Hootie Review 2021 – Best Personal Safety Alarm For Women

Did you know that 1 in every 6 women and 1 in every 19 men in the U.S. have experienced some form of stalking in their life? Were you at all aware that people between the ages of 18 and 24 are at a higher risk of becoming a victim of stalking? As more and more cases on predators are brought to light, the thought of walking alone at night is surely to induce fear.

Though some people might know how to react fast, the same cannot be expected of all. This is an issue that has led to many people going missing. Fortunately, one particular device aims to not only scare off attackers but ensure that those who might be around to protect victims are signaled.

Personal safety is essential for everyone and the most important for women, the disabled, and the weak. If you care for the people you love, you will understand how important personal safety is today in this cruel world. It helps me a couple of times to escape from Snatcher and eve teaser with its huge loud alarm. After using the device these days, I found it very useful for women as a self-defense tool. Check the Hootie Safety Alarm Review and find out how this personal alarm for self defense can help you.

What Is Hootie?

What Is Hootie?

Hootie is a self-defense tool with a safety alarm that is designed considering women’s safety in mind. Though this device is made with the intention of women’s protection, anyone and any aged people can use it. This little key-sized device comes with an LED strobe light and a 130-decibel ultra-loud siren.

Hootie is handy and you can easily clip it onto your jacket or your backpack, or even attach it easily to a keychain. Each hootie comes with a tiny little carabineer, which makes it convenient to clip it into anything and everything. The device is compact and lightweight, which makes it easy to hold it in your hands.

As a result, the attacker won’t dare to come back your way. In the meantime, you can escape from the place and secure yourself in a safe place. As well as it also draws the attention of others to come back with help. It comes with a strong carabiner that allows you to easily attach it with your bag, keychain, water bottle, or in your pocket.

This means the device is always near your hand to deal with uncertain situations. And, the fact that I love this device is, it doesn’t require any training and it’s completely safe. To me, Hootie is one of the best self-defense tools for anybody to handle any bad situations without using any firearms or weapons.

Features Of Hootie

Hootie comes packed with tons of features, which makes it to be quite an effective safety personal device. 

  1. Loud Alarm: This device includes a 130-decibel alarm, which is almost as loud as a jet engine near you. You have to simply pull the cap to sound the alarm and this will scare off the attackers and alert all the people passing by or living nearby.
  2. Strobe LED Light: For more deterrence of attackers, Hootie comes with a strobe LED light. The light begins to flash as soon as you pull the cap and scares the attackers, by alerting all the people around.
  3. SOS Light: The light on Hootie can be set to strobe rapidly or display an SOS signal. In case you are lost in the woods and you need to alert someone of your whereabouts, you can use the SOS mode to intimate them.
  4. The sound can be heard from 1000 feet away: The 13- decibel alarm on Hootie can be heard almost 1000 feet away and can alert anybody in that radius.
  5. Anti Sweat: This device is not waterproof but it is sweat proof. You can carry it around while running and it doesn’t get any sort of damage. Heavy rain or swimming or the product falling into the water, can damage the device.
  6. 40-minute battery life: The Hootie lasts about 40 minutes when both the siren and the light is running. If you let the siren and light run continuously, then the device will last for about 40 minutes. In standby mode, the device runs much longer.
  7. TSA Approved: You can even bring Hootie on a plane. It is a TSA approved device and unlike other defense tools like pepper spray or knives, you can carry it around to multiple places for self-defenses.

How Hootie Works

It’s ear-piercing. It’s distracting. It’s lifesaving. The Hootie product is uncomplicated to use for everyone. Hootie is a good idea that only needs to be activated. Here is how to use it:

  1. Pull the Pin – Activate Hootie By Tugging the pin. It’s easy to pull on purpose, but snug enough to avoid going off by accident.
  2. Siren and Strobe – Hootie screams like an at-home fire alarm at 130db and can be heard 1000 feet away.
  3. Insert Pin – To silence Hootie, and turn off the strobe just insert the pin.
  4. Hootie is Off – Re-clip Hootie to your purse, keychain or backpack. You can even keep her in your pocket.

