CoolMe Pro Reviews – A Cost Effective Portable Air Cooler?

Are you fed up with your air conditioning system? Do you think that coolers are of no use during unbearable summer heat? The scorching heat of the summer season can leave anyone wondering with a thought to shift to any hill station. With no good means of ending the heat of the summers, it is tough to concentrate on daily chores or work in an office. No wonder, the high promises done by air conditioning and cooler companies make you feel miserable when their products don’t work properly.

To give you a cool feeling during summers we have brought you the most amazing invention of all times, CoolMe Pro AC. This is one of the best technological innovations which offers you the feeling of visiting a hill station.

The product is an air cooler technology that comes in a very compact and elegant design. It is built especially for the personal use of all. The compact design offers excellent cooling during summers. It comes with the benefit of simple use whether you are indoors or outdoors. The features of this product make it the best purchase of this summer. It offers relief from completely relying on the air conditioning systems and coolers to get cool air. Keep reading to find out more about this product.

What is CoolMe Pro?

CoolMe Pro is a technological innovation that brings personal cooling to any place that you go. Unlike the traditional fans, air conditioners, etc, the CoolMe Pro cooler will help people personalize air cooling and make it much more efficient and convenient.

The revolutionary technology allows for greater air cooling without the power bills, spills, or even intricate installations. At the size of a footwear box, this air cooler is a truly portable solution that you can take anywhere, whether it is the great outdoors, or the indoors. 

At work, home, or outdoor, staying cool helps us stay comfortable and happy. And it greatly improves our productivity, enjoyment, relaxation, etc. However, most cooling solutions available today involve sky-high electricity bills and installation charges. This is besides the fact that even then, these fail to cool sufficiently. This is where the CoolMe Pro personal air cooler is much relevant. 

An air cooler takes hot air and cools. This air is then pumped to the area to be cooled which lowers the ambient temperature sufficiently for human comfort. However, these often tend to be bulky, inefficient, and entail several other problems.

But if you think of an air conditioner, it may cost an arm and a leg. So, the CoolMe Pro is the ultimate air cooling solution. This suits any environment, be it inside or out, and costs only as little as charging your phone. Let us take a look at the major advantages you make using this device. 

Feature Of CoolMe Pro

  • Super Fast Air Cooling with Angle Rotation
  • Cools and Purifiers the Air
  • 3 Different Speeds
  • Lightweight and Ultra-Low Noise
  • Colorful Night Lights
  • Freon Free and Non-Toxic
  • #1 Ranked mini air cooler.
  • Chills air in a matter of seconds.
  • Now with the 2nd Generation Engine – much quieter, lower energy consumption and no faults like water leakage for other models in the market.
  • Lightweight and compact – carry with you or around.
  • Easy to use for all ages.
  • USB port lets you charge it anywhere you go – from Powerbank, PC, Car, etc.

How Does the CoolMe Pro Mini Cooler Work?

How Does the CoolMe Pro Mini Cooler Work?

CoolMe Pro is quite easy to use and does not require the help of an electrician or technician. According to the instructions provided by the official website, add water into the cooler along with a few ice cubes.

Next, place the Water Curtains inside the cooler which are upgraded filter papers that help to block bacteria, dust, and other microorganisms in the air from entering the cooler. You can then switch on the cooler and enjoy the cool refreshing wind.

Adjust the speed of the wind as needed using the 3-speed built-in control. It comes with 4 buttons that indicate low to high power each of which having a specific number of indicator lights. CoolMe Pro device cools down the hot air as the water evaporates resulting in a cool environment within seconds.

There are no unnecessary sounds produced neither does it take up too much current. You can easily charge Coolme Pro via a power bank, adapter, PC, or even a car charger to chill both indoors and outdoors without any hard work. 

3 Step To Start CoolMe Pro Mini Cooler –

Add Water Into The Cooler From Atop.

Place The Water Curtains Inside.

That’s It! Switch It On, Adjust The Power And Enjoy The Coolness!

Why This Portable Air Conditioner Has A Huge Demand?

The hot weather demands an immediate solution. Cool air is the need of an hour during summers but at the same time, people are concerned about their health, environmental changes, portability, efficiency, and much more. Therefore, effective solutions are in high demand. This product has gained immense popularity in a short time. It is a personalized air cooler that requires no electricity connection. The compact size of it makes it the best choice for people to opt for it. Whether you are working outside or staying indoors, this product will offer you cool air without causing any harm to your health. Its evaporative cooling technology is innovative and allows people to easily ditch the habit of air conditioning systems.

