Arctic Air Pure Chill Review 2022- Is It Worth the Money or Scam?

As the summer period approaches every year, it is usually very difficult to manage and not become worried about how to handle the extreme hot weather conditions during those times .

The regular air conditioner is supposed to help you survive right? However, this regular air conditioner comes with its own downsides that includes the limitation as to where to fix or position it and the fact that it adds to the bills on energy.

Thankfully, there’s a solution to the problems stated above: The Arctic Pure Chill AC.

The Arctic Pure Chill AC is a modern multifunction and multi-purpose air cooler that can be plugged to a wall socket with the help of a micro USB cord.

The device promises to solve the problems of traditional air coolers by being more affordable, easier and cheaper to maintain, durable and very portable.

You also do not need to be tech savvy to use or install this great product. This Arctic Air Pure Chill Reviews article will give you a detailed review of the this Pure Chill AC. So grab a seat let’s talk about the Arctic Pure Chill AC.

What Is Arctic Air Pure Chill AC?

Arctic Air Pure Chill
Arctic Air Pure Chill

Arctic Air Pure Chill is a mini Air Conditioner that introduces cool air into your personal space, relieving you of hot air. It is a desktop air cooler, cleaner, and humidifier. The personal space cooler is perfect for the bedroom, office, and similar small spaces.

The compact air cooler is developed with Hydro-Chill technology which combines the power of a UV purifier that combines hot air into purified, cold air. The device is infused with a filter that promotes the purification of air. It is super easy to put together and use. There is a tan that you are required to fill with water.

It is much smaller than the regular A/C and quieter than a regular fan and cools the air around you. It allows you to carry it and place it at the point where you need it. It does not consume as much power as much as the regular A/C. It has air vents that you can control to point in any direction that you want. Its size is made to fit perfectly on a desk, a table, or a nightstand; wherever it is needed.

Features of Arctic Air Pure Chill AC

  • Well improved Cooling Technology – Arctic Air Pure Chill AC is a way more effective AC than any other regular AC in the market. This is explained by the titanium cooling element it contains.
  • Rapid cooling time – The cooling time for the AC is directly proportional to the size of the room. For a room that’s about 400sqft,it can cool it from 95 to 70 degrees in like 6 minutes. If your room is smaller, it will take less time of course.
  • Simplicity in its usage– Like earlier said, the Arctic Pure Chill AC is very user friendly. It entails plugging it in, filling it with water, putting  it on and then it starts cooling at your desired level.
  • Has aesthetic value–  The appliance looks very stylish and doesn’t look out of place when positioned in different homes. There are various color choices to pick from to meet your exact style.
  • Consumes less energy – Compared to the regular AC that consumes so much energy and increases bills, Arctic Pure Chill AC is different. You tend to save more money from paying huge bills on electricity.
  • Very valuable – This appliance is so valuable and affordable to give as gifts to family and friends especially those in very warm, uncomfortable rooms. You would be more than happy you got it.
  • Return policy on return –For any reason whatsoever, if you think the Arctic Pure Chill AC doesn’t fit your desire, you can return it within 30 days and get your refund in full.

Other Major Features of the Pure Chill AC

  • The AC can be used almost anywhere and everywhere.
  •  It operates with a powerful USB.
  • It purifies the air and chills the rooms.
  • It doesn’t operate noisily.
  • Its water tank is clear and transparent.

What Makes Arctic Air Pure Chill Different?

Arctic Air Pure is not a regular air conditioning unit. The portable AC is designed to cool a specific person or location and not the whole room, thus reducing your electricity expenses. It is portable, making it convenient equipment for people always on the move. Its battery is charged very quickly at no extra cost on your power bills. The Arctic Air AC takes minimal space on your desktop.

How the Arctic Air Pure Chill Portable AC Functions

The Arctic Air Pure Chill Portable AC uses Hydro-Chill Technology to cool down dry air and help facilitate sweet summer days indoors and outdoors. These products can be plug on the wall but are light and portable, thus convenient when traveling.

