KeySmart Review 2022- Does This Key Organizer Really Help?

KeySmart Review: As technology advances, so does the need for simple tools and equipment. Numerous automobile manufacturers enable you to unlock your vehicle’s doors and even start the engine without first entering your key. This eliminates the need to hunt through your pockets for the correct key. As long as you have the key on your person or in your pocket, it will automatically open as you approach the door. The same key may also be used to start the engine without having to remove it. While you may not need a large number of automobile keys, you almost certainly carry other keys regularly.

Whether you are a keyholder, manager, or have other responsibilities at work, you may have a few keys that you need for work. Together with the ones you use to enter your house and any others you may have, those keys take up valuable space on your key ring.

With KeySmart, you now have a handy and straightforward method to store and manage your keys. Given that the average person carries at least five keys having an organized tool comes in helpful. In our comprehensive KeySmart review, you can learn how this equipment works and the advantages of purchasing one online.

What exactly is a KeySmart?

An image of KeySmart

Campers and outdoor lovers like Swiss army knives. Though these little gadgets resemble standard survival blades, they conceal a variety of useful gadgets. It simply takes a few seconds to unlock the tool you need for the work at hand. One reason you may like KeySmart is that the design is similar. It has a distinctive S-shape that accommodates keys on both ends. When utilizing it, you’ll alternate the location of each key to ensure that it slides out easily and does not rub or stay together. On either end, durable steel posts prevent the keys from sliding off.

KeySmart is available in a variety of colors and now has a new design. This updated design has more robust steel pillars and a connected loop. This loop allows you to attach the key fob you use to open your vehicle doors, open the trunk, and switch on and off the alarm. When used in conjunction with the extension kit, KeySmart can store up to eight keys. The expansion kit is offered complimentary with every purchase made via the link provided below. This key organizer is compatible with all essential kinds, including longer and shorter keys and foreign keys.

How Can the Key Organizer Be Used?

How to use key organizer?

Do you recall sitting for examinations in school and hearing the janitor stroll down the corridor, his keys jingling on a big chain? Even if you carry a few keys, the noises they produce when they collide may drive you insane and make you wish there was another way to store your keys. Mike, the creator of KeySmart, had his difficulties. After creating the first concept for KeySmart, he spent months refining it and adapting it to others’ requirements. Finally, Mike chose to combine aluminum and stainless steel to produce a robust but lightweight organizing tool.

Before discussing how to attach keys to this device, we wanted to ensure that you knew how to use it. This straightforward tool has two posts on either end, as well as a frame and a casing. To access the posts and add your keys, you must remove the casing. When KeySmart initially launched on Kickstarter, it was so successful that Mike quit his job and concentrated exclusively on the product. As a result, you may use KeySmart to keep track of the keys you need for work, home, and other locations.

Where Can the KeySmart Be Used?

KeySmart used for different things

While some individuals carry just one or two keys daily, the typical individual carries at least three and maybe five keys. If you examine your keychain right now, you may be astonished at how many you have. For example, you may have one key for the front door and another for the rear door, garage, or outside storage shed. In addition, those responsible for opening and closing their businesses may have keys to the safe and registers, as well as the front entrance. With KeySmart, you can carry whatever key you need while still having some space remaining.

KeySmart is a versatile application that can be used for both personal and business purposes. Professionals may choose to keep one for work-related keys and another for personal keys. Janitors and security guards may profit from this device since it assists them in organizing the equipment necessary to access all doors in a building. Additionally, you may use this to keep track of the keys to all the cars in your family. It’s also helpful if you have spare keys for your loved ones.

What Purpose Does This Serve?

If you use a key fob to start and enter your automobile and carry one home key, this gadget is unnecessary. KeySmart is designed for folks who carry many keys and are fed up with the problems associated with them. Not only may those keys weigh you down and swell your pockets, but they may also cause a headache. With KeySmart, you’ll have enough room for all of your keys but won’t hear them jingling and jangling as you walk. This is also an excellent accessory for merchants that set up at fairs and festivals. It provides room for the keys to your cars, trailers, and storage units, among other things. Other individuals who might benefit from KeySmart include the following:

  • Instructors
  • Cleaning crews and custodians
  • Supervisors
  • Guards 

Teachers at all levels sometimes need numerous keys to open classroom doors and storage cupboards. In addition, science instructors and those in other areas must keep certain materials and equipment out of the reach of their pupils. KeySmart enables them to quickly access any of the keys they need while still leaving space for any personal keys they carry.

Characteristics of KeySmart

To assist you in determining if KeySmart is the ideal tool for key organizations, we’ll go through the product’s benefits and some of the reasons you’ll want to get this device.

Aircraft Metal:

Several of the other key organizers for sale make use of a less expensive or lightweight kind of aluminum. Not only can the metal get scratched when the keys rub against one another, but it may also deform or bend. KeySmart is constructed of the same sort of stainless steel and aluminum as military aircraft. This ensures that the metal will withstand any abuse. You won’t damage the frame by keeping your keys next to your wallet, nor will the case shatter if you drop the tool. This metal is very durable.

