AirPhysio Review [Update 2022] – Does It Work? Read Before Buying!

If you’re one of the 1 billion people who suffer from a lung condition like asthma or COPD, then you’re going to love hearing about this recent breakthrough: A new device that cleans your lungs of mucus – along with strengthening them without the need for drugs – is now available worldwide.

Seeing as lung obstruction is the 3rd leading cause of death in the US, those who use the device are breathing a sigh of relief (no pun intended).

The device helps tackle a serious problem for those with lung conditions that most current medications don’t address: mucus buildup.

If mucus builds up in your lungs, it can cause serious complications like reduced airflow and shortness of breath… which can even lead to death.

This new device provides an all-natural method for those with lung conditions to quickly and easily reduce mucus buildup. Even better, you can feel it working in a matter of seconds and it’s small enough to carry with you anywhere you go.

Not only that but the science behind AirPhysio is proven to be incredibly effective for smokers, athletes, and others who wish to clean and strengthen their lungs.

Finally, it’s also being used by those with respiratory conditions (such as a cold, pneumonia or even flu-like viruses) to get instant relief from the most frustrating symptoms: wheezing, chest heaviness, and shortness of breath.

The device is called AirPhysio, and after years of testing and finding success in Australia (including two prestigious awards and thousands of positive reviews), the device is finally available worldwide.

Whether you suffer from a lung condition OR you simply want to ensure your lungs are strong and healthy, then keep reading – because you’re going to love what the folks at AirPhysio have created.

What is AirPhysio?

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AirPhysio is a mucus clearance and lung expansion device that cleans your lungs and increases lung capacity.

AirPhysio is also a lung exerciser and respiratory physiotherapy device that is great for athletes and physically active individuals, as it increases lung capacity, reduces breathlessness during exercise, increases exercise tolerance, and speeds up recovery times after working out or training.

The AirPhysio device is an International Award Winning Product and AirPhysio is a National Award Winning Company.

The specially designed device uses a revolutionary method to naturally loosen the phlegm in your chest – helping you breathe easier in just a few days.

Even better, AirPhysio is completely drug-free… it doesn’t require a prescription… and it’s completely safe for anyone to use. That’s right – there are no chemicals or toxins involved, which means no worrying about nasty side effects (like dizziness, headache, rash, and nausea)or potential problems that come from long-term drug use.

In fact, AirPhysio uses technology that doctors have been using in hospitals for years… it just hasn’t been available to the public. But now, thanks to a team of Australian innovators, it’s here – and now you have an easy, safe way to clean your lungs whenever you feel the need.

Reports are already flowing in about its powerful potential. After just a few days, many asthmatics report that they don’t need to use their inhaler as often… but most importantly, it strengthens and cleans your lungs naturally – which everyone can certainly benefit from.

The award-winning drugs use a combination of constructive expiratory pressure OPEP and vibration to assist the lungs in performing the following functions:

  • Contributes to the promotion of airway clearing and pulmonary hygiene, thus lowering the likelihood of developing new infection or pneumonia.
  • Promotes the elimination of toxins and allergens inhaled
  • Contributes to the reduction of mucus buildup after an infection
  • Contributes to the recruitment of lungs that are underutilized
  • Contributes to lung extension and airway clearance
  • The OPEP system is adequate for clearing mucus and COPD.
  • Facilitates mucus removal from the airways
  • It aids in loosening the mucus on the airway surfaces, allowing for smoother secretion.

AirPhysio Features

  • Naturally Clears Mucus From Airways – AirPhysio helps clear excess mucus build-up in your lungs, thus opening up blocked and semi-closed airways. This helps you maintain optimal hygiene in your lungs while maintaining or restoring maximum lung capacity.
  • Feel It Working Instantly – Many of our customers feel a huge difference the very first time they use AirPhysio. As quickly as overnight, your lungs may become noticeably clearer, and the more you use it, the stronger and healthier your lungs will become.
  • Doctor Recommended For Respiratory Conditions – Trusted, recommended, and used by hundreds of pulmonologists to help with symptoms from Asthma, Atelectasis, Bronchiectasis, Emphysema, COPD, Chronic Bronchitis, and many more respiratory conditions.
  • 100% Drug-Free, Safe and Effective – You can now clear out, strengthen, and expand your lungs without having to use toxins, chemicals, or steroids. The science is backed by 100s of studies – ensuring it to be highly effective and completely safe.2
  • Easy to Use & Travel With – On-the-go design makes it easy to take AirPhysio wherever life takes you! Simply remove it from your pocket, blow into it for a few seconds, then put it away. It’s that easy. No batteries or refills needed.
  • No Prescription Needed – Get It Today – AirPhysio uses high-quality medical-grade materials and since it is 100% drug-free, you can order one today without a prescription.
  • 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee & 1-Year Warranty – If for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied with AirPhysio, you can easily return it, hassle-free!

