GlowBowl Fresh Review 2022- Does It Really Work?

GlowBowl Fresh Review: Imagine you woke up at night to answer nature’s call, switched on the lights, and went back to your bed but can’t sleep now because of that flash of the light which you had turned on in the bathroom, or you stumbled in your dark washroom got injured and had to go to the hospital, or think about your children going into that dark bathroom alone at night which scares them to hell so they have to wake you up or carry a small torch with them. 

Bathrooms can be a risky place not just for seniors but for every age group. A study shows that approximately 80 percent of slips in the home take place in the bathroom and nearly one-third of the population above the age of 65 slip each year. 

Now think of it this way, whenever you enter your bathroom a colorful light turns on automatically welcoming you without an eye-blinding flash which lets you see your way to the toilet seat, saving you from stumbling and getting injured, or your children going to the washroom themselves. 

Here’s this amazing gadget which not just helps you but also gives a luxurious look to your toilet.

One small gadget makes it all possible. This gadget has benefits for people in every age group ranging from kids to elderly.

So, what are we talking about? This wonderful and magical gadget is the GlowBowl.

What is GlowBowl Fresh?

GlowBowl Different Colors Light

Glowbowl Fresh is a motion-activated small multi-tasker led light device as well as an air freshener. Which turns your boring, dark, creepy, and smelly bathroom into a colorful, fresh, and fun place by easily clipping it onto your toilet seat. It automatically turns the light on when you enter and also turns it off when you leave the bathroom. Relieving yourself was never so much of a fun activity to do before.

Key Features of Motion Activated Toilet Night Light

Features of GlowBowl

These are some deal-breaking features of this marvelous device mentioned on GlowBowls’ official website.

Easy fitting

Fitting the GlowBowl onto your toilet seat is no rocket science. This device is designed so perfectly that it can be fixed easily on any shape of the toilet. It takes less than a minute to clip it on the seat because its extended flexible arm is built in such a way that it can be adjusted in any position quickly and tightly, so you don’t have to worry about it falling on the floor. Just place it at the side of your toilet seat, bend the led light arm, and it’s done. It will look like it is tailored just for your toilet seat. 

Motion sensor

This is the most important feature of GlowBowl. The motion sensor of this device is as responsive as Spiderman is to threats. It automatically detects when you are close to your toilet and turns on the light; it guides you to your toilet without stumbling as well as turns the light off when you leave. This basically implies no wastage of battery.


Its self-activation feature helps you when you go to take a leak at night. It saves you from going through all the switches on the wall and stumbling in the dark. This little device is a must-buy for senior citizens to keep them safe from falling in the dark and getting injured.

7 LED colors

The best and coolest feature of this device is its 7 colored led light. Yes, you read it right. Glow Bowl LED comes in 7 colors, red, green, blue, purple, aqua, white, and yellow, and it’s easy to change the colors on this device with just one click of a button and ta-da. Glow Bowl can also play a major role in your kid’s potty training, as we all know that kids can easily get attracted to colorful lights.

With this light, parents can encourage their young children to use the toilet without fear of the dark. With the Glow Bowl fixed on your toilet seat, they can go to the toilet on their own.

Every four seconds, Glow Bowl changes its color; it keeps rotating color one after another, and it is easy to set.

Tips: Just long-press the button then the led of this device will start blinking rapidly means you have successfully set the carousel mode.

Light Sensitive

One of Glow bowl’s plus points is that it works only in the dark. It turns off the device the moment its built-in sensors detect light. In the daytime, this light detection sensor shuts it off, making its battery life longer.

Low light

Its low light function is your sleep saver because you don’t have to turn on the conventional eye-disturbing bright light. It has a 5 stage dimmer feature which gives you the option to further adjust the brightness of the light to your comfort, not too low or high, just as much as needed to see the toilet in the dark so you can fall back to sleep instantly.

Air Freshener

Glow Bowl is equipped with an air freshener inside it. This air freshener is like the main trick of the magician. It is easy to replace and makes your bathroom fragranced. This feature is very useful when it runs out of scent. So every time and every day when you enter your washroom, you get a fresh and scented ambiance.

Color Lock

This device gives you the freedom to lock your favorite led color from 7 varied colors. So every time you enter your washroom, your toilet will be glowing with the same color you set it on.

Water Resistance

The water-resistant feature of this device makes it easy to clean and keeps the inner parts and battery protected. Just as a mother protects her children from every harm. You can clean it with any kind of household cleaner. No need to worry whether it will stop glowing after cleaning with water.

Tips: You can directly wash it with water or another cleaner while it is clipped to your toilet seat or you can unclip the device from the seat, wash it and clip it again.

Replaceable batteries

Glow Bowl works on 3x AAA batteries. When you see the red light blinking continuously means it’s time to replace the batteries, and replacing the batteries of this device is just a piece of cake. The battery slot is easy to open and easy to shut. 

Tips: Just open the battery slot, take out the old batteries and insert new ones instead, and put the cover back.

How does this motion sensor work?

Working of glowbowl

Motion sensors are like small electronic eyes which detect infrared waves. When any person enters the bathroom it quickly reads the body temperature and turns on the light automatically.

Example: You must have seen it in movies or might have experienced it yourself when you go to some 5-star hotel and enter your room the lights turn on automatically just by sensing your presence.

It happens because of the motion detectors installed in those lights.

The same technology is used in this device which self activates as soon as it detects human presence.

How is this gadget different from others in the market?

First of all, this product is simple to use and easy to fix. No complications during installing it and selecting your favorite colors. The built-in air freshener provided in GlowBowl makes this device unique. The automatic motion sensors of this gadget work every time you are close to your toilet.

So is it affordable?

Now, after reading all these fantastic features of Glow Bowl, you must be thinking if it is affordable or will it make a big hole in your pocket?

If you go on Glow Bowls’ official website, its retail price is $18.99 per device. But if you buy two toilet lights or more in bulk, you’ll get a heavier discount. This discount is available only on Glow Bowls’ official website, and they keep bringing special offers from time to time, so you can also keep a check on them. If you have more than one toilet in your house and you want to make all of them glow in the dark, then you must buy this device in bulk.

Pros and Cons

  • It is easy to install.
  • Very useful features for elders and children.
  • Easy to use.
  • The motion detection sensor saves the battery.
  • Cleaning this device is very simple.
  • The air freshener included in this device is a cherry on the cake. It keeps your toilet fragranced.
  • The battery needs to be replaced frequently.
  • Batteries are not included; you’ll have to buy them separately.


After reading the specifications, by now, you must have imagined how GlowBowl can turn your ordinary-looking toilet into a cool, stylish, fragranced, and vibrant night light and how useful this is for your elders, children, and tech freaks also. After all, we want our bathroom to have a luxurious look like other rooms of our house. Most importantly, it will protect your children from having the mental trauma of going to the toilet alone at night.