SliceChum Reviews – Your Best Knife Sharpener

The term Slicechum has become synonymous with knife sharpener due to the technology that has been around for a while, yet believe it or not, it is arguably one of the affordable forms of knife sharpener available today.

One thing the recent months have taught us all is that cooking is an essential skill. With the restaurants closed and food delivery an overly-expensive option, we’ve found ourselves cooking at home more than ever before, not just to feed ourselves, but our loved ones too.

No matter what your skill level is, you’ve likely been making food at home a lot more than you’re used to. Home cooking has many benefits, but if you find yourself with the wrong tools, it can be a nightmare.

What is SliceChum?

A sharpener that doesn’t sharpen a pencil but knives, and just like the traditional sharpener, it’s compact and easy to use that will razor up your blunt knives and provide you with quality time in your kitchen. It gives you speed, and accuracy and even makes your food look tasty, and the rest is up to your talent. It comes with a tungsten blade to coarse your dead blades and brings them back to life.

Also, a ceramic blade will ice your decent knife to a fully sharp one. It’s a decent way to make your kitchen tools as good as a decent chef; just by pulling the blade back a couple of times, you’ll be ready to shine. Some may think of it as a waste of time, but for true artists of the kitchen, it is a dream to have just the right amount of sharp tools that will help you showcase your talent.

Why choose SliceChum as there are others in the business. Well, it provides you with service to all kinds of knives, not depending on how much used up they are, and also with this level of sharpening blades, you don’t need to worry about the level of sharpening it provides.

It’s easy to use and is just a dream product in its field, and if you were hoping for such a product, SliceChum Sharpener is just suitable for you.

Gone are those days when you need to buy a new knife just because the old one doesn’t work well; you can rekindle their lives by pumping them with the blades of this new hell of a product.

Features of SliceChum

Light and Portable: Even in case of an emergency where you need to sharpen things immediately, Slice Chum does that for you in seconds so you can hunt, explore and expedite whenever you need.

Two Blades: The two blades help you choose just the right amount of sharpening, one for fining and the other for honing.


As knives are working better, you can focus on making your food look better. With the right amount of honing, you can carve out whatever shape you like, so gone were those days when the food looks dull.

Hands-free safety: The suction hold of the sharpener provided precise hold and effective sharpening, focus on sharpening, that’s all.

All knives welcome: This sharpener discriminates against none. It replenishes all kinds of knives without judging.

Speed and Accuracy: Now it’s faster to cut your veggies and give them just the right shape you want. Now your food does not taste delicious but looks delicious as well.

Easy and Effortless: Remember those hard days of rubbing tools to sharpen them and how hard it was? Well, we realize that and provide you with a smooth, sharpening experience.

Cost-Effective: Helping you not buy new knives and an excellent ROI, we worry about your budget and provide you with a cost-effective product.

Made with quality: For stubborn knives, it is as important to handle them with care and the same level of stubbornness. Hence with strong ABS and stainless steel out, sharp blades provide you a sharp quality.

Efficient and Versatile: If you’re a champ or a rookie, it doesn’t matter SliceChum brings you an efficient way of sharpening your tools. Whether you are working with a santoku or utility knife or a fruit one, It brings out the best of it.

Benefits of SliceChum

Faster Cooking:

Now with Slice Chum, you can give new life to your dull and old knives. After using SliceChum, you’ll feel that food is now being made at a faster rate. Slice chum makes your tools better hence making food faster.

Safe to use:

No slipping as the suction hold tightly packs the knife for sharpening and helps in a more precise way to replenish your knives.

Smooth functioning:

A knife is still handled with care, but it should be sharp and fast for smooth functioning, which Slice Chum has done it for you now; you need to focus on your art as you already have a sharp and smooth knife with you.

Desired Results:

From cutting herbs to smooth tomatoes to rough potatoes, a sharp and smooth knife can cut through all, and with the two-blade SliceChum Sharpener, you can get all that at a reasonable price.

Some may think it is just a sharpener, but it’s necessary and reasonable to have your cooking tools in good condition; hence by having SliceChum by your side, you will experience a new avenue in cooking.

