MaskFone Reviews – The World’s Most Advanced Face Mask!

Aren’t these crazy times? There are many of us stuck at home, many of us missing our family and friends, and many of us losing those we love. CORVID-19 has changed how we live and how the world operates. Is there ever a solution to the problem with new variants appearing as the virus evolves? However, the virus is already changing and might render our vaccines useless until changes are made. The current vaccines seem to be the best way forward, however. We must now wear masks, wash our hands (before touching our face or other items), prevent contact with other people, and keep our distance from them.

Since masks have become compulsory, viruses are evolving, so I sought out a mask that would protect me from CORVID while allowing me to use my phone, listen to music and use my music player, and I came across the ‘MASKFONE’. Let me tell you how MAskFone is the best mask you would ever imagine and I’m sure, you are going to buy it not only for yourself but your loved ones also. YES!!!! It’s because you wish to MASK them up and for the LOVE OF MUSIC!!! So, without further wasting your time, let me tell you the connection between this mask and music in my detailed MASKFONE REVIEW.

What is MaskFone?


Face Mask with the Most Advanced Technology in the World

MaskFone allows you to listen to music and make calls with incredible clarity while keeping you protected without having to remove your mask. You can enjoy music, calls, comfort, and safety with this innovative mask.

As MASKFONE provides replaceable PM2.5 and N95/FFP2 filters, a built-in microphone, and earphones, you can use it without removing your mask, ensuring your maximum protection.

MaskFone is a new high-tech face mask with earbuds and a microphone built into the mask itself.

This lets you make phone calls – and even listen to music – without taking off your mask.

With MaskFone, there are no more muffled phone calls… no more straining to hear what the other person says… just crystal-clear calls, every time.

The built-in headphones provide amazing audio quality, and they even feature background noise isolation – which, in my experience, means making calls with MaskFone is actually BETTER than just using your phone by itself!

Even better, MaskFone is made with premium neoprene fabric which makes it soft and gentle on the face while keeping it cool and dry at all times.

Important Features

Important Features

You get lots of room inside the mask, which prevents that “suffocation feeling”, foggy glasses, and nasty “wetness” that builds upon normal masks… while still keeping you fully protected.

Heck, they even made the bands that go around your ears extra soft, so you don’t get that horrible ear pain from wearing it for a long time.

In other words, MaskFone is the only face mask you’ll actually want to wear.

Comfortable & Convenient

You’ll Never Need Another Face Mask

MaskFone lets you wear masks that are not itchy or suffocating and end up in landfills.

With MaskFone’s five-layer filtration system, you’ll feel as if you’re not wearing a mask at all. This breathable, adjustable, and years-lasting shirt is packed with features!

By eliminating the hassle of wearing a mask, MaskFone makes life easier!

Jaw-Dropping Audio Quality

With crystal-clear audio, you can enjoy crisp calls and music

MaskFone was created by music lovers who have a lot on their plates, so excellent audio quality was essential. If you don’t want to use the earbuds, why include them? Over 70,000 Amazon Alexa features and skills are available via the Hubble App connected to your MaskFone. If you misplace your mask, you can use the app to find it.

MaskFone is the most technologically advanced mask ever created – you’ll actually enjoy wearing it!

Replaceable & Upgradeable Filters

MaskFone’s replaceable filters mean that you only have to buy it once! You can always stay fresh, safe, and comfortable by simply swapping out the PM 2.5 filters. Upgrade them to N95 if you want even more protection!

Lasts For Years – And It’s Machine Washable!

As easy as throwing your MaskFone in the washer, you can keep it clean and cozy. Toss in the earbuds, detach them, and voila! It’s brand new.

“All-Day” Battery Life

MaskFone’s 12 hours of battery life means you won’t have to worry about your battery dying during the day!

Size for all

The mask comes in two different sizes, small and large. The small size is designed for people who are under 5’5″ tall, and the large size is designed for people who are over 5’5″ tall.

How to Use?

MaskFone Has An Easy-To-Use Interface. MaskFone’s amazing features can be enjoyed by anyone without technical knowledge!

  • STEP 1 – Wear the mask
  • STEP 2 – Plug in your earphones
  • STEP 3 – Get started chatting and rocking out!

