Hulk Heater Reviews: Is This Portable Heater Worth It Or Scam?

Energy bills keep soaring high year after year. It gets even worse in the winter seasons because of people’s need to keep the heaters switched on throughout the entire day. So many households have been complaining that the high utility costs are putting crazy holes in their pockets, and they have started asking for alternative ways of staying toasty and cozy in the winter without going to break the bank.

If that is why you are here, then we have good news for you. Have you heard about the Hulk Heater? It is an advanced heater that can heat up any room in just 10 seconds. So many households are excited about this record-breaking heater made to blast the cold of winter away and many hulk heater reviews in the USA are saying that it is a great way to get prepared to survive the winter. But does it really work? Is the Hulk Heater any good? Is it worth your penny? We are about to find out in this Hulk Heater Review.

This UK hulk heater review will cover everything you should know about the Hulk Heater including the features, how it works, its specifications, the benefits that come with using the hulk heater, who needs it, how to use it, the pros and cons of using the Hulk Heater, where to buy it, the prices, and so much more we are ready to expose in this review.

What is Hulk Heater?

What is hulk heater

The Hulk Heater is a compact, cordless wall outlet heater that limits electricity uses and costs, while keeping small- to medium-sized rooms warm. Heating bills are devastating for most households, and with colder winters year after year, individuals simply cannot get a break. A unit like the Hulk Heater is often celebrated for its energy-efficient uses, which not only protects one’s wallet but also keeps one’s home warm enough. Our editorial team was in awe of the design and technology in place because Hulk Heater is reckoned to outperform slow central heating systems that consume a lot of energy, require maintenance and reparation, and are rarely financially valuable. To fully understand Hulk Heater’s convenience, we must dive deeper into the features that make this unit worthy.

The hulk heater can give you the temperature of a cool warm day on the coldest day in winter. It features a thermostat up to 90o Fahrenheit. Many US hulk heater reviews say that this space heater is definitely your best option if you are looking for a personal heater that can warm up your cold space very quickly. The Hulk Heater comes with numerous outstanding qualities which are making so many households seek it.

One of the qualities is that the Hulk Heater does not come with messy wires like most other space heaters. This new portable heater is meant to plug directly into any wall socket. Without the messy wires, your home will look more organized and modern and you will not have to worry about tripping over wires. Wired heaters are risky to be used around children and dogs because they are very likely to knock them over. It is a good thing we now have the Hulk wall outlet heater. According to the manufacturer, the rotating outlet plug of the Hulk Heater can rotate a full 270°.

Hulk heater reviews USA consumers report confirm that this heater is very safe and offers a worry-free operation. The hulk heater comes with so many protective measures including auto-shutoff protection, the overheat safety measure and tip-over protection. Hulk Heater has in fact been ETL Safety Tested and has been 100% certified to ensure your protection. If you care for the safety of you and your family members, then the Hulk Heater is your best option for the winter.

Specification of Hulk Heater

  • Quick 3-Second Heat Up Time
  • Powerful & Efficient 800 Watts
  • Advanced Ceramic Technology 
  • Adjustable Digital LED Thermostat (60 degrees F – 90 degrees F)
  • Quiet Operation
  • Two-speed Fan & Timer
  • 270° Rotating Outlet Plug Allows Other Socket Access
  • Auto Shut-off & Timer 
  • No Messy Wires 
  • ETL Safety Tested
  • Dimensions: 5.6 in. (W) x 5.6 in. (D) x 3.5 in. (H). 
  • Hulk has a three-blade, grounding-type plug. 
  • To clean, wipe the exterior with a non-abrasive, damp cloth. Use a mild soap if needed. Dry with a soft cloth.

