Bondic Review 2022- Can This LED UV Liquid Plastic Welder FIX Anything?

You must have experienced some breakages or damage during your working out projects at home or even in the office. Sometimes it puts you off in case something gets broken and you have to fix it. With the emergence of a variety of glues suited to fix a variety of different devices, it makes it tiresome to choose what glue is suitable for fixing a particular type of damage.

What if I told you that you never have to go shopping for glue ever again? Yes, with Bondic, a formula that dries when exposed to UV rays. According to the manufacturer, Bondic is not glue; it is a clear liquid formula that will help you fix virtually anything that needs gluing, and more.

In this post, we have put together an in-depth Bondic Review. We looked at its features, what it does and why you should consider using it. Get Bondic today!

Nowadays, it is normal to have many objects, accessories and items made of different materials. Unfortunately, nothing lasts always and they are likely to break. This is a problem because when we want to fix them, the glue has no longer effect plastic items, jewelry, heels, belts, USB cables, etc. For this reason, I found a quick solution to these problems within just 4 seconds and it allows me to fix anything without a problem and it is the Bondic UV glue.

What is Bondic?

What is Bondic?

Bondic is a unique liquid formula that comes with a special UV light to repair broken accessories. Starting from reattaching the plastic products, refilling the plumbing holes, it can rebuild the broken items also. With its solvent-free nature, the bondic never dries out and lasts for a longer time. The UV light ensures effective fixing by making the liquid formula rock-solid. Keep reading the Bondic Reviews to know the product in a better way.

Strong and durable, Bondic can even be layered to fill in 3D sections and can be sanded and painted after it hardens. One of the great things about Bondic is that it hardens anything only when you need it to. To justify the statement, just leave it open for some time and you can check that it never dries out.

Now to fix something, you only need to apply some amount of this liquid plastic welder on the damaged parts and use the special UV light on it for about 4 seconds and its done.

The manufacturers used a non-toxic formula to create it. You don’t have to use your fingers to do anything. The glue only hardens when you throw UV light on it. Bondic can last over 3 years if stored properly. The liquid doesn’t dry out. Order Bondic and try it the next time you want to fix an item.

What do you get in Bondic Kits?

  • Bondic Adhesive: This is the main component of the kit. One bottle has multiple uses and if stored properly, can last for 3 years.
  • UV light tool: Once you’ve applied the glue and joined the broken parts, you’ve to throw the UV light over the surface for 4 seconds to harden the glue. Bondic won’t work without the UV light tool.
  • Applicator tip: The applicator tip is sharp, just like a pen. It allows you to apply a fine layer of the glue over the surface, avoiding any kind of wastage.
  • A brush to shape the glue: After applying the adhesive and throwing UV light over it, you’ve to use the brush and shape it.
  • One carrying case: A case allows you to store the adhesive properly. Bondic lasts for 3 years, on average, when stored properly.

Bondic Manufacturer

A German dentist, Dr. Thomas Offerman designed Bondic after one of his patients used his dental bonding material to fix the microchip wires in his microscope. Realizing the potential of plastic bonding material, Dr. Offerman spent a few years perfecting the design and functionality of this miracle agent, Bondic.

Much like the dental glue used to attach braces to teeth, Bondic is a quickly and easily used adhesive that when exposed to UV light, hardens, and creates this incredibly strong bond that can be sanded down and even painted over.

Features of Bondic

Remember that Bondic is not a glue. Bondic is liquid plastic welder which makes use of a special adhesive that bonds only under UV light. There are some amazing features of Bondic which make it unique and special:

  • Durable: Once it is mended, it is not going to break again, neither does it lose out on potential. The plastic solution is formulated to be durable and lasts forever.
  • Easy to use: Bondic does not require a lot of practice to use and is non-toxic. Simply add a dab onto whatever you want to fix, shine the UV light on it, let dry and there you have it, an insanely strong bond that lasts forever.
  • Clean: Superglue, or glue for that matter is just messy. If you miss your mark, it can be a hassle to clean, if it cleans in the first place. Bondic is super simple to use, even if it spills, you can easily clean it and it does not dry out until you want it to.
  • Controlled: Since you decide when you want Bondic to set, there is no margin for errors. Have it set using the UV light only when you are satisfied with its location and quantity.
  • Safe to use: Bondic is non-toxic and does not stick to the skin as glue does. You only need some simple guidelines to make use of Bondic and you are good to go.
  • Extremely strong: Much stronger than simple glue or epoxy, once dried, Bondic will make sure the bond you just created stays there forever without fail.
  • Can be sanded and painted over: As soon as you are done mending the item or items, you can smoothen out the excess and even paint over. Making the fix completely inconspicuous.
  • Versatile: There is no doubt. Bondic is a way better option over any other kind of adhesive in the market. You can easily use it to fix wood, plastics, ceramics, metal, glass and so much more. Not only can it be used to reattach, but also fill, insulate and mend irrespective of the material.

