Foot Peel Mask by FEETS Review

Relax if you suffer from cracked feet and are becoming anxious. The news is good. Cracked feet are now easier than ever to repair.

Even better, you do not have to pay hundreds of dollars annually for pedicures to keep your feet clean and healthy. In fact, you need not even leave your home!

It’s all owing to The Foot Peel Mask by FEETS, an exciting new at-home foot treatment.

Although foot peel masks have been for a while, they contained harmful chemicals and unknown components, so podiatrists were hesitant to prescribe them as a safe do-it-yourself treatment.

The Foot Peel Mask from FEETS, however, changes all that. It’s the world’s first entirely natural and risk-free method for eliminating painful cracks, and it only takes around 60 minutes to restore your feet to their youthful, protected, pain-free form. Podiatrists enthusiastically recommend it to individuals with cracked feet!

What is the Foot Peel Mask by FEETS?

The Foot Peel Mask by FEETS is the first all-natural foot peel mask for men and women that eliminates uncomfortable (and potentially hazardous) cracks and calluses at home.

Using it is easy: Simply wear the “booties” for around one hour to let the natural fruit-based acidic solution to begin removing dead skin cells, calluses, and rough spots off your feet.

Within three to seven days, your old skin will begin to peel off, leaving you with baby-soft, crack-free feet.

Despite the existence of foot peel masks in the past, podiatrists have been reticent to suggest them. The majority of existing products contain parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and other potentially hazardous substances.

On the other hand, the Foot Peel Mask contains only natural, cruelty-free, and body-safe substances that have been approved by a podiatrist.

Importantly, the Foot Peel Mask fits all shapes and sizes (up to a men’s size 14) and is available in a 2-pack, making it ideal for both men and women. Users compare it to a “little spa treatment” and like doing it with their significant others or close friends.

Features of Foot Peel Mask

1. DIY Foot Care

Foot Peel Masks are ideal for do-it-yourself foot care since they remove dead skin cells from the feet and reveal new, healthy skin. This mask is a simple way to save money, as it is simple to produce and does not require any chemicals normally included in commercial goods. Plus, there is no chance of breathing hazardous fumes, making this a sensible choice for those on a budget and those who like natural products!

2. Celor Foot Peel Mask

The foot peel mask is intended to provide a safe and effective method for exfoliating the feet. The pad contains tiny particles that wipe off during wear, exposing fresh skin for up to eight hours. Olive oil, witch hazel extract, eucalyptus extracts, and grapefruit seed extract are among the natural substances that can protect against environmental contamination. There is also glycolic acid, which, due to its potent antibacterial qualities, helps prevent foot acne.

3. Enriched with Natural Ingredients

This foot peel mask is loaded with natural components such as aloe vera gel, green tea leaves, and chamomile extract, making it healthy and invigorating. You will appreciate its cooling impact on your skin after a long day of work or pleasure

4. Can be Used by Men & Women

A foot peel mask that exfoliates is a popular and effective method for removing dead skin cells from the feet. The mask is designed to be worn by both men and women, making it an ideal present for friends or family members who wish to get in touch with their toes!

5. Convenient Foot Mask

Some masks are so intricate that it is impossible to tell when to replace them, but others have a peel-off feature. The Foot Peel Mask possesses the latter and is one of those super-convenient masks that relieves your stress every time because all you have to do is remove the mask from its packaging and place it on your foot for ten minutes – a simple task!

6. Formulated with Aloe Vera Extract, Lavender Extract & Fermented Milk Extract

A mask for the eyes that is not only soothing and comfortable but also useful for regulating the skin.

How does the Foot Peel Mask work?

To eliminate the cracks and thick calluses on your feet – and prevent infections – simply follow these 3 steps:

  • Step 1: Soak your feet for 10 minutes in warm water, then pat them dry.
  • Step 2: Cut the FEETS booties open, insert your feet, and attach them with the provided stickers around your ankles. (At this point, the active components begin to perform their magic!)
  • Step 3: Wear your footwear for sixty to ninety minutes. The majority of folks watch television or nap. Then, remove them prior to washing your feet with soap and water, and you’re good to go.

