AirCooly Review 2022 – is this portable AC legit or a scam?

Due to the unpredictability of the natural world, we can’t always take comfort in the air we breathe. However, it is not always possible to ignore the discomfort and continue with your regular activities as if nothing is wrong. Whether in your professional life or in other aspects of your life, the environment has a great impact on your level of productivity. Your quality of life can also be improved by breathing fresh, cool air, which is especially important during the summer months when the air is hot and stuffy.

AirCooly is a personal air cooler that not only cools effectively but also humidifies the air around you, and is very reasonably priced. Read on to learn more about how AirCooly can fit into your lifestyle and how it can help you.

What exactly is AirCooly?


AirCooly is an efficient and environmentally friendly air conditioner that can be used by private individuals. It is lightweight and easy to carry. It can reduce the temperature of personal space within minutes. It uses innovative cooling technology to add pure moisture to the space. This will prevent your skin, nose, and eyes from drying out.

The AirCooly portable air conditioner is very efficient in terms of energy consumption. It can be charged by connecting a USB Type C cable to it. It uses very little electricity. Its unique design makes it stand out. This device requires high-quality materials. The device will last for many years. The price is reasonable and competitive.

Disclaimer: AirCooly isn’t designed to cool down a big room or a house. However, due to its excellent portability, it can be easily relocated from one place to another to cool your personal space.

Features of an AirCooly Portable Air Cooler

  • Dual functionality: The AirCooly system is available as a personal air cooler. It quickly cools your personal area. But, it also serves as a humidifier.
  • Comes with a Water tank: Each cooling device includes a 220 ml high-capacity water tank. You can fill it easily. It is present near the bottom of this cooling unit.
  • Leak-proof: The tank of this cooling unit prevents leaks. It does not let water to drop or spill during.
  • Vents: Outside heat will no longer bother you. The ice fog enters your space through the vents and cools everything.
  • Rechargeable: This device is rechargeable. You can charge it using the included Type-C USB cord. Its battery capacity is ideal for long-lasting use. 
  • Silent motor fan: AirCooly has a silent motor fan. It keeps quiet during activity. Its silent profile allows you to stay asleep without distractions.
  • Toggle: The toggle is used to activate the humidifier or the fan. You may activate the fan by toggling the switch upward. Then, you can move the switch downward to turn on the humidifier.
  • Easy to use: AirCooly has a user-friendly design. The controls and features are simple. Before using it, there is no installation required.
  • Durable outer case: This personal air cooler is made of high-quality material. 
  • Lightweight design:  AirCooly comes with a lightweight design. It is very convenient to carry it anywhere.

Specifications for the AirCool device

  • ABS, CF and PC are the most common materials.
  • The colors are red, green and white.
  • Dimensions: 109*109*293 mm
  • Power: 5W
  • It can only be used for 6 hours.
  • Tank capacity: 220 ml
  • I included a switch in my package.
  • Leafless ice mist fan
  • literally 15 degrees below.

What exactly does an AirCooly AC conditioner do?

The AirCooly is a portable and functional air cooling device. It is easy to use. The functions are easy to grasp. It is easy to use. It is very easy to use and will not require any technical assistance.

You must ensure that the cooling device is fully charged.

Next, add water to the storage tank.

To turn on the fan that cools the device, use the switch located on the top of your device.

The fan will automatically switch to low speed when the switch is first turned on. The fan speed will increase to the middle position if you lift the handle. The high-speed mode is activated when the handle is moved up for the third time.

Turn the switch to the opposite direction to turn on the humidifier.

Is AirCooly easy to use?

Is AirCooly easy to use?

One thing is for sure; making AirCooly a part of your daily routine will be far easier than you think. Here are some basic steps you can follow to get the most out of it:

  1. Make sure the device is fully charged. You can charge it from your phone adaptor, laptop, or power bank!
  2. Fill the cartridge with fresh and clean water. The cartridge is located at the bottom of AirCooly.
  3. Place the cooler at your preferred spot. Thanks to its compact size, this can be anywhere you like!
  4. Choose the fan speed you want. Toggle the switch upwards to activate the lowest setting. Toggle it once again for the medium speed and a third one to set it to the highest. It’s up to you!
  5. Decide the level of moisture you prefer. You can set the device to a continuous misting mode by pressing the button downwards. You can press it again for the intermitting way.
  6. In both cases, AirCooly has a safety feature that automatically shuts down the misting mode after certain hours.

Note: The packaging includes detailed instructions on properly using the cooler. We are confident you’ll get the hang of it on your first try!

So what makes it so unique?

AirCooly So Unique

Different fan options

At last, you don’t have to settle for temperatures you don’t like. Choose the intensity you prefer and enjoy a cool breeze coming your way!

Two misting modes

Toggle between a continuous misting mode and an intermitting one to keep the air around you moisturized. Both options are equally safe as the device automatically shuts down the moisturizing after certain hours.