Advantages of N95/FFP2 Replaceable Filters

As long as 200 hours go by before you need to replace the replaceable medical-grade filters, MASKFONE is certain to serve you well. The mask provides a unique design that allows you to replace the filter seamlessly and conceals it with ease.

  • A cooling effect is also provided by the mask
  • Water- and sweat-resistant IPX5
  • You can use the headphones for up to 12 hours on one charge and it has a great mic and noise isolation capabilities.
  • On the front of the mask, you can find controls that can be controlled when you want to use the wireless headset.
  • A washable, reusable, durable mask is available.

Benefits of buying Maskfone

  • You don’t have to worry about connecting MaskFone to your phone manually.
  • MaskFone’s innovative built-in wiring means your wires won’t get tangled.
  • High-quality, adjustable fabric – MaskFone fits any face comfortably
  • There are currently two sizes available for MaskFone: – Small/Medium  and  Medium/Large. 
  • MaskFone’s built-in buttons allow you to control your audio remotely.
  • To ensure that your MaskFone is free of defects, MaskFone offers a 1-year no hassle warranty.

When do I wear it?

You can wear the mask whenever you want. Some people choose to wear it when they’re sleeping, while others wear it during the day.

Is it comfortable?

The mask is very comfortable to wear. It’s made out of a soft cloth that won’t irritate your skin.

How much does it Cost?

Both the size of Maskfone cost the same, $49.99.  The company also provides fast shipping to over 30 countries. Shipping is free only if you qualify. They’re real humans, they’re quick, and they actually like communicating with you. They have an excellent customer support system. MaskFone provides a 1-year warranty to guarantee your MaskFone is defect-free.

My Personal Experience with Maskfone?

How satisfied am I with my purchase? While I love the fit, the style, and the design of the mask, I did not enjoy the quality of the earphones when it came to listening to music. I will be replacing them, either with true wireless earphones or with earphones that are integrated into the mask, at some point. However, even if I did feel safer using this mask, I still think that the company behind it would do better with a better earphone and perhaps a more seamless integration of the whole system.

Why You Need It?

Inhaling foreign objects in the air can be prevented with MaskFONE. Among these objects are pathogens that cause disease, allergens, and irritants. The airborne pathogens of COVID-19 as well as pollution are effectively suppressed.

A mask and a phone are incompatible, which is why MaskFONE was created. Wireless earbuds and wired earbuds are the two current solutions. Having a wire get tangled with your mask or sounding muffled and unclear during conversations.

In order to eliminate all of these inconveniences, MaskFone combines the highest-grade protection with an audio solution so you enjoy maximum protection without missing out on music or calls.

How does It Work?

With MaskFone, you can enjoy music & calls without having to remove your mask.

Putting it on is as easy as putting on any other face mask – just adjust it as needed, then connect via Bluetooth and put the earphones in. Making phone calls, listening to music, and more is now comfortable without removing your mask!

MaskFone even has easy-to-use volume control and music control button. You’ll only ever be excited to put this face mask on!

Who is Behind This?

Designed by a music lover (who disliked wearing masks)

Dino Lalvani came up with MaskFone after he became tired of having to wear uncomfortable masks that restricted his breathing – and ended up as landfills after a few uses.

A mask that he actually wants to wear was developed based on his years of experience. One of his friends saw him wearing the prototype and asked for one for themselves, so he knew he’d made something special. After spending a year developing a more user-friendly (and higher quality) version of the application, MaskFone was born!

Why Get It?

The truth is that this is the most optimal face mask you can find on the market now. It is designed to offer much-needed protection against different health risks and providing you with an opportunity to take your calls and stream your music. Also, you will fall in love with its exceptional and aesthetic comfort.


A face mask is more important than ever because of the COVID-19 pandemic. When out of the home, face masks should be worn continuously since disease-causing pathogens can remain airborne for a long time. In situations where you must take off your face mask, such as when answering a phone call or adjusting your headphones, you are more likely to become infected. 

The MaskFone was created with the purpose of providing a safe and convenient way to wear headphones. Thus, we totally recommend MAskfone for you and your family. A popular mask on the market today is MaskFone. This mask provides good air and light blocking and is affordable. You can choose MaskFone if you want a mask that completely covers your face. Try it today!