NicoBloc Reviews – A Better Way To Quit Smoking

NicoBloc – You’re definitely going to die from those cigarettes.” Why don’t you just stop smoking today, and save yourself the pain of death?”

Having this question asked by someone who isn’t a smoker is a bit frustrating. The other person simply does not understand! Despite knowing that this bad habit is deadly, you continue to follow it.

Even scientists do not understand why quitting smoking is so challenging.

Smoking cigarettes is the most deadly invention in human history, according to the tobacco industry, which claims that they are equally addictive and more deadly than heroin and cocaine.

The number of Americans dying of lung cancer each year rises, not falls, due to the effects of smoking.

People continue to smoke despite the fact that they will die from their habit.

It’s impossible to escape addiction once it takes over. 

Recovery can only be achieved through rehabilitation. But finding that help isn’t as simple as it looks…

They don’t know how to stop smoking, even though they want to stop. Most of them have not had access to all the choices…but this is about to change.

Scientists disagree on how to help people break their addictions to smoking – an addiction that is dangerous and difficult to break.

The problem is that everyone is different. Certain methods don’t work for everyone!

It is possible for some people to quit cold turkey. 

The pack of cigarettes should be thrown away. This is highly unlikely, but it does happen.

It is NOT a good idea to smoke cold turkey after a long period of smoking. You’ll start smoking again as soon as you can handle the withdrawals as soon as you have an excuse (any excuse will do).

3-5% of people who quit cold turkey succeed in doing so. In virtually all cases, smokers who attempt to quit cold turkey end up resuming their smoking habits!

Alternatively, nicotine replacement products like patches, gum, pills, or e-cigarettes are available. But these products aren’t long-term solutions. 

The fact remains that nicotine is addictive, regardless of its form. Because you’re still addicted to nicotine, you’re more likely to smoke after a rough day.

Thus, lifelong smokers are caught in a downward spiral. First comes giving up, then comes feeling miserable, then comes feeling more ashamed than ever. The more failures you have, the harder it is to imagine quitting.

A new technique developed in the UK has enthralled researchers. Several studies have demonstrated incredible results.

NicoBloc, a long-suppressed product, is finally out in the open… already it is helping thousands stop smoking.

Nicotine is what?

The chemical substance nicotine, which is colorless and oily, is one of the deadliest poisons on earth. A person would die immediately if injected with or placed on their tongue six cigarettes’ worth of nicotine.

Similarly, nicotine in cigarettes enters the brain within seven seconds (two times faster than injection) and is more addictive than heroin or cocaine. It causes adverse effects on the heart, blood pressure, and digestive system due to its effect on adrenaline production. Insects are also controlled with cannabis.

What is NicoBloc?

NicoBloc is a stop-smoking aid that helps you stop using nicotine before you cease smoking.

Liquid formula is applied directly to the cigarette filters before smoking. Using NicoBloc liquid, you can block nicotine and tar from entering your lungs.

NicoBloc blocks 99% of nicotine and tar in three drops. Tar can be blocked by one drop up to 33%. Adding more drops the next week after you drop your first drop will indicate that you are ready for the next step.

This method has the following two main advantages:

The stress of withdrawal symptoms is significantly reduced, reducing the likelihood of future failure

It’s easier to gradually quit than to quit cold turkey. With NicoBloc, you can quit smoking for good by simply continuing to smoke as usual while NicoBloc reduces your dependency on nicotine.

You can wean yourself off nicotine with NicoBloc on your schedule. During the first two weeks of using NicoBloc, I applied only a single drop. With time, I progressed from one to two to three drops.

Having control of the journey and the ability to travel at my own pace gave me confidence and peace of mind. The last time I tried cold turkey, I ate everything I saw and bit my nails. NicoBloc gave me the control I needed to quit nicotine – until I realized I no longer needed it.

Key features of NicoBloc

1. 100% Natural & Drug-Free: NicoBloc is made from a proprietary blend of natural ingredients. The liquid is 100% safe with no toxic or noxious chemicals included. Unlike these nicotine replacement therapies which contain some toxic chemicals, NicoBloc is completely natural and safe for use.

NicoBloc is also non-addictive, as it does not contain any active drug, unlike nicotine replacement therapies that are essentially substituting one addiction for the other. NicoBloc does not have any side effects, unlike gums, patches, vapes or pills which have all the side effects of nicotine abuse.