Bondic Pros & Cons

  • Quick to use – Thanks to the UV light included with your purchase, Bondic is quick to use and forms a strong bond within a few seconds.
  • Clear adhesive – Bondic dries clear so that you can use it on a wide variety of materials without concerns about its appearance.
  • Effective on a wide range of materials – You’ll no longer have to keep different glue in your house for each type of material. One product will work on nearly anything in your home.
  • Non-toxic – A safer alternative to many other types of glue on the market.
  • Waterproof – You’ll enjoy a strong adhesive that can be used on bags or items in your garden.
  • Good value for money – Each refill offers up to 200 drops of glue for the price.
  • Easy application – As it only dries with the UV light, any spillage can be removed with a wet cloth.
  • Bonds may not last forever – While it’s a powerful adhesive, Bondic may not form permanent bonds on certain materials.
  • Not suitable for all materials – There are a few reported exceptions to the list of materials it works on.
  • You always need the ultraviolet light – If you happen to lose your UV light, this UV glue will be useless.

Who Can Use Bondic?

Bondic contains nothing that can be harmful to the skin; moreover, bondic is non-toxic. So, it is absolutely safe, and no risk for skin sticking uncontrollably like other glue guns.

It is recommended that children above 12-13 years can use this product. Other than that, anyone can handle it without facing any issue.

Can Be Used For Multiple Purposes

There are a lot of applications for Bondic. It can be used for crafts, repairs, and more. Here are just a few of the different purposes that people use Bondic for:

  • Repairing broken glass or plastic
  • Forming bonds between pieces of wood
  • Repairing or making jewelry pieces
  • Fixing broken fake fingernails
  • Electric wiring and repairing damaged wires
  • Creating molded plastic shapes
  • Eyeglasses repair
  • As a fabric glue

What Can You Do with Bondic?

The functionalities and abilities of Bondic are many and far apart. The things you can do with Bondic, you could never achieve with generic glue and other adhesives. Bondic can not only be used to reattach broken items but is also a potentially worthy filler and can even be used to add insulation to wires, due to it being a non-conductive plastic.

Not only does Bondic work on metal, but it also can repair almost all kinds of plastics, can be used on wood and even low-voltage electronics and plumbing pipes.

bondic liquid plastic glue

What Is the Most Effective Way to Use Bondic?

Using Bondic on any surface is super easy and risk-free. Here, I will share the application process of bondic. So, keep reading.

  • Clean the bottom surface and make it dust or grease-free.
  • Hold the damaged or broken item, then apply the liquid plastic.
  • For applying it, remove the bottom small-cap, then squeeze the bondic with fingers to dispense the fluid.
  • Now, irradiate the liquid with UV light, and the plastic will harden within 4 seconds.
  • If needed, add some more liquid plastic, then again use the UV light to radiate them.
  • The surface can be refined by milling, cutting, painting, and polishing.
  • Allow the repaired part to get cool before use.
  • Avoid using bondic in direct sunlight.

Is Bondic Glue Any Good?

Some people who have tried Bondic say that it creates a bond that is just as strong as traditional super glue and not much better. The benefits come more from the application process and added versatility that comes with the hardening process.

It is a good adhesive that is about as strong as super glue, but it can also be used as a filler for projects with missing pieces which is something slow drying glues can not compete with.

How Does Bondic Work?

The manufacturers make use of a unique liquid-based formula to formulate the product. It is a non-toxic formula, safe for customer usage. You’ve to apply the adhesive over the surface of the item you want to fix and then join the parts. Once you’ve put the broken parts together, aim the UV light tool over the surface for 4 seconds. This hardens or cures the adhesive. You get a permanent fix after following the necessary steps. The adhesive doesn’t require the usage of hands, so there’s no chance of getting messy fingers. 

How to Use Bondic?

Follow the steps given below to use Bondic –

  • Start by cleaning the surface of the broken item with sandpaper. This ensures the smooth and proper application of Bondic.
  • Now, apply the adhesive over the broken parts and join them. After putting the parts together, you need to apply the UV light tool.
  • Take the UV light and hold it over the concerned region for 4 seconds. Make sure the light covers the entire region of the applied adhesive. Move it around if required. This will harden the glue, giving you a permanent fix.
  • Use the brush provided to shape the glue. And you’re done, the item gets fixed.
  • You can repeat the steps to get a more durable fix. Using multiple fine layers of the adhesive proves to be more effective than one layer.
  • The best part is that you don’t have to use your fingers and get them messy. The applicator tip, UV light tool, and brush do the job for you just fine.