Hulk Heater Features

  • Fast Heating – Hulk Heater heats up your room in no time, unlike slow central heating which takes up to an hour before your home starts getting warm. With its powerful 800 watts, Hulk Heater heats up any room up to 250 square feet in just 10 minutes, unlike slow central heating. 
  • Built-In Timer – The Hulk Heater is built with an amazing self-timer feature. You can set Hulk Heater to turn off after only 1 hour, or let it run up to 12 hours. At the end of the period you set it to run for, it automatically powers itself off until you turn it on again. 
  • Excellent temperature settings: With HULK HEATER, you can choose how much you want your room to heat. Its settings are precise. You can choose any temperature between 60° to 90° F.
  • Silent operation: When running Hulk Heater, you don’t need to worry about noise. This device is silent. You won’t be disturbed when the device is running, whether you are reading your favorite magazine, watching a movie, studying, or sleeping. It also rotates through 270°.
  • Cordless: Hulk Heater has no messy cables or wires. It plugs directly into your wall socket.
  • Portable: Travel from room to room or take it to the office for keeping warm wherever you go. 
  • Adjustable: Compact, modern design with 2 fan speeds, quick 3-seconds heat up time. Adjustable digital LED Thermostat ( 60 degrees F- 90 degrees F)
  • Simple To Use: Powerful and efficient 800 Wats with an auto shut-off functionality. Safe for use around Children and Pets, No messy wires
  • Silent Operation – Hulk Heater is very quiet in its operation. It is ideal for working, studying, or sleeping. You can use your Hulk Heater anytime, no matter what you’re doing, and be rest assured it won’t disturb you with noise.
  • Rotates 270 Degrees – The Hulk Heater is equipped with a 270o rotating outlet plug. The essence of this rotating plug is to ensure flexibility in its positioning. It does not have to face any particular way when you plug it. You can adjust it to your preferred position when you plug it.
  • No Messy Wires – Hulk Heater plugs directly into any wall socket. Most devices these days are becoming wireless or using fewer and fewer wires. Phones are being charged wirelessly and so on. This is because wires are messy and appear tacky. In addition to that, they constitute a source of environmental hazard as they could easily get in the way and trip someone or give them an electric shock when exposed.

How does Hulk Heater work?

In addition to its portability, the HULK HEATER can be used in any room with electricity. You can plug a socket near your bed into the wall and wait for it to warm your room so you can sleep. You can plug your heater into a wall outlet and heat your study room.

With the Hulk Heater, you will always have a steady stream of warm air wherever you go. Running a Hulk Heater is less expensive than a regular heating system, as well as uses a fraction of the energy. Hulk Heater allows you to adjust the heat output without having to spend a lot of money on it.

  • Set up your Hulk Heater by plugging it into a wall outlet.
  • Press the Power Button and Adjust it to the desired temperature.
  • Enjoy the warmth, adjust the timer to shut off. 

Who are the Brains Behind the Hulk Heater?

The Hulk Heater is credited to Ontel products corporation, situated at 21 Law Drive, Fairfield, NJ07004. And their contact number is 877-304-6353. The product was made to aid people keep warm without necessarily having to break the bank in a bid to ensure that they do so efficiently!

It is safe to say that the Hulk Heater was created to aid, and it is living up to huge expectations, for a device so small!

Benefits Of Using The Hulk Heater

Hulk heater comes with a lot of benefits for users. In this section of our hulk heater review, we bring you some of the benefits you would enjoy with this space heater.