2. Virtually No Withdrawal Symptoms: When you try to quit cold turkey, the immediate nicotine withdrawal symptoms hit you and can make quitting very uncomfortable and unbearable. Quitting with NicoBloc virtually eliminates these withdrawal symptoms by gradually reducing your nicotine exposure. 

Until now, the only alternatives to quitting cold turkey have included nicotine replacement methods like gum, patches, and pills – which all contain chemicals and side effects. It’s like trading one addiction for another. NicoBloc is 100% natural, has zero known side effects, and is completely non-addictive.

3. Clinically Proven & Doctor Recommended: NicoBloc is trusted and recommended by doctors and behavioral therapists that specialize in addiction. This is because NicoBloc has been proven effective in minimizing withdrawal symptoms, reducing the number of cigarettes smoked, and improving overall well-being.

 The manufacturers of NicoBloc have conducted independent clinical trials in a bid to confirm its efficacy. Multiple independent studies have supported NicoBloc’s alternative treatment approach. One study that had 680 participants achieved a 58% quit rate, while another study found that 53% were able to quit. The results of these independent clinical trials show that 58% of smokers were able to successfully quit smoking altogether with NicoBloc (over 10 times better than the national average) and others reduced their smoking by 77% on average.

This is because NicoBloc is highly effective at what it does, The research data shows that NicoBloc reduces the delivery of tar and nicotine in smoking machine tests, while physiological measurements were taken showed a reduction of nicotine in the body.

4. Use Your Cigarettes To Quit: Quitting with NicoBloc means that you use the same cigarettes you’re familiar with to slowly taper down. You do not have to introduce any uncomfortable patch or gum into your body to help you quit cigarettes.

Wearing a patch might make some people uncomfortable to hang out or do other fun stuff they would like to do like swimming or beach surfing. Meanwhile, using NicoBloc means you can enjoy the same taste, feel, smell, look, and satisfaction of your favorite cigarettes while quitting at your own pace.

5. Quit While Pregnant: NicoBloc has been shown to be a 100% safe and effective method to quit smoking while you’re pregnant or planning to become pregnant. Smoking while pregnant has its consequences on your baby and it’s something you do not want.

An attempt at quitting cold turkey while pregnant can cause dangerous withdrawal symptoms which could pose a risk to both you and your baby. Also, nicotine replacement therapies are highly discouraged while pregnant. NicoBloc is the only safe and effective way to quit smoking while you’re pregnant or planning to get pregnant.

Where does NicoBloc come from?

NicoBloc’s properties were first discovered in America in the 1980s.

The Rosen Programme was introduced in Ireland and the UK in the 1990s to encourage corporations to stop smoking. Within participating companies, NicoBloc has assisted hundreds of smokers in quitting smoking. Because of the success of this program, NicoBloc is now a retail product.

NicoBloc: how does it work?

As a viscous fluid, NicoBloc is applied directly to the filter prior to smoking. As a result, nicotine and tar are caught by the filter. With one drop, as much as 33% of the fly will be trapped, with two drops, as much as 66%, and with three drops, as much as 99%. When the directions on the bottle are followed, the smoker can gradually wean himself or herself off of nicotine dependence and reduce their intake up until the point at which they can quit smoking without experiencing any of the severe withdrawal symptoms typically associated with quitting.

Symptoms of nicotine withdrawal

People who quit smoking can experience withdrawal symptoms, particularly if they do it cold turkey (without any assistance). Various other symptoms can also occur such as lethargy, dizziness, nausea, headaches, aching joints, constipation, nausea, short temper, difficulties sleeping, and food cravings. These symptoms often cause people to give up on giving up. NicoBloc helps manage or reduce these symptoms.

Is NicoBloc effective in preventing withdrawal symptoms?

NicoBloc slowly reduces the nicotine and tar content in cigarettes over a period of weeks. This allows the body to gradually adapt to lower nicotine levels and recover from the adverse effects of tar.

NicoBloc is made up of what ingredients?

NicoBloc is a natural product that contains three principal ingredients, namely water, sugar, and citric acid. However, the way these ingredients are blended and processed is the key to NicoBloc’s success. Colors and preservatives approved for food use are also included.

Can pregnant women take Nicobloc?

With Natural NicoBloc, women can successfully stop smoking during pregnancy in a safe and effective manner. Smokers do not consume this medication since it is not a drug. Thus, it can be used by anyone who wants to quit smoking, including expectant mothers.

