Aquapure Pesticide Purifier Reviews – Is It Really Effective?

Food hygiene is as important as anything because it affects our health. The amount of bacteria, mold, and contaminants on regular fruit and vegetable supplies is staggering and has led to food poisoning and infections in a lot of people. People are always coming down with diarrhea, abdominal pain, constipation, and vomiting as a result of dirty fruits and vegetables. Unless you are eating canned fruits and veggies, you can hardly escape consuming bacteria, fungi, or residue along with your veggies.

This is especially important if you are a vegetarian whether strict or not. Food that enters our digestive system has the capability of constituting a source of ill health. Therefore, it is paramount to ensure that the food we eat is very clean at all times to maintain good health and benefit from nutrition. Most people clean their fruits and vegetables by rinsing them off under tap water for a few seconds. Some people might go the extra mile to wash it several times or with salty water.

If you’ve ever seen how store-bought fruit and vegetables look under a microscope, even after they have been rinsed, you wouldn’t believe it. There is always some nasty stuff left behind on the surface of those supplies. It could be mold, bacteria, or even tiny insects. There could also be leftover residue from pesticides or fertilizers that can be harmful when consumed.

This is why the makers of AquaPure went to work and came up with this device that uses a proven technique to eliminate all the contaminants in your food. This new method cleans your food from bacteria, mold, and pesticide residues all while not affecting the taste in any way.

What is Aquapure Pesticide Purifier?

AquaPure is a new device that uses Electrolysis to remove up to 99% of pesticides, bacteria and mold from your fruits and vegetables. Simply stick it in a bowl of regular tap water with some table salt to transform the water into electrolyzed water, which safely and effectively removes all the icky stuff that tap water alone cannot handle.

With AquaPure, you can get fruits and vegetables that have been cleaned of pesticides.
Your fruits and veggies will be free of harmful pesticide residues, bacteria, and mold if you use AquaPure every day.

Key Features

The advantages and characteristics listed below are highlighted by AquaPure’s creators:

Safe and Absolutely Harmless: There are currently alternative fruit and vegetable cleansing methods accessible. However, AquaPure functions devoid of harmful substances. It is a safe, secure, and efficient natural cleansing technique.

No Odor or Flavor: Other food cleaning technologies provide an offensive odor or aftertaste to your food. On the other side, AquaPure uses odorless, all-natural electrolysis that has no aftertaste. For instance, if you regularly use vinegar to wash your fruits and veggies, the results will be clean fruits and vegetables that taste like vinegar. AquaPure has comparable cleansing ability without the taste.

Single Purchase: AquaPure is rechargeable and does not require filters. Filters and other parts can be replaced without incurring additional costs.

Rechargeable: AquaPure has a magnetic charging wire and is rechargeable. If used daily, AquaPure only needs to be recharged once every two to three weeks, according to the company.

Saves You Money: You get to spend less money because AquaPure lengthens the shelf life of your fruits and veggies. You may save money and increase the lifespan of ruined fruits and vegetables by reusing them.

Up to 99% Clearance of Contaminants: Contaminants such as rodenticides, herbicides, insecticides, mold, parasites, fertilizers, bacteria, and fungicides, among other dangerous substances, are said to be cleaned up to 99.9% by AquaPure.

Discover the Hidden & Delectable Taste of Fruits & Vegetables: After using AquaPure, many customers are astonished by how different their fruits and vegetables taste. AquaPure may bring out the savory flavor of fruits and vegetables that is normally veiled. Not only do some veggie cleaners contain chemicals, but they also leave your product with a strange and unpleasant aftertaste. Don’t spoil your fruits and veg with excessive cleaning, veggie sprays, or harsh apple cider vinegar. Instead, let AquaPure remove those disgusting and dangerous contaminants while it brings to life the truly natural and satisfying taste of your delicious fruits and veg.

Superior to organic: AquaPure asserts that it is superior to organic. Better than non-organic is organic. 20 authorized chemicals are still used to raise organic crops, nevertheless. You need AquaPure in addition to organic food if you want your product to be 99.9% free of bacteria, pesticides, and mold.

Children’s Development is Affected by Pesticides: The easiest method to make sure you and your loved ones get the most out of your fruits and vegetables, according to AquaPure, is to use it. According to the official website, herbicides have been connected to problems with child development. Children are more vulnerable to poisons in food because, for example, their developing livers and kidneys can’t filter out substances as efficiently as adults can.

Science-Based: The AquaPure device is based on science. According to studies, it eliminated 94.8% of the insecticide cypermethrin and 99.9% of E. coli bacteria, respectively. Use AquaPure to quickly remove pollutants from your meals. It works within minutes. Utilize AquaPure to consume chemical-free fruits and vegetables after adding salt and water to a container.