Arctic Air AC has multiple settings that you can adjust to suit your needs.

The water curtain gives you instant cooling after soaking it with water.

The misting device ensures the air is moist and cool, protecting your skin and sinuses from getting air-related ailments.

Health benefits of Arctic Air Pure Chill Portable AC

Apart from cooling the hot air, the Arctic Air Pure Chill Portable AC can also benefit your health. The Arctic Air air conditioner can protect you from health conditions such as:

  • Nasal congestion
  • Dry skin
  • Air-triggered allergic attacks
  • Skin rashes and itchiness
  • Wheezing and coughing at night
  • Heatstroke
  • Chapped and cracked lips
  • Heat-related nose bleeding

How to Use the Arctic Air Pure Chill Portable AC

The market is saturated with a wide variety of portable air conditioners. When a person has so many choices, there is a high probability they will make the wrong choices. The product is easy to carry, portable and compact. You place it on your desktop, connect it to the power outlet, and voila! The air around you gets freshened. Below is a simple guide on how to operate the Arctic Air Pure Chill Portable AC:

  • Add about 450 ml of water to the water storage tank of the portable AC.
  • Switch on the AC and enjoy the relaxed and humid air on a hot and dry summer day.

How Do You Install the Arctic Air Pure Chill Portable AC?

This is one of the easiest portable ACs in the market as it requires no assembling or installation by the user. It is purchased and delivered as a compact machine with a power cable and a simplified, user-friendly manual explaining how to fill the water and commence using the AC. It’s designed to be placed in the room where the user desires. Due to its small size, the Arctic Air Pure Chill Portable AC cannot cool the whole room, thus benefiting a single user. However, if your room is small, it can help cool temperatures.

Using The Arctic Air Pure Chill Air Cooler

The fun part is that using Arctic Air Pure Chill is also very convenient. There are just a few pointers that you need to take note of:

  1. Fill in the water reservoirTo get started, since this device operates on evaporative technology, you need to fill water in the reservoir. This is quite convenient since the reservoir enables you to add water from the top. Once the water is filled, it is enough for 10 hours which means that it lasts you throughout the night. It is recommended that you fill the reservoir with cold water so that chilled air is circulated in the room.
  2. Place the device correctlyArctic Air Pure Chill is a desktop air cooler that is supposed to be placed on a flat surface. You have to place it upright in order to prevent water from draining into other parts from the reservoir. You can place the device directly in front of you to be able to enjoy cool air.
  3. Adjust the ventsYou can set the grill facing towards you if you want to enjoy cold air. Since the vents of this device are adjustable, doing this is pretty easy. You can also change the grill settings whenever you want while the air cooler is running. This brings us to a great feature of this air cooler – the fact that the air vents are multi-directional!
  4. Select your settingThere are three different settings available. You can either set the device to chill your room at a low setting, moderate one or at a high setting. This depends on your cooling requirements. Arctic Air Pure Chill portable AC can also function merely as a fan, and you can set the cooling to its lowest setting in case you feel that the weather is pleasant enough as it is.

How much does Arctic Air® Pure Chill™ cost?

There are four distinct options to choose from at checkout on the official website. Specifically:

  • 1 Arctic Air Pure Chill unit: $89.95
  • 2 Arctic Air® Pure Chill™ units: $179.98
  • 3 Arctic Air® Pure Chill™ units: $202.99
  • 4 Arctic Air® Pure Chill™ units: $247.99

Moreover, each purchase will be protected by a 60-day money-back guarantee.


Conclusively, the Arctic Pure Chill AC is a great product starting from the price to its effectiveness and durability. The reviews from different and diverse sources also supported the company’s claim of having the best portable ac. The pros of this product also outweighs the cons so it’s generally a wonderful product and a great buy. Click to the link below to get your own Arctic Pure Chill AC!