Pros and Cons of AirPhysio

  • 100 % drug-free
  • No need to refill
  • Offers refund in some instances too
  • Device is portable
  • It does not work as a spirometer
  • It is expensive
  • It does not work as a nebulizer

What Problem Does It Solve?

More than 1 billion people suffer from respiratory-related conditions such as Asthma, COPD, ​Bronchitis, Pneumonia, and more. Because we breathe hundreds of thousands of times every day, these conditions can make life miserable. Think about not being able to play with your kids, enjoy the outdoors, or spend time with your family without wheezing, coughing, or feeling out of breath from the mucus build-up and inflammation in your airways.

In other instances, it could be fatal. L​ung obstruction is now the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States. As we age, we find ourselves even more at risk as our body’s ability to expel this mucus naturally over time worsens.

Unfortunately, the most common way of treating this issue is taking drugs and steroids that can be expensive, burdensome, and can cause negative long-term side effects. Running out of medication can also be painful or even life-threatening.

AirPhysio works to naturally remove mucus and other harmful build-ups in your lungs and airways as quickly as a few days without using drugs. AirPhysio also has the ability to improve your lung capacity and strengthen your lungs over time, so the body can more effectively fight these conditions on its own.

Within days of using AirPhysio, many customers have reported improved breathing, more endurance/energy, and better sleep – making it an ideal solution for anyone who wants to breathe better, increase lung capacity, or live a healthier life.

Why Is It Different From Other Solutions?

AirPhysio is proven to be one of the most effective, all-natural, and drug-free ways to clean out your lungs and airways.

When you exhale through the device, AirPhysio’s unique design creates a safe pressure inside your airways and lungs. This air pressure loosens mucus from the airway walls so your body can push (cough) it out naturally – allowing you to finally breathe again. After using AirPhysio once, you’ll see why our customers describe it as “life-changing”.

Within days and even hours, our customers have reported a noticeable improvement in their breathing, more endurance and energy, and better sleep.

What Is the Difference Between The Cough Mechanism And The Airphysio Opep Device?

The difference between the coughing mechanism and the Airphysio breathing device is that the all-natural mechanism enables you to cough approximately once every 2 seconds. However, when the Airphysio devices are used, they create a coughing process of approximately 15 to 35 times per second.

As a result, the airway walls expand and contract faster and help to loosen mucus from the walls. Furthermore, it will create a more efficient method for lung expansion and clear mucus and foreign particles from the lungs and airway.

How does AirPhysio work?

Using AirPhysio is easy – it’s like an OPEP device, but much more efficient:

  1. Blow into the AirPhysio. You don’t need to breathe too hard – just enough to make the ball bearing inside the clear cap lift up (that’s how you know it’s working). This builds pressure within the lungs, which opens them up and gets behind the mucus that’s responsible for the heaviness in your chest.
  2. As the mucus is lifted upward toward the throat, you’ll be able to remove it by coughing.
  3. Repeat this process as often as needed (usually about 10 times) to fully clean your lungs from the mucus. The more you use it, the cleaner your lungs will be!

Users say the feeling of relief is truly fantastic. And even better, you’re actually building strength in your lungs with each use. (Think about it… you can exercise pretty much every other muscle in your body. Why not show your lungs some love?)

How does AirPhysio help me breathe freely?

Here’s how the AirPhysio works:

The AirPhysio is what’s called an OPEP, a Mucus Clearance Oscillating Positive Expiratory device. Meaning no matter what breathing condition you might suffer from, chronic, seasonal, or even just a bad case of the common cold, the AirPhysio can help you!

How does AirPhysio help me breathe freely

And that’s because it doesn’t just help you clear up your airways. The AirPhysio actually helps you strengthen your lungs!