Pros of Cool Me Pro Portable AC:

  • Simple to use by any age group
  • Affordable price and environmentally friendly
  • Compact size to use indoors and outdoors
  • Easy charging solutions with USB ports, PC, power bank, etc.
  • Cool air within few minutes.
  • Lightweight to carry anywhere, be it, car or by hand.
  • No issues of water leakage and is quieter than other systems.

Is CoolMe Pro The Best Solution Against Heatwaves? 

The new generation CoolMe Pro mini cooler is proven to be the best solution to resist heat waves. Just like the land evaporates water to cool down the humidity by producing rainfall, CoolMe Pro evaporates the water present in the cooler and immediately generates cool wind helping you relax quickly.

Whether you are at home or outside camping or simply having a picnic in your backyard, CoolMe Pro ensures that you remain immune to the hot summer days. It is rated as the no.1 portable air conditioner unit and keeps you comfortable and cool throughout day and night.

Regular Air Conditioners run on fossil fuels which increases the number of air pollutants and is a major cause of premature death.

Global warming has resulted in a massive usage of ACs and the more we use these appliances, the planet only tends to become much warmer. And just as I have mentioned earlier, using these machines results in dry skin as your body becomes dehydrated.

But at the same time, it is pretty difficult to survive summer without these cooling units. CoolMe Pro mini cooler follows the same working mechanism of nature to cool the planet and therefore effectively, protects you as well as the environment. 

What Makes It Different From Other Coolers? 

Apart from being rated as the no. 1 air cooling device, many other factors make CoolMe Pro a unique and cost-effective air conditioner unit-

  • It can be carried and utilized anywhere you go which is not possible in the case of regular air conditioners, coolers, or fans due to the bigger size and power supply needs. 
  • As mentioned in CoolMe Pro review, it is made with the 2nd generation engine which refers to the nonedible plant and animal waste. This increases the sustainability of resources for the future. 
  • CoolMe Pro does not consume too much energy and helps you enjoy hot summer days without being worried about the electricity bills or suffer the tremendous heat. 
  • It does not release any pollutants or toxins into the air nor creates any noise while working. Therefore as your lungs receive purified air, you are also protecting nature from further damage. 
  • It comes with an introductory 50% Off and Free Delivery services worldwide. Thus you save a lot of money in addition to the power bills and repair services.

Is CoolMe Pro legit?

Is CoolMe Pro legit?

Many users of the CoolMe Pro cooler are thankful for the efficient and cheap air cooling it provides. CoolMe Pro reviews and customer comments verify the portability, utility, and ease of use. The device is capable of providing you cooling in most areas.

Be it in your home, at work, or an outdoor hobby, you can enjoy it while you go on with your life. The device has no deficiencies or quality issues as can be seen with many cooling devices. So, the CoolMe Pro air cooler is a legitimate solution. 

CoolMe Pro Pricing & Where to get it?

You can visit the official website of the CoolMe Pro to buy one today at discounted prices. They offer several packages as well as combinations that you can choose from. Buying multiple devices will ensure that all of your family is protected from heat exhaustion, come the next summer.

However, you can buy the legitimate CoolMe Pro anywhere except the official website. This is because many fakes and imitations are looking to take advantage of its fame and credibility. Don’t fall prey to such scams and purchase only on the official website. 

The packages and pricing are given below. 

  • 1X CoolMe Pro- $178.00
  • 2XCoolMe Pro- $139.00/each
  • 4XCoolMe Pro- $109.50/each
  • 2XCoolMe Pro+ 1 Free- $119.33/each
  • 3XCoolMe Pro+ 2 Free- $99.60/each

All of the packages come with free shipping within the US.

How To Order CoolMe Pro?

To place an order for CoolMe Pro, you need to visit its official website. There are certain packages for this product with different prices. The price range of this product varies from $99.60 to $178.

After visiting the official website of the product, you need to select your desired package and add it to the cart. Fill in all the details such as name, address, phone number, email ID, and much more. Also, select the desired mode of payment. Apart from the official website, there is no other way to order this product. Therefore, to avoid any fraudulent activities happening, place an order via its official site.

Final Verdict

CoolMe Pro air cooler offers efficient and cheap cooling to anyone looking to combat the heatwave and summer. This device uses revolutionary new technology to make personal cooling truly portable. The compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry around. 

It has USB connectivity, low power consumption, and superior cooling capability. This way, you can take cooling anywhere you go. Be it the indoors or the outdoors, the CoolMe Pro cooler works to give you a cool and comfortable airflow.

The powerful motor works on par with any industrial coolers out there yet consume so little power. With it, you will be able to stay cool, comfortable, and happy.

So, the CoolMe Pro air cooler is highly recommended to anyone looking for an efficient and cheap air cooling solution. Utilizing evaporative water cooling, CoolMe Pro device is environment friendly too.