InHeat Review 2023: Is This Really the Best Mug Warmer and Phone Charger?

Everybody knows the feeling: you’re just sitting nicely at work and want to drink your cup of coffee. But it is always cold when you remember it. To avoid this, there are already many ways of avoiding this nowadays, which you can connect to the USB port of your computer. But they all have risks and no other functions to do so. To avoid this, there is InHeat. This device is a drink warmer and charger at the same time. Because in addition to heating drinks, it is also very easy to simply place your smartphone on the plate. We would like to introduce the device at this point and explain why it could be an indispensable gadget for anyone who does not want to do without their hot coffee.

Recently, I decided to look into some of the latest technology trends, and one particular device stood out to me the most: the InHeat USB cup warmer. On the website, it said that this device could keep my favorite beverages hot and charge my phone at the same time.

Not talking about the old-fashioned wired charging, loaded with Qi charging features operates wirelessly, also compatible with every android and ios device anywhere. The InHeat coffee mug warmer operates on wireless Qi-charging. This means that you can charge your phone’s battery anywhere — literally. Plus, it is compatible with most smartphones that operate on either iOS or Android systems.

InHeat claims that it can keep your coffee warm and charge your phone. Sound too good to be true? I thought so, too. Then I tried it, and now, I can’t live without it. I’m going to share my experience in my InHeat review.

What is InHeat?

What is InHeat

InHeat is a USB-powered device that can heat up your coffee mug and act as a wireless phone charger USB. It’s compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Plus, it has a sleek, contemporary design. It comes with a coffee mug and lid, so you can keep your coffee safe and warm.

InHeat a device that is loaded with various features. It is a multipurpose warmer cup that keeps your drinks hot and charges your phone at the same time. In the busy scheduled life, if work is made easy at one point, this is one the best product that anyone can go for. 

The InHeat mug was just the right size, comes with a cover to keep your drink even warmer, and it has a design that’s comfortable to hold. It definitely gets an A+ in ergonomics!

And InHeat is designed so that the heating base will only turn on when the mug is on it! This means that you won’t accidentally burn yourself if you accidentally touch the heating base when the mug is off of it. It’s just another little feature that shows how great InHeat is. They thought of everything.

InHeat Features

  • Compact And Portable: The manufacturer of InHeat designed it in a very portable and compact form. This means you can take it to anywhere especially at your place of work or office where you need early morning warm coffee to get your day productive and going.
  • Wireless Cell Phone Charger: InHeat has a wireless cellphone charger that’s compatible with Qi-enabled phones. This charger is compatible with Android and iOS. With this special feature in mind, no more incidences of your phone running out of battery. Your smart phone is always charged and ready to use.
  • Excellent Quality: The InHeat consists of high quality components that have excellent workmanship and durability. As an innovative device with the latest technology and made of first class material, this means that it’s robust and can be used for a very long time. You don’t he to replace it after few months of buying it.
  • Ergonomic: InHeat is designed in such way that’s very user-friendly. You don’t need to have tech skills in order to know how to use this gadget. Plug it the socket, Connect the power cord to the InHeat socket. Connect the other end to the adapter or a USB port, then place the InHeat cup on the saucer for warming your drink. Sit back and enjoy your warm drink.
  • Affordable: Regardless of all the special and unique features, InHeat is very affordable to everyone looking for a coffee mug warmer that’s best for them. Amidst this economy meltdown, the makers acknowledged this fact and made it very cheap for everyone.

Technical Specifications Of Inheat Review

  • Rimmed 3.5-inch plate & Noiseless Heating
  • 4 foot long cord
  • Qi Wireless Charging for Android & iOS smartphones
  • 8 Hours long Heating mode
  • Sleek Design
  • Compact InHeat specific Mug

How Does InHeat Work?

The way InHeat works is very simple. The base is the main working part of the product. It can heat up the included smart mug, but it also works as a Qi wireless charger.

When I was first learning about this product and reading InHeat reviews, I couldn’t find much information on how the heating process works. Now that I have some experience with the InHeat coffee cup warmer, let me explain.

The base uses induction heating to keep the mug warm. It keeps your drink at the ideal temperature to preserve its taste.

One great feature that I first learned about in InHeat reviews is that the base has a sensing technology that prevents overheating and will power down automatically when the cup leaves the base. I like that this USB-powered mug warmer won’t stay on when my cup isn’t resting on it. Otherwise, that’s a pretty serious fire hazard.

When you’re not drinking coffee or tea, you can use the base as a charger for your phone. As other InHeat reviews have pointed out, the transition from heating to charging is seamless. If your phone is Qi-enabled, you can use this product to charge up your device.

Another thing I want to point out in my InHeat review is that the charging function is smart. It can detect when the phone is fully charged and automatically power down.

I think It’s important to note that this base will not work with other mugs.

Easy To Use

  • Step 1 – Attach the power cord to the InHeat base. Connect the other end to the adapter or a USB port.
  • Step 2 – If using the wall adapter, plug it into a nearby outlet.
  • Step 3 – Place the InHeat mug on the center of the base for warming. Lay any Qi-enabled phone on top for charging.
  • Step 4 – Enjoy your hot beverage and the convenience of wireless charging.

The InHeat Advantage: Better Coffee and Convenience

The InHeat Advantage: Better Coffee and Convenience

I opened up the package and I was a little confused. It looked just like a coffee cup with a fancy coaster. But as I was inspecting the box it came in, I realized it wasn’t just a coffee cup and coaster, it was InHeat, a cup warmer, and a wireless phone charger.