Exceptional Warranty:

When you purchase one or more KeySmart devices via the link on this website, you get several benefits, including free delivery inside the United States and a robust guarantee. This guarantee is valid for a full two years from the date of purchase. Unlike other warranties, this one does not need you to register your KeySmart online. All you need to do is maintain track of the papers included in the box, enabling you to contact the manufacturer and claim your warranty. It covers both production flaws and damage during transportation.

Convenient Design:

Other key organizers are so large and cumbersome that they use more space than a standard keychain. A convenient characteristic of KeySmart is its tiny size. It employs the same concept as Swiss army knives, allowing you to fold the keys and store them within the organizer. In addition, those keys will not protrude or move from the casing unless you specifically request it. With less than 0.3 ounces, the KeySmart is also lightweight enough to carry in your pocket or handbag without causing discomfort.

Numerous Accessories:

One of the things we enjoy about KeySmart is that it works flawlessly without any extra attachments. Do you like camping but despise lugging along a gigantic flashlight? You can see well and leave your flashlight at home with the addition of a tiny light. The bottle opener is comparable to those seen on Swiss army knives and can open almost any sort of bottle. Additionally, you may add a flash drive, fast disconnect/connect, or pocket clip and pay an additional fee to upgrade to a titanium KeySmart.

Good Choice for All Keys:

KeySmart is an excellent tool for everyone who uses keys at business or in their personal life since it can handle all varieties of keys. Not only does it fit the keys required for automobiles and buildings, but it also fits any longer foreign keys you may have and any shorter ones you may need. These keys may range in size from the minuscule ones used with a trailer or shed padlocks to the microscopic ones used to secure your toolbox. Additionally, there will be enough storage containers and file cabinet keys.

Features of KeySmart

Several other advantages that we like about the KeySmart and believe you will as well include the following:

Fun colors: 

Why settle for a dull or uninteresting key organizer? When you purchase the KeySmart, you may customize the enhanced organizer in three colors: blue, black, or red. Each color has a durable finish that will not peel or flake and an engraved KeySmart logo on the front of the case. Additionally, KeySmart is available with a titanium update that has a gleaming silver finish.


While other key organizers tend to break down after a few days, KeySmart outlasts the competition. We discovered a few people who claimed that it broke after a few weeks, but the majority reported that it worked for months or more.

Key fob loop: 

A stainless steel hook attached to the end of the KeySmart enables you to add a key fob to control your primary car. You may use the fob to unlock or lock the doors, open or close the trunk, switch on or off the alarm, and even start or roll down the windows.

Sliding design: 

KeySmart’s sliding design makes it simple to extract the key you want. This style is also compatible with bigger keys, such as the Chubb keys used internationally.

How to Add Keys to the KeySmart?

Step – 1: Remove two screws from the KeySmart using a screwdriver or a coin.

2nd Step: Sort your keys by length from shortest to longest.

3rd Step: Place the key with the shortest length on one of the posts.

4th Step: Increase the size of the key by adding an extension.

5th Step: Proceed to the other end and insert the following key.

6th Step: Continue in this manner until all of your keys are stored on the KeySmart.

7th Step: Reattach the case’s top to the KeySmart.

Step – 8: Tighten the screws with the gasket facing downward.

While the manufacturers of KeySmart do not provide instructions in the package, they provide a brief online video. We suggest viewing the video once to get a sense of how it works and then viewing it again to ensure you understand the processes. You may also find it beneficial to play the video while assembling the KeySmart since this enables you to follow along with the person demonstrating the process. This also enables you to stop and resume if you encounter any difficulties. Depending on the number of keys you have and the size/length of those keys, you may not need to utilize the complimentary extenders.

Accessory Options

KeySmart is more than an organized tool; it’s also a convenient tool for on-the-go usage. You may customize your KeySmart products by purchasing additional accessories. When you reach the checkout page, the site will ask whether you want to add any of these upgrades to your device, allowing you to choose which ones you want to use on your tool and which ones you want to purchase for others. We’ll examine a few of those accessories and how they may be used, as well as why you would desire them.

Titanium Upgrade:

The all-new KeySmart is now available with a titanium finish. While stainless steel is highly resistant to corrosion, titanium is much more so. This update enables you to carry your KeySmart device effortlessly to the beach or into the bush as you would around the office or along a city street. The KeySmart logo is laser engraved on the front of the case, and it contains titanium posts and a matching frame. Even if you forego this update, you’ll still get an excellent tool capable of handling your critical organizational demands.

Pocket Clip:

Those who slept late and need to leave home quickly may choose to get the pocket clip. This tight clip securely attaches your keys to the KeySmart and your pocket. It prevents the KeySmart from sliding out while you sprint about the home or hike a popular path. You also won’t have to hunt through your luggage or struggle to get the device from your pocket. This clip also works in other settings, such as the rack next to your front entrance or in your office drawer.