Efficient moisturizing

Relaxing in your personal space with dry air surrounding you can be challenging. Time to tone down the soreness with AirCooly!

Silent operation

Traditional fans and coolers with their obnoxious noises belong in the past. AirCooly can work flawlessly while you sleep or work without disrupting you!

USB rechargeable

Forget about complex cords that frustrate you. This cooler can be recharged with a USB cable, making the user experience much easier!

Refreshing breeze

Staying cool and relaxing is crucial whether you are at your home or workplace. This cooler can offer you an instant chilly breeze without costing a fortune!

Who is Aircooly made for?

Aircooly is made for anyone that wants to enjoy his or her afternoon sleep, wants to have the best time in the office as well as anyone that believes he or she deserves better. It is a quality product that is reliable for making the weather friendly.

Air cooly air conditioner will fit into the beauty of your office and will also enter a particular corner of your office table. You can also decide to move it from one place to another as it has less weight. It is very portable and easy to use every even if you never used any device that requires you to press the button.

It is also very cost-effective as it helps you to use it for a long time without it developing any fault. Each unit you purchase today will help you save 50% of the money into your pocket.

What are the benefits of Aircooly?

  • Immediate cooling: It produces an immediate cooling effect as soon as it is turned on. No delay for anything and this cooling effect does not come with noise-making as it produces moisturized air. It must not be connected to a power source for it to work as can be powered from the retained previous charges.
  • No extra payment for maintenance: There are some quality devices that would need extra cost for maintenance. This has been some challenges with some of these quality gadgets. However, this device is not like them as it does not need you to make an extra payment after purchasing it.
  • It can be used both indoors and outdoor: This device works best indoors than outdoors. However, you decide to use both as they will still offer you a cooling effect. It is a very simple device you can use to achieve a personal cooling effect without struggle. You can also decide to open your window while you are in a room or to close it. The thing is that the device is a personally targeted device because you can turn it in your direction to give you the desired comfort.
  • Aircooly is very portable and lightweight: another benefit of Air cooly is that it is very portable due to the materials used to build it. You carry it from one place to another whether it is inside your room or outside your room without any issues coming up, especially as regards the movement.
  • User-friendly: You do not need to know all about technology to use this device effectively. You also do not need to have some skills related to the air conditioners to get them working, unlike normal or traditional air conditioners that need to be installed by a technician. The only thing you need to control this is just to know the button to press at the right time.
  • Cost-effective: The cost of this device is worth it as it does not make you break your bank account to purchase it. It is also worth the money as it gives you desired cooling within a short period of time.

What makes AirCooly the #1 Air Cooling Gadget in the USA, Canada, Australia, & UK? 

You can easily find numerous testimonials in support of the AirCooly cooling system. It is now ranked higher than its competitors in the market. 

  • AirCooly has an immediate cooling effect. Once this cooling gadget is turned on, you start to feel the cozy refreshing wind. 
  • AirCooly works in silent mode. You can work without interruptions while staying comfortable while sleeping.
  • AirCooly device improves the air’s moisture quality. It is designed with a built-in humidifier and ensures that the atmosphere stays moisturized.
  • It intends to use less electricity. In other words, it saves you from exorbitant electricity bills.
  • Lastly, AirCooly comes with a budget-friendly tag. You don’t need to break your account or budget a lot to get this high-tech cooling device. 

How can I get it?

AirCooly is only available for purchase on the manufacturer’s dedicated website. Don’t worry if you’re new to online shopping. The process can be pretty fast and easy, even for inexperienced buyers. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Visit the official website by clicking this link.
  2. Choose from 3 unique colors and the number of units you want.
  3. Claim up to 70% discount and free shipping!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Aircooly air humidifier worth buying?

Aircooly air humidifier device is worth buying as it really makes the air around to be cool and good for breathing. It is also good and helps you enjoy your afternoon and night sleep as it helps a lot to make your sleep calm.

Does the Personal air cooler contain chemicals?

This device does not contain any chemicals. It cools the air and moisturizes it with the help of the ice cubes. The ice cubes within the chamber of the Personal air cooler make the air cool and only by it is the air made cool. No chemical is needed for the air to be cool.

Is Aircooly room air cooler and humidifier safe?

This Aircooly room air cooler and humidifier are safe for human use as it predominantly cools the air and gives you the best for your breathing and also for your relaxation. How this is achieved is by it working as a fan or humidifier.

Does Vertical stand air cooler really cool?

The Vertical stand air cooler is known to work very especially if you want it to cool very well. The simple way to achieve the best is by adding ice cubes to it. These ice cubes will make it really cool well.

How much is a healthy air humidifier?

The best price for this device is vest at the official website of healthy air humidifier where there are already some discounts available for you to make.

Can AirCool coolers be purchased on Amazon?

Unfortunately, no. 
The official AirCooly online store has the right to sell the product. 
You can be sure that you will get an original product at a reasonable price.