Hootie is an innovative new product that provides fearless independence to women when in unaccompanied situations like running, hiking, or walking to a car after work. It’s a modern personal safety device that when activated, triggers an intense strobe light and piercing 130-decibel alarm to create an immediate diversion and deter an attacker. 

That’s louder than a rock concert or jet engine.

Fear no longer, ladies. This cutting-edge product encourages women to live life to the fullest, without fear of attack when enjoying active solo time.

When feeling threatened or in a compromising situation, the user easily pulls a pin that triggers the device. The noise is loud enough to temporarily startle an assailant, providing time to escape. It can be heard up to 1,000 feet away – quickly and easily attracting help.

Hootie lasts up to a year without losing battery power and is made of durable ABS plastic that withstands extreme temperatures and is resistant to impact, rust, and water. 

What Problem Hootie Personal Alarm Solve?

According to the World Health Organization, 1-in-3 women will become a victim of physical or sexual violence. Typical self-defense tools like pepper spray, guns, or knives are almost just as dangerous as not being prepared at all. Hootie is designed to stop attackers in their tracks.

Why Is It Different From Other Solutions?

Hootie is one of the only non-violent self-defense tools available. If not used properly, self-defense toolscan be used incorrectly or against the victim – making it risky for those who choose to carry it.

With Hootie, you don’t need any special permits to carry it with you and it doesn’t require any sort of special training. It’s small, discreet, and TSA compliant meaning you can carry it with you literally anywhere and can be activated in less than a second.

This tool can also be used beyond just for self-defense. If you are in an emergency situation and you need to signal for help, Hootie can alert others around you.

Just by pulling the cap off, Hootie’s incredibly loud audible alarm (loud as a jet engine) can be heard upto 1000 ft away. Making it one of the loudest alarms ever fitted into a keychain-sized device. While it’s brightly flashing strobe light can be used to disorient attackers and signal to others the victim’s location.

Why Hootie is Better?

Why Hootie is Better?

Many women carry mace or pepper spray, but Hootie takes your personal safety to the next level. A significant risk with mace and pepper spray is missing your target and potentially further endangering yourself, especially if missing your target means you sprayed yourself instead. Hootie eliminates the risk of misdirected or inadvertent discharge with its simple pull-trigger, requiring two pounds of pulling force. 

In addition, Hootie’s exceptionally loud noise and blinding strobe light not only startles the assailant and provides an opportunity for escape, but it attracts attention as well. Let them hear you! 

Alternative Use Of Hootie

Alternative Use Of Hootie

While the intention behind Hootie is to serve as a personal safety alarm for women, it can also serve an unexpected purpose.  

Experiencing a medical emergency while jogging, hiking, or biking? Lost on an outdoor adventure in an unfamiliar place? Activate your Hootie to draw help.

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Best Gift for Your Loved Ones

How is Hootie the Best Gift for Your Loved Ones?

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Year’s Eve, or a plethora of other holidays, make sure the women and children in your life are safe this holiday season and for years to come. An excellent present for those you love as this is the highly giftable personal alarm.

Hootie is perfect for giving gifts for every event, such as Valentine’s Day, Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Graduation Day, Christmas, and so on. This product is excellent for ladies who live alone, commute to work, or travel. No one can predict the specific moments when your loved ones may be in danger or need assistance from others at a moment’s notice.

In the price range of under $ 30, Hootie is a fantastic present, but one that is perfect for the people in your life you care about the most. They will have something that will help them carry with them every day. Also, it is customizable and fits right on their keychain. The straightforwardness of its daily convenience will act as a continual reminder of your thoughts and support no matter where they are.

It is fair to say that they will enjoy it since they will no longer have to pay an extravagant amount of money to feel protected.

Does Hootie Actually Work?

I can compromise with everything but not with my safety. This is why when I first hear about this device the first thing that knocks in my mind is, is it really works. With all confusion in mind when I got this device, I am just amused by its unbeatable features. The device helped me several times to escape from some scary situation that I don’t want to remember again. When the matter is its effectiveness, I can assure you that go for it without any confusion.

Does Hootie Actually Work
Best Gift for Your Loved Ones

With its 130-DB massive sound, it’ll attract everyone’s attention within 1000 meters area. The LED strobe-light is so bright that it’s noticeable in the night and daytime. To make it resistant to water and impact, the manufacturer of this device uses high-quality material for its construction.  It’s powered by a powerful battery that can continuously run the alarm system for 40 minutes long. If you want to keep yourself safe all the time then Hootie is the device that you should go for.