And this is how it can help you breathe more easily and freely:

  • Step 1: Uncap your AirPhysio (it’s shaped just like a regular inhaler and weighs even less!)
  • Step 2: Take a deep breath (as deep as you can manage) and hold it for just 2-3 seconds
  • Step 3: Blow into it for about 3-5 seconds at an even pace until your lungs are empty of air

When do you this, the ball bearing inside the AirPhysio vibrates up and down at incredible speed — creating thousands of tiny air vibrations and positive pressure which “shake loose” thick mucus inside your airways and lungs.

But shortly after your body is able to cough productively and expel the built-up mucus.

And because it’s natural, you can repeat this process as many times as you need to get rid of even stubbornly thick layers of mucus.

Helping you to finally breathe without wheezing, gasping for air, or dry coughing!

But the true power of the AirPhysio is in its regular use.

Unlike medications, on which your body may become reliant on them for relief, the AirPhysio is 100% natural and over time it gradually helps you strengthen your lungs.

Who can use AirPhysio?

Who can use AirPhysio?

Naturally, it’s become an instant hit among those with chronic lung conditions – but that’s not all.

AirPhysio is also incredibly effective in cleaning your lungs when you have a temporary condition like the cold, the flu, or pneumonia – because it instantly reduces that “chest heaviness” caused by mucus buildup.

It’s also become popular among athletes, who use it to reduce breathlessness during exercise and speed up recovery times after working out or training.

Even children aged 4 and up can use it to relieve symptoms and strengthen their lungs!

Those who will benefit most from the stronger lungs AirPhysio gives you include:

  • People with Asthma, COPD, Emphysema, Atelectasis, Bronchiectasis, Chronic Bronchitis or Cystic Fibrosis
  • The Elderly
  • Smokers & Vapers
  • Swimmers, Divers, and other Athletes
  • Singers & Musicians

Scientific Evidence for AirPhysio

AirPhysio isn’t some gimmicky device sold online: it’s a genuine, patented, award-winning device recommended by doctors across Australia and worldwide.

AirPhysio has partnered with Asthma Australia to raise awareness. The device has the Australian Made logo. It won the 2017 Start-Up Business of the Year award in Australia.

Doctors have recommended using AirPhysio, similar to other Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure (OPEP) devices. These devices help with conditions like asthma, COPD, cystic fibrosis, bronchiectasis, and other issues.

When you have these conditions, your body struggles to clear contaminated mucus. Here’s how the official AirPhysio website explains it:

“These conditions hinder the body’s ability to clear the contaminated mucus. Your lung capacity is reduced by 5-25 ml/yr for asthmatics and 33 ml /year for smokers. This may cause breathlessness after a small set of stairs or a light jog.”

For all of these reasons, experts recommend using a device like AirPhysio for a range of respiratory conditions, including:

  • Asthma
  • Atelectasis
  • Bronchiectasis
  • Cystic Fibrosis
  • COPD, emphysema, and chronic bronchitis

Some AirPhysio users have none of these conditions – they’re just older adults or smokers who struggle to breathe.

Here’s how to get your own AirPhysio

The AirPhysio is so popular that to date, over 60,000 of them have been sold in over 15 countries worldwide!

Here’s how to get your own AirPhysio

How to Use the AirPhysio Device

  1. Take a deep breathe (abdominal breath) into your lungs and fill them completely,
  2. Hold your breathe for 2 to 3 seconds,
  3. Place the AirPhysio device into your mouth and exhale through the device at a reasonably fast, but consistent pace for between 3-5 seconds until you empty your lungs. i.e. don’t try and blow too hard too quickly as this may cause you to over exert your lung muscles and leaving you feeling tight in the chest, so take it easy and don’t push too hard.
  4. Most people can get it oscillating without too much exertion, but some people struggle to start with. But once your lungs are at optimal lung capacity, you should be able to lift the ball bearing slightly off the cone and have it oscillating.
  5. Adjust the device to have the cap facing the ceiling and tilt it until you feel maximum vibrations within your chest, try to keep cheeks stiff to help amplify the affect in your chest.
  6. After exhaling through the device, you may feel mucus accumulating near the top of your lungs or at the back of your throat, if so, initiate a cough to expel the mucus. If not, the mucus will continue working up to the throat and maybe swallowed as a normal process.
  7. Repeat steps 1 through 6 for approx. 2 times per minute for up to 5 minutes, taking two deep breaths in between each session to reduce the chance of feeling lightheaded.


You can use AirPhysio after taking aerosol medication to improve the distribution and effectiveness of the medication.