Is it Safe to use Bondic?

Yes, it’s safe to use Bondic. The creators make use of a non-toxic formula to manufacture the product. The adhesive doesn’t require the usage of hands or fingers for any purpose, whatsoever. So, unlike other super-glues, you won’t have messy fingers using it. Bondic gives a permanent fix after hardening. You don’t have to heat the surface.

Benefits of Bondic

  • The manufacturers have used a unique liquid-based formula to create the product.
  • It is safe to use. Bondic is a non-toxic, risk-free adhesive. The product won’t harm in any way if you get it on your skin.
  • You get a permanent fix once the glue hardens. So, don’t worry about the parts falling apart after some time.
  • The adhesive is applicable on all surfaces. It works on plastic, ceramic, glass, wood, and metal.
  • Unlike other adhesives, you don’t need to use your fingers for any purpose. So, zero chance of getting messy fingers.
  • If stored properly, the adhesive can last for as long as 3 years.

How to remove Bondic?

If you spill Bondic, do not worry. It is not like glue and it will not stick to places. If you accidentally spill some, simply –

  1. Keep spilled Bondic away from sunlight to keep it from drying
  2. Use a wet cloth to wipe off the spilled Bondic
  3. If it has dried, use a sanding paper to slowly grind it away until it is completely gone
  4. You can also use a chisel to remove it, if the spillage is slightly bigger and difficult to sand down.

Are There Side Effects or Any Problems?

Bondic is absolutely non-toxic and contains zero chemicals. Therefore, it is not harmful and dangerous for the skin. Also, it’s non-sticky, and the solvent-free liquid formula won’t let the skin be sticky. Even children above 12-13 years can use bondic because it is danger-free and has no side-effects.

Is Bondic Scam?

As I used several products but nothing works for me so, I was a bit confused about bondic for the first time. But, when I applied it to my broken accessories, it actually works like magic. It immediately repairs all of them, and till now, they remain fixed. I use bondic to fix my cable, glass, plastic jug, wood products, and many more.

Unlike the regular glues, bondic works so effectively on different materials. Bondic doesn’t contain any harmful and dangerous material, so it is absolutely safe for the skin. It saves so many accessories of mine from dumping out. I use several items on a regular basis which I repair with bondic. So, in my opinion, bondic is a worthy product and not a scam.

Bondic Starter Kit Packet include –

Before you purchase Bondic, you need to bear in mind that there are different kits offered. The starter package is one of the most standard and includes all of the complying with.

  1. Bondic bottle: One of the most important thing in the starter kit is the bottle of Bondic. This bottle has enough of the adhesive for multiple applications.
  2. Applicator pointer: Your starter set will certainly also feature an applicator tip. This idea looks similar to those discovered on ballpoint pens. It allows you to apply a slim layer of the sticky to any type of surface area without wasting any kind of.
  3. UV light tool: Unless you see the UV device provided in the product description, you’ll intend to purchase a various kit. Bondic will certainly not work without this device, however some sets call for that you acquire the tool separately. This situation is even more than huge adequate inside to hold your Bondic and other products. You can keep both the UV light as well as the bottle of sticky together.

Is This Liquid Plastic Welder Worth It?

Do not mistake Bondic adhesive for glue.

Although it can replace many types of glue in most instances, as well as serve as an adhesive substance, Bondic is more of a molding liquid tool because it can do so much more than glue two things together.

You can fill holes in various items and hold many different materials together. Thanks to its brilliant drying method, it is extremely versatile. With enough of this substance, you could actually create new items.

The fact that the adhesive will cure only under ultra violet light gives you plenty of time to prepare your projects so you can create repairs that actually last.

After applying Bondic, grab a paper tissue or a piece of cloth to wipe any excess liquid from the surface of the tube.

Another great thing here is the fact that it won’t clog the applicator tube; unlike superglue, it can’t set on it’s own and get stuck inside the tube.

Overall, we think the cost to buy a kit it totally worth it, because the product lasts a long time, allowing you to complete many projects.

How is Bondic in comparison to other Ultraviolet Light Glues?

There are a few other UV glue products on the market, which are often compared to Bondic. However, Bondic was the first liquid plastic welding kit and isn’t considered a glue. And the best thing is, that it really works!

Bondic can be used on occasions and materials where standard glue won’t be effective, and it won’t dry at all until you decide it’s time to apply the UV light. The main difference between Bondic and other UV glues is the separate drying tool.

