Color Guardian Reviews: Bright Motion Solar Light Worth Buying?

As a homeowner, you want to feel safe in your home at all times. One of the ways to achieve this goal is to install a spectacular, light yard. However, the decorative lights on the market are expensive, with some costing up to hundreds of dollars. A security system could cost up to thousands of dollars.

Even after buying the lights, you still need to factor in equally expensive installation costs. With all these expenses, these lights are often beyond the reach of many homeowners. Additionally, even after installing the lights, they leave your compound with several electric wires crisscrossing your space.

Color Güardian is a set of outdoor lights that work with motion activation for added security around the home. The lights also come with several color settings to bring a unique appearance to outdoor décor while illuminating the area for safety.

What is Color Guardian?

Color Guardian is a powerful yard light that improves your curb appeal and protects your family. The two-in-one device doubles as a security light with 180-degree motion sensors and an entertainment light that adds value to your home. It is easy to install with no wires ruining the look of your home or yard.

These motion detector lights come on automatically and can be secured wherever the user wants, whether they wish to set Color Güardian up at their front door, garage, patio, or the fence. They are easy to control with the included remote control, allowing users to choose the color that they want at any given moment. 

Benefits of Color Guardian

  • It protects the home
  • 180 degrees motion detection
  • Six unique colors
  • Prevents tripping
  • Weather-resistant housing
  • Saves money
  • Remote controlled
  • Ultra-bright LEDs

How Does ColorGuardian Work?

Color Guardian uses ultra-efficient solar panels to charge so there is zero wiring or complicated installation. It installs in minutes with two screws!

In Security Mode: It has dual motion sensors to scan an ultra-wide 180° area for movement. Unlike other spotlights that usually only scan about 90° so invaders can easily sneak by.

Once motion is detected, the super bright LED bulbs blast the area with light to help deter intruders and wildlife. Plus it helps you see where you are walking at night, especially taking out the trash or the dog at night. In the home upgrade mode, you can select any color and cast your home with a unique vibrancy. Or choose a Flash or Fade to cycle through colors for a “party” atmosphere.

5 Reasons Your Home Needs Color Guardian:

  • Deters unwanted intruders (and wildlife)
  • 6 beautiful Colors and 4 Modes (full customization)
  • 180° Motion-activation (Feel safe at home)
  • 100% Solar Powered (no ugly wiring)
  • Easy installation (takes less than 15 minutes)

No Electricity Required for Installation

The official website states that the Color Guardian Lamps are 100-percent wireless. It works for anyone who wants to save on electricity bills. It comes with ultra-efficient solar panels that absorb the natural sunlight and store the energy for later use. As soon as the sun goes down, the lamp turns on automatically.

Differences Between Color Guardian and Other White Lights

Boosts security in your homeDoes nothing apart from lighting
Entertains your guestsBoring to look at
Six beautiful color modesOne boring color mode
No dangling wiresUgly wires
Motion-activatedClumsy light switch

Color Guardian is ranked as the perfect outdoor yard light with these features because it doubles as a motion-activated security light and an entertainment light that improves your patio and other spaces of your choice. Most importantly, it comes with a convenient remote control that you use to switch between the two modes.

Customer Reviews:

“Deter anyone sneaking around. Comes on with motion and bright enough to deter anyone sneaking around. Highly recommend””KAREN C
“I’m recommending to my parents. These are really bright and perfect for what I use them for! I have them right outside my front door and they put off the right amount of light so I can see to put my key in the lock. I love these so much I’m recommending them to my parents too!””EMMA
“It’s very bright. This outdoor solar light is simply awesome! It is very easy to use, we just need to press the switch button to adjust the three different operating modes. In addition, it’s very bright and perfectly suited for my lighting needs.”ODELETTE

How to Get Color Guardian?

The Color Guardian yard light is available on the official website and not in stores. Interested buyers can only place their orders on the product’s website at The current price breakdown is as follows:

  • Buy 2 Color Guardian Lamps at $19.99 each + $4.99 shipping
  • Buy 6 Color Guardian Lamps at $17.99 each + Free shipping
  • Buy 10 Color Guardian Lamps at $14.99 each + Free shipping

Importantly, each order of Color Guardian comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. This means customers who are unhappy with the product can get a full refund within 30 days.

The customer service team can address any questions for customers by sending an email to



Color Guardian is a new innovative yard light that secures safety and redefines outdoor spaces. It was made with the homeowner in mind. It’s easy to operate and works in hard-to-reach areas such as fence posts or above the doorway. With a convenient remote control, you won’t have to climb ladders to switch on or off the lights.


Why does Color Guardian require a remote control?

The whole point of this device is to make sure that the décor is easy for users to take advantage of. Instead of climbing ladders or turning off each light by hand, users need to press a button on the remote. If the user cannot find the remote when they want to turn the lights on or off, they can still manually adjust the light from the top with the MODE button.

What are the different modes for the Color Guardian?

Users have access to six different colors. They can also choose from Flash, Fade, and Passive Infrared (PIR) Mode.

What do users need to do to install Color Guardian?

Everything that the user needs to install Color Güardian is included with the purchase. Secure the device with the two included screws, ready to run. The entire process should take under five minutes.

What makes the Color Guardian lights dual-purpose?

Users can choose from either Security Mode or Home Upgrade mode. Security Mode is motion-activated, bringing illumination to dark areas. The multicolored party setting is the Home Upgrade Mode, allowing users to make any area livelier.