Breathing Exercise for Healthy Individuals

Do the following steps before initiation of exercise or training.

  1. Relax and assume proper posture and position.
  2. Slowly inhale beyond a normal breath, but do not fill the lungs completely.
  3. Hold breath for 2 to 3 seconds.
  4. Place AirPhysio in mouth, exhale through AirPhysio at a reasonably fast but not too forceful speed, using abdominal breathing. Do not empty the lungs completely.
  5. Adjust tilt to feel maximum vibrations within the chest and keep cheeks stiff.
  6. Repeat steps 2 through 4 for 5 to 10 breaths.


This exercise may make you feel lightheaded. This is normal due to the amount of carbon dioxide being exhaled.

When you feel lightheaded, take a break and breathe normally until the lightheaded feeling passes. If you try to overexert and push yourself too far, there is a chance that you may pass out and lose consciousness.


Clean AirPhysio after each therapy session and store in a clean, dry location.

Parts & Accessories

AirPhysio consists of the following parts and accessories:

  • Circular cone
  • Stainless steel ball
  • Child-resistant protective cover
  • Mouthpiece and base
  • Mouthpiece cap

AirPhysio is available in different steel ball sizes that allow individualized treatment according to age and tolerance of the consumer to airway resistance.

A small-sized steel ball provides less expiratory resistance and is ideal for children, as well as adults with low lung capacity, severe respiratory conditions, or weak respiratory muscles (i.e. elderly and spinal cord injury patients).

A regular-sized steel ball is best for healthy, active individuals and adults with mild to moderate respiratory conditions.

How To Disassemble and Clean the AirPhysio Device

How to Unlock the Child-Resistant Clear Top Cap

There are two windows to the device. Feel for a tiny raised spike above the window of one side. This spike indicates the correct side of the child safety latch that will need to be depressed.

With the clear cap to the top and pointed away from you, place device down on a hard surface.

Then, place a pointy object, such as a pen, into the right-hand side of the window to depress the child’s safety latch. Then lift the device and twist the cap 0.3” anti-clockwise.

Pull clear cap away from the device body.

How to clean AirPhysio Device

For Single-Patient Use of AirPhysio
  • It is necessary to clean the AirPhysio® device after each session to remove moisture and/or mucus from the internal components.
  • Disassemble your AirPhysio® device. Please refer to Parts and Accessories and How to Unlock the Child-resistant Protective Cover before disassembling the device.
  • Wash in a solution of tap water and mild soap or detergent.
  • Rinse all components with tap water.
  • Wipe with a clean towel.
  • Reassemble and store in a clean, dry location.

A more vigorous cleaning is recommended at least once a day. Do the following to accomplish this:

  • Wipe or rinse the already-cleaned components in an alcohol solution (ethyl or isopropyl alcohol) with a 60-90% concentration.

Is Airphysio Legit?

Airphysio offers an OPEP gadget that will help you in clearing the bodily fluid and growing the lungs. It additionally helps in better recuperation from respiratory medical procedures or therapy. There are numerous gadgets accessible on the site, similar to it holds OPEP for youngsters and grown-ups, and so on Other than this, the site is having a deal on its whole assortment where you can set aside up to huge cash.

In extension, the site is 5+ years old and has acquired 4.1 stars of evaluations for its items.

AirPhysio Reviews: Does AirPhysio really work?

Of course, it works. It is the best natural breathing lung exerciser in the market. It works by helping remove the mucus in the lungs and the entire pulmonary system.

How does it really do this?

  1. When you use the Air Physio OPEP device, it vibrates your respiratory airways. This shakes off mucus from the endothelium of the air passage.
  2. The disunited mucus travels randomly within the lumen of the air passage.
  3. As you exhale, the mucus travels upward from the lungs towards the pharynx.
  4. The increased pressure in the bronchi helps push the mucus upward faster than your expiration normally would.
  5. When the mucus reaches the pharynx, it’s up to you to initiate a cough to help expel it or it can continue its trip into the esophagus and down the gastrointestinal tract. Either way, your lung is safe and both the enzymes and hydrochloric acid in the GI tract would take care of the mucus.

How Does Airphysio Help With Asthma?

As mentioned earlier in this publication, the Airphysio device can reduce asthma symptoms, such as bronchitis and bronchiectasis. Airphysio can help asthma patients in two distinct ways: First, the device assists in the body’s natural clearance process to help the airways and condition the lungs by clearing any blockage or build-up of excess mucus. The device uses two methods, namely mobilization and elimination methods.

