Best Mosquito Trap – Top 5 Picks for 2022

Best Mosquito Trap: If you enjoy outdoor activities and love staying in nature, you must have been bitten by mosquitoes and other biting insects – several times. And all you do to protect yourself is, apply different insect repellant lotions that work for a couple of minutes. Right?

Well, if you want to put an end to this situation and keep mosquitoes at bay permanently, then nothing can work better than mosquito traps that have become a must-have gear not only for outdoors but indoors as well.

If you are looking for the Best Mosquito Killer Trap then your search ends here because, in this article, we have reviewed and shortlisted the top 5 Best Mosquito Killer Trap after weighing in the features, specifications, pros & cons of each model.

The list of mosquito-borne diseases to be concerned about seems to get longer and scarier each year. As a protection, we have traditional mosquito nets, repellent creams, sprays, etc. But, they have several issues as well.

There are hundreds of options today, and many people cannot even decide which gives the best results. So here we have compiled a list of some best mosquito traps in Australia that work magically and attract all the mosquitos and biting insects to protect you from itching and irritation.

1. Buzz BGone Zapper – The Best Overall Option

Buzz BGone Zapper

Buzz BGone zapper is the best overall mosquito repellent in Australia, and probably all around the world. It kills mosquitoes instantly before they even come in contact with your skin.

Buzz BGone is an innovative tool discovered for killing mosquitoes. It features a non-toxic LED light that attracts mosquitoes within seconds. You don’t have to apply any sticky lotions to your skin, this natural killer is free from all toxic chemicals and serves as a game-changer.

This noiseless and safe device is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. This is a cool rechargeable device that you can set up anywhere.

  • Rechargeable and compact
  • Lightweight and travel-friendly
  • It is cordless
  • Requires no swatting
  • Odorless and mess-free
  • Protective cover to avoid accidents
  • Kills mosquitoes instantly
  • Runs for 3-6 hours when fully charged
  • Limited availability

2. DynaTrap Ultra-Light Insect and Mosquito Trap – Good for Outdoors!

DynaTrap Ultra-Light Insect and Mosquito Trap

Dynatrap is also one of the best mosquito traps that is used and appreciated by many people.

Its unit features a mosquito vacuum which is quite amazing and can easily protect your surroundings from pests and mosquitoes in 300 square feet. This pesticide is odor-free as well as comprises a whisper-quiet operation. You don’t have to experience any bothersome zapping or buzzing. It also operates on UV light that doesn’t irritate the eyes and attracts insects quickly.

However, it is ideal for outdoor use only. And can protect areas such as the sunroom, garage, gardens, and porch.

  • Best outdoor mosquito trap
  • Covers large area
  • Resistible to every weather condition
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Safe and effective
  • Chemical-free product
  • Might need to change the UV bulb after every 3-4 months
  • Somewhat pricey.
  • Not best for indoors

3. Mosquitron – Deliver 100% Effective Results


Mosquitron is a mosquito killer, which uses a blue light so it can lure mosquitoes into it and trap them. Once them are, the door will trap them and suck them all in. Unlike other mosquito killer devices, the Mosquitron doesn’t have any sound that can startle you. You won’t also see any dead mosquitoes around unlike other zappers so you don’t have to worry about anything.

The Mosquitron has a 360-degree UV light, which can kill not only the mosquitoes but other insects as well. Using this device will surely keep you and your family safe from the diseases that these mosquitoes carry.

  • Deliver guaranteed results
  • Environmentally friendly option
  • Battery lasts for hours
  • Comes with a hanging hook
  • Fully assembled
  • Efficient killing grid
  • A bit expensive
  • Use chemicals to attract insects
  • When the trap is full of mosquitoes, it shuts off without any warning.

4. Moskinator PRO – Easy to Use, Natural, and Safe

Moskinator PRO

If you want to make your areas a no-fly zone, Moskinator Pro is the best to consider. It is easy to use, style and blends in the environment, and very natural and safe product.

It is also available in different versions, and best for indoor use only. You can place the trap anywhere at home, and its noiseless fan will attract mosquitoes and bugs into the capture basket. Run this day and night, and find a visible difference in 3 days.

  • Operates with UV light and quiet fan
  • Powered by USB adapter
  • The safe and natural choice
  • Compatible with scent attractants
  • Best for indoors.
  • Work indoors only
  • Users must need to replace glue boards
  • Work indoors only
  • Users must need to replace glue boards

5. FuzeBug – Features Changing Light Frequencies


FuzeBug is also a great choice to keep mosquitoes at bay. It uses a combination of changing light frequencies as well as simulated human body temperature to increase its trapping ability.

You only need to press the catching button to use this trapper, and it will start working on its own. It also automatically switches the wavelength after 15 minutes.

Operates on a powerful USB source, it comes with replacement glue boards that last for 30-60 days.

  • Enjoy the outdoors: With up to 24 hrs of long-lasting charge, bask in the freshness of the outdoors free of filthy flies.
  • Improve your sleep: Gone are the days of getting bit in the bedroom. Place it by your bedside and delight in an uninterrupted sleep.
  • Save money: At an affordable price of $39.99, the Fuze Bug is less expensive than its competitors but with top-quality.
  • Relief from stress: Trying to kill those fussy flies and insects can feel overwhelming. The Fuze Bug alleviates all stressors of a bug-filled environment.
  • 100% safe and natural: Free of toxins and chemicals, the Fuze Bug is 100% UV radiation-free.

Best Mosquito Trap: What Makes Buzz BGone Our Top Pick?

As we mentioned above, Buzz BGone is our top pick among all the mosquito trappers in Australia. The product beat the competition by offering both indoor and outdoor coverage. And we have also figured out that it features the best UV technology than the rest of the options. It attracts insects quickly and never takes a minute to kill them.

It is also very easy to use. You need to do a simple twist to turn it on. Also, it is very safe, lightweight, and free from harsh chemicals. With its long-lasting lithium battery, it is 100% safe and effective for all.

Therefore, many people in Australia trust Buzz BGone due to its impeccable features and qualities that make it an ideal option, especially for summer.

Final Thoughts:

With the summer upon us, we know that you would love to spend some time outside in different activities. So, when it comes to bugs and flying insects, it’s important to get rid of them using the best mosquito trap.

However, if you want effective and quick results, we would recommend you to go for Buzz BGone as it is a truly tried and tested tool that helps keep mosquitoes at bay without having to spend tons of money.

There are a ton of mosquito killers for you to choose from. Make sure you pick one that fits all of your needs and requirements like usage location, power source, coverage, noise, portability, and size.

Finally, if you believe that this guide has been useful in helping you make an informed buying decision, you can share it through various social networks or leave a comment.