Haarko Knives Review 2023 – Is Haarko Santoku Chef Knife Worth My Money?

A good knife is part of the standard equipment of every kitchen. Well-advertised products are not always as excellent as the manufacturer promises. Often times they dull quite quickly and then tear apart the flesh or anything you cut with them. A good kitchen knife easy to use and sharp, making work in the kitchen easy. Really good knives are also relatively expensive, which is also one of the reasons why you don’t buy one.

In any good kitchen is usually also always a special, good kitchen knife. This is not only sharp, but is also easy to handle. Unfortunately, there are more and more knives that do not serve this purpose and instead of simply cutting things, they tear them or slip. As a result, they pose a high safety risk.

We took a look at the Haarko knife today and wanted to know whether it can really do what the manufacturer promises in the kitchen. Allegedly you can not only cut super with it, but the handling is also impressive. In addition, the cutting edge has an advantage that is not even available in other products.

We have therefore taken a look at the so-called Haarko knife today. This is a Santoku knife, which is not only easier to handle, but which is also supposed to perform great thanks to its material and good workmanship. We wanted to know exactly if the manufacturer promised too much, or if it performs what it promises you.

What is Haarko Knives?

What is Haarko Knives

Haarko knife is a Japanese santoku knife that is incredibly sharp for all culinary purposes in the kitchen and generally at home. This haarko japanese santoku kitchen knife is a perfect example of traditional manufacturing techniques blended with an ultra-modern approach.

The Haarko is a kitchen knife made of a high-quality material and has all the requirements to be called a high-quality Santoku knife. It has an ergonomic shape, is made of stainless steel and has a hole in its blade that makes it even easier to guide the knife. Thanks to this combination, it becomes an indispensable item in the home kitchen that you won’t want to do without.

In most cases, Haarko is used as a second kitchen knife for slicing, dicing, and cutting sticky things such as fruits, vegetables, fish, and sinewy meat. This is mostly owing to the razor-sharp blade, which should also serve to maintain safety while cooking at the same time. It is not necessary to use as much force when cutting because of the sharp blade, which, according to the supplier, only dulls gradually. It is also important to avoid slipping of the blade when cutting.

Haarko is a kitchen knife in the style of a Japanese Santoku knife. It is made of stainless steel. In place of the traditional all-purpose kitchen knife, this is a novel and fascinating alternative. Knives such as the Haarko are mostly used for slicing, dicing, and chopping food, among other things. It is a blend of western kitchen knives and Japanese Naiki knives that is particularly well suited for cutting meat, seafood, vegetables, and sticky meals, among other things. Haarko is a kitchen knife that is smaller, more compact, and lighter than traditional kitchen knives. This particular kitchen knife is composed of high-quality stainless steel, according to the manufacturer. According to reports, it is made entirely by hand by third-generation bladesmithing specialists.

What is the Haarko knife made of

The major parts of the Haarko knife are:

  • The blade: which is fashioned from traditional Japanese steel which ensures a superior quality and long-lasting knife.
  • Its wooden handle is crafted from Premium Oak wood which makes it secure, convenient, and more comfortable.

High end Japanese Steel was well known and used by third generation expert bladesmiths in crafting and fashioning impeccable, durable, and incredible knives. Each knife is handmade, and this demands a lot of steps, energy and time, as well as meticulous testing.

Haarko Santoku knives Technical Details

  1. Wide sheepsfoot blade with no tip (a dull back spine that curves down to meet the straight-edged front blade).
  2. No bolster.
  3. Balanced weight.
  4. Thinner blade than a Chef’s knife which allows for more refined slicing.
  5. Lighter to hold.
  6. Double bevel – Bevel refers to surface that has been ground to form the knife edge.
  7. Has a granton edge (small divots/scallops on the blade to prevent food from sticking to it).
  8. Sharp edge material- Stainless steel.
  9. Angle of the curve – 68 degrees.
  10. Weight – 252 grams/ 0.5 pound.
  11. Width – 8 inches.
  12. Sharp Edge Length – 6.3 inches.
  13. Handle Material – Oak wood
  14. Blade length (Blade + handle) – 28 cm (11 inches)