Airphysio devices can help asthma patients is through vibrations or flutter effects. Deep breathing assists in conditioning the airway, thus helping to improve lung capacity through the physiotherapy method.

AirPhysio Side Effects

At the moment, no adverse reactions to AirPhysio have been identified. However, if users treat a medical disorder, they can consult a physician before using it.

AirPhysio for COVID

The device is highly in demand during the COVID crisis. This device is the hour of the need, just like COVID vaccines and Remdevsir injections and hospital beds. In earlier times, only people with respiratory disorders used this product. However, after the beginning of this pandemic, respiratory disorders have highly increased. Most of them are expected to be short term while there still is a lot that is expected to stay for a very long time. All these patients are being recommended to use AirPhysio.

Also, according to the doctor, even if you do not have had COVID, you must use this product. AirPhysio can help you prevent catching COVID and keep you safe. This can work as a preventive measure, just like inhaling hot steam and consuming pills for Vitamin C, Zinc, etc., during COVID. Also, doctors say that shortly after the pandemic ends, the after-effects of COVID and respiratory disorders will be the primary concern. The demand for AirPhysio is increasing exponentially every second. Get yours now.

Airphysio Competitors

AirPhysio Vs. Acapella

AirPhysio is a kind of OPEP or Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure system commonly used to expand the lungs and remove mucus. It is entirely normal and aids in the body’s natural cleansing method. It aids in maintaining optimal lung hygiene and the restoration of lung ability. While Acapella is a PEP or Positive Expiratory Pressure system commonly used to mobilize secretions, it can assist you in optimizing your lung volume, preventing atelectasis, and facilitating secretion mobilization, among other functions.

It may be provided to patients with persistent respiratory problems and is self-administered without a medical professional or an accomplice. It combines the advantages of airway vibrations and PEP to mobilize pulmonary secretions. It can be used in any location, enabling patients to recline, stand, sit, or walk freely.

AirPhysio Vs. The Breather

Both goods perform admirably. The Breather helps you fight for your profits (RMT). It strengthens your periphery respiratory muscles, allowing you to breathe naturally once again. The AirPhysio OPEP gadget employs a clever idea to promote airway clearance inside the lungs. It does so by oscillating to produce friction that draws mucus up to the mouth, where your normal reflex to cough takes over. However, we highly recommend the use of AirPhysio.

AirPhysio Vs. Incentive Spirometer

A reward spirometer is a diagnostic instrument that facilitates SMI by including visual measures of success (inspiratory effort). The therapist may use this visual input to coach the patient to optimum performance, and the patient may use it to track their efforts. When used correctly and consistently, the interface provides individual visual guidance on flow and volume and often helps avoid and reverse atelectasis.

The visual aspect of the therapy acts as a motivator or target for the patient to strive for by repeatedly repeating the maximum effort. At the same time, AirPhysio is a type of OPEP, or Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure mechanism frequently used to enlarge the lungs and eliminate mucus. It is perfectly normal and contributes to the body’s natural cleansing process. It contributes to the preservation of optimal respiratory hygiene and the regeneration of lung function.

AirPhysio Vs. Spirometer

A spirometer is a device used to determine the air inhaled and exhaled by the lungs. A spirometer is used to determine airflow or airflow into and out of the lungs. The spirogram can distinguish between two distinct forms of irregular ventilation patterns: obstructive and restrictive. Whereas AirPhysio is a type of OPEP or Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure, is frequently used to expand the lungs and eliminate mucus. It is perfectly normal and contributes to the body’s natural cleansing process. It contributes to the preservation of optimal respiratory hygiene and the regeneration of lung function.

AirPhysio Vs. Flutter

Both the functioning of Flutter and AirPhysio are similar. However, in the AirPhysio vs. Flutter OPEP Device Comparison Study, an increase in mean and peak PEP through flow speeds and tilt angles were observed when the ball size on the AirPhysio system was increased from 19 to 22 mm. These statistics demonstrate a similar reaction to the Flutter device’s mean and peak PEP. From the results, we can conclude that Flutter gave an excellent competition to AirPhysio. Still, AirPhysio remains at the top.

