GOpure Pod Review 2023- The First Ever Portable Water Purifier

Are you also concerned about the quality and reliability of the portable tap water you drink while traveling? Well, I am! And that’s the exact reason, I choose to keep my clean water bottle with me every time I go outside. Unfortunately, it still isn’t as clean as I want it to be!

Whether you are at home or traveling with your friends at some exotic location, you need to drink plenty of water every hour to keep yourself hydrated. But the water should be excellent in quality and free from all toxins and contaminants.

Thanks to GoPure Pod, things are easy today! How? Because this small thumb size gadget claims to purify your water within seconds.

Interesting, right? But how does it work? Should you rely on it? And what benefits does it offers? Let’s get to know the answer to each question stuck in your mind in this detailed review.

What is GoPure Pod?

GoPure Pod

GoPure Pod is almost the size of your thumb or maybe an inch longer. This small and compact tool is designed to be dropped into any water bottle, container, pitcher, or anything where you are keeping the water.

Once you add it to your bottle, it starts doing its job and works to clean all the germs, viruses, and impurities. It claims to remove 99.9% of bacteria from the water along with different metals, such as lead, zinc, and mercury.

The small portable tool has been proven 97% effective against different inorganic items including fluoride, chlorine, and nitrate. It also improves the taste and smell of your water.

Feature of GOPure Pod

  • Removes All Bacteria, Impurities, and Metal: Unlike traditional purifiers or filters, you see in the markets, GoPure features a technology that can remove all the impurities, metal, and harmful bacteria from your water and clean it up to 99.9% within seconds.
  • Available in 4 Options: Yes, that’s true. GoPure Pod is available in four different options for every need. You can buy a starter pack that has 2 pods, purchase a pet pack, three packs, or even a family pack that has 5 purifiers in one pack. This makes the purifier a versatile solution for every requirement.
  • PuriBloc Technology: The gadget features an innovative and advanced ceramic PuriBloc technology that offers efficient cleaning within seconds no matter how much dirty your water is.
  • Earth-friendly Solution: The device is a purely earth-friendly solution as it is made of food-grade diatomaceous earth which is considered nature’s perfect filter.
  • Reduced Pollution: With the GoPure device, you can ultimately reduce pollution as it eliminates the need of using 2000 disposable water bottles.
GoPure Pod Before Buying

How Does GOPure Pod Work?

GOpure Pod acts as a “magnet” for impurities, toxins, and contaminants in your water (such as lead, arsenic, mercury, chlorine, and fluoride). Simply drop it in your water bottle or cup to start enjoying delicious, clean H2O in minutes.

GOpure Pod’s patented, highly porous ceramic core uses millions of diatoms to create pores that filter out impurities, allowing GOpure Pod to remove contaminants that standard water filtration devices can’t.

This process also releases valuable trace minerals into the drinking water, which both purify and naturally enhance the water’s taste and smell. GOpure Pod doesn’t just make your water safer… it makes it taste better, too!

To put it simply, GOPure Pod works like a powerful little “magnet” for contaminants. When you drop it in your water bottle, cup, or glass, it will immediately start to attract and absorb any impurities, toxins, and contaminants.

Using it is easy:

  1. Pour yourself some water from the tap. (Anywhere. In any country.)
  2. Drop the pod into your glass, pitcher, bottle, or whatever else you’re using.
  3. Let it absorb all of the contaminants in your water for 2 minutes. (An occasional “swirl” of your glass or bottle will speed up the purification process, too.)
  4. Drink your clean, safe, crisp, and refreshing water—leaving the pod right where it is!
  5. Reuse again and again for 6 months before a new pod is automatically shipped to you.

Method to Use GoPure Pod Water Purifier:

As I explained above, GoPure Pod is very simple to use. You don’t have to watch any tutorials or study long instructions form. Follow these below steps and your water will be clean and purified.

GoPure Pod Water Purifier
  • Before you add the purifier to water, make sure you rinse it properly under cold water for at least 10 seconds.
  • If you are using this purifier for the first time, then don’t forget to clean your glass or water bottle before filling it with water.
  • Once filled with water, add the small tool inside and let it do its magic.
  • Repeat the process after 14 days to enjoy the optimal performance of this compact device.

What Does GOPure Pod REMOVE From Your Water?

More than ANY other water purifier!

Just check out this chart below:

When you use your GOPure Pod, you can relax knowing that nearly ALL of the harmful contaminants from the tap have been removed! (No matter WHERE you are. Because you can take it with you ANYWHERE you go.)

  • 99.7% of E. Coli
  • 97% of Chlorine
  • 99.3% of Lead
  • 99.3% of Iron
  • 99.3% of other metals
  • 92% of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds—toxic chemicals that both vaporize into air and dissolve in water.)

… and SO much more.

NO other portable filtration or purification system can make that claim.

AND, when you use a GOPure Pod, your drinking water TASTES better, too!