Product Specifications

  • Ultra-compact and lightweight design
  • Strong suction cup for mounting onto most smooth tables and kitchen countertops with a simple twist and lock suction mechanism.
  • Make sure the sharpener is secure before sharpening.
  • Make sure the surrounding area is safe, use the arrow indicator for the direction of knife draw.
  • For low grits sharpening for the blunt knives, use the tungsten sharpener slot marked with “1”.
  • For high grit sharpening for fine-tuning, use the ceramic sharpener slot marked with “2”.
  • Sharp edges on the sharpening slots, extra precaution when handling and cleaning.

Why You Should Get SliceChum Knife Sharpener?

Have you ever wondered why you should consider getting slicechum knife sharpener? Maybe you have come across online reviews talking about it or are you reading this review to know why you should get it, then this review got you covered. If you ask any professional chef, they’ll tell you that the Knife is the single most important tool in the kitchen. They know that by simply sharpening your knives properly, you’ll cook faster and with more accuracy and most importantly, it’ll make your food taste and look amazing.

Do you feel excited every time you try out a new kitchen knife? Regardless of the brand or material, your new knife seems to always offer the perfect cut. Every motion you make with it is effortless. Precision is on-the-dot.

Prepping your meals feels too fast because it is such a joy to use the knife! With time and use, even the best knives will eventually become dull. You could cut the wrong thing and instantly chip or break the knife, but most of the time, dullness doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a gradual, almost imperceptible process.

Every time you use your knife, burrs and chips develop at a microscopic level. These build up little by little, making you spend a tiny bit more effort with every cut. Precision becomes harder to achieve. Before too long, you will find yourself contemplating how to approach the food with your knife without leaving too many rags or tears. Instead of supporting your creativity, a dull knife holds you back in the kitchen.

How To Use SliceChum?

  • Place SLICECHUM on a stable and even surface.
  • Lock it using the arrow in its position; the suction power helps to fix it.
  • Pull a knife through the slit and from heel to tip about as many times as it requires depending upon the knife’s condition.
  • End it by pulling through the other slot
  • Wipe the knife with a wet towel.

How to maintain SliceChum Knife Sharpener?

Wondering how to maintain slicechum so that it would last for a long period of time? Reading our reviews will open your eyes to tips you should follow for a better and longer working duration of slicechum. Since you’ve spent a couple of bucks on your sharpener, the idea of it damaging too fast may be a nightmare. But for you to prevent this, then you need to properly take care of the SliceChum knife sharpener. The following tips will last your slicechum knife sharpener a very long time.

  1. NEVER SUBMERGE THE SLICECHUM KNIFE SHARPENER IN WATER: First, dipping it into water will destroy its system leaving it dysfunctional. Water will also damage the abrasives used for sharpening and may cause rust. So to avoid any of these, wipe the machine with a cloth, or use a brush with soft bristles to wipe off any residue.
  2. PROPER STORAGE: Understand that proper storage means storing the SliceChum in the correct way away from possibilities of falling, away from places with water and dust. Since you will need to use the SliceChum knife sharper a couple of times a week, consider storing at the furthest corner of the kitchen top; But also away from the edges of the table. But if your countertop is full, then store the sharpener in the cabinets or drawers and only take them out when it’s time for use again.
  3. USE THE APPROPRIATE KNIVES: Only use the knives meant for it, don’t go ahead trying to sharpen serrated knives. Make sure to read the specifications so that you may know which type of knives to sharpen.

From where you can buy it and the price?

Popular in the United States, UK, Australia, Canada, and other countries comes with a variety of quantity options:

  • 1 x SliceChum – 29.99 $
  • 2 x SliceChum – 59.99 $
  • 3 x SliceChum – 69.99 $

Discounted prices may vary when buying; hence hurry up and get your SliceChum.


The proper way of using a knife is only when it is sharp and the only way to achieve that sharpness is by using the SliceChum best knife sharpener on the market. This slicechum will save you time in the kitchen and help in slicing those vegetables and fruits the right way. Whether cheap or expensive, small or big, two-staged or multi-staged, your knives will thank you for taking good care of them.