Pros & Cons

  • No Harsh Chemicals: Revolutionary, natural and effective.
  • No odor or aftertaste: Enjoy better tasting fruits & vegetables.
  • Save Money: Increase the lifespan of your fruits and vegetables.
  • One-Time Purchase: Batteries included and never replace filters.
  • 90-Day Money Back Guarantee: If for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied with AquaPure, you can easily return it, hassle-free.
  • Warranty: With a 1 year warranty, you can rest easy knowing that AquaPure was built to last.
  • Fast Shipping: They provide fast shipping to over 30 countries and free US shipping on qualifying offers.
  • Quality Promise: They control every step of the process to ensure a safe and high-quality product.
  • This device does not filter water or produce drinking water. It is not advisable at all to drink electrolyzed water. Only use it to clean your food items.
  • The AquaPure device is not sold in any physical store nationwide. It is only available online on the official website which is included in this article. Purchasing from the official website also comes with lots of advantages.
  • The device has sold thousands of units and more people are looking to purchase the device a it is just getting more popular. You should get yours as soon as possible to avoid the product going out of stock.

How Does AquaPure Do All This?

Your produce is cleaned naturally by AquaPure, giving you delicious, chemical-free fruits and veggies.

Simply mix water and salt in a bowl, add AquaPure and your product, then rinse and enjoy. That’s how to use AquaPure. AquaPure removes impurities from your meals with no flavor or odor. Additionally, it extends the shelf life of your fruits and veggies so they may be kept longer on the counter or in the refrigerator.

Utilizing the power of electrolysis, AquaPure functions to clean up your food and make it healthier and safer for you and your family to consume. The fruits and vegetables you’re about to consume are cleaned of impurities using AquaPure, salt, and water.

The Process of Electrolysis

It’s critical to comprehend how electrolysis functions in order to comprehend how AquaPure functions.

When sodium, which is the same as sodium in salt, is combined with water and electricity, electrolysis results.

You fill your water bottle with salt and water, and AquaPure adds electricity. Water is electrolyzed by electricity, which turns tap water into a non-toxic cleaning agent.

There are several different cleaning processes that employ electrolysis. For instance, you can get rid of corrosion and rust using electrolysis. Cast iron pans can also be cleaned of corrosion using electrolysis.

How to Use AquaPure to Wash Fruits and Vegetables?

Here’s how to clean fruits and veggies with AquaPure:

Step 1: In a bowl, mix salt and water.

Step 2: Pour AquaPure into the dish with your fruit.

Step 3. Rinse and consume.

Make Your Own Organic Sanitizer With Aquapure

Aquapure can also be used to create organic sanitizer. Just put some salt and some clean water in a jar. Before removing the AquaPure from the container, run it through three cycles. Now the water is ready to be bottled and consumed right away.

You may use the electrolyzed water (EO) as a fantastic organic sanitizer on your hands, countertops, and even cutting boards!

As an alternative to all the harsh chemicals found in conventional disinfectants, it is ideal for use at home. No skin or eye irritation, and it has been proven to be efficient!

How Was AquaPure Pesticide Purifier Made?

AquaPure Pesticide Purifier was made by a man named Rutger Gommans. Rutger was inspired to make AquaPure after seeing his father fight cancer.

Rutgers’s father needed a special $6,000 device to reduce his exposure to pollution so that his cancer could be treated. The machine was huge and cost a lot of money.

Rutger knew of a better way to do things. He started looking into the latest advances in electrolysis technology and later made a cheaper and more portable version of the same method.

Rutger launched AquaPure online after working with experts in the field to get it ready for the market. Now, anyone can buy AquaPure and get the same benefits for cleaning fruits and vegetables.

From Where To Buy?

On the official website, you can find AquaPure. When you buy AquaPure from the official website, you get a lot of benefits.

First, there are several sales that last for a certain amount of time. For a limited time, the manufacturers are giving up to a 50% discount on all AquaPures purchases. If you buy more than one AquaPure, you’ll get extra discounts, which means that each one will cost less than if you bought it on its own.

Second, the official website has a lot of safe ways to pay, including PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, etc. There, you can pay without worrying about your money getting stolen. Also, if you get a refund, it will be easier to put it back on the same payment method you used to buy the item.

Aquapure Pesticide Purifier Price

More than one AquaPure device can be purchased for a discounted price of $79.99.

When purchased online right now, AquaPure costs as follows:

  • The cost of an AquaPure is $79.99 plus shipping.
  • The cost of two AquaPure is $119.99 plus free shipping to the US
  • The cost of three AquaPures is $159.99 plus free shipping to the US

AquaPure Refund Policy

The return policy for AquaPure lasts for 90 days. This means that you have 90 days after receiving your item to request a return. To be eligible for a return, your item must be in the same condition that you received it, unworn or unused, with tags, and in its original packaging. You’ll also need the receipt or proof of purchase.


Electrolysis is a game-changer when it comes to keeping food clean and making it taste better — no wonder it’s been used in restaurants and industrial kitchens for years!

And now, thanks to AquaPure, this incredible technology is finally available for home use. Not only does AquaPure keep your food clean and safe to eat, but it also improves the taste by eliminating all those nasty unwanted leftover chemicals.

Bottom line: AquaPure is a must-have in every home that buys fresh produce… especially if you’re a parent of young children, pregnant, or are sensitive to chemicals.


Representations regarding the efficacy and safety of AquaPure have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any disease. This information does not constitute medical advice and it should not be relied upon as such. Consult with your doctor before modifying your regular medical regime.