Tikitunes Instructions 2021

Are you looking for a portable Bluetooth speaker which can work in the outdoor and indoor environment effectively? Here is complete TikiTunes Instructions which might help you.

Get your hands on TikiTunes right now, designed by Limitless Innovations and it is considered to be one of the best Bluetooth speakers in the market. This portable speaker is waterproof and dust-proof. Let us gather some information about TikiTunes very quickly.

Now experience top-notch quality music with the help of TikiTunes and get lost in the music. Let us see how TikiTunes operate and how one can connect it with other TikiTunes.

How To Operate TikiTunes Instructions?

How To Operate TikiTunes Instructions?

Let us see how one can operate TikiTunes and see how one can turn it on and other functions of this amazing portable Bluetooth speaker very quickly.

To turn on/off TikiTunes:

  • Turn on the TikiTunes with the help of the power button and a flashlight will turn on.
  • To turn off the speaker press the power button and the LED light will not blink anymore.

To turn on/off LED flashlight:

  • To turn click on the little bulb option and it will get on.
  • To turn the LED flashlight off just click on the bulb option and it will automatically get off.

To connect TikiTunes with smartphones or laptops:

  • Turn TikiTunes on by clicking on the power button and turn on the Bluetooth of your smartphone or laptop.
  • Go to settings and look for TikiTunes and click on pair it.
  • Once the speaker is connected the LED flashlight will stop blinking.

*NOTE* Previously connected devices will connect with TikiTunes automatically.

TikiTunes Instructions – To connect 2 TikiTunes speakers:

  • Turn both the TikiTunes speakers.
  • Click on the pause/play button of both TikiTunes and it will get connected
  • LED will stop blinking in one speaker and another speaker will blink the LED flashlight also known as the master speaker.
  • One can connect Bluetooth to the master speaker and enjoy listening to music.

To skip/restart a song:

  • To listen to the previous song, click on the “-” icon.
  • To skip the next song, click on the “+” icon.
  • To listen to the current song again, click on the “-” icon once.

To increase/decrease volume:

  • Press on the “+” icon and hold it for a few seconds and the volume will get increased.
  • Press and hold the “-” icon and the volume will get decreased.

To charge TikiTunes:

  • Click the micro connector to the TikiTunes.
  • If it is connected then a red LED will blink.
  • If TikiTunes fully charge the LED light will stop blinking.
  • Disconnect the speaker and put it on the cover and you are good to go.

How to connect TikiTunes to Alexa?

Connecting TikiTunes to Alexa is very easy. There are a few steps to follow, let us see those steps very quickly.

  • Turn on the Alexa and go to Home.
  • Go to the menu and click on Echo that you are looking to pair.
  • Click on the Bluetooth and click on a pair with the new device.
  • Click on TikiTunes and it will get connected.


Connecting TikiTunes with your smartphone and laptop is very easy and doesn’t require much time. Now one can listen to their favorite music anytime and anywhere, whether you are going to the beach or swimming pool just carries your TikiTunes with you. Get your hands on this amazing portable speaker and save your money and enjoy music at the same time.

Follow these tikitunes instructions to get the best result.

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Frequently Asked Question

Can I connect TikiTunes to an Android device?

Yes, one can connect TikiTunes with Android and iOS devices with ease.

Does TikiTunes need to be charged?

Yes, it needs to get charged as it works on a battery system.

How to raise and decrease the volume in TikiTunes?

To increase the volume on TikiTunes, just press on the “+” icon for a few seconds and to decrease the volume, click on the “-” icon and you are good to go.

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