Quick Disconnect/Connect:

You may discover that you need to quickly retrieve your keys and don’t want to waste valuable seconds scrolling through them. That is why the rapid disconnect/reconnect attachment is quite beneficial. This stainless steel attachment is very user-friendly. Press down on the side to fit the loop over anything you choose to connect the KeySmart to, such as a handbag or backpack. The reverse end is identical and serves as a connector for the KeySmart. When you no longer need the KeySmart, you may disconnect it in a matter of seconds.

Bottle Opener:

Anyone who enjoys camping or socializing with friends understands how inconvenient it is when no one brings a bottle opener to the gathering. While you may attempt to open a bottle on your car’s bumper, you risk damaging the paint. KeySmart now provides a bottle opener that can be attached to your gadget’s loop. This bottle opener pulls out and is made of a strong metal that can open any bottle without causing damage to the glass or plastic. When you’re finished, insert the metal bottle opener back into the casing to avoid scratching or poking yourself.

Nano Light:

A microlight is another useful gadget that you may include in your KeySmart. This lamp has a rugged stainless steel housing that will not rust when exposed to rain or other forms of moisture. If you carry the flashlight in your pocket, you won’t have to worry about it breaking inadvertently. When a button is pressed, this light creates an intense beam that can illuminate a whole area. It hooks to a loop affixed to the KeySmart’s side and leaves room for your key fob.

Flash Drive:

Are you often in need of data transmission between two devices or computers? If you are a college student, you may be required to store work on your home computer for use at school or share with peers. Individuals who work on projects at home may need to save files for use in the workplace. KeySmart’s creators now offer a 3.0 flash drive that fits the device and takes up less space. This flash drive has a storage capacity of 16 GB, which saves hundreds of images and movies, documents, and large files in various formats.

How to Make the Most of Your KeySmart Warranty?
  1. Check the packaging for your order number, which you’ll also find in your email.
  2. Write a brief email explaining the issue you encountered and why you’re returning the KeySmart or requesting a replacement/refund.
  3. Communicate with a KeySmart representative by email or phone.
  4. Pack your KeySmart securely and include the return label in the package.
  5. Return the KeySmart to its maker
  6. Attend the manufacturer’s processing of your request.

Pros and Cons

  • The compact form conserves pocket space.
  • Accessory options enhance its efficacy.
  • Eight to ten crucial slots
  • Enduring design
  • Specific individuals discovered that adding their keys was challenging.

Keysmart Review

I like my key holder and often get comments on it. This is my second one since my previous one was banished to the spare key set! If you have a variety of various key sizes and kinds, it might be challenging to fit them all in, but if you’ve found a system that works, it’s fantastic. My pocket is no longer punctured! My wallet has eight keys (four big) and a USB stick. What a fantastic concept. Highly recommended.

Pricing and Where to Purchase KeySmart?

KeySmart is a cost-effective organizational solution that you can get right now. A single device retails for $ 19.99, which does not include the extra shipping and handling expenses. If you purchase three or more KeySmart tools, shipping and handling are free unless you reside outside the United States.

Each gadget’s price is drastically reduced when purchased in these packages. If you choose the even pack, the price per tool falls below $12, and you get free delivery. So not only can you use the devices to store and organize your keys, but you can also give the extras as presents to loved ones. KeySmart’s creators also allow you to choose the hue or hues of each tool.

Pricing for upgrades – 

  • Titanium upgrade – $ 18
  • Quick disconnect/connect – $ 4.49
  • Pocket clip – $ 4.99
  • Nano light – $ 20
  • Bottle opener – $ 3.99
  • Bottle opener – $ 3.99

Final Verdict

The more keys you have to carry, the more complications you’ll encounter. Not only can those keys create a lot of noise as they roll about in your backpack or pocket, but they also have the potential to poke or stab you. Specific individuals even get scrapes and rough places where the keys scrape against their skin. Another possibility is that you will have difficulty locating the correct key in the heat of the moment. While you may label your keys with stickers or paint, you will still need to search through the ring to locate the correct one. KeySmart is a viable solution that is one of the most effective organizing tools available.

This gadget securely stores all of your keys and guarantees that you never lose one due to the stainless steel posts and robust construction. The tool can handle up to eight keys, and some users have reported that it can handle up to ten. KeySmart transforms into the ideal multitool for use in the garage or when camping away from home with the extra attachments. We hope that our KeySmart review has convinced you to join the almost two million individuals who have purchased and utilized this key organization device.

KeySmart is the ideal method to arrange your keys since it can store up to ten. It is both lightweight and straightforward to use and significantly decreases the amount of space required for your keys. You may enhance the functionality of the item even further by purchasing additional accessories from the manufacturer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is KeySmart a worthwhile purchase?

Not only is this beneficial, but it’s also a delightful game (watch out, Netflix). Additionally, it, like the Original KeySmart Key Organizer, does an excellent job of keeping your keys organized. Having said that, if you don’t often misplace your keys, the Original Key Organizer is a better choice.

How long does the battery life of the KeySmart Pro last?

All of their items are assembled and produced in China.