FlexSafe by AquaVault Review – Is Portable Travel Safe Legit?

As long as we keep our belongings safe, there is nothing incorrect about it. There is always a need to protect the necessities as well as to protect ourselves from the hands of thieves. With advancements in technology, security is increasing, however, crime is also on the rise. As you progress towards your goal of obtaining protection, the FlexSafe will gradually help you to exit such a situation. 

For those who love to travel, it is undoubtedly the best option. The idea of being on a trip and asking someone in the group to check on your belongings is indeed terrible. The entire trip would be ruined, and if you don’t want to go through that, this FlexSafe portable travel safe would help you out. Here’s your chance not to have your wallet, bag, phone, or anything else you own stolen! Furthermore, it is made up of durable materials that prevent thieves from easily cutting down the bag. It wouldn’t hurt to give it a shot if you don’t have one yet!

What is FlexSafe?


The FlexSafe from AquaVault is a great product. You simply need to fill the bag with all of your valuables and close its zip. Set your lock’s combination now. Once the flap is folded over the object, secure it with tape. All you need to do is enter your unique combination code to retrieve your valuables. If you will be on a tour in the near future, bring this slash-proof and secure travel safe along. There is no need to worry about your unattended valuables being damaged because this safe provides not only protection and preservation, but also ensures that your items remain in the same condition they were in when you left them! Nothing damaged! Not a thing!

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  • Numbered pouch that is theft and slash proof
  • Material that blocks RFID signals
  • A water-resistant material
  • The lock is strong and reliable
  • Enough storage for two phones, two wallets, passports and a GoPro

What are the benefits of purchasing a FlexSafe?

Flexsafe used at a beach

You still need to be worried about the snatchers who are waiting to take away your valuables despite the fact that your home is absolutely safe. Our innovative FlexSafe will assist you at each step, however, with the advances in technology. Metal portable safe that is password protected is basically what it is. It is made up of metal and is made up of a combination of metal and plastic. Therefore, no matter where you go, you are always safe with your valuables!

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Key Features

  • Flexibility is absolutely essential

The wheels work on strollers, wheelchairs, golf carts, chairs, ceiling rods, bicycles, and umbrellas. The arrangement of a trip does not require any extra planning, so carrying it out without making any extra arrangements is absolutely no problem. The bottom line is that it’s easy to wear and won’t require much thought. Whenever you are on a tour and need to carry it, it won’t give you a second chance to bang your head!

  • Despite its light weight and water resistance, it provides excellent durability

With its lightweight characteristics, you can take it anywhere you need to without it feeling like a burden. The luggage you bring along with you will not be added to by it. The waterproof feature makes it suitable for a rainy day, too. Your belongings will not only be safe and secure, but very importantly, will be completely dry and undamaged.

  • The material used for it ensures its durability and long-lasting performance

This safe can hold all your valuables and still function properly. Because it is made of durable materials, all your belongings will remain unharmed as long as this travelsafe remains intact. The situation will still seem impossible to cope with, even though you will obviously not want to bring your belongings. It is equally important to return your belongings to you in good shape and order.

  • The bag is slash-resistant and has mesh pockets to prevent theft.

The fact that the travelsafe does not require batteries is one more reason people like it. With it, you don’t have to worry about your belongings’ safety and security, so you can enjoy your vacation while staying stress-free. If you put all of your valuables into the travel safe at the beginning of your journey, you will get them back in just the same condition they were put in.

  • RFID blocking layers ensure that your valuables cannot be scanned by thieves.

Technology isn’t too far from thieves. They understand how things work, so ensure that they can’t estimate the location of your belongings. RFID blocking material eliminates this trouble, making things easier and simpler for you to handle! RFID skimming, a sort of electronic pickpocketing, is prevented by this RFID blocking material. With the help of this technology, you will be able to prevent thieves from obtaining your bank accounts, credit cards, passports, and driver’s licenses. FlexSafe has incorporated this particular feature into the design, which contributes to its overall safety and popularity.

  • In addition, EVA foam keeps your valuables safe from bumps.

It is possible to have broken certain belongings while on a tour because of jerks or bumps. As a result of the EVA foam, your valuables won’t be tampered with out of shock on the way. You can rest assured that your articles will reach you in good shape and size due to the presence of this provision.

  • It is a safe place to store valuables.

Despite its compact design, the travel safe offers plenty of space. Getting all your valuables together in it is easy with a lot of space inside. With just a little space to stuff your products in, you can easily put everything that you have in. It is possible to stack a great deal of items without even thinking twice when you have a lot of space. So, you are able to segregate all those valuables that you would need while traveling without worrying about whether or not they will be able to fit in your travel safe. It is because the location will be just right for you.

  • You can easily carry FlexSafe around with you, as it is light and compact.