Here Are Some OTHER Reasons Why Thousands of Customers Love Using GOPure Pod:

  1. GOPure Pod saves you $1,000’s you would have spent on bottled water to ensure your drinking water is safe and pure.
  2. GOPure Pod works quickly. It starts purifying immediately as soon as you drop it in & takes only two minutes for your drinking water to become safe. (And taste delicious!)
  3. The GOPure Pod core is completely safe and natural. Made in the USA out of food-grade material, and naturally sourced from the earth, it’s nature’s “perfect purifier.”
  4. It’s maintenance FREE. There’s no need to clean it or rinse it between uses. AND the filtration system continues to work at peak efficacy for a full 6 months. (At which point, the company will automatically ship you a replacement.)
  5. It’s environmentally responsible! Each pod conserves up to 2,000 plastic water bottles. Considering that 900,000 plastic water bottles go unrecycled and end up dumped into our oceans EVERY MINUTE… you’re making a massive difference by switching to GOPure Pod.

Is GOPure Pod right for me?

Is GOPure Pod right for me

These days, GOPure Pod is the only filtration device we trust to provide safe, delicious drinking water.

Since each GOPure Pod pod lasts for six months, my wife and I both carry one with us everywhere, including:

  • At the gym: I drop the GOPure Pod in my water bottle whenever I fill it up at the gym or while running at the track, so I always have safe drinking water for my workouts.
  • While on vacation: I keep my GOPure Pod with me so I can easily filter drinking water at the airport, in my hotel room, or at my Airbnb. When we went to Mexico this fall, we didn’t have to worry about accidentally drinking the water, because our GOPure Pods purified every glass we drank!
  • At the office: The drinking water at my office always had a funny taste – even worse than our tap at home. Now, I drop my GOPure Pod in each glass of water for a refreshing, crisp taste. (And guess what? You can also use your GOPure Pod in any coffee maker to improve the taste of your coffee!)
  • While visiting friends: I always carry my GOPure Pod with me when I visit friends – not only does it avoid the awkwardness of avoiding tap water, it’s a fun conversation starter that always impresses them!
  • At any restaurant or coffee shop: My GOPure Pod is so small and lightweight, it fits inside my pocket. I simply drop it in a glass of water or mug of coffee whenever I’m dining out.

10 Reasons To Choose The Gopur Pod Water Purifier Over An Ordinary Water Purifier

  1. The GOpure Pod is portable and environmentally friendly.
  2. The GOpure Pod not only sanitizes water, but it tastes good too.
  3. The GOpure Pod neutralizes contaminants in tap water in just seconds.
  4. GOpure Pod requires placement only twice a year and pods can be returned to the manufacturer for recycling.
  5. Credit the GOpure Pod with providing pH benefits that aid joints, skin, bones, and the heart.
  6. Unlike one-use carbon filters, GOpure Pod keeps going for months.
  7. During the purification process, heavy metals, bacteria, and impurities are absorbed by the GOpure Pod.
  8. The GOpure Pod eliminates chlorine, microplastics, fluoride, head, and arsenic.
  9. The GOpure Pod prevents slime and odor build-up within your pitcher or bottle.
  10. The GOpure Pod takes up very little space; it goes where you go.

What Do the Customers Say About the Product?

I love this product. I leave it in my water bottle and it makes me feel much better about drinking water when I am traveling or just out. Super simple and easy to use.


Just received the GOpurePod and am already in love with it. I asked my husband to run a blind test and let me sip out of two glasses of tap water (California resident); one with the GOpure Pod and one without it. I don’t have the best taste buds (e.g. can’t differentiate a diet coke from a coke zero) and was able to identify the purified water in no time! Three times in a row. Looking forward to using this on a daily basis!


I’m really happy that I bought it especially since I carry my water bottle and fill it up from so many different water sources. I can taste the difference in the water using the GOpure Pod and find the taste better than my Brita pitcher.

Mary T.‎

Frequently Asked Question

How long does it take to purify water with GoPure Pod?

Once you drop it into your water, it will purify it within the first two minutes. And after that, your water will be fresh, tasty, and ready to drink.

What types of water can I safely purify with GOpure Pod?

GOpure Pod is specifically designed to be used with tap (potable) water. No matter where you are, GOpure Pod turns potentially dangerous, bad-tasting tap water into safer, deliciously crisp, and pH-balanced purified drinking water – wherever there’s a sink, faucet, hose, or spigot, in every town and country in the world!

What is inside GOpure Pod?

The purifying power within every GOpure Pod comes from an unlimited and renewable resource that has been trusted by Mother Nature for over 20 million years: diatomaceous earth (DE). Every GOpure Pod features an advanced ceramic core made from DE and trace silver that performs like a magnet to continuously attract, bind, and adsorb every heavy metal, inorganic materials, bacteria, impure chemicals, and more. This is a chemical-free, yet highly effective method of purifying water that also improves its taste.

Final Thoughts

Drinking healthy and clean water is not an option but an important need today. It can protect you from different harmful diseases and increase your lifespan. However, solutions like GoPure Pod are comparatively better than filters, tap water, and water bottles that you buy from stores.

So, if you are planning to buy it, then do not wait any more, and let’s give it a shot. Since it’s an affordable, efficient, and reliable solution, many people are considering it for their family and even gifting it to their close friends. Read the review once again before you shop so you could make an informed decision.