Prime Tracking Review 2022 – Real-Time Location Tracking Made Easy

As crime rates all over the world continue to soar, people are becoming increasingly more cautious about their prized possessions. For example, as per data available on the official Bureau for Justice (BoJ) website, in 2008 alone, the total amount of money lost as a result of carjackings was estimated to be around $6 billion. Not only that, but the average dollar loss per theft was also found to be $8,407 — which is quite a hefty number, to say the least.

In this regard, Prime Tracking can be thought of as an advanced, fully equipped GPS tracking device that is 4G enabled and thus has the capacity to provide users with a wide array of real-time data related to their cars. As per the manufacturer’s specifications, the device has been built using plastic and metal composites that are sturdy and weather tested.

This article describes the functioning of the Prime Tracking Real-Time Location Tracker. 

What is Prime Tracking?

PrimeTracking review

Prime Tracking is a GPS enabled device that allows you to locate it using your smartphone. In theory, you will never lose your valuable possessions. For example, put a Prime Tracking device in your laptop bag. In case your bag gets misplaced or stolen, you can easily get the location of the device using Prime Tracking.

Not only possessions, but you can also hand one to your family members to make sure they are always safe as well.

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Prime Tracking Features

When it comes to GPS enabled devices, there are a few limitations that can really disrupt their use. Low battery life, weak durability, reduced portability, all can cause a whole lot of usage for its preferred usage. Prime Tracking makes sure it provides you with the best of features a GPS tracker can.

  1. Long-lasting battery life: Prime Tracking GPS device provides you with more than a week of battery on a single charge. Once you have fully charged the device, you would not need to again for a long time.
  2. Water resistant: The device is highly water resistant as well, making sure it still works is somehow it falls under water.
  3. Portable: Prime Tracking is an incredibly compact device that allows you to easily keep it in your bag or can be carried around by your family without any hassle.
  4. Durable: With a high durability, Prime Tracking makes for a truly long-lasting GPS device.
  5. High-function application: The application Prime Tracking comes with allows you to set geofences for the device. Geofencing can be used to preset boundaries outside which the device alerts you about the device moving out of the designated area. This can be used for keeping your children safe and monitoring their movements.
  6. Real-time tracking: The tracker allows you to track the movements of the device in real time. The location of the device gets refreshed every few seconds to allow for precise calculations.
  7. Speed check: If the device is in a car, you can even determine the speed at which it is moving.
  8. SOS distress call: The holder of the device can send an SOS call to the smartphone that is paired to the Prime Tracker. This allows for safety on the go.
  9. Subscription based: The company provides a 10-day free trial for all users. If you wish to use it further, there is a semi-annual and an annual subscription model you can commit to.
  • It can track from any device
  • Has flexible subscriptions
  • Features a compact and portable design
  • Relies on 4G LTE technology, allowing you to track location and movement in real-time
  • Includes an emergency SOS button
  • The battery does not store charge for long
  • It takes relatively long to charge
  • The location might be inaccurate by about two blocks
  • Only works in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico

What Problem Does It Solve?

With Prime Tracking, you never have to worry where your loved ones or valuables are again. You can track anything, anytime, anywhere – in ​real time​, right from your smartphone.

Prime Tracking packs cutting-edge GPS Technology into one of the smallest and quietest tracking devices ever made. Satellite service gives you the power to track anything with incredible accuracy and unlimited range unlike typical Bluetooth tracking. There are also zero hidden fees and contracts like otherGPS trackers.

Complete peace-of-mind has never been this simple, accurate and affordable.

Why is it different from other solutions?

The Prime Tracker uses cutting-edge GPS technology to track and locate anyone or anything in seconds, using your smartphone.

Unlike any other product on the market:

  • Real-Time Tracking With Unlimited Range – ​Using a smartphone, tablet or computer, you can easily follow your tracker anywhere in North America with pinpoint accuracy, 24/7. Google Maps technology means you’ll receive detailed location and movement information you can count on.
  • Know When Someone Enters Or Leaves a Location ​- Within seconds, you can create a perimeter around your house, work, school… anywhere! Whenever the tracker enters or leaves that area, you’ll get an instant alert.
  • See Where They Went & How Long They Stayed –​ With one click, you can see a detailed route and location history (for 400 consecutive days) including turn by turn detail. So if there’s ever a point C between points A and B, you’ll know immediately.
  • Alerts If Someone Is Driving Unsafely – ​Whether it’s an employee, a new driver or the valet, you can easily see (in real-time and anytime after) if they were speeding, braking harshly, or quickly accelerating at any point while driving your vehicle
  • Virtually Undetectable –​ At just 3 inches tall and 1/2 inch wide, the Prime Tracker is easy to conceal inside pockets, bags, luggage, trunks, and more! It’s also 100% silent – no indicating signals or sounds. The only person who will know it’s there is you
  • Signal for Help With One Click – ​Car break down? Feeling unsafe? Press the SOS button and your emergency contact will immediately receive a text letting them know you need help along with your exact location.
  • Never Worry About Battery Life – ​The rechargeable​​battery will​ last up to 2 weeks (or 336hours) on a single charge ​so you can spend more time tracking and less time charging. Even better? It will instantly alert you when it’s running low
  • So Easy, Anyone Can Use It – ​We designed the Prime Tracker and app to be extremely simple and user friendly. You don’t have to be good at technology or understand computers. If you can use a cell phone, you can easily use the Prime Tracker and our free app.
  • 24/7 Award-Winning Customer Support ​– You’ll be blown away by our customer support team. We’ll answer all your questions quickly and even help you set up your device including custom alerts and geofences – free of charge.
  • “30 Day” Money Back Guarantee –​ If for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied with Prime Tracking, you can easily return it or cancel service, hassle-free!

Why Choose Prime Tracking?

Some of the  features that really make Prime Track standout  in comparison to its contemporaries include:

  • Speed Control – The smartphone app that comes free with Prime Tracking has the ability to closely monitor the speed of one’s car. This enables users to see if their driver, children are making use of the vehicle in question in a responsible/sensible manner.
  • SOS Functionality – A highly overlooked aspect of this GPS tracker is that it comes with an SOS button, which the driver can make use of to alert relevant authorities in case he/she is in any sort of trouble. Once the button is pressed, the machine automatically sends out the car’s exact location without the user having to do anything at all. This mechanism is much more discreet and effective in cases of emergencies.
  • Extremely Accurate and Quick – As mentioned in an earlier section, Prime Tracking’s 4G capabilities allow it to provide users with real-time car movement data. Not only that, owing to its superior data receiving capacity, the device is able to take into account a wide array of other info — speed, real-time alerts — as well.
  • GeoFences – A cool little feature that  Prime Tracking offers its users is the ability to create “GeoFences”, — that are basically imaginary boundary restrictions which if a driver goes beyond, results in the car owner automatically receiving an alert — thereby allowing them to know where their car has been.
  • Wide Reach and Service Coverage – At the time of writing this article, the manufacturer of this device claims that Prime Tracking provides users with full map coverage across the length and breadth of the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

How Does Prime Tracking Work?

Unlike other complicated devices, Prime Tracking is simpler to use than a cell phone – especially for those with mobility or dexterity issues.

Setting it up only takes a few minutes, and from there you don’t need to maintain it (aside from charging it once or twice a month):

1. First, activate the tracker on their website. There are just a few steps and you’ll be guided through the process. (No personal information required!)
2. Open the free iPhone or Android app and connect it to your device following the easy instructions.
3. That’s it – you’re connected! You’ll automatically get live updates on the device’s current location.
4. If you want to use the advanced features, simply activate them as needed (more on those features below!)

Once you’re connected, you can easily keep Prime Tracking in your pocket, bag or dashboard.

Setup Process of PrimeTracking

Setting up the PrimeTracking Personal GPS Tracker is a simple process. After receiving the device and making sure it’s fully charged, go to PrimeTracking’s website, enter your device’s information to activate it, and selecting the tracking plan you want to purchase (I dive into the plans down below under the Pricing section). From there, you can download the PrimeTracking mobile app (Android, iOS) and log in with your account information to keep track on-the-go. 

Prime Tracking App

PrimeTracking GooglePlay App
Prime Tracking ios App

Prime Tracking App is a convenient GPS location app that pinpoints the exact location of your valuables and loved ones alike. The app works when you’ve purchased the GPS tracker.

The app is compatible with your Android and iOS devices, which include smartphones and tablets. It also works with your desktop computer. All you need to do is click a button, and the app will use GPS to track your valuables or loved ones.

Also, the updated version has bugfix and stability improvements to allow tracking to be much easier.

Who Should Use Prime Tracking?

The makers of Prime Tracking recommend using the device for all of the following situations:

  • Real-time GPS tracking, location tracking, and speed monitoring for business owners and fleets
  • Track the location of children or elderly parents
  • Track valuable vehicles, equipment, tools, and more
  • Confirm suspicions of a cheating spouse or verify a partner’s location on a night out

It’s unclear if the company recommends using Prime Tracking without the permission of the other person. However, promotional images show a woman secretly placing the tracker inside a vehicle – and also putting a tracker into a spouse’s pocket with the spouse’s knowledge.

Where to buy Prime Tracking and how much is it?

If you were looking for a GPS tracker, Prime Tracking GPS device is one of the better options available. You can get one for yourself directly from their merchant website. Buying from them allows you to avail all the exciting discounts and money back offers the company provides.

