Biccaby Anti-Odor Sterilizer Reviews – Is It Really Worth It?

Biccaby – Fridges play an essential role in our homes. It helps to store food for long periods without going bad. Therefore, it reduces the number of trips to the grocery store within a period. Power outages and food spillage inside the fridge may foul, especially when opening it.

It can lead to embarrassing moments, especially when you have visitors. Most opt to wash the fridge using vinegar or lemon solutions. However, these actions only last for a few minutes before the smell emerges again.

Bad food or spills cause the buildup of bacteria inside the fridge. Most home remedies do not get rid of these bacteria, which leads to a continuous foul smell even after cleaning. Therefore, it is important to find an alternative to eliminate the bacteria and remove the odor.

What is Biccaby?

Biccaby is a portable device that claims to help eliminate odors emanating from the fridge. Unlike other home remedies, this odor-eliminating device also helps maintain a clean fridge with a fresh look. People with smelly fridges can try out this product to eliminate the foul odor.

Benefits of Biccaby Anti-odor Sterilizer

  • It removes the foul odors from food that begin to go bad inside the fridge
  • It Increases the foods shelf life by eliminating bacteria inside the fridge
  • The device is not only meant for fridges. You can place it inside the car or closets to improve the smell
  • It runs on a battery that lasts up to 35 hours
  • It purifies the air with its antibacterial filter
  • It helps save time spent on frequently cleaning the fridge
  • Biccaby Anti-odor Sterilizer is easy to operate and does not require any technical knowledge
  • Its compact design allows it to fit in any space or fridge respective of the size or design

Biccaby Anti-odor Sterilizer offers long-term results by providing a fresh and odor-free fridge

How Does Biccaby Anti-odor Sterilizer Work?

Before purchasing the device, it is essential to understand how it works to remove bad smells from fridges. The equipment has an installed ventilation system that absorbs and filters the air. This process helps eliminate the bacteria responsible for the foul smell in the refrigerator.

Biccaby Anti-odor sterilizer is suitable for all types of fridges. It injects ozone particles and removes the foul smell from foods that begin to go bad. Once charged, it can last for up to 35 hours due to its long-lasting battery.

Pricing Of Biccaby

Positive reviews on social media and other platforms have created a considerable demand for Biccaby Anti-odor Sterilizer. Many fake products have emerged in the market, making it difficult to determine a simple device. Therefore, the company tries to limit its availability to the official website to ensure that everyone gets a genuine device that lasts.

Currently, the Biccaby device is available at a 50% discount and free delivery worldwide. Prices are as follows:

  • One Biccaby $79.95 Each + Free Worldwide Delivery
  • Two Biccaby $64.50 Each + Free Worldwide Delivery
  • Three Biccaby $53.00 Each + Free Worldwide Delivery
  • Four Biccaby $47.25 Each + Free Worldwide Delivery
  • Five Biccaby $45.00 Each + Free Worldwide Delivery
  • Six Biccaby $42.50 Each + Free Worldwide Delivery

Customers can opt to purchase over and above the Biccaby Anti-Odor Sterilizer a one or two year extended warranty:

  • One Year Warranty: $5.95
  • Two Year Warranty: $9.95

The company offers a 14-day money-back guarantee; customers can reach out for instructions to return the Biccaby by visiting the FAQ page and choosing Returns in the dropdown box at:



Maintaining a clean fridge requires constant cleaning. Due to busy working schedules, most people cannot perform the cleaning frequently. Therefore, their fridges start producing foul odors due to foods inside going bad.

Biccaby Anti-odor Sterilizer helps keep the fridge fresh and clean, reducing the number of times you need to clean the refrigerator. It also increases the food’s lifespan by eliminating the bacteria inside the fridge.