Amaranth Vase Review – Easiest Way To Make Your Flowers Last Longer

Flowers enhance the environment of the room and lift the owner’s spirits. A beautiful vase is required to keep flowers fresh for extended times. A pleasant floral setting lifts your mood. However, most flowers may only remain fresh for a few days before becoming wilted and despondent. The Amaranth Vase is an intelligent and resilient product that promises to keep your flowers fresh for extended times. Is it durable? What makes Amaranth Vase unique?

What is Amaranth Vase?

The Amaranth Vase is a genius upgrade from ordinary vases that require frequent spilling-and-refilling of water. Changing my bouquet’s water every few days is an annoying chore I haven’t usually enjoyed, and life is just too busy to repeat the messy task every few days. It’s the easy draining feature that makes the Amaranth so smart. All you have to do is twist the vase at its midsection to almost effortlessly drain the old water out.

The contemporary design of Amaranth vases allows flowers to remain fresh for extended durations. It features a clever twist mechanism that allows users to drain water and access flower stems without causing damage. The maker claims it can increase the shelf life of your flowers without causing any messes.

The outer design of the Amaranth vase makes it excellent for houses with small children and dogs. The manufacturer provides a lifetime guarantee stating that if your Amaranth vase breaks, they will replace it free of charge.

Flowers are an excellent present that can elevate one’s mood. Fresh flowers purify the air by imparting a natural scent. Flowers’ aromatherapeutic properties can calm the mind and combat anxiety. Some people say that being surrounded by fresh flowers increases their intelligence and motivation.

Features of Amaranth Vase

Modern 3-D Geometric Design

Amaranth vases offer a beautiful diamond floral pattern to accent your décor. You can choose from many colour options, allowing you to find one that complements your interior design.


The Amaranth vase is built from a combination of thermoplastic and marble. It features a fantastic design and is resistant to chipping, shattering, and breaking. The manufacturer of amaranth vases provides a lifetime warranty as a proof of excellence.

Fits any Bouquet

The Amaranth vase is made for someone who like tiny or huge garlands.

Smart Feature

The amaranth vase prevents harm to the flower petals, especially when pruning the stem or changing the water. Users do not need to remove entire blooms or cut stems to change water. Instead, the twist and turn feature enables users to retain the bottom of the flower while maintaining its delicate petals.

Perfect Gift

Because it is functional, entertaining, and user-friendly, an amaranth vase is the greatest present for flower lovers.

Zero Mess

The vase, according to the designer of Amaranth, is unbreakable and chip-resistant, making it unlikely to produce any messes.


The Amaranth vase allows you to alter the water level and trim the stem without disturbing the petals.

Zero Risk

The manufacturer of amaranth vases gives a 30-day money-back guarantee on all purchases.

How Does Amaranth Vase Work?

The manufacturers of amaranth vases assert that their product can “Keep your Flowers Happy” for longer durations. It is rumoured to have a patent-pending exterior that justifies the price of the mood-boosting flowers.

The majority of flowers droop and die due to bacterial infections. It is a hard task to consistently replace clean water.

The clever “twist and turn” design of Amaranth vases enables easy access to the flowers. The innovative design enables users to quickly cut flower stems, drain excess water, and wipe away any dirt and mildew.

The manufacturer of amaranth claims that the patent-pending design can prolong the life of the blossoms. In addition, it is more organised and user-friendly. The “twist and turn” can be used by anyone, especially youngsters older than eight.

The simple practise of emptying the unclean water from the Amaranth vase and refilling it with clean water revitalises and restores the flowers’ health. You do not need to remove the flowers from the bud vase; replacing the water takes only a few seconds.

The Science behind Amaranth Vase

Multiple studies show that bacterial development accelerates the wilting of fresh flowers. Conventional vases are breeding sites for hundreds of yeast, bacteria, and other microbes that adhere to the stems of flowers, so decreasing their lifespan.

Fresh flowers exude amino acids, carbohydrates, and other nutrients into the vase, making it a fertile environment for hundreds of microorganisms. In addition, the decomposition process imparts a foul stench to the water.

The drainage design of the Amaranth vase makes it simple to maintain your flowers. It provides easy access to the flower stems, making it simple to change their water and trim them. As a result, it can extend the shelf life of the flowers and prevent rapid mould growth.

How to Use the Amaranth Vase?

The Amaranth Vase is durable, powerful, and easy to handle. The product is assembled and shipped as a complete unit by the manufacturer. This product is 100% kid-friendly and user-friendly. Here’s how to use it:

Step 1 – Twist to Drain

The vase’s core twists smoothly, allowing you to drain the water. According to the designer, the “twist and turn” feature is simple and even individuals with agility and strength issues will find it straightforward to operate.

Step 2 – Trim the Blossoms

Due to the exposed base of the Amaranth vase, it is simple to cut the stems. The maker adds that you can replace the water in the vase without removing the flowers.

Step 3 – Enjoy the Flowers for Longer

Supposedly, amaranth vases may double the longevity of flowers. Simply changing the water and trimming the stems regularly will increase the longevity of your flowers.

  • It delivers as promised, extending the longevity of cut flowers
  • It is extremely user-friendly and requires no technical expertise or expensive equipment.
  • Comparatively inexpensive to other branded vases
  • Composition of shatter-resistant plastic and stone
  • Lightweight and simple to grasp
  • Modern and fresh hues
  • It is only available in two sizes, the largest of which can only hold 12 to 18 roses.
  • We’d love to see it provided in even more colour options, such as beiges and deep forest hues.

How Should the Vase Be Filled?

Filling the Amaranth Vase is as simple as filling any other vase; simply pour water through the neck. The draining mechanism is the only difference.

Can an Amaranth vase be cleaned in the dishwasher?

No, a dishwasher should not be used to clean this vase. It can be readily washed by hand with a mild detergent and warm water.

Is the Amaranth Vase Unbreakable?

It’s a safer option than a glass vase, but the plastic and marble composition of the Amaranth vase can still crack or shatter if dropped or struck, however it can be handled by youngsters and knocked over in the sink. We have firsthand experience.

Purchasing Amaranth Vases

The Amaranth Vase can be acquired by visiting the official website. There are three options available, depending on how many vases the consumer wishes to maintain in their residence. Even though users already receive a discount from the $54.99 retail price of this product, they can save significantly more when purchasing multiple units.

Included in the total price of the Amaranth bundles are:

Although users will be charged for shipping and handling when ordering a single vase, shipping will be free for all other orders. In addition, consumers have up to 30 days to request a refund if this product isn’t the best option for them.


Flower enthusiasts employ a variety of techniques to keep their blooms fresh for extended periods of time. Some individuals add chemicals to the vase so that it will stay longer. Supposedly, the Amaranth vases may extend the life of your fresh flowers by fifty per cent. The inventor claims that the “Twist and Turn” design allows users to cut the stem and drain water without hurting the petals. In addition, the Amaranth vases are constructed with durable, shatterproof material to ensure their longevity. You can purchase vases in various hues to compliment your interior design.