ShowerTime Max Review 2021 – Waterproof Smartphone Holder


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Don’t want to pause on your favorite show? Well, thanks to the ShowerTime Max Touch Screen Bathroom Waterproof Phone Box, you no longer have to! This convenient phone holder lets you watch videos on your phone even in the shower, without worrying about dropping it or water damage. It’s lined with waterproof silicone to provide a tight seal, preventing water from seeping in. The screen is touch sensitive and anti-fog with a clear, high definition view. This phone holder is compatible with phone sizes up to 6.8 inches. Watch videos on your phone even in the shower without worrying about water damage or dropping your mobile.

What is ShowerTime Max?

ShowerTime Max is the best waterproof shower phone holder. It helps in securing your phone when you are taking a shower to avoid getting damaged.

Feature Of ShowerTime Max

  • Easy To Mount Punch-Free Attachment Holder
  • Touch-Through Technology For Precise Touchscreen
  • Completely Waterproof And Safe For All Smartphones
  • Clear-View And Anti-Fog Properties Cover Layer
  • Easy Attach To All Shiny Surfaces In The Bathroom
  • Designed To Be Compatible With All Smartphone Sizes

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