Chef X Probe Review – Best Kitchen Thermometer?

Chef X Probe Review: A probe thermometer is incredibly helpful when cooking large cuts of meat. It will prevent you from overcooking your Thanksgiving turkey, Sunday roast, or pulled pork on the smoker, by alerting you when the meat reaches the right temperature.

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But, it can do so much more than that. If you’re a cheesemaker or dabble in candy making, you can dangle the probe over the side of the pot when heating milk or sugar, keeping your hands safely far away from those dangerously hot temperatures.

What is Chef X Probe?

Chef X Probe is a high-precision kitchen thermometer that allows you to take the temperature of food instantly and thus have second by second control of the cooking process of any food you are cooking.

One of the keys to preparing meat, fish, dough, or cooking is to control the temperature and cooking times correctly. The intelligent instant temperature control system of the Chef X Probe kitchen thermometer allows you to control the cooking point and time of each dish with a single touch so that they do not overcook or remain raw.

Features of Chef X Probe

  • Interchangeable 1.3V lithium long-life battery.
  • With very low power consumption, it can work for a long time.
  • Temperature reading in degrees centigrade (Celsius), and Fahrenheit.
  • LCD screen with large numbers that allows data to be read even in the steam of the kitchen.
  • Extra long probe to keep the device away from heat.
  • Built-in bottle opener, very practical and comfortable.
  • You will have the exact temperature in view in less than three seconds.
  • Internal memory to keep the marking of the last measurement.
  • Smart alarm that warns when food reaches an exact temperature.
  • You can use it in pastry mode, meat, fish, dough, or liquid and the light will indicate when you are above the recommended temperature.

Who can use Chef X Probe?

Many parents, especially new parents, face difficulties giving their babies food and milk from bottles at the correct temperature. But, The Chef X Probe kitchen thermometer will help you to keep your children from being burned or eating cold food.

Benefits of Chef X Probe


The chef X Probe thermometer allows you to be easily inserted into food, and it displays the temperature within 2-3 seconds.


Press the button and then choose the temperature type you desire to convert.


It has a backlit LCD. The display can be illuminated for reading in low light.


It is the perfect gift for friends, family, and partners.


Temperature display that is fast and highly accurate in under 3 seconds


It includes a stainless-steel probe that allows for easy access to the inside of food.


Also can be used to open bottles.

Customer Reviews

Baking is an art, and the key in many cases, in my experience, is the correct cooking of the cake batter. The ovens often do not control temperatures well, and being able to have an exact control would be of great help. – Camila, Driving school teacher
I am fond of cooking, especially after work, or on weekends. I make all kinds of dishes, and sometimes I don’t control the doneness well and some meats remain somewhat dry, for example. If this does not leave flavor, I could do a test. – Anthony, Camera operator

Where To Buy This Thermometer?

You can buy this Chef X Probe Thermometer from its official website – Chef X Probe


Here is why an in-Kitchen temperature meter is so important: safety and quality first, then accuracy and speed second. We hope you find these points helpful in deciding if a digital kitchen thermometer is needed in your everyday life. Especially the Chef X Probe.

chef x probe