Other UV glues have a light and applicator in one device or pen, and they often don’t work as well on thick materials. Also, many consumers complain these UV glue pens barely have any product in them and can’t constantly be refilled.

How much does it cost?

Bondic is the best product at the given price and the ongoing deals can get a Bondic Kit for as low as $19.99. And you can fix everything that you thought is not fixable.

Where to Buy Bondic and How Much Does It Cost?

Bondic is a must-have for craft makers, mechanics, and anyone who is constantly fixing and mending things at home, or at work. A simple yet effective tool, Bondic can be easily found at retail and hardware stores and online on their official website.

Bondic Price

Bondic kit is available for a low $19.99, plus shipping and handling. Especially for you though, we have additional offers. Buying 2 Bondic kits at $39.98 gets you another one absolutely free of cost.

If you require a bigger set, we have you covered for that too. Click on the link to buy 3 Bondic kits at $59.97 and get 2 additional kits free of charge and you even get free shipping worldwide, saving you over $40 on your purchase.

A Bondic set comes packed with the Bondic bottle, an applicator tip, the UV light tool, and a carrying case.

What are you waiting for? Click now! Get your Bondic set and get to fixing, mending, repairing without any hassle or effort.

Bondic User Reviews

Is Bondic Worth It?

If you can not meet the needs of your project using traditional super glues or UV glues, then Bondic is definitely worth giving a try. It has 3D properties that other glues do not and it solves a lot of the problems associated with traditional craft glues. It can do a lot more than just stick things together. There are many different projects and repairs it can be used for.


With Bondic there is less mess, less sticky fingers, and it hardens quickly when exposed to UV light. It is preferable over other kinds of craft and fabric glues because it only dries when you need it to, giving you a lot more flexibility over the project.

It can be used in electric repairs, glass or plastic repairs, and to make 3D molds and shapes for fillers. It isn’t a glue, it is a liquid plastic welding tool with adhesive capabilities and more. Find Bondic on the official website or at a local retail hardware store.

Frequently Asked Question

Below, I will answer some frequently asked questions about Bondic glue.

Can you use Bondic on teeth?

Bondic was mainly used to bond teeth, fix teeth and fill cavities easily without pain. Now, we use it for joining material and still now doctors are using it for teeth repairing and fixing. So, you can use it on the teeth without any hesitation but beware of skin.

Is Bondic toxic?

Bondic is a UV light glue that contains adhesive materials that are not toxic. The adhesive dries when it comes to connection with UV light for 4 seconds and at that time, if it falls on your skin, it should be removed with soap and water.

Does UV glue really work?

There is a difference between Bondic and UV glue. They both can be used as an adhesive and only dry when UV light is applied, but Bondic can do more than what UV glue can. UV glue works by sticking two things together usually with pressure application, whereas Bondic is liquid plastic which welds objects together using surface tension instead of stickiness. It has 3D capabilities that UV glue does not and can be used as a filler. 

Is Bondic poisonous?

Bondic is not poisonous or toxic. We do not suggest that you consume it, but as far as getting it on the skin or breathing in the fumes, it is completely safe. Most super glues contain toxic chemicals that can have adverse effects if breathed in or absorbed through the skin, which is one reason why Bondic is a better alternative. 

Does Bondic work on wood?

Bondic works very well on wood. It works best if there is some texture to the wood so that it can achieve stronger surface tension. Rough up the wood by sanding or scoring and try to get the Bondic into as many cracks as you can for the strongest bond.

Is Bondic waterproof?

Bondic is very waterproof as long as it is completely sealed. It is waterproof safe as long as the bond is strong enough. It can even be used on wet/damp surfaces, for example the inside of a filled aquarium.

Is Bondic heat resistant?

Yes, Bondic is heat resistant as well as waterproof. You can repair objects that contain high heat like a coffee maker or electric equipment. It works as an insulator.

Can you use Bondic on teeth?

No, even though it was developed by a dentist, Bondic is not for teeth. It could harden on unwanted parts of the mouth when the UV light is applied. You can however use it to repair dentures as the bonding agent is nontoxic.

Who makes Bondic?

The formula was first developed by the company founder Dr. Thomas Offermann DDS. He became partners with Rob Harbauer in 2013 and they launched the product in North America.  Bondic is made in the USA. It is now available worldwide from it’s official website and including retail stores.

Can bondic be used against or underwater?

Yes, it can be used underwater or against water because its 100% waterproof and after joining the broken parts, water cannot affect the joint anymore. Also, you will not face any difficulties while using the glue in water.