • When not in use, it is simple to store away.
  • Low-cost upkeep
  • Multi-functionality
  • wireless connectivity
  • Limited stock
  • No offline stores sell this product.

Maxcool Customer Reviews

“I was very impressed with this cooler! I love the compact size and the modern styling! Easy setup, easy maintenance, and it does not take up much room! Although it is not yet AC season, the afternoons in Georgia have begun to heat up. I am very happy with the job this cooler is doing for me!” – Sharlotte H.

“So, I got this thing to go camping and try to not be as hot in my TENT; I did not expect it to cool down a room, etc. This thing blows me away. I’m a Texan and I’m used to hot, humid environments; but I end up using this in my bedroom at night instead of running my AC now because IT WORKS THAT WELL! As long as it is pointing towards me within a 5-foot radius, it works super well. I hook it up to a USB cable when I camp and a battery, and it’s legit so amazing. Pretty neat little swamp cooler! Love and if you are looking for a tent fan, this thing ROCKS!” – Caroline M.

“This is super quiet and ridiculously cold. It lasts for a long time. I was super surprised by how cold it gets! Ice-cold water produces the best results!! Highly recommended for anybody who remains hot, extremely portable for small spaces, easy to store when not in use, and super super easy to set up and use. I love it, a great value for the money. It’s a high-quality product. The fact that you can clean the cartridge in the dishwasher or wash it by hand and put it in the microwave to sanitize just puts the icing on the cake for me.” – Mitchel S.

MaxCool Portable AC Price

You can only buy the MaxCool from their official website. There are multiple pricing options you can choose from:

  • One MaxCool – $49.99
  • Two MaxCools – $44.99 Per Unit
  • Three MaxCools – $35.99 Per Unit
  • Four MaxCools – $32.99 Per Unit

The manufacturers of MaxCool air coolers also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means that if you are not happy with the product, or if you received a damaged unit, then you are eligible for a full refund provided you contact customer care within 30 days from the date of purchase. Contact customer service at 1-970-680-8635 for more information on the return policy or for any other questions.


A high-efficiency air conditioner called MaxCool might provide you with alternative relief from the hot weather. You are absolutely ensured of spectacular cool and new coolness thanks to its wonderful features and benefits. You shouldn’t pass up the incredible opportunity to get MaxCool.