  • Portability: Unlike the bulky traditional heating systems, the Hulk Heater has a small-size design that makes it exceptionally portable. This makes it possible for you to take your Hulk Heater wherever you want to take it! The device is perfect for travelers; you can take it with you to hotels, on your road, and on business trips, anywhere at all you want. It weighs lightly and can easily fit into your backpack.
  • Quick Heating: The hulk heater UK is made with advanced ceramic technology and that explains its ability to heat up a room as fast as 10 seconds. The heater can give you the temperature of a hot summer day on the coldest day in winter and as fast as possible. And with its precise temperature setting, you can set it up to heat up your room as fast as possible from 60° to 90° Fahrenheit. Do not let your central heaters waste your time anymore, get the Hulk Heater and stay warm and cozy 24 hours and 7 days a week.
  • Silent Operation: It is not even a joke, most space heaters out there can be as lousy as factory engines; a little exaggeration but they can be really noisy! But the USA Hulk Heater is built with advanced tech materials and the average quality materials used in building most other space heaters. This is what enables its engine to be efficient and very quiet at the same time. The device will not disturb you if you are working or sleeping.
  • Safety: This Hulk Heater USA is very safe and offers a worry-free operation. The device comes with so many protective measures including auto-shutoff protection, overheat safety measures, and tip-over protection. Hulk Heater has in fact been ETL Safety Tested and has been 100% certified to ensure your protection.
  • Durability: Hulk Heater was made by utilizing advanced ceramic heating technology. As is known with all-ceramic products, the Hulk Heater has a solid and reliable build. It has been designed to stand the wear and tear of everyday use. The portable heater is durable and can last for an extended period of time.
  • Energy-saving: The Hulk Heater is very energy-efficient. It is one way to ensure that your energy bills do not drive up the hills in the winter. With the Hulk Heater, you can put some bucks right back into your pocket, since you are only heating one room, and not trying to heat your entire home. This suggests that the Hulk Heater is much faster and more cost-effective than central heating or other conventional heating systems such as oil-filled heaters and the charcoal heating system.
  • Affordability: The sweet thing about the device is that it is equally affordable. With a little amount of money, you can make this heater all yours right now. With the 50% off, the Hulk Heater is selling out like crazy! The provider warns that the product may be sold out any moment from now. And that is why we are suggesting that you rush to the official website to place your order now!

Why Should You Buy a Hulk Heater?

Why Should You Buy a Hulk Heater

Thousands of people across the US, UK, and Canada are using the incredible hulk compact heater to warm up their homes and slash their bills. The hulk heater is a must-have for everyone considering that experts predict a record-breaking cold this winter. But hey, asides from that, there’s comfort guaranteed with all the incredible features that the hulk heater possesses. The Hulk heater is one to give you value for your money.

Another pro to this heater is the fact that it has been ETL tested to ensure your protection which means that the product has undergone tests and examinations to meet or even exceed the most rigorous set of safety standards for your safety. It also has the auto-shutoff feature, so if you are the type who’s always in a rush and forget to put off the hulk heater, this incredible feature helps turn off the heater by itself thereby making the Hulk heater 100%  safe to use; keeping your home and family safe!

Many hulk heater reviews confirm that this space heater was designed with you in mind, so it offers you the best. Another way to look at it, would be to take a second and think of yourself in a cold room, the blankets cannot get you warm enough and you can literally feel your bones freezing up; now take a pause, and think of yourself with the Hulk heater at home, all warm and cozy and that is exactly why you should own a Hulk heater.

Pros & Cons

  • 800 Watts of Heating Power.
  • Safe, worry-free operation: Hulk Heater is ETL Safety Tested to ensure your protection. It even has an auto-shutoff feature in case you forget about it.
  • Adjustable Thermostat.
  • Built-In Timer Function.
  • Safety Tested.
  • Saves you money.
  • Advanced Ceramic Technology.
  • Auto Shut-Off and Timer.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Plugs into any wall socket.
  • 270o rotating outlet plug allows other socket access.
  • Quick 3-second Heat up Time.
  • It can only be purchased online on the official website.
  • It cannot heat up entire homes or large spaces. It works best in enclosed rooms.
  • You might have to get more than one heater if you would like to keep more than one room warm in your house.

Does Hulk Heater Actually Work?

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Yes indeed, the hulk heater is a very effective product that guarantees you all the aforementioned features and qualities and is accessible for use at any time because of how portable and easy to carry around it is. The heater works really well and some customers’ reviews show that it takes less time to heat up any room and gives you that desired comfort needed for work or for rest. This heater is good for you and has been guaranteed safe for use in offices, rooms, and houses.

When buying a heater, it is instructive that you identify specific features that make it distinct from others. A good heater should keep your home warm while still saving on energy. The Hulk Heater boasts of some reliable and energy-saving heaters. You don’t want to buy a heater that keeps breaking down every time that you need to use it.