You will thereby enjoy the privilege of travelling and transporting in an atmosphere of luxury. There is no feeling of weight associated with the product or luggage because it weighs just 10 oz. As long as you’re not bothered by your weight, you can ignore it. It’s not like carrying something extra with you when you travel with this travel safe. As a result, you will have the best companion when it comes to protecting yourself and your loved ones!

  • It is a good idea to use Combination Locks

Combination locks such as FlexSafe offer security for your valuables, which spares you from having to leave your keys in a bunch and worry all the time about losing them. Combination locks are far more useful since they can be easily locked and are set to your liking. Don’t give anyone your combination keys, or they might gain unauthorized access to your belongings.

Negatives Of FlexSafe:

  • There have been a few complaints from users saying the gear in the combination lock could be a little bigger. Despite the fact that this is really only a minor issue, it is still seen by many as a drawback of this product. The only concern I have with the combination key is that it would be completely private and personal to you. A decoder of a small combination will also be able to crack a bigger one.

Why do we Totally Recommend Flexsafe?

Important documents placed in FlexSafe

It offers several layers of protection against theft that assure the security of your valuables. Travel Safes are designed with an eye-catching design that anyone will want to buy. The product also feels good in the hands. Aside from that, it has a lot of flexibility. 

The light weight of this item makes it easy for you to carry with you in a car or on any other form of transportation, as there is nothing extra you need to prepare. You can also feel confident that your personal belongings are safe with the combination lock mechanism. Locks and keys need not be carried with you and become an additional burden for you. We’ll be able to access your belongings at any time and anywhere you like when you remember the combination lock!

The corrosive-resistant lock is made from nickel alloy and features a three-digit combination. It is also fire, water, and rust resistant. The strong and durable design means that thieves will have no chance to pry it open. Consequently, it is no longer an issue for you. The belt loop of the travel safe allows you to easily attach it to any fixed object. 

Various items may be used, including lounge chairs, umbrella poles, bikes, tables, and other items. You can even wear the pouch as a belt or carry it as a shoulder bag wherever you like! Also, you can easily carry miscellaneous items thanks to the external mesh pockets.

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What is the Price of Flexsafe?

In comparison to the potential damage that you would have to pay if you were robbed, the price of the FlexSafe is nothing. When you have sentimental possessions and valuables inside, they would be of no better use when it comes to providing direction to those products that are so dear to you. It costs $59.99 for FlexSafe. 

Alternatively, you can choose a Buy 1 Get 1 offer for $104.98, or a Buy 2 Get 1 offer for $134.98 with free shipping to the United States. Buying through the official website will give you the best deal. Additionally, it ensures that your belongings are not damaged in any way.

 You will obtain the warranty and other benefits associated with this purchase when you buy from the official website. When considering bundled pricing, this is usually the ideal choice, as it is usually more affordable and the per unit pricing is thus low. 

Give the others to your family and friends as gifts. Any recipient of this wonderful product will be delighted and won’t have sufficient words of thanks to express their appreciation.

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FlexSafe with an iPhone and a GoPro

The FlexSafe is impressive in thickness and strength and I feel reassured that my valuables will be kept safe within. I like the added loops and mesh pouches for holding other random things of low value, and the handle makes it easy to carry.

Among the features I would like to see changed or improved is the numbered wheels that control the locks. Unless they are bigger and grippier, they only go down. You cannot turn them in the opposite direction. To get my number right, I have to go around again and again to get it right. I just could see it better, nothing major. If the larger size FlexSafe+ has a larger keypad, I’m wondering.


In my opinion, FlexSafe is an excellent product, especially if you worry about your iPhone being stowed away under a towel for two decades. Thankfully, I have not been a victim of theft, however I could have easily been. I can be sure your valuables will be safe in a FlexSafe!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reset a combination lock if I forget it? Can the code be reset?

It is still possible to unlock your belongings even if you have forgotten the combination lock. The only thing you need to do is reset the code, which can be accomplished by contacting customer service. Customer support will provide you with this combination once you contact them. The account combination must be saved, and you can easily access it from your phone or PC.
Note: Please ensure you register your email address in the respective section of the website wherein you are able to register the combination, in order to make sure you can retrieve it.

Where can you take the FlexSafe?

FlexSafe can easily be carried anywhere! Whether you’re at the beach, in a water park, at a pool, on a cruise ship, at a golf course, in a hotel room, at the office, at home or anywhere else, you can carry it easily. Due to its water-resistance, slash-resistance, and corrosion-resistance, it is easy to carry almost anywhere.

How does this travel safe secure to any fixed object?

A bar on a chair or another fixed object can be used to enclose this travel safe. A sturdy enclosure would be created by allowing the bar to pass through the middle of both sides of the unit.

Is it possible for anyone to cut through the FlexSafe?

As a result of extensive research, we developed FlexSafe. To create this travel safe, we used highly durable nylon that is resistant to slashes. Your belongings are protected to the best of our ability. 
There is, however, no such material that is impermeable on this planet. The thief will get access to your data if he gives enough time and uses the proper tools to do so.