Now comes the enjoyable part. Within three days, the skin on your feet will become progressively softer before beginning to peel.

By the seventh day, you’ll have the joy of removing years’ worth of crusty dead skin off your feet.

The outcome is baby-soft feet free of unsightly, uncomfortable, and potentially hazardous cracks and calluses.

In addition, after the fissures in your feet have healed, you will be much better protected from the terrible germs that were previously endangering your feet.

Throughout the entire process, the anti-inflammatory and anti-viral natural components wash, calm, and purify the skin, while the antioxidants maintain its hydration. This revitalises the skin when the old skin peels off.

What makes the FEETS Foot Peel Mask better than pedicures or other foot peel masks recommended by podiatrists?

The Foot Peel Mask has become so popular so quickly, even though there are many other foot peel masks available, and traditional pedicures as well.

The main reasons are as follows:

  • It is comparable to getting a pedicure at home for a fraction of the cost. The Foot Peel Mask is far less expensive and more convenient than a spa or salon appointment. Plus, you don’t have to worry about acquiring an infection from badly cleaned tools – I’ve heard some TERRIFYING hospitalisation stories recently…
  • It contains nothing but natural fruit-based components. Traditional foot masks frequently contain unidentified, harsh, and unregulated chemical compounds that can irritate or burn the skin. On the other hand, FEETS’ Foot Peel Mask utilises all-natural, cruelty-free, and body-safe substances. They consist of:
  • It offers a more thorough exfoliation. The Foot Peel Mask lowers evaporation time compared to lotions and serums, allowing the mild product ample time to permeate the skin and perform its magic. This provides a more thorough exfoliation that is virtually mess-free.
  • The formula is approved and recommended by podiatrists. This solution, developed by industry-leading skincare producers utilising hand-selected components, is free of parabens, sulphates, phthalates, and artificial colours.

Who should buy Foot Peel Mask?

The Foot Peel Mask is a need for everyone who wishes to maintain healthy feet. It features a special gel mix that exfoliates and eliminates dead skin cells while simultaneously moisturizing the foot. This product contains aloe vera, honey extract, avocado oil, mango butter, and grapefruit peel powder, all of which work together to prevent dryness and keep your feet smooth and supple all winter long.

Best Place to Buy Foot Peel Mask?

The best place to buy Foot Peel Mask is from their official website as you get facilitated with the lucrative discount the manufacturer is offering.  Also, you get a 90 days money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the product.


The Foot Peel Mask is a need for anyone desiring smooth and soft feet. After been rated by over 1,200 consumers on the Amazon website, it’s hardly surprising that this product has received an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars. The high quantities of antioxidants in the mask’s natural ingredients which will leave your skin feeling smoother than ever before.

Frequently Asked Question

How Often Should The Foot Mask Be Used?

We recommend using it around once per week for optimal hydration and benefit.

How Should I Prepare My Feet For The Product?

If your feet are clean, you can immediately put them to use. We recommend washing and drying them prior to use if they are soiled.

Do I Have To Remain Seated?

It is suggested to remain seated, however walking is permitted. Be cautious and ensure that you are moving gently to prevent slipping.

Must I Wash My Feet After Using The Foot Mask?

No, massage your foot with any residual serum. Avoid rinsing your feet after application, as the residual serum will continue to seep into your skin.

Can The Foot Mask Be Reused?

The masks are single-use only.

What Does It Mean Your Masks Are “Clean”?

Yes. There are no synthetic perfumes, parabens, sulphates, or silicones in any of our products. The goal is to provide you with items that contain few preservatives to limit the likelihood of your body interacting with poisons and synthetic chemicals.

When Should The Foot Mask Be Removed?

After 15 to 20 minutes, you should remove the masks and massage any remaining serum into your feet.