AirPhysio Vs. Turboforte

Turboforte Lung Physio is a drug-free, portable lung expansion and mucus relief system that helps remove the obstruction from the airways and lungs, allowing for better breathing. In contrast, AirPhysio is a form of OPEP or Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure, commonly used to expand the lungs and reduce mucus. This is completely common and helps the body’s natural cleansing mechanism. It helps maintain optimal respiratory hygiene and regenerates lung function.

Airphysio Vs. Aerobika

Routine disinfection and cleaning of these instruments are essential. Aerobika comes with a thorough washing and disinfection guide and is more straightforward to clean than AirPhysio. Aerobika is more portable and convenient to bring than AirPhysio. Additionally, Aerobika is somewhat reduced in scale than AirPhysio. More or less, Aerobika and AirPhysio are pretty similar.

Is Airphysio a Scam?

After reading this AirPhysio Review, what do you think is AirPhysio is a scam? Do you really think, to buying or choosing the offer is a waste of money? Well, I don’t think so. As I was suffering problem breathing problem, this one is the best as far I get. This handheld device helps to strengthen the lungs and open the airways for proper breathing. The using process is also very simple and effective that easily clears my lungs. Also, minor lung issues like asthma, Atelectasis, COPD, Emphysema can easily be reduced through this chemical-free device.

Here’s how to order your very own AirPhysio device today:

  1. Click this link here or the button below to go to the website page
  2. Choose the AirPhysio package that’s right for you (note the 30-day satisfaction guarantee!)
  3. Receive your AirPhysio and enjoy breathing more easily and freely when you start using AirPhysio!

Check out its availability in your area right now by clicking the button below

User Reviews

As per the clients, the item has worked really hard as it has acquired 4.1 stars of appraisals. Simultaneously, a few people appear to be disappointed with the item, however, we were unable to have the option to accumulate any client audits where individuals have posted anything about the store and its administrations. In this way, we have gotten blended surveys with respect to the item.

This is amazing. I was skeptical when I ordered it but I have terrible asthma and kept getting really congested. Steroids seemed to be the only thing that helped. I tried this and was amazed. It really helps you clear your airways. If you have issues like me, you must try this.

Stephanie V

I had a chest cold for about a week, I was struggling to get a good night’s sleep and I just couldn’t shake it. I used the AirPhysio device for about 5 minutes in the evening before going to bed and couldn’t believe how much mucus and phlegm that I got off my chest. That night I had the first good sleep and after using the device again the next morning I was feeling great. I felt the results after using it just once and couldn’t believe how much better I felt after using the device. I’m not cured yet, but this has helped me on my road to recovery and I feel almost human for the first time in a week. I would have already recommended the device to others who have a cold or flu as it really helps and you can feel it working on you.

Katrina Peterson

My son Jet gets chronic asthma and became dependent on asthma medication, to the point where as soon as he stopped the medicine he would start getting a chest cold. Through winter he is the first one to get a cold and since his asthma started, he has never finished a cross country or any sporting events without an asthma attack and the need for a puffer. Jet started using AirPhysio for the first time only a couple of months ago, but the results have been amazing. Not only has he not had a cold or flu so far this winter (which is an accomplishment in itself), but since starting to use the device, Jet not only finished his first cross country without an asthma attack, but he actually made it to district as well as weekly football and daily surfing. I love this device, my son has managed to kick his dependency on medicines and he is improving his fitness. Now if only I could get him to use it every day I’d be happy

Varley Frazer

I have suffered from asthma since I was a kid and the attacks got worse when I became a mother of three young active boys. My day is typically busy and I would often go to bed exhausted and then wake up the next day wheezing and needing my inhaler. A good friend of mine suggested that I try AirPhysio device and for three weeks I used the AirPhysio device every night before going to bed. I noticed the quality of my sleep has gotten better and my breathing easier since using the device. I have not had an asthma attack since. I am so happy with the AirPhysio device that I am going to continue to use it every night to keep my asthma symptoms at bay.

Maria Lourdes Tala

AirPhysio Video Testimonials

Frequently Asked Question

Can AirPhysio help my respiratory condition?

AirPhysio’s medical-grade FDA-registered design is highly-effective towards a variety of respiratory-related conditions. Because of this, Doctors and Pulmonologists strongly recommend AirPhysio to their patients when needed.

AirPhysio’s all-natural approach makes it suitable to help with symptoms for the following conditions: Asthma, COPD, smoker’s cough, Bronchiectasis, Cystic Fibrosis, Emphysema, Pneumonia, and many more respiratory conditions.