Features of Haarko Knife

Features of Haarko Knife
  • High quality ultra sharp blade: Haarko knives blade is made of high quality Stainless Steel that is highly durable. Each of these steels passes through a rigorous 138 steps before the handle is attached to it. It is very sharp and makes cutting very easy. Unlike most brittle kitchen knives that break easily, haarko Santoku knives blades are very strong and can withstand great degree of stress. You can precisely chop your vegetables into thin slices, cut your fish and sticky food perfectly and faster. 
  • Index finger hole for precise control: This is the hallmark of Haarko knives and Huusk knives. The index finger hole helps you to be in full control of your chef knife to avoid injury. Most chef want to buy a sharp knife because it makes cutting easier and faster but it comes with a downside. You can get your digits  cut if you are not extremely careful. Haarko knives crafters tried to solve this problem by incorporating an index finger hole in the Santoku knife blade just above the handle. Each time you want to use your knife, make sure that your index finger is inserted in that hole! 
  • Quality wooden handle that never slips: The Oak wooden handle with its characteristic texture ensures that haarko knife fits perfectly into any hand. It will never slip off neither will it cause you injuries. Haarko knife is also small in size, hence it will fit into your hands even if it’s small. Always avoid rocking motion while using this knife. 
  • Portable and lightweight: It is easy to carry and use. Unlike other chef knife that are a bit heavy, haarko knife is very portable, and will never constitute a burden to your life. It was designed to give you pleasure at any moment.
  • Resistant to chipping: Some knives are sharp, but comes with the cost of being fragile and prone to chipping and oxidation. Haarko knife makers believed that real kitchen chef knife should never have such problems. Santoku knife is extremely sturdy and sharp, its quality Stainless Steel blade and oak handle guarantees great performance. 
  • User-friendly: It safe to use because you have more control over it unlike blunt knives. Accidental cuts (injuries), squashing of food and rugged cutting will not happen again.
  • Ergonomic Design: The hole on the blade provides enough extra space for your fingers. The handle and blade curves create a balance that results in a strong grip and effortless cutting techniques. The Haarko knife is designed to generate a perfect grip like a handshake.
  • Extra sharp: Haarko knife doesn’t dull and can serve you for many years. It is made of extremely sharp Japanese steel blade to cut through any food. You can also sharpen it if needed. You will be informed on how to take care of the blade as you read on.

Why Should You Buy Haarko Knife?

You will agree with haarko knives review that the need for a multi-purpose culinary utensil which makes the whole period of cooking exciting birthed the production of a knife. The haarko knives are really a masterpiece and a desire for every household interested in preparing attractive and nice meals.

Haarko chef’s knife is a multipurpose kitchen knife that is typically about 10 inches long and hand-forged from a combination of stainless steel and carbon steel. The hallmark of haarko features are a prominent point and a sharp edge that features a sloping curve. The curve allows the user to execute this haarko knife’s signature rocking motion cutting technique.

The rocking motion cutting technique gets its name because the haarko knife is designed to be rocked back and forth from tip to heel, with the item you intend to cut is placed in the middle. When performing this technique, there is a different part of the knife in contact with the cutting board at all times. This is quite different from the technique used with a straight bladed multipurpose knife like a Santoku knife.

Using the haarko knife USA, which is a perfect chef knife, makes the preparation of food a lot easier. Less effort in preparation means you’ll have more time to enjoy cooking. And if you happen to like chopping, slicing, and dicing, you’ll appreciate it even more, when you do it with a chef’s knife that’s been professionally manufactured for the job.

There’s also the benefit of pride in ownership. A quality chef’s knife is thoughtfully designed to help you be a better cook through proper preparation. The Haarko chef’s knife stays sharp, and it’s the type of steel used to forge the blade that keeps it that way.

Haarko knife is comfortable to use, and when properly maintained, it has a razor-sharp blade that reduces the effort it takes to cut and chop. Knives that aren’t sharp require more force to use. They slow down processes. The blade also crushes more of the food’s delicate cells surrounding the cut, but that is never the case with the Japanese haarko knife.