You can get your very own Prime Tracking Device for $19.97. The device retails for $99.97, so you get to enjoy an 80% discount on your purchase.

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Who’s Behind Prime Tracking?

Prime Tracking is not made by Amazon or affiliated with Amazon in any way, despite what the name suggests.

Prime Tracking Logo

Instead, the company does business under the name Prime Tracking, LLC. The company’s official website.

The company provides limited information about itself, its manufacturing location, or background, among other details. They also only offer one way to contact them:


Prime Tracking first appeared online in November 2018, although the company is advertising the unit heavily in 2020.

Social Proof of the Prime Tracker’s performance

This is by far the best customer service experience I have ever had. The new tracker works perfectly as advertised. Precise location and long-lasting battery. The few tech questions I had were answered immediately and competently. I cant say enough good things about the excellent customer service I have received from Prime Tracking. If you’re looking for a GPS tracker, stop looking and buy this one. You won’t be disappointed.

Jenn B

I never expected to need something like this but I started having marital problems last month. I bought this just at the smallest suspicion that my husband was cheating. The device itself works fine and the battery lasted two weeks, which was good enough for me to collect the information I needed. It has allowed me to confirm my suspicions and I have since moved on from him.

Oscar M

Very impressed. We bought the tracker for our real estate agents to keep track of them and their showings. Everything was very accurate. The support is beyond anything I ever experienced. At the end of the day you never know when you show a house who you are showing it to. We like to be careful. This way we can keep everyone safe by giving them a tracker to make sure they are alright. We also use the tracker to our teens driving. It tells us how fast they are driving which honestly is my favorite part.


Frequently Asked Question

What happens after my subscription plan ends? How can I cancel my plan?

6-month and 12-month data plans will automatically be renewed at the discounted rate when your billing period ends.

For those purchasing the Prime Tracking Free Trial, you will automatically be billed $25/month once your trial period has ended, and charged on a month-to-month basis.

Remember, you can cancel or pause anytime without any questions or hassle. We want you to be happy and our award winning customer support team is available 24/7 to help you with anything you need.

Will the tracker work even where there is no cellular service?

Yes! This is a unique and BIG benefit that our customers love! Prime Tracking works off satellite signals, which has much better and broader coverage than cell signals.

Satellite signals are transmitted far above the earth and do not rely on towers, making them especially useful in isolated and remote areas.

With Prime Tracking, you never have to worry about dead zones and not receiving the data and information you’re counting on.

Will the tracking app work on my phone and computer?

Yes! Prime Tracking works with all iOS and Android devices including smartphones, tablets, as well as all desktop and laptop computers.

How can I track my car with GPS?

The application of Prime Tracking gps tracking device allows you to monitor the speed of your car when you are not in the driver’s seat. Coupled with the location history feature, you can rewind the location tracker when the car is returned to you and ask them to explain why they were over speeding at a particular time. This feature lets you know who to trust with your car depending on their driving skills.

How small is the GPS tracking device?

So small and lightweight, no one will ever know it’s there but you 🙂

It’s tinier than a credit card, which means it can easily be concealed inside of a pocket, bag, backpack, glove box, trunk, luggage and much more!

The dimensions of the GPS tracking device are 3″” tall x 1.5″” wide x .5″” thick.

Can multiple people access the location of a tracking device?

Absolutely! For example, when tracking children, both parents can get access to the same account so they can both can see where their kids are at all times.

How does prime tracking work?

The Prime Tracker application allows you to create a virtual fence around your home, workplace, or school. The tracker application then alerts you when the tracker crosses outside the preset boundary. It combines fast 4G network and Google maps to keep tabs on your assets in real time.

What Problem Does It Solve?

With Prime Tracking, you never have to worry where your loved ones or valuables are again. You can track anything, anytime, anywhere – in real time, right from your smartphone.
Prime Tracking packs cutting-edge GPS Technology into one of the smallest and quietest tracking devices ever made. Satellite service gives you the power to track anything with incredible accuracy and unlimited range unlike typical bluetooth tracking. There are also zero hidden fees and contracts like other GPS trackers.

Why is it different from other solutions?

The Prime Tracker uses cutting-edge GPS technology to track and locate anyone or anything in seconds, using your smartphone.

Final Verdict

When it comes to GPS trackers, there are a lot of them in the market. The right one however is not as easy to find and purchase. Most of the GPS trackers we tested fell short on some regard or another. The primary things you need from a GPS tracker is a long-lasting battery, compactness, durability, functional application, and ease of use. Prime Tracking fortunately not only proves to be a high-functioning device, but also costs way less than the others available in the market. 10/10, worth the purchase.