Copper Protector Review – Avoid Contact With Germs

The world is filled with hidden diseases and dangers. It’s impossible to avoid touching them when you walk through doors or examine products at stores as you go about your daily life. Copper Protector enable you to touch objects without ever coming into contact with them.

When choosing a door opener key, what should you look for?

Reasons to buy Copper Protector

Material Content

In order to keep your family and yourself safe from germs and bacteria, take your time when choosing a door opener. Make sure it is made from a microbe-resistant alloy and is self-cleaning. A brass door opener is most common. Unlike copper keys, brass door openers don’t self-clean in the same way as a copper key.


An important factor in the function of a key is its design. You need more hooks and knobs on the key to be able to touch surfaces in many different ways. That key will wear out without the extra knobs and become more difficult to operate over time.

Button & Touch screen compatible

Certain types of keypads or touchscreens will not work with certain types of door openers. If you select a key, make sure it touches both. ATM machines and stores will require you to touch a combination of buttons and touch screens.

Easy to Carry

Keys that come with extra holes can be used to carry the door key with them. It is unlikely you will forget it, as it is on your keys, so you will always be able to access it.

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What is the Copper Protector?

Copper Protector

You and your family can stay germ-free with the Copper Protector. Copper is naturally antimicrobial, so the Copper Protector contains 99.9% copper. Copper antimicrobial tools kill bacteria and viruses, reduce germ transmission, and can help keep you healthy.

You can protect yourself and others by using a copper antimicrobial tool to prevent touching surfaces that contain germs. The tool can easily be carried in a purse or pocket to be available whenever you need it.

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Pros and Cons

  • Touch screens and door handles can be opened safely without touching them.
  • Copper is almost entirely used in the tool.
  • Attach to pants pockets or carry on a key ring.
  • It can only be purchased online.
  • A touch screen might make signing your name more difficult if you have the key.
  • It can be challenging to use the key when it is new.

Key Features

Features of Copper Protector

There are a number of components that make it possible for you to use the Copper Key while away from home. This key is meant to be used outside of your home due to its design and material content. There aren’t all door opener keys that will keep you as safe as possible while still enabling you to touch any surface safely.

Reduces exposure to Germs and Viruses

Every day, you are exposed to more bacteria, germs, and viruses than you can keep track of, whether it comes from work or your children. For an ATM withdrawal or at the store, you must open doors and touch everything to complete the transaction. A Copper Protector ensures that you will never touch the surface of door handles or ATMs while operating them.

You will be less likely to catch minor and major illnesses if you reduce your exposure to germs. Copper keys are designed so you won’t have direct contact with germ-transmitting items, places, and areas.


The copper surface of the key does not support growth of germs, bacteria, or viruses, so everything that you touch with it stays on the copper for a very short time. 

It stops the spread of infection and prevents the transfer of live, active bacteria within your body by deactivating germs on the inside.

Copper interferes with bacteria’s ability to reproduce, so they cannot live on it. Hence, bacteria cannot live on copper. As a result, bacteria’s DNA is damaged by the copper, causing it to break down, leaving your copper key clean.

99.9 Percent cooper

Nearly one hundred percent of the Copper Key consists of copper (99.9 percent), which is naturally antimicrobial. Copper antimicrobial is commonly used to protect surfaces against contamination. Multiple types of bacteria cannot settle on copper keys because copper ions prevent them from settling. They fear a lethal dose of copper would cause damage to any bacteria that try to settle.

Bacteria, viruses, and germs can’t survive on copper because copper interferes with their functioning. Copper prevents bacteria from reproducing and damages their DNA, preventing them from reproducing.

Door-Friendly Design

Copper antimicrobials are designed in the form of keys with pieces like a hook attached that allow you to open doors with handles, such as those of your doctor’s office or convenience store. Every time you open a door, you pick up large amounts of bacteria that can make you sick.

Holding a large circle of copper in your hand, you can easily maneuver the key around the handle of the door to open it. The design of this key prevents you from touching the door handle.

Keychain ready

You can attach the Copper Protector to your keys or purse with the help of a small loop in the design of the copper antimicrobial. It can be attached to your keys, or kept in your purse, ready for use whenever you need it. With an additional ring or hook, you can attach an extra protector, so that you must have the keypad or door opener in your hands at all times.

Touch-screen friendly

With a copper tip on the copper key, you can poke touch screens. Our modern society is surrounded by touch screens, from the grocery store to the bank. By touch alone, you must enter pin numbers, account numbers, phone numbers, and approve the transaction.