Buying a heater is not just about the pricing, it is the features of the heater that make the difference when choosing a heater and in this regard, the Hulk heater stands tall. When you know the features to look for when buying a heater, you will always get the best knowing that getting a Hulk heater is the right way in meeting your need of keeping your space warm.

How Can I Use A Hulk Heater?

The Hulk Heater is very easy and simple to use and install. No professional help is required to get it working and definitely no extra technical tool is needed for its installation. As we have pointed out before, the Hulk Heater is a plug-and-play gadget. All you have to do is just plug it into any wall electrical socket where you want some heating. Turn the power switch ON, and then use the buttons you see on the top of the heater to set and customize the temperature to suit you. You can set it anywhere between 60 degrees and 90 degrees.

Where Can I Buy The Hulk Heater?

To get your authentic Hulk Heater unit, go straight to the producer’s official website to place your order. Buying from the website will not only guarantee that you get the original device and not a knockoff, but it will also guarantee that you take advantage of the 50% off discount. Order your authentic Hulk Heater right now! You may miss out if you delay any longer. The manufacturer warns that there is limited availability of the product. The few units available may be sold out any moment from now.

How Much Does It Cost? (HULK HEATER REVIEWS)

The Hulk Heater official website is offering the product to new customers at a very special introductory price. The Hulk Heater gives you all the warmth you need during winter at its regular price of only $49.99. But if you order right now, the company will give you an amazing 35% to 50% OFF the regular price! This sale will not last for long and the price may go up at any moment too. Order yours now!

  • 1 Hulk Heater unit: $49.99 each
  • 2 Hulk Heater units: $47.45 each
  • 3 Hulk Heater units: $44.96 each
  • 4 Hulk Heater units: $42.46 each
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Frequently Asked Question

What is the heat coverage?

Hulk Heater heats up to 250 square feet.

Where should I plug it in?

Hulk Heater is designed for in-wall outlet use only. To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock connect directly to a ground three-prong wall outlet. Do NOT use an extension cord. Please read all the important safety instructions before use.

Can I Plug My Heater into a Timer or Power Strip?

No, we do not recommend plugging your heaters into anything other than your wall outlet.

Can I Use an Extension Cord with This Heater?

No, never use with an extension cord or relocatable power tap (outlet/power strip). Always plug heaters directly into a wall outlet/receptacle.

Can it be used both indoors and outdoors?

Hulk Heater is for indoor use only.

What is the voltage rating?

The voltage rating is 120 Volts (60Hz).

What is the power consumption?

The power consumption is 800 Watts.

What are the dimensions?

The Hulk Heater dimensions are 5.6 in. (W) x 5.6 in. (D) x 3.5 in. (H).

What is the weight?

Hulk Heater weighs 1.25 lbs.

How do you clean it?

To clean Hulk Heater, first, make sure it is turned off and unplugged from the outlet. Then wipe the exterior with a non-abrasive, damp cloth. Use a mild soap if needed. Dry with a soft cloth. Make sure it is completely dry before its next use.

Is it ETL listed?

Yes, Hulk Heater is ETL listed.

Will Hulk Heater Raise My Utility Bill?

No, Hulk Heater is energy efficient. It draws little power compared to other heating alternatives and just costs pennies a day to run.

Is This Heater Safe Around Children and Pets?

Yes, Hulk Heater is safe for use around children and pets, but as with any device it should be used under supervision with care. The stay-cool housing keeps the Hulk Heater cool to the touch but it does produce heat and is an electrical appliance. It should not be left in use unattended.


We tell you what, the Hulk Heater is an intelligent purchase! It is this heater that so many people in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia and so many other parts of the world are using to warm up their various homes and offices. There is no way the Hulk Heater could have gone this viral in days if it were up to no good.

People across the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and other places have found it to be the perfect way to slash their energy bills during the winter. It has come to replace the bulky traditional heating systems. You can get your own cord-free space heater right now by going to the official website to place your order.

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