Safe Grabs Review – Is This Silicone Microwave Mat Worth It?

It was not uncommon for me to burn my hand while cooking. The same goes for taking a pot out of a microwave. Those napkins aren’t appropriate, but I may use the napkins. There’s no way of holding the pot when it’s too hot. So, I was looking for a napkin that’s heat-resistant and that I can easily hold in any pot. A saw grab I found on the internet intrigued me. Try out the Safe Grabs – Silicone Microwave Mat.

Its ergonomic design and heat-resistant properties make it popular. Burnt hands and dropped pots are no more. SafeGrabs Reviews is my first review following the use of this device. We hope you will learn more about this product after reading this review. Find out how this silicon mat can be used with any type of food.

What is Safe Grabs?

Safe Grabs - Silicone Microwave Mat

Using Safe Grabs mats, food can be protected from spills in an easy way. It can be used to hold hot microwave appliances. It’s a multi-purpose product that simplifies my life. I can take any pot out of the microwave and use it. The mat can also be used for covering food or holding pots. I can cover food or hold pots on the mat. Up to 475 Fahrenheit can be tolerated by the gadget. Using this safe grab, you will be able to avoid slipping off the bowl.

Most of the time I lose control of hot bowls when I hold them with a napkin. It is sometimes difficult to grasp a hot bowl because of the slippery interface. There is less chance of falling from my hand to the bowl with this safe grab, since it has a grip that is non-slip. Because of its smart design, this grab completely matches my decorated house. Liquid soap makes it easy to clean. In addition, no food stains were left behind.

How Safe Grabs Benefit Me?

Below I will share all the benefits I have gotten after using the safe grab mats for 40 days. It is better than a regular potholder if you consider it just like a regular potholder. Here’s why.

  • With my open hands, I can put hotpots into the microwave and then take them out after they are heated.
  • The lids of the jars are opened safely with safe grabs.
  • My hands are protected against 246 degrees Celsius heat when using these containers.
  • The messes that result from keeping foods on the grabs can be easily cleaned.
  • Hot pans and foods can be transported safely due to its upward slope and non-slip surface.
  • Kitchen sinks and dishwashers do not pose any problems washing it.
  • Foods are kept safe since it is BPA-free (Bisphenol-A).
  • Providing non-sticky use, this mat is a breeze to use.

Benefits and Features of Safe Grabs

I read some online reviews before beginning to write the Safe Grabs Review. They are adding extra features to this product, I thought. In spite of this curiosity, I ordered safe grabs. Safe grab offered many features that I was able to use. This is what they look like:

BPA Free:

Making food or covering it is always one of my top priorities. In any other case, my food may be impacted. There is no harmful chemical used on the safe grabs and they are completely BPA free.

Silicon Mat:

Previously, I thought that my food might be harmed by the silicone mat. I can make my food toxic with this material. The silicon mat or pot can also be used to cover and prepare food. Safety grabs are basically silicon mats that are harmless.

Strong Grip & Non- Slip:

A safe grab feature helps in a number of ways. It is easy to hold the pot safely due to the pot’s extra strong grip. The pot will not slip due to its non-slip properties. The pot can easily be held by the mat on one side, which has a notch.

Dishwasher Safe:

This mat is easy to clean from food stains. Using lukewarm water and liquid soap does not pose any restrictions in cleaning. The stain is easy to remove. This mat can be completely used after drying the water in the sun.

Heat & Cold Resistant:

Heat and cold are not a problem for the safe grab. In hot or cold temperatures, this mat works just fine. This mat can withstand temperatures up to 475 °F. The mat can also be stored in the refrigerator.

Open Jars:

My food is kept safe with Safe Grabs, and I can easily open the jar. My jar sometimes causes me difficulty. Opening it is difficult. Having a notch system on this mat helps me hold the jar tightly so that I don’t break it while opening it.


Lightweight and portable, this is a good choice. The food can be covered with it. This mat’s lightweight design makes it easy to carry. Moreover, this tool is perfect for opening jars and protecting my food from germs outside.

How to Use Safe Grabs Microwave Mat?

I use this Safe Grab in my kitchen in a variety of ways even though it’s known as the mat. My method for using Safe Grabs is shown here Microwave Mat

  • First, I place a mat underneath the dish and microwave it for several minutes.
  • I turn off the switch once the food is sufficiently warm.
  • Slowly remove the dish with the mat while grabbing it safely
  • There is no risk of hands being burned since the mat resists heat.
  • The mat is excellent for keeping hot dishes on the table.

The microwave mat was only demonstrated there as a way to use it. As well, I have to use safe grabs in order to open the jar. There will be a notch on the top of the mat. The notch on one side of the lid helps me to grasp the jar, which will make opening it easier without breaking it.

How Does This Silicone Microwave Mat Work?

A safe grab does not require any complicated mechanism. Despite its thinness, the mat does not burn my hands. Mats have a high heat resistance. In addition, this mat is completely nontoxic and can be used in any climate.

Holding any dish firmly is made easier with the strong grip and notch design. Moreover, this safe grab is a great decorated item. It can keep make-up items and hot dishes hot on the dressing table or dining table. Using this mat as a decorative item is not possible due to the totally redesigned design. Kitchen gadgets make my life more comfortable, so for me they are the best.

Why Should You Choose Safe Grabs?

All kitchens will benefit from the Safe Grabs. I tried to gather some pros and cons after using and reading Safe Grabs.

Pros of Safe Grabs

  • The design is multipurpose. 
  • Suitable for dishwashers BPA-free Heat resistance. 
  • Silicone material that does not stick to surfaces.

Cons of Safe Grabs

  • Temperatures below 500 Fahrenheit are considered heat-resistant. The online store is the only place to find this product.

Why Do We Recommend Safe Grabs?

The product has a lot of reviews. As far as I am concerned, this mat can be used in many ways. I do not feel any tension in my hand. This device is easy to use anywhere. Due to the heat and cold resistance, this is an attractive product. I can use it for a variety of purposes because it comes in several colors. It is easy to clean the mat if any food stains remain. My favorite smart kitchen gadget so far. This product has both a stylish design and a strong grip capacity, which I highly recommend.

Where To Buy Safe Grabs?

My friend and I both love cooking, so safe grabs like this are essential for us. The local store did not have this item. My next step was to search for Safe Grabs online. My search for the right website was finally successful. There was a recent mega deal on this site. You can buy two and get one free at their store. The product also offers a 30-day money back guarantee in case I’m dissatisfied.

Final Thought

Safe grab silicone mats are BPA-free and I am fully satisfied. Safe Grabs Review has so many positive features that I can write about. In terms of this product, the satisfaction level is very high. Multi-color safe grabs offer an attractive touch to any kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Safe Grabs are sure to raise many questions. To make it easier for you, I have provided some answers.

How to wash away food stains?

A food stain can be easily cleaned. If you want to use liquid soap to clean the stains first, you can rinse them with water and then dry them. The grabs can then be dried in the sun for some time.

Why is popcorn made in microwaves not okay?

Popcorn should not be made in the microwave. The microwave heats up the popcorn and causes stains to appear on the mat.

Is it safe for children?

Children and other people are completely safe from the safe grabs.