AirPhysio vs Acapella Comparison Guide 2021

Suddenly from the past 1 year, we all have been hearing the terms like “Lung Capacity”, “Airways”, “Mucus” isnt? Why wait for another virus to hit us back again. Why shouldnt we take all the precautions to make our body, respiratory system strong and healthy. 

Yes, today we shall be discussing about the two most popular respiratory instruments and help you take a decision between the both.  Yes, we are talking about AirPhysio and Acapella. Airphysio works on  Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure system while Acapella works on Positive Expiratory Pressure. So, lets read the differences between the both and which one suits which kind of people. 

AirPhysio and Acapella are both excellent as respiratory devices. They both have attractive features and gives a tough competition. So, if you are also confused about which one to buy, we give you the detailed guide and help you decide between AirPhysio vs Acapella here.

Here, in this article, we will tell you both these products and let you make an informed decision yourself. So, read this article to the end. 

These devices treatBronchiectasis, Cystic Fibrosis, COPD, Asthma, and many more. All the conditions mentioned above hinders the body’s ability to remove mucus from the lungs.

For any asthmatics, the lung capacity reduces to 5 to 25 ml every year, while that of smokers increases to about 33 ml every year. Not only patients but regular smokers also use these products highly. Due to these problems, you can experience breathlessness after performing simple tasks like jogging, small sets of stairs, etc.

What Exactly is AirPhysio?


AirPhysio uses the Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure system (OPEP) to expand the lungs and remove mucus. It is developed in Australia and helps the body to clean the lungs with the natural cleansing method. It helps in increasing the lung capacity and also in the maintenance of lung hygiene. This amazing device helps in the prevention of atelectasis, restoration of lung capacity, facilitation of secretion mobilisation and in the prevention of atelectasis. The COVID patients can use it post recovery for faster recovery as it will help the lungs to start functioning normally. 

What is Acapella?


It is a mechanism that utilizes PEP, or Positive Expiratory Pressure, to mobilize secretions. It may be provided to patients with persistent respiratory problems and is self-administered without a medical professional or an accomplice. It combines the advantages of airway vibrations and PEP to mobilize pulmonary secretions. It can be used in any location, enabling patients to recline, stand, sit, or walk freely.

How Does AirPhysio Work?

If you have difficulty breathing, that could be due to mucus in the airway. Mucus may get trapped in your airway, rendering breathing more difficult. AirPhysio asserts that it will dislodge this mucus without the need for a decongestant. You get all of the advantages of a decongestant in the airway – without having to take any medication. AirPhysio is highly efficient. The majority of consumers say that the implant works almost instantly: within a few breaths in and out of the device, you can note a noticeable improvement in the clarity of your lungs and breathing.

Airphysio is helpful in post COVID recovery as it helps to increase the lung capacity. 

How Does Acapella Work?

The working principle of Acapella and AirPhysio are very much similar. Acapella is a system used to assist with the removal of mucus from the lungs. It vibrates to dislodge mucus from the airway walls and maintains the airways open longer during exhalation. This enables mucus to ascend the airways. When you exhale into the Acapella, your breath lifts and lowers a weighted lever. This lever distorts the airflow, resulting in increased positive pressure and movements inside the airway.

The Advantages and Characteristics of AirPhysio and Acapella

AirPhysio and Acapella also serve the same purpose and share most of their advantages and functionality. The following are some of the significant advantages or characteristics of each –

  • Very Portable: These instruments are incredibly convenient and straightforward to transport. You should have them in your pocket at all times without worrying about it.
  • Breathing Specialists, Physicians, and Pulmonologists, among others, recommend it: Doctors strongly suggest these devices. These are scientifically shown to be safe, reliable, and legitimate. No medicine is as convenient as this and can be used in an emergency without the assistance of a medical practitioner.
  • They Also Work Overnight: They provide short-term and long-term gains. This will become apparent after a few breaths. Once you begin utilizing these drugs, you will notice an improvement in your lungs’ fitness, robustness, and clarity. The more often you use this unit, the more advantages you can see.
  • Works Almost Instantly: The most vital feature of these instruments is their near-instantaneous operation. When you use them, they demonstrate their effectiveness within a fraction of a second, and you feel relieved.
  • Unblocks Partially or Completely Blocked Airways: Blocked airways are common among people who suffer from respiratory disorders. These products unclog the clogged airways, allowing you to breathe normally again. These goods will assist you in getting the most out of your lungs.
  • Mucus Removal from the Airway: It can assist you with clearing mucus from the lungs. This would make breathing more straightforward for the patient.

Benefits and Features of AirPhysio and Acapella

Both AirPhysio and Acapella serve the same surface, and hence most of their benefits or features are standard. Here are some of the significant benefits or features of both –

  • Cleaning of Mucus from the Airway: It will help you clear the mucus from your lungs. This will make it easier for the user to breathe. 
  • Frees up Semi-Blocked or Completely-Blocked Airways: Block Airways are a widespread problem in people with respiratory disorders. These products unblock the blocked airways for you to breathe back to normal. These products can help you use your lungs to maximum capacity. 
  • Works Quickly: The best part of these devices is that they work almost instantly. As soon as you use them, they show their results within a fraction of seconds, and you feel relieved. 
  • Even Works Overnight: They not only have short-term but long-term benefits too. After just a few breaths, you will notice this. After you start using these products, you will feel your lungs be healthier, more robust, and clearer. The more you use this device, the more benefits you will observe.
  • Recommended by Breathing Specialists, Doctors, Pulmonologists, etc.: Doctors highly recommend these devices. Both of these are clinically approved are legal, and highly effective. No medication is handy enough like these that can be used in emergencies anytime without a medical practitioner’s help. 
  • Very Portable: These devices are convenient and extremely easy to carry. You can keep them in your pocket at all times, and you do not have to worry about anything. 

Airphysio – Pros and Cons

  • Recovery from diseases gets easier
  • Easy and quick
  • Unblocks airway
  • Internationally award-winning
  • Very expensive

Acapella – Pros and Cons

  • Very cheap compared to AirPhysio
  • Comes with instructions
  • Can be used with Nebulizer or mask
  • You do not need to remove it from the mouth
  • Not very attractive looking


Any of these instruments are a pleasure to use. However, AirPhysio enjoys a more vital prestige and confidence than Acapella. Additionally, AirPhysio utilizes OPEP technology, while Acapella utilizes PEP. AirPhysio is deemed superior to Acapella due to its OPEP technology. However, before using either of these products, you can check with your physician.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the difference between blue and green acapella?

Blue Acapella is for those patients which can maintain the expiratory flow  of less than 15 litres per minute for 3 seconds. Green Acapella is used for those who can maintain an expiratory flow for 15 liters per minute or more for 3 seconds. 

GREEN ACAPELLA is for patients who are able to maintain an expiratory flow for 15 liters per minute or greater for 3 seconds. The BLUE ACAPELLA is for patients WHO ARE CAPABLE OF LESS THAN 15 LITERS PER MINUTE FOR 3 SECONDS.

What is an Acapella Used For?

The Acapella device helps to remove mucus from the clogged airways. You can use this device even after taking a short-acting inhaled bronchodilator medication, but it is very clear that you should get the medicine prescribed by your doctor. This medicine further helps to open the airways thus increasing the effectiveness of the acapella manifold. 

What is AirPhysio?

AirPhysio is a portable, handheld OPEP device that helps in improving your breathing. You can simply hold this device in front of your mouth and then breathe in and out. This will increase the air capacity of your lungs and also loosens the mucus and clears the airways.