How is Hootie the Safest Way to Protect Women from Sexual Assault?

A recent report by the World Health Organization indicates that one in three women had experienced sexual assault in their lives. This is why women need a dependable, safe, and effective form of self-defense when confronted with this particular threat.

There were only two options in the past: carrying a pistol or something even more lethal, such as a taser, pepper spray, or a knife. Otherwise, they would have to have a black belt in karate. With few exceptions, these instruments are not allowed to be carried in locations where you may be arrested or that need considerable training and credentials to use – making them cumbersome.

If you want to help deter attackers, try using Hootie, a method that is both non-violent and, in some cases, an effective solution. Hootie is a simple but powerful unit that may be easily triggered. One may remove the cap and Hootie’s very loud auditory alert. This is louder than a jet engine. The sound id heard up to 1,000 feet away. Also, use the highly flashing strobe light to disorient assailants. It also serves as a distress signal to let others know the victim’s position.

Is Hootie a Scam?

Hootie is the best non-violent safety tool that is absolutely safe to use. While other self-defense tools may go against the victim if used improperly. With Hootie, there is no risk of such incidents. It is a TSA compliant device that means without any permit, people can carry it. I personally find this gadget very helpful.

Is Hootie a Scam
Best Gift for Your Loved Ones

Along with providing self-defense, this gadget can help in any emergency situation also. This keychain-sized device can make the loudest sound that can be heard from 1000 feet distance. From this Hootie Reviewit is clear that it is absolutely not a scam. In my opinion, every person should use this device to ensure optimum safety.

Where I Can Buy Hootie?

It is the ideal device for ensuring safety and gift to loved ones. In my opinion, nothing is better than the product’s official website while buying online. I also got my Hootie from the manufacturer’s official website, and here is the link. Seeing the positive responses and huge demands, manufacturers offer different deals and discounts.

cta order 6s wide hootie

Currently, they are providing buy 2, get 1 saving $29.99, buy 3 get 2 free with $59.98 savings. Lastly, their best deal is, buy 4, and get 4, and you can save up to $119.96. The best part is these three offers come with free USA shipping. Also, you will get a 30-day refund guarantee and a 1-year warranty with each purchase.

Frequently Asked Question

What is included with Hootie?

In the package, you will get a Hootie device, a carabiner, a user manual, and a warranty card.

Do I need Hootie if I already carry mace or pepper spray?

Hootie is more effective than a mace and pepper spray. Its louder sound and powerful LED light scare the attacker and allow you to escape. Moreover, the sound draws the attention of others and you get quick help from the people near you.

How long does the battery last?

The battery of the Hootie device provides a 40-minutes power backup if you continuously turn it on. The replaceable battery will last up to 1 year.

What measures can be taken to avoid accidentally activating Hootie?

No additional measures need to be taken considering that Hootie contains no buttons. This exclusion alone protects consumers from accidental alarms. Moreover, the pin (or the top bit), will not easily fall off, as it requires “over two pounds of pulling force.”

How long will it take to receive Hootie?

All orders will be shipped within 24 to 48 hours of receiving them. For U.S. orders, individuals can anticipate a delivery timespan of three to five business days, while it can take up to 15 days for international orders.


Hootie is a personal safety gadget, clip onto your jacket, belt buckle, keychain, or pocket. You may carry Hootie while jogging, or you may hold Hootie in your hand. As soon as you pull the Hootie’s pin, the device’s alarm activates at 130 decibels, almost the same level as a jet engine. Furthermore, the gadget has a strobe light, an SOS Led light, and other functionalities that further distinguish it as an ideal self-defense implement.

Sexual assaults are a preeminent problem in today’s world. Many women, disabled, and even the weak, are not safe outside the home and inside the home. No matter how safe the city or area you live in, something terrible can happen to anyone at any time. Hootie is one such device that you may not have to use in your lifetime, but it would be highly beneficial when you have to. It is a must product for every woman and disabled. Give this as a gift to your loved ones. You never know when you aren’t there for them when they need you. At least this can stay with them to protect them.  

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