Despite that AirPhysio has zero known side effects, you should always consult with your doctor to make sure AirPhysio is right for you.

What type of symptoms will it help with?

AirPhysio is so effective you’ll be able to feel it working the very first time you use it. As quickly as overnight, your lungs may become noticeably clearer, and the more you use it, the stronger and healthier your lungs will become.

After using AirPhysio once, you’ll start to see why our customers describe it as “life-changing”. Over time AirPhysio has the power to help with the following issues: wheezing, difficulty sleeping, sore throat, chest congestion, coughs that produce phlegm, respiratory infections.

Are there any side effects?

AirPhysio is completely safe to use, as there are no known side effects. AirPhysio uses air to accelerate your body’s natural process of removing nasty build-up from your airways, without steroids, chemicals, or toxins.

AirPhysio’s FDA-registered medical-grade design has gone through extensive testing to make sure it’s both safe and effective – another reason why it’s so heavily recommended by Doctors and Pulmonologists.

Is AirPhysio safe to use?

Yes, it’s completely safe and is FDA-registered! Doctors and Pulmonologists recommend AirPhysio because of how safe it is. It’s all-natural, meaning there are no harmful chemicals, toxins, or steroids, so there are no known side effects. This is why 80,000 people use AirPhysio to help them breathe better and improve their quality of life.

Will using AirPhysio hurt or be uncomfortable?

Not at all! You may feel a slight tickle in your throat when you blow through the tube and a need to cough but it’s completely normal and is part of your body’s natural cleaning process to remove the mucus in your airways.

Once the stuck, dried-up mucus has been cleared out of your airways, you’ll feel incredible. Our customers describe it as a huge weight being lifted off their chest.

How often can I use AirPhysio?

Optimal use can vary by person depending on your needs, but generally, for the best results, we recommend using AirPhysio a few times a day. Those who keep up with it and use it regularly should expect to see drastic improvements in their ability to breathe and overall lung health/strength over time.

Can AirPhysio be used by children?

Yes! Although we say AirPhysio works for children ages 4 and up, any child or person who can take instruction and have the lung capacity to blow the standard ball bearing will get it to work.
All AirPhysio devices come with a child-resistant cap as an added safety measure to prevent children from disassembling the device.

Can multiple people share an AirPhysio device?

Sharing the device isn’t recommended. Once you put your mouth on the device and blow through it, you can put others at risk through the sharing and spreading of germs. While AirPhysio can easily be cleaned, it’s highly recommended that everyone have their own device. Since AirPhysio can also be used by people of all ages, you can take advantage of our buy more save more deals going on right now – great for gifting to friends or family members.

How long does AirPhysio last?

AirPhysio is made from medical-grade quality materials that wash easily so they will last you a lifetime. That’s why all AirPhysio’s come with an industry-leading 1-year warranty. Now you can enjoy better breathing for the rest of your lifetime.

Is there a money back guarantee and/or warranty?

Yes. We offer a no-hassle, 1-Year Warranty, and a 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee on all AirPhysios. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your AirPhysio devices, we are happy to help you with a return. We want you to be happy!

How much would you use AirPhysio in a day?

Use the system for up to ten minutes once or twice daily, or if needed, when symptoms appear. Use at least once a week after symptoms subside to ensure respiratory hygiene and optimum lung potential.

How long would AirPhysio take to work?

We took less than ten seconds to disassemble and disinfect the Air Physio. After a few days, the sensation deep in my lungs allowed me to loosen and cough up mucus. I was willing to blow my nose with the pressure I had never had before using Air Physio in just five days.

Do physicians recommend AirPhysio?

AirPhysio is FDA-registered and physician-recommended. AirPhysio has been used by over 80,000 individuals, with no significant adverse effects recorded.

Final Thought

AirPhysio is a lung exercising device that works efficiently to improve your breathing problem. In AirPhysio Review I tried to explain how this device works and how easily you can use it. Now it will be easier for you to use. When I first learn about the device, I had a doubt about the working process. But now I can say that the working process is natural and effective.

The AirPhysio perfectly clears the mucus and reduces so many lung issues instantly. You don’t have to go to the doctor anymore for minor issues of the lungs when you have the AirPhysio with you. You can get the result overnight and most importantly from children to aged people everyone can use it. They just have to lower the resistance capabilities of the expiratory.