5 Second Fix vs Bondic – Comparison Guide

In today’s time, you will come across numerous brands that offer incredible solutions when it comes to glueing. In this article, we will be comparing two of the torch bearers of glueing arena viz 5 Second Fix vs Bondic.

Both of them can quickly fix the broken material without any worries of your regular glue, getting stuck to the hands almost every time. It is super easy to use as it takes almost no time for hardening and bonding the broken joints. Despite doing the same job, both the Bondic plastic welder glue and 5-second fix are different from each other in various aspects. 

In this article, we will be encompassing these differences between the Bondic Plastic Welder Glue and 5 Second Fix and figure out the better one.

Knowing More About Bondic

An image of Bondic Liquid Plastic Welder

Bondic is one of its own kind in the entire world. This liquid plastic can efficiently work at those places where glue fails to fix the issues. What is best about this is the fact that it does not dry unless you want it to. Using it is pretty simple. All you need to do is squeeze out the amount you want and then apply the UV LED light. In just about four seconds, the broken spot gets fixed, making it the quickest drying bond in the world.

Bondic does not get affected by the oils, Lyles, lubricants, acids, water, and heat. The product offers a wide array of uses. The best part of fixing an object with Bondic is that you can have complete control over the adhesive strength. This implies that you can be using Bondic for both the temporary and permanent use. Bondic stays effective when it is milled, painted, sanded, moulded, filed, and polished. This way, you can be customizing all your repairs. Bondic is super lightweight and portable and thus can be easily taken anywhere you want. 

Essential points about Bondic –

  1. If you want your Bondic to work effectively, using it in layers
  2. On a excellent result, use it on a clean surface
  3. As it is one type of liquid fixing so the principle of welding is applying to it
  4. Bondic will work only when it is exposed to UV-LED light
  5. It works effectively with rough surfaces and undercuts
  6. As it is free from any solvent, it will not dry

Working of Bondic

Bondic is very simple to use, and anybody from your family can use it without facing any trouble. The only thing you need to do for using your Bondic is that you must first clean the surface of your broken object, as your Bondic will work effectively on the clean surface. After cleaning the surface properly, please take out the appropriate amount of Bondic LED and paste it onto the broken part of your equipment. After successfully placing it on your Device, expose it to the UV-LED light to fix it permanently.

You will get good results when you apply your Bondic in layers. Once a liquid reaches the maximum strength, stop applying the Bondic. You can fix your object permanently in just no time. The best thing about your bond is that it will not be going to get weak or softens as it is resistive against the action of temperature and water.

You can form strong bonds within seconds. You can use Bondic everywhere to fix your objects like broken glasses, broken cables, and even damaged casings. Even you can use your Bondic in hooks and other decorative items. Also, it is entirely free from any hazardous substance.

There are so many different things you get on purchasing the Bondic kit such as:-

  1. LED
  2. Bondic pen
  3. Cleanings pads

If you want to know more about the use and application of Bondic, you need to visit its official website.

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Drying is rapid
  • It can be sanded when requiring
  • Can be used as a binding agent or as a filler
  • Flexible for various objects
  • Reviews are telling that it is not effective as super glues
  • You required light for creating a permanent binding

Knowing More About 5 Second Fix

An image of 5 Second Fix

This liquid welding compound can be used for quick as well as easy creation of permanent seals and repairs. The solution lets you bond various compounds like metals and plastics. Its working is way different from that of a typical adhesive and glue. The 5 Second fix can be used for both positioning and repositioning until the desired position is achieved before making the final weld. You can paint or sand with no sticky mess left behind. Your purchase includes a carrying case and two units of the product.

Instructions to use 5-second fix

The use of a 5-second fix is straightforward, and anybody can use it; even children can use it as it is entirely free from any toxic material. There is an effortless step to use a 5-second fix such as:-

  1. Clean the surface on which you want to apply it
  2. Place the appropriate amount of liquid on the broken part
  3. Apply LED light on it for 10-15 sec.

Now you can permanently fix your Device. But one complaint that has been observed frequently was regarding the delivery of the product, the customers have complained of not receiving the product in proper packing. Sometimes due to improper packaging, the glue gets leaked.

Advantages and Disadvantages of 5-second Fix

  • It can be used to repair everything, including plastics and metals.
  • Can be used for glasses, jewellery, and heirlooms.
  • Following instruction is a headache many times.
  • Large quantity of UV-LED light is required.

5 Second Fix vs Bondic

5 Second Fix vs Bondic

With a UV LED light, the 5 Second Fix adhesive system can harden the solution and thus fix the broken objects. It can be operated with batteries. If the reviews are to be believed, the make of LED light is poor. Most of the users stated that the batteries were dead the very first time they tried using the LED light. The light gets dimmer and dimmer as the battery weakens. This can hamper the process of bonding as 5 Second fix is not an actual glue. This also implies that you do not have to worry about making a sticky mess. All your lighter objects can be repaired that include ropes, belts, glasses, children’s toys, and a lot more.

The Bondic, on the other hand, can be used for making permanent repairs in just a few seconds. What makes Bondic better is the fact that it is both water and heat-resistant. The repair will be permanent as the bond is super strong once you use the LED light on the liquid. Bondic works really well for the low voltage cables as well as the damaged casings. This way, you can create invisible bonds with numerous uses like hanging the keys. Bondic is totally non-toxic and can resist lubricants, Lyles, and acids.

In Conclusion

Bondic is robust and super effective at places where other products, including superglue, have failed. The bond gets formed by using the LED Light, and thus all the repairs fix well. For achieving the best results, make sure that you follow all the instructions on the package.

Using this product can save a lot of your money on replacements or buying new products. You can use 5 Second Fix as a liquid welding compound for ensuring permanent seals and repairs, but the user reviews for it are not as good as those for Bondic.

Some users have successfully repaired objects made from metal, wood, and plastic. Both products require the use of an LED light to create a strong bond for your repair.

We hope your confusion is clear between 5 Second Fix vs Bondic now.

Source: https://www.light-sources.com/blog/uv-glue-curing/

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