Care of the Haarko Knife

The Haarko knife should last you for a very long time provided you give them the right care which includes proper cleaning, sharpening and storage.


Hand washing is recommended and drying should be done with a soft, clean towel. Avoid using dishwashers or scourers for washing as these would hasten its dulling and deteriorate the oak handle.


Sharpening refers to restoring the angle of a knife’s blade. There are some reasons why you might want to sharpen your Haarko knife as you use it. They include:

  • Safety: Whether you use knives frequently or occasionally, all of them will eventually dull. A dull knife is a risky knife because it requires more force when cutting, increasing the chances of accidental slip and injury.
  • The right finish: Slicing with a dull knife damages food cells which can affect taste and overall aesthetics.
  • Pleasure: Slicing with a sharp knife is infinitely more enjoyable than with a dull knife.

Now, what do you do when you feel like sharpening your Haarko knife?

The most effective way to sharpen a Haarko knife is to use a whetstone. Whetstone sharpening gives a sharper edge than other methods. Also, as Japanese knives are made from a more durable yet thinner steel, using a sharpening steel may damage them. Sharpen with your whetstone as follows:

  1. Submerge and soak whetstone in water.
  2. Using the coarse side first, tilt the knife at the correct angle.
  3. Run the knife up and down the stone in a smooth motion.
  4. Ensure you cover the whole blade from edge to start of handle.
  5. Repeat process on other side as the knife is double-beveled.
  6. Flip stone to the finer side and repeat again.
  7. Thoroughly wash and dry knife.


It is best to store your Haarko knife in a wooden box or block away from pests.

Does Haarko Knives Worth Buying?

Definitely yes! Haarko knives are high quality Japanese knives that worth every dime spent on it. Not only have our editors confirmed this assertion, but a lot of other consumers haarko knife review online have also attested to this fact.

It has gained wide recognition in different countries including United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and a lot of other countries in west and east. Haarko kitchen knife is very sharp, durable and affordable. It comes with a signature index finger hole to enable you grip it perfectly and control your knife anyhow you want. You can achieve the thinnest and finest slices with haarko razor sharp blade.

If you are a professional chef or just enthusiastic cook who find cooking to be a chore, a quality chef’s knife might make the task feel easier. Your personal instinct and preferences, and your needs at any moment should guide your decision while looking for a chef’s knife. Our editorial team have only done professional analysis and testing and found haarko knife to be highly efficient and reliable. A lot of users have recommended haarko knife and you will definitely enjoy it.

How To Use Haarko Knife?

Using Haarko does not require any technological knowledge. The user should simply take the Haarkon knife out of the box, making certain that it is the same as ordered. The person will be able to use it once this has been confirmed. Additionally, the haarko knife is very sharp, so the person should use caution when handling it. After using the knife, make sure to clean it thoroughly and store it in a safe, clean, airy, and dry location – the same as any other ordinary knife.

No specific method of storing the haarko knife has been devised for it. It is not necessary to sharpen the haarko knife on a regular basis. The sharpness of this knife lasts for an extremely long period and does not become dull easily. Make use of haarko and take pleasure in the distinct flavor that the haarko knife offers to the table. Maintain the sharpness of the haarko knives by storing them in a block or on a rack. Haarko Knives are packaged in a high-quality packaging. Always make certain that the knives are returned to their beautiful box.

  • Use the hole for your index finger for ultimate control and precision.
  • Use swift downward chopping motion while cutting, never rocking motion! 
  • Do not apply force while using haarko knife. It is a sharp precise tool, there is no need for force. 
  • Do not use rocking back-and-forth motion while cutting. 

How To Maintain A Haarko Santoku Knife?

Dos: (Haarko Knives Review)

  • Do use the hole for the index finger for ultimate precision & control.
  • Do carefully clean the blade to prevent food accumulation in its dimples.
  • Do hand wash the Haarko knife and dry it immediately after each use;
  • Do use swift downwards chopping motions while cutting.