My mood brightened. This cup warmer was going to keep my coffee nice and hot, all morning long if necessary. I was excited.

But as I explored my new InHeat more I saw another feature that really surprised me. The InHeat could also charge my smartphone! Now, this was a convenient surprise. This means that when I finished my piping hot cup of coffee, I could place my phone on the same device, and it would charge. That’s pretty awesome.

I was kind of worried that InHeat would be just another gadget contributing to a messy desk, but it barely takes up any room at all. I don’t even really notice it.

Benefits Of Using inHeat Warmer Mug 

  • Drink warmer  – It keeps your coffee or tea warm at all times. You can work as much as you want and you don’t have to worry about your drink getting cold. Thanks to its advanced functionality, it reassures you to have a warm drink all the time. 
  • Phone charger  – It charges your smartphone all the way to a 100% full battery. Your morning routine will be much easier knowing that there is a device making sure your smartphone has a full battery when you’re ready to leave. It uses Qi charging technology to keep your phone fully charged, so it’s always ready for when you need it the most. 
  • Wireless charging – Loaded with Qi charging technology, enables this device to have the wireless charging designed by Wireless Power Consortium, The Inheat uses the inductive charging to keep the drink hot and battery charged. 
  • Harmony with iOS and Android Device – People go for different platforms and keep changing it, but this is enabled with both. One can choose an apple or any other android brand for the same. 
  • Attractive Design – Aesthetically pleasing and super attractive this product catches the eye for sure. It is formulated with high-quality material works smoothly. Definitely smart! 
  • 4 Foot-long Cord - The In heat mug warmer comes with a 4-foot long cord for your utmost convenience. Just plug in to a power socket and you are good to go. 
  • 8 Hours long Heating Mode – It offers a heater mode that lasts you a total of 8 hours in a single time. Thus, your coffee mug can be kept heated for 8 hours.  

InHeat User Reviews

InHeat is considered the most popular gadget of 2020. Going through user reviews, we noticed that so far there have been no bad experiences with the product.

Let’s see what people who already purchased InHeat say about it.

InHeat is exactly what I needed at my desk at work. My colleagues teased me at first, but now everyone wants one. My coffee always gets cold before I finish it and I used to throw it away because of that. Now I finish my cups now and really enjoy it! I think I’m even more productive because I’m not making myself a coffee constantly. Just need one at home now!


I’ve been waiting for something like this! It keeps my coffee and tea hot till the last drop, and then I can just put the cup to the side and throw my phone on it for charging. Very convenient and it’s super easy to set up and use. I think there are a few people who will be getting an InHeat as a gift this year.


Indianapolis, INc “Great for keeping my coffee hot, and great for charging my phone. Does what it says it will do and does it well. Seems really well built and I haven’t had any issues since I started using it about six months ago. I wish all my gadgets were made this well.” 

Grant H

I’ve been waiting for something like this! It keeps my coffee and tea hot till the last drop, and then I can just put the cup to the side and throw my phone on it for charging. Very convenient and it’s super easy to set up and use. Even I was able to do it! I think there are a few people who will be getting an InHeat as a gift this year.

Nora E. – Tucson, AZ
Why Should You Buy InHeat?

Why should you spend your hard-earned money on InHeat USB cup warmer? When I was first reading InHeat reviews, I was worried that I was going to waste my money if I bought this product.

For the sake of being thorough in this InHeat review, I feel that it‘s important to share the reasons that convinced me to buy this warmer and charger:

  • It actually does work
  • It’s really easy to use
  • You can also use it to charge your phone
  • It has safety features to prevent overheating and other issues
  • It has a sleek design that matches your office décor 

I also agree with other InHeat reviews that this product makes a really great gift. I have given these away to co-workers, friends, and family members who are office workers and tea or coffee drinkers.

Those friends and loved ones liked this product so much, they’ve written their own InHeat reviews. So, if you have that one person who’s hard to buy for, the InHeat coffee mug warmer may just be the perfect gift.

Pros and Cons of InHeat
  • Prevents wastage of coffee in case it gets cold
  • Can reheat without the use of a stove but with the help of electricity
  • Less effort and can be used by simply plugging in the cord or switching ON
  • Uses less fuel as compared to using the pan and stove
  • Can be used on a tabletop or wherever convenient with a power source
  • Comes with auto shut-off and temperature control features that prevent heat damage and also let you set the temperature of the coffee as per your taste
  • Can only be gotten online
  • Stock is limited
  • InHeat is available online only and you may have to wait for a while in owing an InHeat for your use

Where to Buy?

It is strongly recommended to buy InHeat from its official website only as it is a popular product and chances are high that there are multiple counterfeit and similar-looking products available in the market. Apart from all of the amazing offers on different units of InHeat, you can also avail of the 30-days money-back guarantee of the InHeat.

Thus, you can return InHeat in case you are not satisfied with the quality of the product. However, chances are rare that you will ever have to return your InHeat. In addition to all of these offers, all of your transactions on the website of InHeat are secured by high-end encryption and hence your banking details are protected from internet frauds.

Final Verdict

When it comes to InHeat, we have no idea what to compare it with. It is literally a one-of-a-kind device. A cup warmer mixed with a wireless charger does not make sense, but it works incredibly well. At our office, each desk now has an InHeat for anyone who wants to heat their coffee or charge up their phone. A true technological advancement here. Totally investment-worthy, especially if you are busy traveling around a lot. Carrying InHeat can really help you out.