Using the copper key, you can make your selections at a distance without transferring any germs to your hand. Keys keep you safe so you do not have to wear gloves everywhere you go.


Other types of metal or plastic do not wear out as quickly as copper. Furthermore, it doesn’t corrode or split. Computers and plumbing use copper as a primary metal. Its chemical composition ensures durability, and its antimicrobial properties persist even as it starts to turn green.

Easy to hold

The Copper Protector includes an easy-to-grip large ring, which ensures that you won’t have any difficulty using the copper key. You cannot cut yourself on the copper or have it bulky in your hand because it is not too thin or thick.


Copper Protector makes you feel calm and at ease. It is less likely that you will pick up virus and germs when you use the key. The Copper Protector gives you the peace of mind that you are limiting your exposure to germs on your hands.

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What do Buyers of the Copper Protector Think?

As healthcare workers and elderly individuals, Copper Protector users are grateful to have such a tool. People in vulnerable positions may have the tendency to touch objects a lot, increasing the risk of virus and germ transmission. Therefore, keys are useful for preventing the spread of infections.

Furthermore, the key’s users love its convenience and ease of use. It can be attached to a pants, lanyard, or purse so they can use it for anything from elevator buttons to door locks.

How does it work?

Using Copper Protector for different work

Aviano Copper Protector protects the user from infection by utilizing antimicrobial copper. Bacteria and viruses are killed by copper only when they contact it. With this tool, users are able to reach high-touch areas without touching them, as germs are prevented from touching their hands.

It has not been fully understood how copper kills viruses and bacteria, despite its long-term use. As a result, infectious cells are rendered neutral as a result of its interference with proteins. The copper in bacteria and virus cells kills them by replacing the metals inside them. A lot of the pathogens responsible for disease cause this process immediately.

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How it’s Different from Competitors?

The Aviano Copper Protector is one of several copper tools available on the market. They are shaped differently in some cases. Brass, an alloy of copper, is another material used for these.  

It may be easier to use tools with different shapes based on the size and shape of the user’s hands. The finger handles of some competitor tools are larger for ease of use. Those with smaller hands may prefer smaller models.

It is often cheaper to use alloy materials instead of pure copper. Many copper alloys have been proven to kill bacteria and viruses. While copper is obviously the most effective material against many different disease-causing microorganisms, alloyed copper is equally useful in many cases.

Critical Advice

Prior to purchasing this tool, it is important to consider its practicality. The user will remain at risk of infection if it is attached to high-touch items – such as wallets or keys. It may additionally take extra time and delay movement when taking it out of storage.

You should always keep a copper protector away from any contaminated, high-touch items. It should be cleaned frequently. Newly discovered diseases, such as Coronavirus, will not be killed by it. Efficacy of copper against coronaviruses or other novel diseases is not well established.

How much does it cost?

Consumers who want to keep germs at bay with Aviano Copper Protector can choose from a few packages. With larger packages, the price per unit decreases, allowing customers to choose between:

  • For $24.99. You receive one Aviano Copper Protector (plus shipping and handling)
  • Aviano Copper Protectors are $49.98 for three
  • Seventy-nine cents per Aviano Copper Protector
  • $99.96 for eight Aviano Copper Protectors

Users can return this tool within 30 days from the date of purchase if it isn’t helpful to their daily routine.

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Final Thoughts

We cannot be too careful about exposing ourselves to germs, especially in these troubled times. The Copper Protector, with its touch screen and buttons, ensures your family’s health.

Designed to protect any surface from scratches and wear and tear, the Copper Protector is a quality copper product that will last you a lifetime. Visit this link if you would like to learn more about Copper Protectors.

Frequently Asked Questions

How well does the Aviano Copper Protector work when it comes to reducing the exposure to germs?

Customers will not directly touch infected surfaces when using Aviano Copper Protector, which significantly reduces their risk of infection.

Does the Aviano Copper Protector need to be cleaned?

NOPES!. The tool sanitizes itself naturally, but customers may notice that it gradually tarnishes.

Won’t the Aviano Copper Protector stop working when natural oxidation takes over the copper?

No, not at all. The microbial properties of copper won’t suddenly cease as it oxidizes.

Will users still get sick if they use the Aviano Copper Protector?

The use of Aviano Copper Protector is not guaranteed to be free from illness due to too many unique circumstances. The air is filled with germs and illnesses. It could, however, help reduce some diseases risk because direct contact is not available.