NicoBloc: How to Use

  1. Before you start smoking, pre-treat the filter with NicoBloc.
  2. Apply one drop to the filter after making a small indentation with the tip of the bottle.
  3. Use the bottle tip to gently move the filter tip.
  4. Squeeze the filter several times to let it absorb the fluid.

Two or three drops will make the indent bigger.

What makes NicoBloc so effective? How does it compare to other stop-smoking methods?

At first, I didn’t expect NicoBloc to work. I now have a much better understanding of the method after using it.

Like gum or patches, NicoBloc doesn’t replace a bad habit. To combat addiction, it uses a variety of techniques.

It’s well known to anyone who has ever smoked that smoking isn’t just a physical addiction – it’s a mental, social, and behavioral one as well. This is why NicoBloc works so well.

Feelings when quitting NicoBloc

NicoBloc is a strange one – you effectively quit before you realize you have done so.

When someone has tried to quit before, it is difficult to describe… it sounds impossible. Quitting is extremely simple and effective.

Your cigarettes won’t taste different when you use NicoBloc. That wouldn’t make sense. Quitting should be difficult and frustrating, right? The NicoBloc app makes quitting simple.

After some time, you realize that it’s been a while since your last cigarette… thus, you go out and smoke, satisfying your craving.

Here’s where it all happens. It’s like a gap between cigarettes that gets bigger over time. Thus, your desire for cigarettes declines, which naturally leads to you smoking less. You quit all by yourself!

It should take a week or two for your breathing to return to normal. It’ll soon become obvious how nasty ashtrays smell!)))

Around week 3, you will be able to delay your morning cigarette more easily. As a result, you can now avoid smoking in the morning, which allows you to space out the rest of your cigarettes easier…and thus smokeless.

At this point, you choose when to discard the pack. For myself, I gave up after six weeks, mostly because I was smoking only one cigarette a day.

As soon as the trash man came, I threw out my pack – still containing cigarettes (unthinkable just a few weeks earlier).

My life has never been more powerful than that moment.

I realized then that I had quit being able to hold my granddaughter. I had the right support and that was all I needed. I quit for my own sake. Having the right support was all I needed. NicoBloc gave me that support.

Is NicoBloc the right place for you?

If you have tried and failed to quit smoking repeatedly, NicoBloc is the answer to your problems.

I am here to help, I understand! There is a comparison between quitting smoking and quitting heroin2. You’re literally separated from everyone you love by this habit, but you still can’t break it.

NicoBloc may be the answer after trying every product and almost giving up. Various clinical trials have shown NicoBloc to help 58% of smokers quit, while other studies have shown that users have reduced their smoking by up to 77%.

How does this product compare with other products? Over half of smokers (55%) fail to quit for good each year, but 5% succeed. By using NicoBloc, you are 10 times more likely to quit!

Set Your Targets — Then Reach Them

Reduce your cigarette consumption every other day. Smokers who smoke 20 cigarettes a day can cut their smoking by four cigarettes a week during the first four weeks – an achievable goal.

  1. By the end of week 1, smokers should be using one fifth fewer cigarettes.
    A smoker should smoke 16 cigarettes by the end of week 1 if they smoke 20 cigarettes per day.
  2. Smoking should be reduced by 1/4 after 2 weeks.
    Those who smoked 16 cigarettes a day at the end of week one should be smoking 12 cigarettes a day.
  3. After three weeks of quitting smoking, the smoker should have consumed 1/3 less cigarettes.
    After two weeks, the smoker smoked 12 cigarettes a day. Three weeks later, they should be smoking 8 cigarettes daily.
  4. A smoker should have cut down on his smoking by half by the end of week 4.
    In the third week, if they smoked 8 cigarettes a day, they should now smoke 4 cigarettes a day.
  5. By the end of week five, the smoker should be smoking 1/2 less.
    After week 4, they should be smoking no more than two cigarettes a day.
  6. The ideal situation is that they will have stopped by the end of week 6, but if they have not yet, now is a good time to stop.

NicoBloc helps you kick the smoking habit for good

NicoBloc is an excellent product to try if you want to quit smoking. If you feel frustrated after trying yet another program, trust me – this program is unlike any patch or step-by-step program you have used in the past. I regret not trying NicoBloc sooner – I would have been able to hold my granddaughter the day she was born!

NicoBloc offers a much more flexible method of quitting than other products. Cigarette smoke slowly removes nicotine and tar from your body, and you’ll be ready to stop smoking forever before you know it.

Smoke clouds no longer isolate you from your family and friends. Join today!


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