Don’ts:(Haarko Knives Review)

  • Do not use force while using a Haarko knife. It is a sharp, precise tool – force is not needed.
  • Do not put Haarko in the dishwasher. Doing so may affect the knife’s quality.
  • Do not store the knife in a damp place to prevent rust.
  • Do not use rocking back-and-forth. motions while cutting.

Why Should You Buy The Haarko Knife?

Here are a few more reasons to buy the Haarko knife:

  • Pleasurable in every way: All Haarko knives are extremely sharp. They are perfectly balanced, which makes it comfortable to hold the knives. Cutting while cooking has never been more fun.
  • Precisely crafted to the last detail: Each and every detail has been meticulously checked and taken into account. Haarko provides you with the best quality knives inspired by the best Japanese knife making techniques.
  • Perfect grip: The handles consist of high quality Oak Wood. This is a type of hard wood with a characteristic dark texture, creating a perfect grip.

How Much Does Haarko Knife Cost?

Here is the pricing breakdown on the official website:

  • 1 x Haarko Knife: $39
  • 2 x Haarko Japanese Knives: $59
  • 3 x Haarko Handmade Knives: $79
  • 4 x Haarko Santoku Knives: $85

Where To Buy Haarko Knives?

The haarko knife can be purchased via the company’s official website, where a variety of payment choices are available to prospective customers, with no risks to the buyer as a result of the payment method chosen. Payment alternatives such as paypal or credit cards, which are two of the most popular methods of making payments online, are examples of this. Most significantly, in the event that consumers are dissatisfied with the products they have received, they have the option of returning them and receiving a refund within 14-60 working days.

Haarko Knives Customer Reviews

Bought one for my holiday property that didn’t have a decent knife. Tested it out at home before taking there, and loved it so much I bought another to keep at home. Great tool for barbecues.

Chris Dunn

Whilst I have some free time, sitting in my car waiting for my GF, I thought I’d review this exceptional knife I recently purchased- it’s very well made, handles extremely well and comes with a blade guard that I’d highly recommend using. I really like branded leather case too.

Jason Williamson

I received this knife today. It’s a perfect one. I can not wait to test it. It is not only beautiful but also great cutting! The Knife has really good quality and lies perfectly in the hand, no problem to work with it for a longer time.

Paul Cierran

Frequently Asked Question

What Is A Santoku Knife?

Santoku knives are an alternative to general purpose chef knives with additional focus on slicing, dicing and chopping (“santoku” in Japanese means “three virtues”). Santoku knives were invented in 1950s Japan as a fusion of Western-style chef knives and Japanese Nakiri knives. Santoku are great for all types of cutting, but are especially effective while slicing fish, cutting vegetables and sticky foods. They are smaller and more compact than chef knives.

How Is A Santoku Knife Different From A Regular Chef’s Knife?

Santoku knives are smaller, more lightweight than regular chef knives. Santoku are perfect with people with smaller hands. While a chef knife requires a rocking-like motion when cutting, santoku needs a swift downwards motion, which makes it perfect for chopping. Santoku design prevents unwanted piercing and produces finer, more precise slices than regular chef knives.

Are Haarko Knives Sharp?

Yes! Haarko knives are extra-sharp and their blades dull very slowly. The sharp blades increase their safety. Most kitchen accidents involve blunt knives, as you have to apply force to effectively use them (knives or produce tend to slip in such cases, which often results in minor injuries). Haarko knife is extra sharp, so no force is required to use it. Haarko knife is perfectly designed for ultimate control and balance which makes kitchen accidents very unlikely.

Are Haarko Knives Safe To Use?

When used correctly Haarko are perfectly safe to use, however, please be aware that Haarko have sharp blades. Improper use, chiseling, ice picking, prying, applying force onto the back of blade, or contact may result in injury. Always keep blades away from fingers and body. Do not use Haarko knives if it’s damaged or the blade is loose. Handle with care. If not in use, store in a safe place. Keep out of reach of children.


Haarko knives are the best Santoku knives available in the market currently. They are useful for both the professional chef and the normal cooking enthusiast. The price is very affordable.

The manufacturers are currently offering a 50% discount. You can purchase yours from the official website. There is also a 60-day money back guarantee; in the rare eventuality you don’t like the product.